How many points do I need for Nutrisystem diet?

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Quick question: How many points do I need for Nutrisystem diet? Hoping for any answer. Another question on my mind: Just had the sloppy joe for the first time, wow did it make a lot of sloppy joe!! I used a whole weat bun (the orrowheat sandwhich thins are awesome) and as my carb a slice of whole weat bread. I added a little bit of mustard and a little bit of hot sauce and I actually liked it a lot, but it was way to much even for the bun and a slice of bread!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Just make sure you cook it on the stove and not in the micro, this way you can get it to the thickness you want, better to have sloppy joe than sloppy joe soup..

Comment #2

Ah, I too have been avoiding this morsel..

- especially after the buffalo chikken crap..

Congratz on the successful recon mission!..

Comment #3

Yep I found it to runny by default. I also found a little hot sauce fixes it up quite nicely...

Comment #4

I liked it. Cooking on the stove is best, and I add hot sauce and mustard also. Yum!..

Comment #5

I didn't care for it. I mean it was alright, but when it came time to reorder my food, it didn't make the list...

Comment #6

OK - had the sloppy joe tonight..

As Tim said, it made a lot..

I thought it was pretty good - not like real SJ but you know, "good"..

With the extra carbs I get on my fat boy menu this made for a nice meal..

I give it a +7 cuz I liked the beat and you can dance to it...

Comment #7

I liked it too, but always doctor it w/ hot sauce and a couple of spoons of salsa and have always cooked on stove top. I usually pour it over a pile of stir-fried cabbage/carrots/mushrooms as my veggies. The last time I made it I used some reduced sodium organic chicken stock, instead of the water and I think it definitely gave it an additional flavor dimension and tasted the best. The stock was ~20 cals and is one of the add in's allowed once in a while...

Comment #8

Wow, Rob. I had the Sloppy Joe tonight two. Guess that makes us sloppy joe pals!.

I added some mustard, hot sauce, and a few pickles and ate it in a wrap. Kinda messy, but pretty tasty...

Comment #9

(sorry...peeking in again...).

I made the sloppy joe last night. I usually just eat it on a bun and call it a day, but decided to be a little adventurous last night. I used a 10" Smart and Delicious wheat wrap (90 cal), about a cup of lettuce (I bought some shredded lettuce this week instead of bagged salad just for this reason), 2 tablespoons of Light Sour Cream, some FF Shredded cheese, put the sloppy joe on top and called it a burrito. Oh...put some onions in the sloppy joe as well. Too much sloppy joe for the wrap. I also recommend that you heat up the tortilla first (I'm the dummy that forgot), and that you let the sloppy joe cool before eating (again...I'm the dummy that didn't). Really good...

Comment #10

Hey I'm having Sloppy Joes tonight too..

I have two of them and that's because they are the last 2 items I have left before I crack open my new BBB. I've put them off until now...

Comment #11

Speaking of scraping the barrel:.

I had the PEA SOUP for the 1st and last time today..


Comment #12

Wait about 1 hour 'til the pea soup methane experience kicks in. throw the rest of 'em out!..

Comment #13

I eat 'em. Not my favorite but it fills the hole...

Comment #14

As if the sloppy joe farts weren't bad enough!??.


Comment #15

I think the sloppy joes are one of the worst dinners. I tried to eat it as a chili and the onions were so overpowering I could only eat half. I have 1 more to go and keep picking over it because I remember the last time..

Comment #16

I toss in some onions - hot sauce - ton of pepper and eat it like a soup. Freakin LOVE IT!..

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