How many points am I allowed for Nutrisystem?

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Got a question... How many points am I allowed for Nutrisystem? Hoping for any comment. My other question... Ive had many requests from people asking what Ive done to make the transformation that Ive made with Nutrisystem by losing weight and getting physically fit at the same time. Let me say first of all that it isnt easy. Its a commitment that Ive made to take myself from probably the lowest percentile of physical fitness to probably the 98th or higher percentile for a 40 year old in only a year.

But be ready to work your arse off to get there. It depends on how badly you want it!.

Let me make something perfectly clear. It is possible to balance weight loss with muscle gain. But it aint easy. Finding the balance is the biggest challenge facing anybody trying to do this. When I began Nutrisystem in October, 2007 at 345 lbs, I was wearing pants with waists of 52-54 depending on the brand. And those pants all came from the fat boy stores.

Just look at my before pictures and judge for yourselves. My upper arms measured 16.5 while my chest was around 50 with my moobs. I had initially set my goal at 215 lbs and really wanted to hit that by the end of 2008. I also wanted to have a 36 waist, 48 chest, and 18 guns. Yeah, 18 guns.

Something everybody needs to be aware of is that if you need to lose a large amount of weight, you are definitely going to lose some muscle mass along the way, even if you are doing moderate or intensive weight training. But it will be.


Worse if you dont do the weight training. You will probably even lose some strength along the way. But that strength doesnt need to be lost forever. It will come backIll get into that later..

When I began Nutrisystem, I followed the plan pretty strictly. I also started using my Schwinn recumbent exercise bike for a minimum of 48 minutes/day, 7 days a week. Sometimes even going 64 minutes. According to the bike, with 64 minutes of exercise, I was burning around 600-650 calories. I was sometimes even nutty enough to do this twice a day, especially if I didnt like the pace that the weight was coming off or if I went out to eat and was bad. I guess maybe I was punishing myself for splurging, but the extra cardio definitely worked..

I also have a TuffStuff Apollo 4 home gym (this is the kind of gym that you would see at many corporate centers) with 4 workout stations that do several exercises at each station that I purchased back in 1996. If youre interested in seeing what this gym looks like, just do a Google search. This equipment sat dormant in my house for about 10 years while I got really fat and still looks like brand new. I began using this around mid Nov, 2007. I had talked to some of my buddies who are about my age whove been physically fit most of their lives. After talking to them, I figured out that I was never going to look like the Governator in his prime (they dont either after years of weight training), no matter how nice that would have been.

After talking to some of my friends about what theyve been doing at our age, I decided to try a circuit training type of workout. This workout basically has you hitting all muscle groups on each day of the weight training, instead of concentrating on alternating muscle groups on a daily basis. I do each exercise only 1 time and keep the cycle moving along. Between each exercise, I do 50 crunches. I consider this my muscle rest time while trying to help my gut..

My weight training days consist of 16 different exercises, although I admit that I hit the preacher curl station 4 times each workout for a total of 19 exercises. I try to do at least 8-12 reps of each exercise. Once I can do 10-12 good reps, I move up to the next weight category to add strength. Each weight station of the Apollo 4 has 200 lb stacks that have 10 lb increments. But 2 of the stations (bench station & chest/back station) offer higher resistance because they require moving the apparatuses too. So, for example, on the bench station, you are actually lifting 17 lbs more than what the weight stack says.

For example, on the bench, which is usually my first exercise, Ill do about 20 reps with the 217 limit. I know this sucks as it limits my muscle building opportunities, but Im hoping that the other exercises are helping to make up the difference. I do the weight training 2-3 times per week. My weights workout takes about 80-90 minutes, which includes 1000 crunches. I know this is more time than most people want to commit to weight training, but it probably isnt for everybody and people need to find what works for them with their own schedules.

On days I do the weights, I do my cardio in the evening. My cardio is now 80-90 minutes of intensive recumbent bike time that burns 1150-1300 calories each ride. I sweat a lot, to the tune of about 6 lbs of lost water weight while drinking about 48 oz of water during the ride. So realistically, I lose about 9 lbs of water weight. Dont worry, it comes back quickly when you re-hydrate.

