How many points can I have on Nutrisystem. I'm 5'4 and 140 pds.?

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First of all How many points can I have on Nutrisystem. I'm 5'4 and 140 pds.? Thanks for any response. Another question I got... G'morning ... Oddly enough when I started this thread the first song that came into my head was a Dionne Warwick tune lol but truly, I think from being a part of the Zone ... I have truly seen, felt and experienced What Friends Are For from all of you..


I am happy to be here everyday and share with you my life and stories (good and bad) and be here to listen to yours. You are all a part of my life..

*passes a tissue round* Not trying to get deep and sentimental or nothing just wanted you all to know how I feel about you and the Zone and what a speacial part of my life you are..

So, I am going to make myself a lil lunch as well for tomorrow and grab my yogurt and try to stay 100% this week.

So maybe I can splurge a wee bit lol with some alcohol. Tried the tequilla chicken tonite ... uhm .. it was ok but kinda really strong LOL .. however the roasted squash was FABULOUS! so I filled up on that!.

You all help yourself to some oatmeal and some coffee .. and I will be seeing you soon!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Good Morning,.

My weekend did not go as planned, went to a swap meet on Saturday, and did not sell enough to pay for the spot. I also did not get enough work done at home, but we are, and I repeat, we are going to leave for Florida Wed night at 7pm, right after work. I got one suitcase almost packed, needs to get stuff out of the dryer to finish it. Need to get my jeans washed, and get some clean dress shirts ready to go. My Bike will fit in my car, so I will be hitting the trail while there..

And to Aerie beginning, when reading it, the song running through my head was Sister Sledge's "We Are Family"..

Vacation is getting close, real close, I can taste it, Now if I can get through the next 3 days with out any thing happening to ruin my vacation......I.E>, If My car is planning on taking it's retirement soon, I sure hope it waits until April 1st..


Comment #2

We ARE Family.

What a morning, Lord Grant Me Strength......

We have water coming in the newly epoxy'd crack in the basement. Oh not good. I called the contractor who "fixed" it to come back..

Mudslides and flooding, I had to detour to get gas.

And get my sorry butt to work. I was late!.

Add to that I need to get into the Doc again I'm not a happy camper at all..

Still I love you Guys and Gals.

See you later!..

Comment #3

Hey kiddos... top o the mornin' to ya! Only 1/2 day for me today and possibly off tomorrow; I have my spinal epidural injection this afternoon @ 2:30pm!.

Am I excited? Yes. Am I nervous? Yes. They say it works on about 70% of the patients; meaning they feel better after the procedure. They other 30% doesn't notice any difference... so I hope I'm in the 70% group! I will admit though, I am a big baby and don't like the idea of a needle in my spine!.

So... how was the weekend? Mine was super nice... I went for another bike ride on the beach, did some work around the house and just relaxed. Happy Monday all, I'll be back soon... gotta go get some sort of caffeine!!!..

Comment #4

LMAO at you coulda ripped them for fiddy bux hahahaha ... we have a meeting tomorrow for R4L I gotta get the team signed up sheesh! Im sucha slacker.

Looks like a cold rainy day today ... blah have a great day at work gf.

LMAO I hope that vacation "taste" is SF and LF.

Enjoy your time bring us something back pretty!.

Oh Kama.

Im sorry to hear that it's leaking again need me to crack some heads? omg mudslides.

Be careful! hums .. dont worry be happy.

Phew Im nervous too now and it's not even my back.

I really hope it gives you relief tho! says a lil prayer for you.

Hopefully you get some sexy nurse.

To hold your hand..

Comment #5

I can only hope and pray for a nurse as sexy as you! Seriously though, I should be fine... gonna load up on some movies from Redbox and just chill in bed for about 24 hours! Good times.... hopefully I'll have access to my laptop!..

Comment #6

Oooo gets out my nurse uniform.

Puts the lil white beanie fing on my head LMAO Im sure if any nurse reads that .. they'll be mad hahahah I dont know what they are called but you get the picture.

Smirks oh I'll take good care of you!..

Comment #7

Good Morning Friends!.

Last week was long, busy, and extremely tedious! Now that it's in my rear ready for a great week...starting with a mavelous monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend...mine was slow...which was just what I needed after the week I had..

