How many points is a ceasar salad from wendy's in Nutrisystem points?

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My question is How many points is a ceasar salad from wendy's in Nutrisystem points? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... I don't have any after pictures yet but I thought it would be very inspirational and motivational for those of you that have these pictures to share with the Nutrisystem community, especially for the Newbies and the ones who are just about ready to give up. I hope Nutrisystem allows this type of post..

Thanks, Janet.

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Maintenence Discussion Board.

First time weight losers are welcome to post their thoughts too...

Comments (275)

Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

Nice pics, ladies!!.

I don't have a drastic one yet, but I'll post my progress so far:.

Here's a face pic:.

And you can see what my face looks like now from my avatar..

Also, here's a full body pic, but I have about 46 more lbs to lose...

Comment #2

Dang Pam - Who is that person in the middle picture?..

Comment #3

Look at you Jessie! You don't even look like the same person! You are doing GREAT!..

Comment #4

Your beautiful Jess! Only 46 more pounds! Woo hoo!! You are looking good my friend!..

Comment #5

Beautimus photos, everyone! I would wolf whistle if I'd ever learned how!..

Comment #6

What a good looking crew. Jessie you not only look thinner but you look 15 years younger. Good work people. I have a ways to go but will be sharing my before and after someday soon!..

Comment #7

Karin, you have less to go than I do, but I still posted mine anyway! LOL!..

Comment #8

You look mavolous!!! OK tomorrow I will snap a photo tomorrow and contribute...

Comment #9

March 2007 and July 2008 after 83 lbs gone..

Comment #10

Wow. you ladies are hot. and you too, dude...

Comment #11

Not quite the finished product, but it is the starting photo (May 2006) and a current photo (Sept 1, 08). 100 lbs gone to date and maintained for over a year. On with the next leg of this journey!..

Comment #12

Before - sometime in 2007:.

With my (now) fiance - back in 2004? 2005?:.

After - June 2008 (I would like to shed another 10 pounds or so):.

With my fiance in Disneyland over Labor Day 2008:..

Comment #13

WOW! Y'all look GREAT!! AWESOME progress!!.

I'm not at goal, but here is a half way to goal comparison...BIG difference. I will want to lose about 35lbs more, but I'll reevailuate once I get closer..

Sorry it's blurry!..

Comment #14

Wow! What can I say but ya'll look fabulous! You're all truly inspirations! I know it helps me and I'm sure it helps motivate others to see actual photos showing weight loss instead of just reading before and after weight loss numbers. Thanks so much! Janet..

Comment #15

Looking at these pics, I see how far I've come, but I still have about 15 lbs to go and it's time for me to get serious again!.

Feb 25, 2008.

May 18, 2008..

Comment #16

You look great! is that a cockatoo I see in the background? I have a mollucan female for sale if you know any one in California.......

Comment #17

I would post my before and current pics, but I'm homely at any weight...

Comment #18

Before10/01 no idea of my weight, but higher than myNutrisystemstart weight.

After (16 months in maintenance)7/07 caught sleeping on the beach..


Comment #19

Awwww cmmmon Tillie11 please shouldn't say that about yourself!.


Comment #20

I agree!.

By looking at all these photos, the one thing I have really noticed how much younger you all look in your after photos..

Oh and this morning I called my sister and asked if she had any photos of me before I lost the weight, because I have none!! She is going through her photos she said she has a few...

Comment #21

Every one you move me to tears. I am so happy for you all..

Beautiful pictures. Don't you all feel so proud and good, I know me included...

Comment #22

Okay so Karen, we're still waiting..

I have actually lost 64 pounds since last summer...40 of those 64 are from NS...thing is I haven't had any current pictures made.... I don't like the ones where I try to take a picture of myself...(too close....

) I keep forgetting to have my daughter take a picture of me so I will try to do that soon so I can share my pictures too. Janet..

Comment #23

Everyone's transformations are beautiful and amazing.Here is mine, down 70 lbs to date. I've lost alot of befores when I lost my hard drive so I would need to upload again from my memory cards, whichever I didn't delete from embarrassment before NS...

Comment #24

Here's my before and current. I love seeing everyone's pics it's so inspiring!..

Comment #25

Beautiful pics, everyone!.

Loredana...looks like the clothes were still on at that point! Good job!.

Y'all all look great!..

Comment #26

Here's a before/after of my close friend Stacy who I think looks so fabulous!..

Comment #27

Haha intimidate? That's a first for me I think. You can totally do this, just take it one day at a time!..

