How many points do men use at Nutrisystem at 14 and a half stone?

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My question is How many points do men use at Nutrisystem at 14 and a half stone? Hoping for any answer. Another question on my mind: This is a weight loss/weight loss maintenance site and we are all trying to accomplish one common goal. We take a lot of time planning what food we're gonna eat, preparing it, purchasing it, etc., etc. Food is what we talk about here..

So, I'm pleading with those of you out there that find a certain Nutrisystem entree that you don't like to.

Stop talking about "gagging" and "choking it down.".

I know we're not going to like the same foods, but I really don't want to know what's happening inside your mouth & throat when you're eating! It turns my stomach every time I read that, when I'm coming here to talk about recipes, new foods, good add-ins, and to stay on track. A simple "I really didn't like that one" is plenty enough to post!.

Thank you...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Agreed! Or, my least favorite: "NS NEEDS TO GET RID OF THIS ASAP." I'm sorry, you don't enjoy it so no one should be able to?..

Comment #2

Oh I so agree with you all..

What makes anyone think that if they don't like something then NO ONE should like it?.

Much of my family and especially my DD is like that. We all have the right to like and dislike everything on this earth. I'm glad we all like different things. How boring would life be if we were all just carbon copies?.

And we surely don't need graphic discriptions of someones reaction to foods. Good for you Katie for bringing this up..

Comment #3

I always wonder what the need is to announce one's dislike of something. Do these people stand up in a restaurant and shout "My dinner is horrible. It makes me sick. Take it off the menu!"? I doubt that they do that but who knows? Perhaps we are just the captive audience they have always wanted...

Comment #4

Yeah, that is the one that *really* annoys me...

Comment #5

Or, you could just not read a thread with a title that alludes to a poster's dislike of the food. If you don't want to read it, then don't. I stay out of threads that I'm not interested in or that might have a subject matter I don't agree with..

Everybody comes here for different reasons & people who are having a hard time with theNutrisystemfood because they've just started or haven't found what they like yet also need the ability to vent how they're feeling. They're on a journey to lose weight & we all know it's not easy, so maybe be a little more tolerant of it or just stay out of those threads instead of publicly telling people to shut up about it because you don't like what they've said. We're all in this together, we need to remember that...

Comment #6

I agree! I "gag" just looking at biscuits and gravy but I won't share that often!.

Enough of the food-drama..

Personally, I think it is a persons' excuse to say theNutrisystemdoes not work. Just slam the food.....


Comment #7

Katie, I agree, but good luck with that. Sadly, I don't think your post will stop anyone. People posting like that are not only expressing their opinion, but also trying to get a reaction (rise) out of people...

Comment #8

I agree - there have been times that I was very hesitant to eat something I had ordered because of the negative things said (cat food, etc). The other day I had one of the items and it was edible. I took it off my auto delivery as I enjoy other meals better but I could eat it. It certainly was not equivalent to cat food..

As for not reading those posts, there are times that you don't know what the post is about until you actually read it. It could vague like "I am so disappointed" - well, that could be about a lot of things...

Comment #9

I agree with you Katie..

TheNutrisystemfood is not the only part of the program anyway. I mean there is the breakfast entree from NS, but also a fruit and protein to add. Then, there is the lunch entree from NS, but also 2 vegetables and a dairy or protein. I don't say that to confuse anyone if their particular plan is different on the add-ins, just saying that we add to theNutrisystemfood, it is not like you eat onlyNutrisystemfood..


Comment #10

Nothing onNutrisystemhas made me gag and I haven't had to "choke it down". But, free speech is at the heart of our freedom, so if somebody needs to express it that way, so be it. Censorship is a bad idea on so many levels. If expressing a person's "gag" helps them achieve their goals, then I say go for it. Personally, those comments make me laugh because they are soooooo dramatic...

Comment #11

I agree! I often wonder how some people can complain so much about the food. I'm a month and a half in and you know what? If I don't like one of the entrees I alter it enough with my daily add-ins so that it becomes really great...

Comment #12

I agree with you long as the poster is not violating a TOS then censorship is a bad idea!.

I am always leary of any attempts to stifle communication...good or bad..

PLUS...the gaggers are fun to 'eff with...