Hope everyone is having a good morning thus far...

Comment #8

TONYAAAAA girl we were just about to send out a search party for you !!! glad you popped in and I hope for a much better week for you and me both.

Im so tired of bad moods here!..

Comment #9

Hi Aeri! Im still around!.

Last week was just sooo busy for me...I barely had time to breathe! Im trying to stay in a good mood. I think it's this weather. We had a couple of bad days last week...took me an hour or better to get to work! I'm just ready for some heat and some sun on a consistent basis! Im still trying to figure out why I havent moved out of MI.......

Comment #10

Our friends coming down on friday are on their way to AZ to check out living and work situations they are tired of living in MN and dealing w/the cold too! I dont know how theyve done it this long. They wanted us to move up there pretty bad for a long time and I was like uh not only no .. but HELLLLLL no lol...

Comment #11

LOL. I dont know...its hard to leave here because of the family...and the new baby...but I want out sooooo bad. Ive had enough of the cold! MN is definitely not on my list.

I could see myself and my family out west or down south...

Comment #12

That is her thinking too plus her hubby got some bad knees n arthritis so they are thinking warmer would definately be better.

Im just glad they scooting thru and stopping to see me.

I couldnt live where it snowed that much either Im a big baby.

Hey linda g'morning..

Comment #13

WOW!!! That is a hot nurse indeed.... that's just what I need to take away the pain! Hi Tonya, hi Linda... hope all is well! Sorry for your cold and nasty weather; I had on flip-flops and a tank top this weekend! Take care ladies!..

Comment #14

Mikey, hoping the procedure goes off with out a hitch, and you get some good DVR's to watch..

Hi Tonya, and Linda.

Ps I am hoping to be in a tank top by friday..

Comment #15

Sheesh listen to the both of you in tank top weather n attire.

... *mumbles*..

Comment #16

IKR!!!! I'm a little (alot) jealous...I cant wait to get into a tank top and some flip flops!..

Comment #17

Hey Zoners!!! I promised a really good friend with benefits.

Yesterday that I would stop by more often and say hi... HI!!!!!.

Aerie, great opening about family and friends... I am feeling pretty good, but after seeing you in the nurse outfit, I am thinking about running around outside naked in hopes of catching a cold, and probably an arrest, both legal and cardiac, too.....

Mikey, good luck with the big needle in the back... never believe them when they say you will just feel a slight discomfort... Translation, this is going to hurt like hell.... Just hope they don't say, "you're going to feel a little prick"....

Timmy, have fun in the sunshine state... Stop by Mikey's and bring him some bud light limes. He will need them.... Also, I agree with your song pick. As you know, that song is the theme song of my Pittsburgh Pirates from back in the 70's.....

Tip of the cap to Linda, Tonya, Rick, Roddy, Kama, Marie, and all of the other Zoners out there I forgot to mention.....

Comment #18

Can't wait to see you in a tank top and flip flops......

Comment #19

Well howdy do mr. roboto.

Hows you doing? nice to see you popping in to say hi ... we all miss ya!.

Lol looks like Im gonna get LOTS of use outta that uniform then huh?.

Heh and LMFAO at feel a lil prick hahahahah .....

Comment #20

I can still see Sarge swinging the sledge hammer in the on deck circle. Those were some good Pirates teams back then...

Comment #21

Can we skip Tuesday and go straight to Wed?..

Comment #22

+1,000,000 to the show off comment.

Seriously Mike - I hope the injection is effective and you are free of the pain. I know about constant pain, and it's really nothing I'd wish on anyone..

Whoa look there's Robby! Hey Hun, nice to see you. How are the kids? How's the job? Don't be such a stranger you silly..

Oh Tonya you got it right, let's just go right to Friday, shall we? Nice to see you, hope this week is better than last..

So DH babysat the epoxy crack fixer guy..

I went to 2 doc appts, found out I am still avoid the Diabetes, yeah me. Managed to work from home a couple of hours..

The town has flooding and mudslides, crazy detours to get around. I hope it gets better soon. I feel for the folks that may not be able to get back to their homes..

Ok kids, have a good one. See you later!..

