How many points do you need to have each day according to Nutrisystem?

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My question is How many points do you need to have each day according to Nutrisystem? Hoping for any answer. Another quick question... Well myself and several other Success Stories were invited to be a part of a Nutrisystem photo shoot in Philadelphia this past week. Like the many before me who have participated, I too had a great time. It was great meeting fellow Success Stories and also meeting some of the great people of Nutrisystem..

I only have this one picture of four of us that was snapped just before Dinner the night before the photo shoot. So I thought I'd share. It was all so exciting I forgot to take more pictures...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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Great photo! (backing out of the men's room now)..

Comment #2

Very nice! When I went to Philadelphia back in March it was such a great experience, mainly because I got to meet so many other success stories. I'm glad you got to participate in that too Jonah. Where there many other people there who use the forums here? When I went, maybe only 6 out of 20 were active message board users...

Comment #3

Congrats, Jonah! Who are the other gentlemen in the picture?..

Comment #4

FanTasTic, Jonah!! I know you had a great time and I'm looking forward to seeing YOU in the Nutrisystem promotions! It takes a couple months for them to get them out. When you get your photo disc, post a couple for us!.

Did you meet any other's from the Men's Room there?.


Comment #5

Great job Jonah! You've been showin' us how it's done. Great stuff!..

Comment #6

That picture says it all. Good smiles, you guys look great and healthy..

Well done on everyone's effort!.

Inspiring stuff..


PS. Since you're all still a lot thinner than me, I'll keep working on it..

Comment #7

Actually, when I was talking to the other Success Stories at the photo shoot, I couldn't find any other guy that participated in the forums. A couple of them said they were lurkers but they never actually participated...

Comment #8

It actually was a great time. The folks from Nutrisystem made sure everyone felt special and had a good experience..

I met a lot of great people but none of the men at the photo shoot utilized the forums, and only a few of the women. No one I've interacted with online over the past 2 years was there, which I thought odd.

I had no idea there were so many more people on Nutrisystem out there, that never use the forums or chat rooms..

I found the forums and chat rooms to be an important part of my journey. Some people take a different path I guess, but we all arrived Successful...

Comment #9

That was a surprising discovery that I also made in this spring's photoshoot. Most of Nutrisystem customers are not active on the forums and the selection of Photoshoot participants is not related to Forum participation. They are selected from submissions you make when you see solicitations for your story from NS..

There were a few there - Gibbous (John) from the Men's room. Vickilicious, Ehanson and Ohlaladiva from the women's areas were the ones we met. Those gals are georgeous!! It was a lot of fun meeting in the flesh!.


Comment #10

Never submitted my story - I figured I'd.


Get picked for a Nutrisystem photoshoot because I'm such an a$$hole in here - and I'm not exactly, uhm ... photogenic...

Comment #11

If they picked me, Sean, they'd certainly pick you!! Ya gotta submit, though. Gotta roll the dice or you're not in the game..


Comment #12

I'm gonna be so handsome they'll wanna do a mini series on my life...

Comment #13

I suppose we just missed each other...i was late for the dinner because I took a short nap that turned into a long one...

Comment #14

Hey Jonah, I must have just missed you! I was there in the Tue-Wed group, I take it you were there Wed-Thu?.

I too was surprised that no one else was a forum regular, it was a huge part of my success too. I did get to chat to one of the mods too. She was awesome, and knew all about all the regulars..

I did find out from one of the writers that I was in a recent newsletter, (I don't usually read them). That was pretty cool too, here's a link..


Comment #15

Awesome, Bill! I saw that newsletter but didn't realize it was you! Congrats on the newsletter and photo shoot!..

Comment #16

Hey Bill!!.

How cool you did a Photoshoot!! Yeah, man!! Thanks for this link:.

I just read it and what a poignant, well-written testimonial!! Wow. Your story of your son's struggle's as related to your tipping point is amazing..

I 'specially liked your report on your knees. Even after your Doctor said you'd never run again, you're now running 8-10 miles pain free..

Wow. I've heard SO MANY folks say they can't run becuase of "bad knees". I was one of them and while I'll never be a runner in your class, my knees are virtually "healed" through weight loss and exercise and running is now a part of my fitness program too..

Great to hear from you again, Bill!!.


Comment #17


You are correct sir, I arrived in Philly late Wednesday and was part of a Thursday, Friday group. I read your story on the link you provided. Amazing story, and a good write up. Thank you for sharing. Wish I could have met you, would have been nice to see one of the guys I see post in the forums on a regular basis..

The photo shoot experience was a lot of fun, and meeting some of the folks from Nutrisystem was pretty cool too. Sounds like you had good time as well...

Comment #18

One of the people I did meet at the photo shoot was John (aka Grzleebear68), he has posted some pictures on his Nutrisystem Page. I copied the URL's and posted the pictures from his Page below. These are his pictures, I'm just sharing them with you all..

This is John, and Meredith of Nutrisystem.

This is the Photographer Michael and Pam from Nutrisystem..

4 Nutrisystem Success Stories. From Left to Right, it's John, (girls name I can't remember), Maureen, (guys name I can't remember). I'm really bad with names..

John in the Make-up Chair. This is where they made us purdy..

Another Success Story (I can't believe I don't remember her name, she was so nice and from New Jersey), and Kati from Nutrisystem..

The actual Dinner held the night before the photo shoot..

Again, we can thank John (aka Grzleebear68) for all these pictures, I just snaked the links out of his photo album and posted them here...

Comment #19

Why didn't you tell me you guys were going to be in Philly?.

Nice pictures...

Comment #20

I didn't know you were in Philly, so I didn't know to tell you...

Comment #21

Thanks for the event pics, Jonah! Memories! Did you meet "K", the woman behind the curtain here on the boards? She was a cool gal. Meredith too..


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