How many points do you get with Nutrisystem once you hit your goal weight?

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Quick question... How many points do you get with Nutrisystem once you hit your goal weight? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... And I'm still fat. -.

Thought I'd throw up an update to any fellow Nutri-brothers who are mildly curious:.

The Funeral:.

Went exceedingly well..

Believe it or not I conducted a 1 hour service from A to Z (prayers included) without one fart joke being told and zero help from the funeral people,.

(except for them opening and closing the casket and putting it in the big car.).

As far as I can tell, everyone was very happy with the eulogy..

You woulda been proud of me..

The military mourners were upset my step dad didn't have a military color guard present.

But I didn't arrange the service and I'm only one (very large) man and I can only do so much..

Afterwurdz we rolled into Olive Garden and I had 2 excellent, stress-relieving Italian Margaritas with Amaretto shooters (wife had to drive home.).

I told a couple of my step dad's best jokes and consumed sausage spaghetti and a lot of other delicious food I shouldn't have had..

I had a lot of people huggin on me in the chapel and I think someone gave me a cold and I missed wurk yestitty..

The Nutrisystem System:.

My BBB shipped on Feb 2nd and still hasn't arrived (UPS says due to hazardous weather)..

I'm out of stuff and haven't been doing well at all keeping my act together..

I've been over at mom's working and sneezing and she fed me stuff I shouldn't have had..

I feel like I'm on the brink of totally blowing it but I think I'll be okay..

I was up 2 pounds last Sunday..

Wonder why.....


I haven't been on my stationary bike and just a failure in general..

I've been shoveling tons of snow at my house and mom's though, walking the dang dogs, and now the work has begun at mom's -.

It's gonna take months to clean up after my dearly departed step dad's mess..

He was getting senile (bless his heart) and was a horder of everything..

Not as bad as what you see on tv as far as the filth but minus the dead cats and rotting food you see on tv, just about as bad..

He's got EIGHT sheds full of sh!t to clean out and get to auction..

So I'm going to be working my ass off cleaning that place up for a looooong time..

I was there 8 hours Sunday and only made a dent in the living room..

On a positive note - I picked out a gun from the gun safe for my inheritance;.

A blued Colt .45 MK IV Officer's ACP w/trijicon night sights, a crimson trace laser, tactical harness, and 2 xtra clips..


It was a toss-up between that, the tommy gun, or an AK-47 but the laser had me at hello..

If I was being greedy I woulda took the tommy and sold it..

But I digress....

I will try to do "real" exercise and be accountable..

But life as I knew it will never be the same..

I dunno where Mom's gonna live yet but I see a possibility of me having to get a bigger house soon..

She's got lots of health issues as well..

To the Man Forum:.

I am sorry for being a butt hole and will try to do better at being less of one..

I'm really hitting a wall at getting my head right - like it was - when I started NS..

I gotta get that militant, kick-ass, take no prisoners, cheating is for losers mentality again or I'm gonna be toast..

I'm weak and not great at this but I gotta do dis..

Friendly help is appreciated..

To the New Arrivers:.


NS really works if you do your part and stay on target..

If you cheat like me and other weak-willed individuals who've come and gone then your results will vary and then you will be sad.

Because you're still fat and you wasted your money..

Anyway - I'm ready for phase 2 and hoping I don't wig out..

Long post huh?.


- Rob..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1


First off - welcome back and sorry for your loss. Cleaning up after a family hoarder (I've done this to make room for my in-laws to recuperate after an accident) is eye opening. I'm sorry you're going through it, but you will come out on the other side a changed man - and that could be a good thing..

You can do this. You know the plan works (something I'm finally allowing myself to see). No more whining - just do it!.

I look forward to watching (quietly from the corner where the chicks are relegated) you complete your journey..


Comment #2

Whoever coined the phrase, "you can't take it with you" probably had to clean up after their step dad...

Comment #3

Buck up little camper! Only 3 pounds till 70. You can do it...

Comment #4

Rob, you may have a lost a little energy from where you started, but that doesn't mean you're back where you started head-wise by any means. Honeymoon period over, now adjust your focus to other excitements/interests while still doing your Nutrisystem that you do so well. I believe in you...

Comment #5

So sorry for your loss, Rob..

Don't get down on yourself- that only leads to badness!!.

As SOON as you get your BBB, you will be 100% again. You can do it! You have PROVED that already..

Comment #6

I'm sorry for your loss as well, Rob..

I really sympathize about the clutter your stepdad left behind... but all this extra work for you is another way to exercise, right? As soon as you get your new box, just get back on the wagon. When you're at your Mom's, take your food with you so she can't fill you up with Mom food!.

Someone on the boards here said that at one point in her life her eating was the only thing she could control... Maybe that's the way it's going to be with you for a while until things settle down. But you did it before, and you can keep on with it. Please take care of yourself...

Comment #7

So, things haven't been going well? ...........

Just kidding! Sounds like you've been "there and back"which always sucks..

So how about we get a little positive, here! You already know you CAN and you already know you HAVE. Think how huge it is those two questions are off the table!!.

Back to it, my friend. You set down the burden for a bit but it has to be shouldered again and taken up. Ain't nobody else able to carry this one for ya..

In all seriousness. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. May God Bless and Keep you and yours..


Comment #8

Hey Rob,.

Tough times, but sounds like you're handling it like a man. Don't sweat the past food deviations. History. Done..

Suggestion - Some autioniers offer a total clean-out service. You do pay for it, but they'll dung out totally for ya and you get the net proceeds (if any) from the salable stuff. Just take out anything you want, then turn it over to them. We did that with both our Moms stuff. Had to do it a couple times for my Mom (she was a hoarder) until she passed away. This circle of life really does keep turning! Thinking of not leaving a mess like that for MY kids, as well as not needing too many pall-bearers..


Comment #9

Rob don't feel bad, I've been on that roller coaster too..

I hit 280 on Sunday morning, today I weighed 284. In two days I gained 4 lbs. Of course I usually swell after my workout days at the gyms which are on Sunday and Tuesday. I was extremely sore this morning plus I drinked a lot of water last night cause I was having a "Cracker" craving. You believe it, I was craving for fu*king Crackers man!! LOL..

Comment #10

Sorry for your loss Rob, but welcome back! I am a newbie (1 week down) and I am usually one to eat lots of fast food and chocolate. I know it's hard, but we can do it!!!!!..

Comment #11

Yay Rob! Glad you got your food in!! Get back on that horse..

Comment #12

You got a lot on your plate man but don't let Marty get the upper hand!! My best to you and your mother. Grats on the new pistol! If you want to get rid of that pesky ol Thompson SMG I'll gladly...keep.....dispose of it for you! I'm here to help..

Comment #13

Let's let your Marty and my Binge Babe walk gradually into the sunset.......

Comment #14

The chix dig me or perhaps partially pity my pathos..

Wow Rick! You're skinny. Congratz!!!!.

I finally got my box (there was a 60 bear in it) and I'm a righteous man again..

Cleaning at Mom's all this weekend..

And believe you me - it's exercise..

It's crazy how much silver I'm finding over there..

My brother and I decided to build Mom a fresh new house in town.

(closer to the kids) with new furniture..

Cool huh?.


Comment #15

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