Comment #23

Brings back some good memories... I was 11 when they won in 1979 and remember staying up past my bedtime to see the final game......

Comment #24

LOL!!! Yep, lots of use making us men folk feel better... Just tell me when I need to turn my head and cough... I wonder if just guys understand what that means??.

[quote=Kperoc;5205020Whoa look there's Robby! Hey Hun, nice to see you. How are the kids? How's the job? Don't be such a stranger you silly..


Hey!!! To answer your questions.... Kids are good. Job sucks. I am as stange as anyone would want to be... How was that?..

Comment #25

Lol show off.

Omg Im all for it .. and while we are on it id like my kids to skp 16 n 17 and go to bout 32 and 33.


Well you be safe from any mudslides .. rains on the way here tonite it's not looking nice out either ...I have been working for 3 hours now counting money tryin to find $7 till my eyes are crosseyed.

Lol *snaps on the plastic gloves* heh .....

Comment #26

Well I hope it goes off without a hitch... you need your vacation!!!.

DH txtd me shortly after lunch to tell me the garage had 2" of water in it!.

Unfortunately, we have no one to blame but Mother nature..

I hope he fixed it good and right this time..

So glad to hear you are safe... but keep watching and don't get so close to danger levels again!.

So how'd it go?.

I'm sure you are laying down resting... treat your back well....

Hey gf! lol, next time just pay me. Seriously..

Ooo! Maybe he got the same hottie nurse he had last time..

Hopefully you got some good movies....

Woohoo! Sexxy nurse!.

Hey Tonya! Sorry your week sucked..

I hope this week goes much better for you!.

Lol I'm trying to figure out why I'm still in New England..

I've been considering AZ.....

Hi Linda! How goes it?.


Hi Robby! Nice to see you pop in!.

Friend with benefits, eh?.

Sounds like a good friend...

Comment #27

Well gang, normal day for me. I did have my salad, fruit and tuna for lunch. Haven't gotten all of my water in yet. Had a turkey sandwich for dinner with some Special K cracker chips..

Nothing big going on here. Oh, except the water pouring into the garage..

Good thing I pack my decorations in bins.

Another fun day in CT tomorrow... working at a different store. Lunch is ready to pack and go..

Going to chill tonight so I hope everyone has a nice evening!..

Comment #28

Hey darling ... good job on your lunch text me in the morning and remind me to bring my damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn yogurt to work tomorrow lol I had some steamed veges for dinner I'm not much into eating rite now .. bad day I'll tell ya bout it sometime.

Have a great relaxing nite !..

Comment #29

Good morning!!!!.

Anyone else need text reminders?.

Lol Just put an order in as to what you want and by what time EST. I send invoices quarterly..

Comment #30

Fees? Can these be paid in good karma or even happy thoughts?..

Comment #31

Hey Alex!.

Lol Yes they can... I also accept best wishes and virtual hugs..

How's it going?..

Comment #32

Psst... I think you need to update your top ticker... it's a couple pounds off...

Comment #33

Hey Kama, did you get pics of the pups????.

I'm off to get beautified. Have a happy Fat Tuesday!..

Comment #34

Good Morning Alie,.

Hey I need to send you a check........I will get it out this week, probably from Florida..

35 hours to go..

Comment #35


Don't you just hate that? I hope you found the $7..

Oh no! I'm sorry you have water in the garage. I do have a picture of the puppy but do not know how to host it here. I will email it to you..

Good Morning Tonya and All you other Zonies.

Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #36

LMAO yanno I got the yogurt out went to leave found something on the floor put the yogurt down picked it up and LEFT the house.

Got round the block and once again REMEMBERED ... lmao and had to go back home THEN couldnt find where I put the dang thing down at.

But I got it and already ate it ty for the reminder.

LOL ...hey youz ... how ya doing today? rainy n crappy day here.

Skinny tuesday please.

Have a great day at work!.

Hey tim you need to send me one too.

Morning girly!.

I never did find that stinking 7bucks do guess what I'm doing this morning?.

Morning chicka.

Heya linda g'morning..

Comment #37

Daylight Saving Time starts on March 13 at 2 am..

Comment #38

Does that mean spring is here ? .

*crosses fingers*..

Comment #39

Good Morning all.....