Comment #13

Your right...It wont and it shouldnt....its been going on for years...heres a discussion from 3 years ago about the subject..


Comment #14

I think it's fair to let people voice their frustrations in anyway that doesnt violate TOS. Frustrated people often vent dramatically because they feel so strongly that something is threatening a goal of great importance to them. Their posts highlight a need to find consolation or support in order to gain the strength to continue..

I do not think it right when people respond to such posts with negativity or attacks on their "commitment" to achieving the goals that brought us all here. (Not that Katie did this)..

I myself, after a week on the road, have been reminded howNutrisystemfood is often lacking in comparison to fresh foods. While I appreciate the lessons in portion control and balance thatNutrisystemis teaching me, I am frustrated with the quality. Does that mean I am ready to quit today? No. It means I'm not feeling my happiest right now when faced with the realities of eating from a box...

Comment #15

Just like you they need to vent too. This journey can be very frustrating sometimes and when I eat a dish I don't like (sweet and sour chicken with noodles) and all I can think about is the yummy real thing it pisses me off and makes me hate thatNutrisystemdinner even more! But I move on take it off my next order and make something else. I do understand some peoples rants and frustration about not liking certain things. Within those posts they too sometimes find a way other people have enjoyed it and give it another try. The posts about "I LOST 10 PDS THIS WEEK!!!" irritate me but I am not going to tell that person to shut up. Good and bad we are all free to say what we want and you can pick and choose what you decide to read and post on...

Comment #16

Why would somebody'sNutrisystemsuccess irritate you? Isn't it just more proof the program works?..

Comment #17

My guess is that like many of us she may be a "slow loser" and it could get discouraging how the pounds just melt off of others?..

Comment #18

Well, to those who spoke about free speech, I guess I exercised mine!.

So, yes, I believe in free speech. I simply wanted to ask those who like to be so dramatic about their negative reactions to the same food I'm eating to be sensitive enough to not make ME gag. I'm sure people who do this are not thinking..they're just reacting. So my post was an attempt to promote a little compassion for others, since this is a support site. It's hard to come here day after day...sometimes when I'm eating...and see where people are gagging and choking on just what I put in my mouth!..

Comment #19

I guess my glass is always half full. I would rather be within 10 lbs of goal and lose at a slow rate than be 70 pounds from goal and lose 10 lbs in a week. Because at the end of the journey, it all comes down to the slow process and slow weight loss of the last 10 lbs...

Comment #20

In all fairness, Katie didn't tell anybody to "shut up". She asked quite nicely if some of the drama queens could be less graphic in describing their dislike of a particular meal. She has as much right to express herself as anybody else does. She just does it much more pleasantly than some .....

Comment #21

Chelsea, we are all in this together. I don't reorder what I don't like, that's how I cope. I guess others purge it here.

Sometimes things irritate all of us. The only time I lost 10lbs in a week was; giving birth to my 2 kids!..

Comment #22

I understand...some see it half full, others half empty....I am an oddity, I see it as the glass is too big..

I know you already know this because you're a smart chicky...the only end to this "journey" is death....its all about how good you wanna look in that box and to delay that viewing as long as possible...

Comment #23

It doesn't irritate me necessarily. I am happy for that person bit it is just as hard to read because we are not all in that boat. And then those of us that are losing slowly post something for help or advice and all we get is "you're doing it wrong". If someone talking about their food negatively really makes you feel like gagging my advice would be to not click on the post titled "Gross!" or "That was disgusting!". If I am going to read it I post something helpful like how they could make it better, not tell them they should keep their opinions (however dramatic they may be) to themselves...

Comment #24

Once I lost 130 lbs overnight.....the b!tch FINALLY moved...

Comment #25

Lucylu - I do the same; I just don't order it again and give the extras to my bf for his diet (he'll eat anything). I don't post about it here unless I feel it could be improved and ask for peoples advice but I was just saying I understand some people's frustration and need to be dramatic. Especially when I would much rather be eating the real versions of theNutrisystemfood but have made a commitment to change my ways. All we can do is be supportive of those people that post that way and give them the advice and tips of what we have learned along the way...

Comment #26

Mark - that was probably your best non scale victory huh? ; )..

