How many points does a 16 year old male get on Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: How many points does a 16 year old male get on Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any answer. Another question... I just had my lunch entree and put in a Tsp of franks red hot sauce and mixed it up. It really made the entree taste pretty good. The best thing about franks is that like most hot sauces it's a free serving! Just throwing this out there to anyone who likes to kick it up a notch on the heat..


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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OH I love Franks on everything. Put some on your salad. It's great...

Comment #2

LOL obie3 - when I saw this title, I just knew one of us would post to it!!.

Gotta love our Franks Hot Sauce!.


Comment #3

How much franks can I use to be free?..

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Frank's is extremely low in calories and Fat Free. I never measure it, just shake it on everything..

I checked CalorieKing and they only listed Buffalo Sauce, which usually has butter added and they say 10 cal for 1 oz..

Frank's label shows 1 tsp is 0 calories, 200 mg of sodium. Like the ICBINB spray, there are calories if you use enough but I think you would need a bit of Frank's to get past the 20 cal Free Food guideline..


Comment #5

Hey all I love hot sauce and while I do not use franks...I use trappys bull lousiana hot sauce......mine has no calories and only 115 mgs of sodium , but I was told I could onlu have one teaspoon a day.....bummer after reading this I am glad they were wrong cause the only way I could eat the fettuchini and veggies is with hot sauce, like a table spoons worth!! I kick it up more than a notch though I eat it on most!!!!..

Comment #6

I have to confess. I use Trappy's Red Devil cayenne sauce, 150 sodium, not Franks. I buy the quart size and put it in a small squirt bottle..

My mouth is watering thinking about it...

Comment #7

I love Frank's too. I use it on just about anything that has a tomato base. I've heard a lot of gripes from people saying the dishes are "too saucy". Well, I'm pratically (literally really, ha ha) licking the plate because I always add Franks..

Comment #8

Just remember that 0 calories does not mean calorie-free. It means that each serving has less than 5 calories and because of that they are allowed, by law, to state that each serving has 0 calories..

Just like ICBINB spray has no calories in a serving, but something like 900 calories in a whole bottle..

Oh, I don't use either one of those hot sauces, I only use Sriracha hot chili sauce. It is only 5 calories per tsp, but it is so hot that you only need a couple of drops to heat up an entree. Use to be we could only get it at our local Asian market, but we now can find it at Wal-Mart...

Comment #9

I have some of that too. It is very good. I used to order it on line until we got a WalMart in my small town. Now I can buy it there. The touch of garlic in it is the best part. I love garlic...

Comment #10

What is ICBINB spray???? and dang it I just got back from walmart!! LOL..

Comment #11

ICBINB is I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray. :-).

Hot Sauce Yum!! I think the Sriracha garlic pepper sauce is awesome (and really spicy). Franks hot sauce is really good, and the Tabasco Chipotle sauce is not that spicy but it's a very good smoky flavor. Most hot sauces are 5-10 calories per Tablespoon, unless the sauce has a bunch of sugar or oil in it...

Comment #12

Hmmmm I did not know you could use a butter many sprays are you allowed a day???..

Comment #13


I live in Mississippi and have never heard of Franks..

Will try to find some..

I love hot food..

Went grocery shopping today and am fixing a large pot of greens..

I use pepper sauce on them..

Must be the southern gal coming out in me. wink* wink*.

God bless..


Comment #14

Mmmmm yummy greens!!! I wanna learn how to make them but alas I am doomed to always buy them in a can!!!!..

Comment #15

Braised Greens with Lots of Garlic.

1 pound (455g) kale, mustard greens or chard, (about 8 cups).

1 Tbsp (15mL) extra virgin olive oil.

5 cloves garlic, minced.

1/2 tsp (3g) salt.

Lemon wedges.

Wash greens thoroughly by soaking in lots of cold water. Drain. Chop greens into about 3-inch (8cm)pieces. Heat oil in a large skillet. Saut garlic for 2 minutes. Add greens to skillet.

Sprinkle with salt. Serve with lemon wedges. Serves 4 people..

Nutrition Facts.

Calories: 65.

Total Fat: 4g.

% Calories from fat: 44%.

Protein: 3g.

Carbohydrate: 7g.

Cholesterol: 0mg.

Sodium: 295mg..

Comment #16

That looks great 4smallerme...but you know what it's missin don't ya? (please see thread title) lol.

Also...if I drink a bottle of franks for breakfast how many calories is that?..

Comment #17

I must confess...bought some Frank's...USED to use Texas Pete!!! Gotta love Frank's.....

Comment #18

I love this stuff! I want to know who this Frank is so I can propose to him..

Comment #19

I happen to have just bought a bottle today at the store. Mmmm good!! I like tabasco and spicy things in general, but I really loved the flavor in the Frank's. Delicious!..

Comment #20

I like franks because it's not just a regular "hot sauce" but the flavor on it is amazing. it's the difference between "real" buffalo wings vs. fake ones...if you've ever been to a place where they didn't taste as good it's because they don't use franks....

Now for a gross story:.

How they get mild, medium, and hot flavoring on wings(i used to work in a sub shop):.

Hot- straight up franks.

Medium - 1 cup of margarine & franks.

Mild - 2 cups of margarine & franks.

So when you're getting mild you're really getting a crapload of margarine D: ew! this is also why the coloring is much lighter on mild then medium and medium then hot lol..

Comment #21

Okay going to the store to try and find franks...mamma says I should make my own hot sauce any recipes out there?..

Comment #22

I finally bought it.........I LOVE it. Put a few shakes in my mac/cheese tonight, added my broccoli and's good. The spice takes out that 'weird' taste!!! Now I have to order more mac and cheese!!! Just have to play around with how much I put in. Yesterday I put in just a touch in the minestrone soup..........not my favorite but wanted to use it up. Again the added spice seemed to counteract the weird flavor. Can't wait to try it in other things..


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