I have been reading all your posts and this seems like a good group for me. I was told about this group from alie0115....Thanks for the invite!.

I hope you all will let me in!!.

I startedNutrisystemJan 25th. So far it is working...I am having issues with my "friday night out with the girls" but they are good and pretty understanding about it!..

Comment #40

Good morning all..

Trains 20 minutes late again. That's 2 days in a row without any explanation. Then to a meeting that ran 20 minutes long, so here I am about 40 minutes late..

Hope everyone is OK..

Comment #41

This means.

That I lose.

1 hour.

Of my vacation.

Can you tell I am not happy about this..

Comment #42

Welcome to THE ZONE Lisa!.

Aww, I'm sorry, I didn't pick the date, I just shared what I saw online. I didn't realize it was this weekend...

Comment #43

I am telling every one I am returning from Vacation 1 hour late, just to make sure I get it all..

Comment #44

I have to share this.....

I sauteed a tiny bit of crumbled sweet italian sausage and some colored peppers and onions together lastnight....I am talking like MAYBE 2-3 tablespoons of the mixture....but anyways... I just stirred it into my fettucini alfredo lunch entree.... OMG...... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!..

Comment #45

Welllll HELLO and welcome to the club.

Make yaself at home ... that alie she sure is amazing and how would we not welcome you I mean OMG look how cute your pic is.

Dats not very funny mister.

Hey rick long time no see.

Miss ya.


Oh wow that doe sound yummy ... we love tips on what makes the food taste better for sure!..

Comment #46

Sounds good...if you dont mind sharing...when is your bday in October? My.

40th birthday is October 20th of this year!..

Comment #47

Any word on how Mikey made out yesterday and how he is doing today?..

Comment #48

Agree. That picture is very cute. I busted out laughing when I saw it..

Welcome Lisa!.


Comment #49

Afternoon zonies!.

I have watched so much tv working from home all these weeks that I have caught myself singing along to some of the commercials. Commercials well out of my range which is making my dogs' ears hurt. They don't appreciate my talents!..

Comment #50

You Sound Like JoAnn, AKA Eliza, she says her dog wil jump in the back seat when she starts singing..

Comment #51


Let us help you out some, hold the pickles hold the lettuce, special orders dont upset us........

Where's the Beef...............

I like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.............

See at least I picked out some old ones for ya..

Hows the recovery coming?..

Comment #52

Woooo we got another Libra here?.

I texted him no word yet ....

Thanks for checking on him.

Lol I dont have any hats yet for my dogs, tho ive looked at some .. heck I even looked at a bikini for my little yorkie LMAO.

Hahahahhah annie you nut ... how you feeling tho? things picking up? getting stronger ? no more bleeding?.

OMGGGGGGGGGG tim Id like to say I didnt recognize ANY of those songs.

But sadly I sang the rest of them with each sentence I read..

Comment #53

Lol mikey said it hurt like hell and he has good pain killers..

Comment #54

Let him know I say hi and that drugs are good!!!!..

Comment #55

Lol everyone likes a lil summin summin eh? I will pass it along my friend.

Have a great nite peeps Im out to a R4L meeting OH JOY JOY be good.

See you later..

Comment #56

Mikey, those pain killers do not mix with Bud Light lime. Hope you get back up and moving around PAIN FREE soon...

Comment #57


What's the count at now???.

HI Tonya! How's it going? Is it still yucky over there?.

If I remember tomorrow, I'll put it up..

Hi Linda!.


Ah! But you did remember!.

Thanks for the reminder! I knew there was something going on this weekend.

Hi Lisa!!! Good to see you in here..

Just remember that clear liquids have less calories..

You can just call me Alie. And you are more than welcome here....

Oh no! I hope that doesn't mean you had to stay 40 minutes later..

Lmao I think that is the most smileys you have used in one post!.

*drools* That does sound good! I love sausage.

Hi Annie! How ya feeling? Damn those evil commercials with their repetitiveness and subliminal messages.

Lol @ the pups not appreciating talent.

I found the cutest t-shirt for Chewie! It reads: Been there. Chewed that..

How appropriate!.

You didn't recognize ANY???.

Poor Mikey! At least hes chilaxin'.

I hope the meds take away his pain and this shot helps him...