Comment #28

At my heaviest...nine months pregnant with twins and then Aug 08 in the 150's...

Comment #29

Shaena~ Did you friend lose weight on NS? She does look amazing..

You do too....look at those sexy legs, girl. I'm so jealous...Lol..

Comment #30

Yeah she did it withNutrisystemtoo- she just doesn't really spend much time on the web site. Thanks you are looking so hot- I bet your legs are looking awesome too. You were pretty when you were pregnant too though- had that nice mommy glow.


Comment #31

Thank you,'re a sweetheart. I'm working on the legs! Use to have great legs when I cheered and danced...working on getting those back!..

Comment #32

I've lost another 15 pounds since my after picture.Nutrisystemhas been a miracle for me!..

Comment #33

I am still waiting on my sister to send me my before photos..

Isn't that sad? I don't have one! I refused to let anyone photograph me and my sister did take some even though she knew it was pissing me off. Thank god she did..

Now Janet if I am going to than you must cookie, that is a great weight loss!!.

I will say it is a little tough to post photos when some of these peoples before photos weigh less than I do now..

But even so I promise I will once I have my before photo..

Tom you look fantastic!!! And you look a lot happier...

Comment #34

Tom- wow you look great! Hard to believe you've lost 15 more pounds from that picture I don't see from where..

Comment #35

Thank you, CurlyJessie!!!.

It was really nice to wake up to seeing the before and after pics of so many people. Real People. Daily Struggles. And then look what happens when you string a bunch of 100% days in a row..

You all look AMAZING! Thank you everyone for sharing, it helped me so much today. I noticed a lot of people actually look YOUNGER too!! WOW!!..

Comment #36

This sounded like fun so I decided to join in..

Here is a sorta before. I had been onNutrisystemabout 6 weeks at this point and lost about 15 pounds already..

And this is after I had lost about 110. I still have a way to go but this is where I am so far....

And here is one of my Mom (KingV) and I at Curves. I had lost 115 and she had lost 75 when this was taken...

Comment #37

N/S should use this thread for their ads!! It means more to me to see real people like all of you. Its far more convincing than a celeb that has "people" and financial incentive to help them. You ALL are truly inspirational!!..

Comment #38

Pam, I always think you're sinking in quicksand in that pic on the left! LOL!..

Comment #39

180 before/ 127 after. I'm at 125 now and ten pounds to goal!..

Comment #40

You are all a great inspiration! I had lost 37 lbs onNutrisystemand had to quit I am back up 15 lbs (178 currently) and need to loose 38 lbs more (at least). Can't affordNutrisystemright now. I am trying to make myself exercise and drink water; but I am not doing as well as I'd like!.

Hopefully your pictures will help get me motivated!..

Comment #41

Everyone looks so beautiful and thin. What an inspiration!.

Here's my progression of losing 30 pounds. I don't have a photo of me at my very heaviest. But those black pants were size 14 pants and pink top was XL. That little red dress I wore in July was a medium...

Comment #42

Wow!!!!!! Everyone looks SO great!!! Thanks for sharing pics, everyone!!..

Comment #43

SFfan...Just look at you! You look Marvelous! Jessie...Wow, what a change there's been in you! Pam... You know we all think you've done a terriffic job of weight loss and maintainance. Kat D (I'll have to get some new pics in here sometime soon. Meanwhile, my DIL says she's seen my before/after ones on QVC)..

Comment #44

July 2007 220+ lbs.

December 2008 220+ lbs.

July 2008 183.5lbs, 36.7 lbs lost. Since then, I've lost a total of 44lbs (I'm up from my ticker...I'm blaming it on Gustav for kicking me out of my home for almost 2 weeks..


Congratulations to everyone. You are all BEAUTIFUL and an INSPIRATION!..

Comment #45

6/07 showing signs of diabetes.

12/07 yummy Christmas breakfast LOL.


7/08 4 months on NS.

This is a picture of me when I was 19 or 20 with my grandmother's face superimposed in behind..relatives say we looked a lot alike at that age. She was 20 in that picture.I'm hoping I can get that thin again...or somewhere close, but I know I will never look that young again..LOL.

I don't have a current picture... I think I'm the only person that looks older as I lose weight but at least I feel better LOL I will post a current picture when I get one. Once again thanks all for sharing. Janet..

Comment #46

I don't think you look older. I think you look fabulous!..

Comment #47

Yes Fabulous, Gorgeous and more than anything Healthy and Happy!..

