How many points for a corona beer on Nutrisystem?

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First off, How many points for a corona beer on Nutrisystem? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... When I signed up for Nutrisystem I assumed that they provided the food and I just ate it. But after reading all these post it seems like I have to go the grocery store and buy and prepare things to add to every meal..

What good is that? I mean if I have to go shopping and do all kinds of cooking, why do I need the Nutrisystem foods?.

This is very confusing to me and I am regretting my decision to go with Nutrisystem and I haven't even gotten my food yet!.

I placed my order on Feb. 1st and am still waiting for it. UPS says it is held up because of the weather..

I work alternating 12 hours shifts. Days, nights, days nights and so on. I dont have "regular meal times". Some days I sleep and work nights, and some days I am working and sleeping nights..

Can I just eat the foods they give me and forget the grocery store? Or am I going to be spending all my time in the kitchen?.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Any healthy diet requires fruits, vegetables and dairy. That does not mean you have to cook. Eat fresh fruit, buy salad bags and steamer bags of veggies (you can eat the whole bag at once if it is an unlimited vegetable), and drink V8. You must eat the add-ins or you will not be eating enough food, and that will sabotage your diet. I can do this diet spending 5 or 10 minutes a day in the kitchen, with one grocery trip a week for all my add-ins (which require no effort, and can be planned inexpensively). I have lost 65 pounds and kept it off for over 2 years, and found this an incredibly easy plan to follow, and the only thing that ever worked for me.

If you want some magic trick that will require absolutely no effort on your part - it doesn't exist...

Comment #2

Just eat about every 2 to 4 hours, whatever hours you're awake..

You will have to spend a little time planning, but after a couple weeks, it will be second nature..

As to the statement you could just do that without NS...obviously you weren't, cuz you're here..

NO! Eating just theNutrisystemitems is NOT an option! However, there are some really easy items to use as your add ins..


Salad (no cooking).

Baby carrots (raw, no cooking).

Cucumbers (no cooking).

Green Beans (raw, no cooking).

Small cans of low sodium V8 (no cooking).

You get the idea..

Fruits are easy. Apples, oranges, raisins, prunes, pretty much whatever you like..


Low Fat cheese sticks.

Hard boiled eggs (you can actually buy these now already cooked and peeled).

Buy a rotisserie chicken, remove the skin and divide into portions..

Give it a fair chance. I promise it's not as bad as it's going to seem at first. All it takes is a little planning and a little preparation on your days off. It is SO worth it!!..

Comment #3

Thank's for the replys..

I didnt think about V8 Juice. (I love that stuff).

Boiled eggs, Yogurt, salads, celery, and broccoli/cauliflower. These are things I already eat, so those will be no problem..

Maybe it wont be as hard as I am thinking it will be...

Comment #4

You can do this! Give it a few weeks try, you will be SO happy with the results!..

Comment #5

I thought the same thing! We ordered (for me and my daughter) Tuesday night and after I placed the order I started exploring the site. It was a bit overwhelming. I justified the cost for the two of us because of how much I'd be saving on groceries. Ha!.

But, after reading a ton of posts and asking questions, I've learned it's really doable. I'm on my way to the grocery store shortly to buy our add-ins for our first week so we'll be ready to start on Tuesday (BBBs are scheduled to arrive tomorrow)..

Keep reading. There are a lot of experienced people on the boards with great advice for us newbs!..

Comment #6

That is really all you need right there! Just pick up some lite whole wheat bread and/or Arnold's Sandwich Thins or Pepperidge Farms Deli Flats and fruit, and you will be all set!..

Comment #7

That's better! I didn't think you looked like a wimp!..

Comment #8

Hi All;.

I must say there is a fairly long delay once you order. I think mine was 10 days, then the frozen stuff is another week later, hmmmm..

Anyways, I am like you about the extra food..

What I have done....

Huge bag of salad that lasts over a week.


Huge bag of small apples.

Fat free milk for oatmeal but I have to get my plain oatmeal.

I am not sure how much I like the food, some is exceptional and other is just plain yuck..

