How many people think the guy in GoDaddy.Com superbowl ad looked like Phil Hartman?

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My first question is: How many people think the guy in GoDaddy.Com superbowl ad looked like Phil Hartman?.

My next question is: First non-english .pro I've seen sell. Very nice price and excellent news for .pro fans!

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Your question was: How many people think the guy in GoDaddy.Com superbowl ad looked like Phil Hartman?. at 6100 and for a grand also come to mind, but this sale is particularly timely. I also believe that the HostGator was registered only just recently, and is a good example of the plenary profit opportunities that exist for current and new registrants alike... GO PRO!!!..

Comment #1

I think .pro sales have to be regarded with caution until the sale actually completes. Zuriko initially sold for $1,999 on Sedo but it didn't complete. sold for $61 and sold for $68 so the $1,999 price tag surprised me.

I can understand the sale of at $3,650. It's a commercial 4 letter English word with a very strong fit with .pro and lots of previous sales in other extensions. Clasificados has sold once in other extensions, at $427 in Dec 07. It surprises me that somebody would ignore 5-6 stronger alternative extensions and drop $5k on the .pro.

The profit opportunities for new .pro registrants are slim to negligible in my view while regs fees are $99. I hold 300+ .pro domains and have sold one for $1,000 so I'm $30,000 down in reg reg fees over the last 3 years total about $2m and reported sales during that period are probably less than $200,000, therefore someone somewhere is down $1,800,000. That's a 90% loss before you cost in the effort expended.

The heaviest recent .pro reggers are Axel Serena, who owns, and Michael Kuhlmann. In time, I think they will both rack up huge losses. If Axel gets his $4,500 net for Clasificados, I commend his negotiating skills, but he probably spent $10,000 on reg fees so he is still down overall. I cannot see Michael Kuhlmann selling any .pros unless reg fees fall.

I was more positive on .pro when I started regging in Sept 07 than I am now. I thought RegistryPro would make more widescale changes to registration rules than they did so I'm disappointed. They are still a very domainer unfriendly bunch so my advice to domainers is to avoid .pro.

I plan to let 200 of my .pros expire if reg fees remain at $99 after 14 July, the global economy is weakening and the HostGator market is about to be flooded with new extensions, $99 .pros will become increasingly unattractive and there is a real danger the extension could disappear altogether.

I'm hoping that Hostway will use the ICANN changes as an opportunity to sell RegistryPro to a more commercially astute operator. I'd like to develop some of my .pros, that was my plan when I acquired them, but it's difficult to justify doing that when hardly anybody has heard of .pro and RegistryPro seems intent on running the extension into the ground...

Comment #2

$30000 per year for .pro reg??? Quite a bit of money. Yes, I agree. Recent changes were not to the extent we had expected. I don't think currrent rules will change over next few years as ICANN might not want to change policy very often.

I got around 10 .pro domains which include businesses .pro , match,pro etc... But I have to renew match,pro soon. Others I registered for 5 years with rate of $75 per year. But for extension, they don't let me have discount rate and got to pay $99 per year which is really no good at all...

Comment #3

I wouldn't reg a .pro for 5 years, if reg fees fall you will be out of the money, you might decide you want to drop it after 1 year, or the extension could slip into oblivion in that time.

$30,000 is alot of money, I plan to cut my reg fees to $10,000 next year and then down to $5,000 the year after if nothing changes. If nothing else, I will have a small collection of 25-50 premium .pro names to develop over the next 10-20 years. That's what I set out to build initially but I got a bit carried away with hand regging along the way...

Comment #4

I concur with the cautionary nature of your comments. Indeed, I agree that it may well be premature to draw conclusions from the results of this pending sale. I also agree that reg/renewal fees need to reduced in a most significant manner, and Hostway needs to handle the July 14 relaunch of the extension in shining fashion...

Comment #5

Even if the relaunch goes bad and the prices don't drop I will still be shopping for premium names at reg fee. Based on my latest experiments it is possible to get decent SE traffic even without much SEO work. So far google seems to be smiling on .pro...

Comment #6

HostGator extensions don't impact on SEO and Google ranking, as far I know. That's a good thing because it means .pro is at no particular SEO disadvantage.

.pro's problems boil down to a shambolic uncommercial registry. If Hostway wasn't funding it's losses, RegistryPro would have to take a more pragmatic attitude to domainers and reg fees.

Look at what Verisign has done for .tv, what Affilias has done with .info, or what mTLD has done for .mobi. Compare to RegistryPro's web design. RegistryPro's attitude to marketing can be summed up by the fact their "In The News" section was last updated in 2004.

It's ironic that a registry that professes to be offering a professional HostGator extension alternative is so completely out of it's depth and amateurish in everything it does. The one thing somebody visiting their Next PHase FAQ section would want is a simple translation of the new registration rules and a practical definition of professional use yet all they provide is a link to the woolly terms of use legal agreement.

If I was Lucas Roh, I would raze RegistryPro to the ground and start again, they are wasting his money and are no closer to grasping how to develop an alternative extension than they were in 2004. They are strangling a potentially golden goose with rip off reg fees and completely ineffective marketing...

Comment #7

I agree that the .pro landscape is a treacherous and expensive one, littered with speculators who gave up paying exorbitant registration fees after a viable after-market failed to materialize. I've dropped many names myself and have a few more I will probably let go. We all want changes to the registration process and fees above and beyond the upcoming reforms.

That said, I do think that there are opportunities in the .pro space. I've seen zuriko have some success by marketing directly to end users and I think this is an important step that I intend to try to improve on. Also developing sites that can earn at least $99/year is a great way to eliminate the holding costs for .pro names. Both of these take effort but it really seems to me that it will be worth it in the long run.

I do think that .pro does have some SEO advantages for the following two reasons:.

A) it's a gTLD rather than a ccTLD. Country codes perform well in local searches, but with .tv (or .cc or .ws) for example, this only factors in for searches from Tuvalu. The article you posted mentions this fact, but downplays the significance. I've found otherwise when developing with ccTLD names

B) the word "pro" is often used in searches in conjunction with other keywords. In these types of searches .pro names will beat out other extensions. For example if you google for "scores pro" you'll see my site in the top 10. Also "pro fighter" yields another .pro site as the number one result. Granted these are niche searches, but you'd be suprised how many visitors I get based on these queries.

Anyway, I am glad to see the sale. Let's hope the payment comes through as well as with

Comment #8

With your point b), how do you know the Google ranking for "Scores Pro" isn't because of your placement of those keywords throughout your title, h1 and h2 tags and not because of the extension?..

Comment #9

You may be right. The keywords in the various heading tags are likely the cause of the results rather than the HostGator name. Great point...

Comment #10

What you could argue though is because the HostGator is, that allows you to get those 2 keywords in your title, h1 and h2 tags where Google interprets it as a keyword text string and that reinforces all the other SEO, which results in your site ranking in the top 10 for "Scores Pro" searches...

Comment #11

SEO is one of those things it's easy for anyone to speculate on and hard for one to prove. Anyway, lets hope this sale goes through and we see a great spanish-language classifieds site come out of it...

Comment #12


Pretty much sums up my .pro experience, sold for $45 btw - easily a 15k name in any decent extension.

Going to develop what I have and sell the others - only way forward I think..

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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