Comment #48

Thanks... I do feel much better and I can also get around so much easier while taking care of the grandchildren. I can't believe I can now get down on the floor when playing games etc. with them. Before, I'd basically fall down...LOL and hurt myself trying to pull all that weight back up when trying to get up and of course I had to hold on to something. My neck and shoulders would hurt for a couple days after attempting it before the weight loss.

Notice, I'm still not comfortable showing a whole body photo....that will come some day soon. I still have a long journey ahead of me! Janet.

Everyone looks fantastic.


Comment #49


Fantastic photos, everyone!! Keep up the great work..

Here are mine... August 21, 2007 and one year later. 50 lbs gone, 20+ more to go...

Comment #50

You look like a different person. I like your new hairstyle and hair color...

Comment #51

Wow - thanks for sharing, everyone! What inspiring transformations. I'll try and find my before and post. This is so motivating!..

Comment #52

Marybeth, that pic in no way captures how beautiful the 'new' you is!..

Comment #53

I don't have a BeforeNutrisystempic. I was too ashamed. Here is my 1 mo intoNutrisystempic, back in Nov..

I did take some pictures at my heaviest, right after having my daughter. I was about 215 lbs, at 5'1". I'm sorry about the poor quality. I didn't have a digital camera at the time of these photos, so it's a picture of a picture. I lost 60 lbs before NS..

And, for the heck of it, a picture of me 2 months after I started losing weight on my own...

Comment #54

Thank you, Tillie, I agree..

That's why I've always had them on my avatar..

Rehab, I'm about 20 yrs younger than you, and don't look nearly as good in a bikini! You look incredible..

Porschegal, I have to call foul. It's someone else in the before picture wearing the same clothes, right?.

You do look like an entirely different person. I love your new look, and it's not just the weight..

Shae, you can't use a preggie picture. :P At least 20 lbs (probably more with twins) isn't you!..

Comment #55

Latinamommy - you look so beautiful. What a waistline!!..

Comment #56


That's the NICEST thing anyone has ever said to me on this board. Thank you so much!.


Comment #57

Lol! You were too fast for me!.

This really is a very beautiful.


Sexy picture!1..

Comment #58

I cropped it a little.


Is a winner!..

Comment #59

Appreciate the compliment, but I don't've got yourself a pretty hot body!! Nothing short of hard work...

Comment #60

You crafty thing, you....

You got out those drafting tools and cropped off my friends. You are very sweet. But I kinda like my mysterious mask. At least ya'll know what I look like now. I know many people have been wondering...

Comment #61

This thread has been exactly what I needed....up until last week I was only 3 lbs. away from my goal....and had lost over 50 lbs. on NS. For some unknown reason, I have fallen off the wagon this past week and looking at these pictures has been just the kick in the butt that I needed to get back on. I am re-committing myself to reaching my goal and showing myself that I can do it!.

Everyone looks incredible!! You should be proud of yourselves. Thanks for being my new inspiration to continue the weight loss...

Comment #62

I would like to thank everyone who has posted their pics on this thread. I find it very difficult to look at my 'before' pic, so I know how embarrasing it is to post a picture of yourself at your worst..

And for those of you who have just started or who haven't mentally committed yourself to the program, relax, and think about the possiblities...

Comment #63

Thanks, gang... all your comments really choked me up..

Pru... You are GORGEOUS!!! Can I borrow your bod next weekend??..

Comment #64

Back when I was fat in my early 20's, then lost A LOT of weight, I ripped up all my fat pictures. My mom was really angry at me for it...

Comment #65

I've still got a ways to go, but the side by side photos really help show how far I've come..

All of the pictures posted so far are amazing!..

Comment #66

Back when I was at my heaviest.....I literally threatened to hurt anyone that came near me with a camera. Now that I have lost 50 lbs., I regret not having any "before" pictures of myself to compare...

Comment #67

You look nice in both of your pictures SFfan (very hansome man) and BTW, so is your son. I contemplated whether or not to even post my first picture and then of course the picture itself had to turn out huge too! I even thought about going back and editing it out. Oh well... I decided to leave it because it's a true close up image of how I looked and felt at that time. Of course my other pictures do not show a drastic change but someday soon they will. Janet..

Comment #68

Keep the pics comin'. It's a great way to start the day...and end the day!.

SFFan +1 several times!..

Comment #69

I'd like to lose about 10 more pounds, but now that I'm lifting weights I'm going up a little. I'm getting physically smaller so that's okay!..

Comment #70

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