For my second order I spent a fortune on a la carte items..

I think the program has been very useful as a educational tool..

Portion control is obviously very important!!.

I am thinking after this next order I may try to do it on my own only because I am a very picky eater and having to get a la carte is terrible expensive..

I also am dissapointed that no one has checked on me to make sure I am happy with the program or to offer support..

So that is my 2 cents..

Comment #9

I know that results vary but I'm 58 and female so you should do better than me..

I've just finished my first month and lost 19 pounds plus tomorrow's weigh-in will still have 3 days of the first month in it..

YOU can do anything for a month. Try it at least a month. I think you're going to be super-pumped after you see/feel the results..

The only mistake would be in not trying...

Comment #10

I'm back again. Wanted to share what I use for my fat when I drink tomato juice as my veggies. You can get celery already fixed...called celery hearts, I think. I put my peanut butter in that little trough and it is a great contrast of tastes..

Really you can pretty much do your whole grocery store trip in the produce and milk/cheese section with a quick pass for those thin breads. Plus, you can always eat 3 squares of graham crackers as your carb. I do that some days, too..

Fruit, raw veggies, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and bread or graham crackers and you're set!.

Good luck...

Comment #11

McQue.... Here is a thread for people who started the program in February..


I posted in a similar thread when I first started (even though I had started before that time) and the people on the thread were very supportive..

All you need to do is post and join on in. It may give you the support that you mentioned...

Comment #12


This was really encouraging. I have tried WW in the past and have never got past 20 lbs. I have to lose 70 lbs and know this is going to be a journey..

I have been doing 5 days on and 2 days off following the weekend plan. This allows me to cook a little which I love. But I am worried about the long haul. I know this is going to take me probably the rest of the year to do. What did you average and what really helped you reach your goal? It would be so great to get this weight off...

Comment #13

McQue - Maybe I'm misreading this but did you consider just customizing your order instead of picking everything off the a la carte items? There isn't a charge to pick and choose what you like out of everything - you probably could eat the same thing everyday if that's what you wanted!.

This is my first month, and if I eat something I don't enjoy I just take it off of my next auto-delivery order...

Comment #14

HI Kathy,.

I am not always on line. But I would like to know how you are doing since November? I just started the program 2 weeks ago and am down 8.7. Very encouraging since I have 70 lbs to lose. I originally ordered from QVC but did not like some of the selections, so I decided to order directly fromNutrisystemto hand select. This will definitely be a journey. I have tried WW in the past but have never lost over 20 lbs...

Comment #15


I agree. I am a picky eater also. I love good food. I am doing 5 days on and more flexibility on the weekend. I have lost 8.7 lbs in under 2 weeks..

Hand picking for your next order is the way to go. I ordered my first order from QVC. There were many items in the order I did not care for. So I decided to order fromNutrisystemdirectly and will be much more satisfied. Most of the food is satisfying. I just worry about all that processed food and the sodium. I will be on this at least for the next 3 months...

Comment #16

Awesome weight loss. Keep it up. I am a 53 year young female and have been on the program just shy of 2 weeks and have lost 8.7 lbs. I have 70 lbs to lose but I am pumped...

Comment #17

I am a super picky eater as well, well except for most desserts..

You can do this, so much of it really is how much you want to lose weight..

There were many foods I thought I wouldn't like but I did. Some foods that I didn't like, after a few months on the program I actually enjoyed them..

Customizing your menu is very important, especially for a fussy folks, but I would honestly encourage you to try many of the foods, you can also spice things up if the flavor isn't to your taste..

Good luck and stick with it.. Smaller clothes feel nicer...

Comment #18

You have to eat all the add ins...salads,vegees,fruits,proteins for the program to work.if you want it to work,you can find the time to cook,it's really easy,and very quick!..

Comment #19

I was in my mid-50s when I started, so my weight loss was slow - about a pound a week (I also did not exercise, which makes the weight loss slower - but I do now). But I just kept in mind that this is not a race, it is a lifestyle change. And as PamSB says, what is important is not how long it takes to lose the weight, but how long you keep it off!..