Comment #58

Well, I ate lunch wicked late today. But I had my salad and cantaloupe and myNutrisystemTrail mix bar. Tomroow, same thing but sub in aNutrisystemPB bar for the trail bar..

My plan for tomorrow after work: get the treadmill into it's new home and take it for a test run..

I was considering waking up at 1/4 after 5 instead of 6 in the mornings and doing a 45 minute walk before starting my day... but then I thought my beauty may suffer and we can't have that..

So I'll just have to pop in later in the evening after I work it in when I get home form work..

For now, I'm heading to bed. It's late and every time I plan on getting to bed early, it never seems to work out..

See you in the morning!..

Comment #59

Good morning!!!! *bangs pots & pans* Come on sleepy heads!.

Rise and shine!!.

It's Hump Day....

And with the spotting of the King of Hump Day... perhaps he will make an appearance. I guess only time will tell..

I think something is going on next week... I just can't remember what...

Comment #60

OMG Tim - that's the most I've seen you use emotes ever! Come back an hour late, I say it's ok !!.

Welcome Lisa - Love the pooch picture..

Hehehe I love to sing to the TV. Wonder if our puppy will like it..

Sending out healing vibes to Mikey - don't mix rx with bud limes you silly guy you!.

Alie - Good Morning Sweetie - thanks for posting Aaron's new Puppy. He's decided to name her Gaiden..

Icy cold start this am. Some roads are still closed due to flooding. Mama mia it's a challenge getting here. My left elbow is considering divorcing me..

I've got a compression sleeve on it. TOmorrow I go for more nerve testing. Pins and Needles, omg what fun..

Comment #61

You're welcome!.

What a cool name!.

So does that mean you get to work from home? That'd be nice..

I hope the sleeve helps you out... good luck tomorrow!.

I'm off... need to go get ready for that "W" thing. Then I'm out. I have to bring my laptop in so maybe I'll see you all at lunch...

Comment #62

Thanks!! LOL.

The sweater is on my Grandmother made for my grandaughter!! It is a really nice sweater that zips up the back! It was easy to put on him. His expression is priceless because he actually said "your NOT putting this on Facebook RIGHT???".

I said well, Elliott the Wonderdog, your the sweetest cutest thing EVER...of course I am posting it on Facebook!! LOL..

Comment #63

My 40th is October 11th. I REALLY wanted to be 40 NEXT year so I could have a cool birthday like 10-11-12!! BUT NOOOOOO myparents couldnt' wait!!!.

OH well, I DID however have my perfect husband convinced to let me have my 40th NEXT year! LOL..

Comment #64

OK.... enough! I forget how to quote 2-4 different answers! So...I made all kinds of POSTS!! What I wanted to say was:.


Comment #65

Libras ROCK!!!!!!.

Aww poor baby! Yaay to the pain killers! Hope they keep him comfortable!.

Not bad this week...just cold and rainy! Better than snow for sure!.

OMG!!!!! What a cutie!!!!.

That would have been very cool!.

Glad to have another libra woman (hear us roar.

) in da house!..

Comment #66

Good Morning, Alie the count is down to 9 or 10 hours. If we are not busy tonight, I have permission to leave at 6pm. No I am not Counting not at all.

Kam that is one nice looking child you have there..

Lisa dont worry about that 40th, it is painless..

Comment #67

LMAO you have made every guy in here happy.

Omg I need one of them for Turbo that stinker still chews up stuff ugh.

I never get to bed early when I try either.

Have fun testing out ya new toy hope you like it ... I couldnt get up early either in the mornings Im an evening worker outter heh...

Lol maybe thats why DH woke up like he did this morning.

Seesh ....

Awww how cute is that?!.

Not to laff at your pain but your elbow divoricing you was kinna funny ... but I wish all your pain would go away.

Hope the sleeve is helping you some. maybe the nerve study is gonna find out what is wrong!.

Ooo hope to see you for lunch.

Have a great day.

LMAO at the look on his face hahahahah.

Oh wow that would have been totally cool huh? My bday is 10-14.

We love lots of posts!.

So dont worry bout that! and we can teach you the lil shortcuts lol.

Morning shuga cakes.