On days that Im not doing the weights, I ride the bike in the morning. If I feel up to it and have the time, Ill hit the bike in the evening too. Its amazing how much more energy you have the more weight you lose!.

As time has gone on and Ive increased my training regiment, Ive gradually increased my calories. There is no way that you can do this kind of workout on only 1500 calories/day. Im probably now taking in 2500-3000 calories on weight training days and 2300-2500 calories on cardio only days. But this is where Im at right now and Im not trying to lose any more weight. Im now trying to maintain weight while gradually increasing strength and burning some more fat. My weight is now anywhere from 180-195 depending on the week and time of day.

As much as Id like those 18 guns, it just aint gonna happen unless I gain some serious weight, which Im not willing to do. Maybe Ill be able to work myself up to 17 guns some day, but I think that will be a serious challenge. My arms, chest, and legs are now pretty ripped (at least thats what my wife says.

). I dont have those 6 pack abs that many guys want and dont know that it's achievable for me after carrying so much extra weight for so many years. But my love handles are still slowly shrinking and hopefully will eventually go away entirely, although that may take years without surgery. Ive got time..

For you guys who are still losing weight, the Nutrisystem product is key. It has the balance of all of the food groups and nutrients that you need throughout the day and will help you lose weight. But if youre going to be doing any kind of intensive cardio and/or weight training, be ready to add extra calories in order to keep that scale needle moving south. On weight training days, add at least 40-50 extra grams of protein. A small can of tuna packed in water can help you get that. Im a big sushi fan, so I get some of that protein and some good Omega 3 oils by eating it at least once a week on a weight training day.

It does a body good..

While I was losing weight, I was consuming an average of roughly 2300 calories per day doing the above mentioned workout. I lost 163 lbs in less than one year while completely transforming my body. I had actually lost 150 lbs in the first 8.5 months, but things do slow down as you approach your ideal weight. I hit plateaus along the way, but was able to bust through them by either increasing my calories or increasing my cardio or both. When you hit a plateau, change things up. The human body responds well to change..

There, now you guys know my secret..

I hope you guys find this informative and helpful on your journey to better health...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Way to go DaveW68! I mean it. I read your post with great interest. You have added a new dimension to the "results not typical" disclaimer. I will go to my basement and look at my weights again and maybe even dust them off. But, most likely, I will just go for my walk and then take a nap. You've worn me out just thinking about all that work...

Comment #2

That's pretty isspirational, Dave! I think Ill go to the gym today..


Comment #3

Great post Dave! That's some really good info and insight that you've shared...

Comment #4

Great post Dave. I am glad that you included "expectation" in your.

Post. Most of us have unrealistic expectations when we start seeing.

The weight come off. Just look at the bottom of my home page.

And you will see photos, of Urijah Faber, a WEC former light weight.

Champion. My original goal was to "look like" him. lol.

I still believe that I could, but how much work do I really want.

To do to get there? He is maybe 24-25 and gets paid to work out.

8-10 hours a day. I'm over 40, and my wife has to "pay me" to.

Work out. (not really, anymore, but funny)..

Now my expectations are to be about 15-18% BF and have a wife that.

Thinks I'm hot..

Any way, great post...

Comment #5

Thanks for the post Dave! I appreciate you sharing all of that info with us!.

Thanks for the inspiration you've given as well!..

Comment #6

The time and thought you spent putting that post together is greatly appreciated. Awesome work..

I recommend you put that on your blog so that it doesn't get lost. Real value there..


Comment #7


Thank you for posting this information. So many of us including myself will benefit greatly from your expierience. TY..

Comment #8



Is definitely worthy of a sticky! Hubby can't do Nutrisystem (allergies) but I've been trying to work with non-NS foods to get him to the right calorie range. We can't swing that gym, but the schwinn bike is his Christmas gift. He's starting about where you were and I think you'll be a great inspiration..

Congrats again on your amazing journey to a healthy you!..

Comment #9

Thanks Misaltas and to everybody who has posted. I've taken your advice and added it to my blog. If.


Gets any benefit from this, then I'll be extremely happy! I only hope that I can keep up with myself in 2009 and beyond...

Comment #10

Thanks for the bump Rick - as you could tell this thread was timely indeed...

Comment #11

Yeah, I saw this one awhile back and saved the link..

Comment #12

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