Comment #20

Since it is just me and the cat, I don't like to cook. For those people who don't like to cook or have little time to cook, this program is a winner! TheNutrisystemfood provides the base for the rest. I use a microwavable steamer bag of veggies which contains the right amount of servings. I can pull one out of the freezer, throw it in the microwave and then go do something. Five to six minutes later, the veggies go on the plate while theNutrisystementree goes into the microwave for a minute. I also do the toaster oven for the pizza at times..

I get a week's supply of greek yogurt, low fat cottage cheese or low fat cheese strings. I buy a bag of apples, and sometimes buy those individual serving cups of fruit sweetened with Splenda. Both of these are easy to throw into an insulated lunch bag along with the yogurt, etc..

I don't do salads but I do use veggies, so there is little cooking involved or prep time...

Comment #21

I've lost 19 pounds since November 1st. It hasn't always been a straight line downward, sometimes it is more of a bumpy slope with small gains and then losses... as long as the overall line keeps going down I don't worry if I'm up a pound or so at the weigh ins, it is usually gone by the next time..

My original goal was to lose 20 pounds (I'm almost there), but now I've reasessed my goal and dropped it down to losing 40 pounds total and a BMI of about 28. So I'm almost 1/2 the way there...

Comment #22

Oh yeah, there's cooking involved ....

5 min to steam froz veggies.

1 min to cook myNutrisystemmeal..

Cooking done. yippie..

Takes longer to wash the dishes!..

Comment #23

L like 3 graham crackers with some fat-free coolwhip as an extra. It is so good...

Comment #24

Another thing that I have found that is so good is laughing cow cheese. I steam vegetables and then stir in garlic soft cheese. Microwave it about 30 seconds and it is the greatest sauce for my vegetables. I am not a vegetable eater, but I love this!! Two squares of the cheese is 70 calories. It is awesome!!..

Comment #25

I tried WW and I was a failure on that program. I never got anywhere near 10lbs even. This is a journey. It is a change in the way you look at food. My health has improved and as an added bonus I can wear my skinny jeans. Time passes by quickly.

It doesn't seem that long. Focus on your meal planner. Get your water in. Try to exercise 90 minutes a week if you can. If you have a question or need motivation just call a food counselor.

I wish you the best on your journey. You can do this! (counselors # 1800-321-8446(press option 2 then 4 )..

Comment #26

I don't cook much either. I don't fix salads much because the lettuce goes bad. I try to save some money by buying the bags of apples. I also do my veggies in the microwave, but I put them in a dish usually. I do my pizzas in the toaster. Every now and then I make fruit parfaits with yogurt,blueberries, and granola.

I like the lowfat string cheese. You are right this program rocks!..

Comment #27


What a cute picture- are they bear cubs? Do they have to do with your work?.

Be sure to drink the water. I can just tell that you are gonna do fine here. Go hang with the guys too. You are asking questions, reading answers and keeping an open mind. All things for sucess!.

At first it all seems a bit overwhelming. There are plenty of places here that people list specific foods or brands- and it will save you alot of time hunting and pecking at the store for the "right stuff". Just make lists as you read them..

You are going to be soooo happy!..

Comment #28

I'm not motivated to cook either, but I've found great suggestions on here. Tonight I cooked a big amount of frozen veggies with seasonings in about 10 min and boiled the water for some of my cups of noodle dishes - cooked a couple of those up, added the veggies, and then stuck them in tupperware. Now I have a few lunches ready to go with added veggie servings already in them - took me maybe 20 min altogether and that includes the 10 min waiting for the noodles to cook!..

Comment #29

Buy a biggish soft lunch cooler to take to work. Pack your veggies in it. Learn to eat them, they are key to weight loss. Put a knife and such in the pocket of the cooler. You don't even need to prep. Just eat the green peppers like you're eating an apple. AAARGGGH!..

Comment #30

Poly - that Hasselhoff pic is just so wrong....

Thanks for the giggle tho!..