Am I too late to turn the clocks back on timmy?..

Comment #68

Ok...I had to share this because I think it's funny how we all get those chain emails that say if you dont forward it are going to be alone and destitute for the rest of your life, no one will ever love you, your house will catch fire, and even your cat will leave you behind!.

I got this email today....

"Curious and Fascinating:.

This year, July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens.

Once every 823 years. This is called money bags. So, forward this to your.

Friends and money will arrive within 4 days. Based on Chinese Feng Shui.

The one who does not forward.....will be without money. Not taking any.


So of course I looked it up on the internet...which led me to my calendar...which led me to this....

The last time July had 5 fridays, 5 saturdays, and 5 sundays...was 2005. That was hardly 823 yrs ago! And we all are guilty (including me) of forwarding these emails and half of them probably arent close to being true!.

That was my public service announcement for today!..

Comment #69

$heeeittt I already forwarded that to 5 people LMAOOOOOOOOOO dang where were you yesterday with this news hahahahahah holy crap I NEVER ever forward chain letters.

And now Ima kick Doug's @$$ for sending it to me hahahah.

Ok back to work..

Comment #70

Sending you some hugs Mikey ... hope your procedure is kicking in and you are back to 100%..

Comment #71

Ask and you will receive.... Happy Hump Day to all the Humping Zoners from the King of all that is Hump Day.... Aerie, sounds like you already got to celebrate, so hope the rest of you and me will follow suit.....

I thought this was for me for a second until I saw what's his name.... Oh well.... Tell the surfing, king of bud lite limes best wishes from me.......

Comment #72

Course ROberto and you know theres is a pluthera of hugs available for you anytime.

Jus sayin .....

Comment #73

I'm back to cash in on all the hugs and kisses from the ladies.

(well... no one said kisses, I just thought I would throw it in!). Happy to report I am feeling a little bit of relief from my epidural procedure Monday. Still a little sore but nothing a little pain medication won't fix.


They actually had to do the procedure twice because the first attempt failed. First they numb the area with lidocaine, then they inject the steroid, pain medication all the way down into your spine. Seem on the first attempt (from the left side of the spine)... there was so much scar tissue that the needle could not penetrate it.

And it actually bent the needle. So, they retracted and tried, successfully this time, from the right side! Went home and laid on my back for 24 hours (just as the doctor ordered) and now I am begining to feel slightly better. In all honestly, the worst part was just not knowing what to expect and the fact that they tell you their is a chance you could be paralized... whew, thank goodness all went well!.

So... thank you my friends for all the well wishes, I sincerely appreciate it! Oh, and I did ask the good doctor about surfing; he said just ride the bike for now and we'll see how it goes!..

Comment #74

Move CLock, I want to.


Happy Hump day..

Comment #75

Hi Mikey....muah muah muah ...theres a couple of kisses to tide you over! Glad to hear that all is going well and that you are feeling better! Way to follow the doc's orders! Its hard sometimes, I know! Im sure each day will be a little better!..

Comment #76

Oh man glad everything went ok the second time.

And thanks for checking in we'z all worried boutcha! you better take it easy mister! telling you the girls will come to FL for a lynchin.

Jus sayin..

Comment #77

Headed out early... gonna return some flix to Redbox and assume my post on the couch for the evening; no exercise for 1-2 weeks (unless it's something I can lay on my back and do.


Comment #78

LMAO ..... hmmm that limits you a wee bit.

Whatever shall you do?.

Ok gang Im headed out too .. zumba tonite ... tomorrow is my last day this week then the big spring clean and friends for the weekend Im TOTALLY excited!.

See you tonite..

Comment #79

Ok were are at 45 min......looked at long range forcast and it is horrible.....starting Friday for the next 8 days mid 70's to low 80's, with no rain so you know I will be miserable..

Comment #80

OMG Lisa! You should see Chewie in his puffer jacket and matching boots! I did the same! Right up on Facebook..

I could picture Elliott saying that as you snapped the pic..

So you're 39 and change?.

Glad you are getting just rain. Be careful when it chills and turns to ice though!.

We're supposed to get light snow tomorrow and then change to rain..


I agree!.

What size should I get Turbo?.

Did I wake him? lol.

