How many points can I can on Nutrisystem?

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Question I have... How many points can I can on Nutrisystem? Thanks for any comment. My other question... But I can't think of a thing to post..

So I will just say this - kicking the Diet Soda habit blows..

I have taken to allowing myself a couple cups of coffee in the morning - but no soda. Figure anything that I can use to clean the battery terminals on my truck battery is not something I should ingest...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

It does indeed blow..

Probably worth it though.

I also kicked the diet coke habit but kept coffee. Probably 3-4 cups mon-friday at work but none on weekends (coffee that is)..

Have had maybe 2 diet cokes in 6 months..

You can get past it. If you have headachestake excedrin PM or one of those OTC scam pain relievers that has caffeine as an ingredient. It will work like a charm (because it immediately boosts caffeine)or just drink coffee..

Luck with that!.


Comment #2

Still drinking my coffee and allowing 1 Diet Mt. Dew per day for now..

I'd normally consume 3-4 per day...

Comment #3

I was never a big coffee drinker. Never had much of a caffeine addiction. I drink unsweet decaf tea, water, and one diet pepsi a day (usually)...

Comment #4

Diet Coke was my bag, but usually only had it at fast foods restaurants..

Since, I haven't been to any of those for a long time, I haven't really missed the DCs. I do have several cups of coffee in the morning, then strictly water for the rest of the day..

Comment #5

I know how you feel, except I was never a diet fan. Before Nutrisystem it was regular Mtn dew for me, but since I've been on Nutrisystem I've kicked the soda habit. I still drink my coffee in the morning though..

Best of luck to you!..

Comment #6

Years ago I made the switch to Diet Mtn. Dew, and up until Nutrisystem I usually consumed at least a 1 Liter bottle of it every day, if not a little more..

When Nutrisystem started I spontaneously quit drinking it, cause I felt like I had no time to drink all my water if I did! Was never much of a coffee drinker, so I'm mostly off caffeine now (surprisingly I never got the headaches/etc most get when you stop caffeine). But I'm not afraid to get a cup of coffee on mornings where I truly need it, and frankly I feel the effects of caffeine a whole lot better doing it that way...

Comment #7

I usually have one can of soda a day, just switched from coke zero to pepsi max, tastes so much better than diet pepsi, imho. I also found out that the less you drink coffee, when you really need the boost and finally do drink it, it definitely works a lot better..

Comment #8

Slowly coming in with a quiet comment.


Me and DH love coffee and an easy way to cut back for us was to mix the grounds half caf and half decaf. That way we can drink the same amount and get less caffeine. It tastes the same..

Backing out now...

Comment #9

Since you're here .... what the heck does "DH" mean? I was up top looking in on the OT (again, bored at work) and the chicks keep using this and a bunch of other acronyms. Help a brotha out...

Comment #10

I've seen this a lot also, my best guess is "Dear Husband" which just looks weird to me for some reason...

Comment #11

Well, if they are in fact referring to their husbands, then it likely does mean that most the time as well..

Comment #12

Just happened to be 'lurking' (sorry guys!.

) and yes it does mean 'Dear Husband' but I think on occasion it can also mean the other as well..

Comment #13


.... Thanks Mrs. "C".

I never asked the chicks - figure they've lurked in here enough to really hate me by now and I didn't want to give them any opportunities to be ... uhm, you know?..

Comment #14

Actually Sean, you crack me up!! So, ask away.....

Comment #15

Yeah, I know.

And Yep have lurked quite a bit to know how you all can be!!..

Comment #16

Nothing wrong with some diet soda, especially late at night, instead of sweetness binges...

Comment #17

Yup Dear husband and yup sometime the other. sorry guys. I must have left the door cracked open on my way out...

Comment #18

Absolutely nothing wrong with Diet soda. If you want to get rid of caffeine (though I can't for the life of me figure out why you would want to break an addiction I hold dear) then do caffeine free diet soda. You get a little sweet and no diuresis..

And don't tell me about increased food intake later. I think the data applies to those who drink it by the gallon. I am not talking about mainlining the stuff. Just a can a day...

Comment #19


Here's my liquid intake schedule during the week:.

Coffee from 4:50am to 11:00 (yes, even during my workouts).

Protein drink and/or recovery drink at 7:20am..

Water or crystal light from 11:00am to 4:30pm apprx 1.5 liters..


One diet caffeine-free Coke with dinner if I'm feelin' crazy ......

Wake up and pee 3-4 times/night..


Comment #20

I've done a half gallon or more, late at night. I get sick of it after a few days. Didn't seem to hurt me...

Comment #21

Do it after a Poly salad and fiber just kind of absorbs water and expands...totally fills you...

Comment #22

I really cut down on the soda since starting ( and I work for a major cola company) but I still drink 4 or 5 diet pops a week. Have to have my morning coffee though!..

Comment #23

I easily get through a litre or two of coffee a day. When I did try to quit it I got terrible headaches so I gave up quitting. But green tea helped with it if you do want to stop. It has a fair bit less caffine and is meant to be good for weight loss and lots of other happy jazz...

Comment #24

Just to pop in on the Diet Soda thing....

Yes, I drink diet soda..

Absolutely nothing wrong with it? I don't actually believe that..

Will it affect weight loss? Probably not..

What I see wrong with diet soda is more on a chemical standpoint than anything else. I just don't know how good it is for the body..

My biggest problem with it is that I have a hard time getting through all my water during the day, and while I drink Diet Soda, that's more water that I'm not drinking. But if you have no issues with the water consumption, then go for it!.

Also remember caffeine is a diuretic. If you drink a lot of caffeine, you should be drinking more water to make up for the decreased absorption of water in your body..

Also, if you use urine as a key to see if you're hydrated, caffeine will also make urine clear (as will beer) due to it's diuretic properties...

Comment #25

I drink a ton of diet soda. Well, probably a 32 oz a day at least. I thought that was fine on NS. I'm not saying it's great for your body but leave me at least one vice!..

Comment #26

See the Energy Drinks thread..

Apparently caffeine is no issue in water consumption. At least a normal caffeine intake. I don't think 32oz of soda is a lot. Soda tends to have less caffeine than coffee..

Here's a caffeine content link:.


I know my personal trainer does about 700mg of caffeine a day. His body may work through it faster (higher metabolism), but I'd say depending on your body size, 32 oz of soda is nothing (barely 100mg)...

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