Comment #27

Fair enough. This is a struggle. The hardest part is caring enough about ourselves to keep after it...

Comment #28

It sure was Chelsea....but damn did it hurt the wallet!..

Comment #29

It goes right along with ..."I still miss my ex, but my aim is gettin' better all the time!"..

Comment #30

I totally agree with you. A fun part aboutNutrisystemis you will learn to cook on your own, in ways that will keep you healthy and taste delicious. I lost track of rational thinking and portions while I was pregnant, but I can tell you this gets easier as you go along. Good luck!..

Comment #31

I'm with you Katie. While I agree that everyone has a free speech right to express themselves about the food, it would be nice if they would tone down the drama queen aspect a bit and consider that others like the same thing they hate, and they may be negatively impacting newbies who would like it but are scared off by the rhetoric...

Comment #32

Wow, so all members are allowed to create a personal blog and post comments but other members want to decide what they should say and what words should be used? I would understand being offended for something like profanity or personal attacks, but the words Gag and Choke Down are difficult for me to get upset about. We all have our triggers I guess...

Comment #33

I guess that leaves this post out of the loop?.

Its got GAG in the title!.


Comment #34

It does get old, and it is dramatic, but I guess it's all part of the venting process for some people. My faves are the ones who compare some of the entrees to pet food or pet um, elimination...have they seriously tasted these things? yikes!! LOL.

I am sorry some folks, like Katie, have to deal with delicate sis is like that, just say the word "gag" and she does.

I'm blessed with a pretty strong consitutuion..

...And I've got ya beat Coach Mark, I lost 250 lbs overnight.

Best damn diet I ever had!!! (don't miss a single ounce of that ex) LMAO..

Comment #35

Yeah, I've lost some large chunks of weight twicethank God it was permanent!!.

And ever had someone look over your plate and say "eeewww, how can you EAT that??!!" with a screwed-up face? The "gag" comments are kinda like that for me...

Comment #36

Funny how you two see the glass.... I always see that the glass is about to fall over! LOL...

Comment #37

Tee Hee - the first time, I only lost about 160 lbs - he was a scrawny thing.

I get what you're saying about the food comments. For what it's worth - it takes a LOT to turn my stomach (probably half of the reason I was so damn fat!!!)...

Comment #38

I agree with putting off the end as well as we can, but I don't want to look good in a box. Just cremate me, no viewing. I hate the tradition of putting the corpse on display..

But I DO want thar last piture of me alive to look good because that will be the framed 11x17 at the memorial!..

Comment #39

I always see the glass as "half full, but always room for more!"..

Comment #40

This food is mostly delicious. I have rated nothing less than a C grade so far and have been eating it for 4 weeks. Except for the select stuff, why would anyone have to eat more than one item that wasn't of A or B quality, ever? I survived on Navy chow for more than 4 years, this stuff is pretty near gourmet next to most of that. How did such picky picky eaters get obese in the first place? Hey, that's as close to a rant as I ever do..

BTW I have tried several things I never have eaten before since I strated, and LIKED them. Thanks NS!..

Comment #41

People aren't trying to offend when they say this. They are venting, like we all need to do at some point. It's very frustrating when you start and come across a food you really dislike. They just want support. I find that some people (not including you in that) are so quick to jump on people new to the plan. If they are upset about having not lose weight and don't post all the specifics about the plan, some people really bite into them.

No one means any harm or offense when posting. Sometimes it isn't how someone else would word it, but don't hold that against them...

Comment #42

I go along with Katie...when I read a derogatory description of an entree I think about someone else eating it just then & enjoying it...not nice. Have told many that every entree is someones favorite & someones worst. Also when a thread starts out that way then OP shouldnt get upset if doesnt like the responses the post gets...& I have seen that happen. The idea of free speech, venting, etc is just excuse making for acting like a bratty child. IMO..

Comment #43

I agree with what you said about some people jumping on people new to the plan because I have had it happen myself and I wasn't asking for advice and if you try and defend yourself look out! As for how people using certain descriptive words about some of the foods, it doesnt bother me at all and it's usually about the foods that I find delicious. I tend to try everything once before letting these people decide for me what I will order or enjoy...

Comment #44

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