You're telling me! DH let Chewie in the bedroom before I was ready to get up and of course now Chewie can jump on the bed. I am SO not a morning person..

That's right! We love posts!.

It was the sausage comment, wasn't it?.

Glad to see the King return..

Well, I'm happy it worked if even a little bit. You'd better be careful this time!.

Lol I'm sure Kay can help you with that..

So where are you gonna be next week??..

Comment #81

Today was going to be a normal day, right? well, that's what I thought when I rolled out of bed this morning... after Chewie jumped up to wake me up..

I get to work a couple minutes early so I went to the coffee shop to get a coffee. Large please..

The AM is about 15 minutes late. But no big deal. We still opened on time..

About 15 minutes in my DM calls. She needs me to drive to her house and then down to the place where she holds the meetings. (It's a Ramada right next to the airport, about 1/2 hour away from her place) She forgot her meeting notes..

So we've got to try and call the next person in early. Except we have his wrong number. So I call one of the girls in another store that worked with him in the other store that closed and she gets me his wife's cell. No one answer so I leave a message like... "Uh, Hi. This is Alison from Kay.s I'm trying to get a hold of Kyoma.

Can you please have him call the store?".

He did call back but wouldn't get there for an hour and a half..

Now our company has a 5 hour rule. You have to clock out BEFORE 5 hours is up. 1 second over and it's a violation and the store looses points if it's caught on the audit..

I'm a habitual offender..

Anyhow... if he gets there at 12:30, I leave and go to DM's house and then the airport... then back... It should be cutting it VERY close..

So I rush out the door and make it there. As I walk intot he room and say hello to everyone, I ask DM "You ARE going to reimburse me for the speeding ticket, right???" Silence. Then... gasps and hushed whispers..

"You're lying" she says. "Yes I am".

And laughter..

I hurried up, passed out some papers and told them I'd love to stay but I didn't want to violate the 5 hour rule. More laughter. So I run out, get halfway down the stairs and remembered that I left the note from my manager up there. I run back up, grab the note and run back out. I made it back to the store with 2 minutes to spare..

The rest of the day was pretty rushed and of course I left an hour and a half late..

Which got me home late and wasn't able to move the treadmill into the workout room..

Just wanted to share that with you all.... I thought it was funny. The little things I do for people...

Comment #82

Iggies timmy.

Have a good trip TURD!.

Dude .. turbo is MOOSE sized.

I have no idea hes like 100+ pounds.

Lol at your day omg the 5 hour rule would suck ....

You kick ya feeties up gf ... my tummy has been tore up for day s.. bleck I'm headed to bed soon too.

Have a great nite..

Comment #83

Lmao... No! He can't be that big! You'll have to get me new pics..

I HATE the 5 hour rule..

Oh, I hope your belly feels better soon..

Go relax..

Have a great night Zonies!..

Comment #84

Good morning again... I feel like Bill Murry in Groundhog day. Except this morning I ran out of caf so I have half caf..

And I'm SO cold!.

I swear I had plans for this weekend but for the life of me, I can not remember..

Oh well... I guess I'll pencil in sleep...

Comment #85

You poor thing, I'm sure your lovely wife can "nurse" you back to health.

We know you too, don't over do anything until the Doc says it's ok. Or the Zone girls will come down and put you in a time out or something......

Show off.

Enjoy your time off Tim. Take lots of pictures to share when you get back!.

Sweetie you are the nicest person that ever walked this earth. I am glad to call you friend.

The 5 hour rule totally blows. Too bad you have to deal with that. They don't know what an awesome gem you are!.

Well you can always come to my house.

The kids are coming up Saturday, yikes I have to clean again.

They will stay until Sunday and get to meet the puppy. DS and DH are still "negotiating" types of training and sleeping location of puppy. I think we should let DS deal with it, and closely supervise..

Ok my friends shorter work day and then a torture session on both elbows with pins and needles..

More nerve studies. I hope they find something conclusive this time. Really I do. How about this: replace both elbows and give me super powers too?.

A girl can dream right?.

Imagine - me with superpowers, Alie with super sweetness, WE WOULD RULE THE WORLD!!!! Muhahahahaha.

P.S. the too many smilies rule blows chunks.......

Comment #86

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