Comment #31

I joined and ordered my food on Jan 31. To date I have only received my frozen food and the rest of my order seems to be stuck in Illinois. Does it always take so long to receive your food?..

Comment #32

Noit's because of the storms in the midwest. I ordered on Feb 1 and got mine today. But, I'm on the West Coast and my shipment comes from Nevada so there were no weather-related issues. Hang in there! I know how hard it is to waitthis last week just drug by! But, it'll come...

Comment #33

Thank you all for your replys!.

I have already changed my auto order in addition to the a la carte. Even changing the food there is still food that I do not care for..

I think I said, I was not going not going to reorder but decided to try another month with foods I prefer. It is expensive to do so!.

Thanks for the link I will look there after posting this...

Comment #34

I'm confused.....Why would the food in your auto-ship be different from your ala carte?.

I'm not sure about the current offers, but if you quit too soon, you may have to pay for the free-shipping. When I started, you had to do 3 shipments before you could quit or you would owe the shipping charges that had been waived on the previous orders...

Comment #35

Okay for one thing, I discovered that many of the foods have brocoli which I cannot stand.. the smell totally repels me gives me a gag reflex. So all the food in the meal of course tastes like brocoli, yuck yuck yuck. My options are increased as I have the frozen meals as well.... it's just expensive!!!.

I think in order to be sucessful we must eat foods that we like and enjoy; otherwise we are doomed to fail. Hense why it is nessasary for me to order extra of the foods I like. Mostly I ordered extra frozen items. Of course as I said earlier.. the oatmeal is also yucky to me. I use my own plain ole oatmeal and add sweetner..

If I stay on the program for month 3 I hope I find a happy medium..

Thank you~..

Comment #36

What binky is trying to say is that for the shelf-stable foods, if you are on the Women's Basic plan, there is nothing in ala carte that isn't on your auto-delivery choices. So, if you didn't want something with broccoli, you take those off your auto-delivery list and add more of something else you want. You get 18 of each meal on shelf-stable if you are also getting 10 days of frozen. Even though you cannot customize the frozen, you can pick what YOU want for the shelf-stable. Now, if you are seeing something on the shelf-stable ala carte that isn't available on your auto-delivery choices, it means that it isn't on YOUR plan (i.e. if you are on the SENIOR, DIABETIC or VEGETARIAN plan).

Have you discussed all of this with Customer Service?..

Comment #37

I understand that....

For my tastes the choices are limited for what I have tried thus far. I did pick out all my food the first go round. I just would like to have a varity of foods I enjoy..

We shall see &..

Comment #38

I cook nothing. Truly, nothing. You can find lots of add-ins that require no cooking!..

Comment #39

This is so true! Nutrisystem rocks! I mostly use my microwave and I use my toaster oven very little...

Comment #40

Same thing here. I ordered on Feb. 1 and got my Frozen food yesterday, and my UPS stuff got stuck in Illinois. It is supposed to be here tomorrow afternoon. Bad thing is we are supposed to have a huge snow here tomorrow!.

I must say though, the frozen food I have ate today was great. I am very happy so far...

Comment #41

I agree! I for one hate cooking with a passion but find it easy to boil up a few veggies or saute them on the stove, that's easy and doesn't require much effort,lol. Buying the extras is a breeze, I wish I had a camera for my trips to the supermarket before I started and now...use to load up my cart with chips, pop and chocolate now it's carrots, yogurt and apples,lol....big difference and when I walk up to the check-out with all my fruits and veggies, it's empowering!..

Comment #42

Yeah...makes me feel a little smug when I sneak a look at what's in the cart behind me...

Comment #43

Thanks!Yep it's one of those "aha!" moments I have had...

Comment #44


I ordered on Sunday and am getting my food tomorrow and Friday, so maybe it was due to the weather issues for the delay..

You can customize your menu to whatever you prefer to eat. You could choose all the same lunches or just pick the 2 or 3 (whatever) you like. Give that a try!..

Comment #45


Please give that Airman a hug and thank you from me for serving our country!.

(pictured with you)..

Comment #46

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