How many Nutrisystem points would I get daily?

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First question I have is How many Nutrisystem points would I get daily? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question.. Ok MEN, post your weight here daily and if you stayed on plan - add something extra if you like - NSV, etc - like what I babbled about...keep in check - let us know how you screwed up too - but try not to screw up - see my babbling in the idea thread....


225 -1.

Half way to goal! - I bought myself a Canon Rebel XS - nice - no more crappy pictures..

Drinking the water really helps lately - get hungry? drink up!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1


Wt = 198.8 this AM.

Things appear slower this time around than my last experience with NS, but have started exercising this week which will definately help...

Comment #2

- 95% Late night got me again. The Family gathered for New Years Eve I nibbled on the bowl of pretzels that where available. Stayed away from the cheesesteaks!.

-386.7 another lb. down!.

-No exercise. Lower back pain should ease up in a day or 2..


Comment #3

90% - I had a glass of bubbly wine and a lobster tail that was probably too big to call my protein..

All in all I lost a lb anyhow! Made snowmen yesterday all day as my exercise...that was fun, they all melted tho, looks like a calvin and hobbes masacre out there.

224 -1.

Today should be an easy glide thru of 100%.

Happy new year guys! give it your all!..

Comment #4



Made some great choices yesterday - not enough water tho..

Comment #5


160 (1# under).

Calories were right on the dot where I want to be (will gain that pound slow)...

Comment #6


If you followed the food and blew off the water, you will be fine...

Comment #7

I just started this week, so far so good. Have stuck to the food, around 1500 cals/day. Walked/jogged 2.5 miles yesterday..

Started at 200 lbs, goal weight is 175...

Comment #8

100% Friday New years Day.

385.7 lost exactly 1 lb 2 days in a row.

Walked for about 20 min leisurely. Back muscles still tight..


Comment #9

Not 100% Last minute all day outing and no planning. Consumed most of my calories after 6pm.

384.5 -1.2.

Walked about 3.5 miles leisurely..


Comment #10

Watched the Kentucky / Louisville basketball game at Hooters with some friends. Packed a bag of baby carrots and a peanut butter lunch bar and an afternoon snack. 100% on plan and my Wildcats won the rivalry in a slugfest! The perfect day..

Still up 2 lbs from my "holiday weight" at 280. Nothing pisses you off more than having to lose it twice..

Side note, Hooters is way to damn distracting to watch the biggest game of the year...

Comment #11

I wish I was at hooters - I was at the exact opposite - brought my kids to see the inlaw...rusty old coot likes me for some reason....

Anyhow 90% I had antipaso salad for dinner because I forgot my Nutrisystem food and I ate the meat/cheese that came with it...ony about 5oz tho. I skipped the pizza! that's a good thing and for it being pennsylvania pizza (sorry gordon) it actually looked pretty good!.

223 -1 (it depends on where I stand on the scale, 223.1 or 222.7 so I am rounding but I should weigh in at 223 tomorrow for the Nutrisystem challenge down 6lbs from last monday - I think most was water weight tho from beer/wine, etc over the prior two weeks so I flushed it out - I think in 3 more lbs I can try the 36 jeans/dress pants that have been in the closet for a while (in fact moved to different closets in different states 2x)..

Comment #12


160 (1 under).

60 cals over 3000 target..

Comment #13

I am really getting kind of antsy about how many different threads there are. I liked it when I was losing. But now it bugs me. BL, We Heart, men's room, TLFC, etc..

And then there's Cat's thread, the 100% challenge (neither of which I'm in, but which I support), maintainer threads, fitness and biking forums, etc. etc..

I really just want one place to post my exercise/diet/weighin. Does not need extreme traffic. But maybe not fun if a total graveyard either...

Comment #14

Also, I tend to be a don't want to subvert some useful thread by dominating the airwaves...and am concerned about leading fatties astray with my current calorie intake..

I just need a home...

Comment #15

Maybe you are spreading yourself too thin...especailly now with your busy schedule...u may need to concentrate on the maintenance stuff and staying 100%...BL isn't for you anymore really - but the gals would miss ya over there..

Comment #16

Yeah...I am definitely leaving after this one. Feel a little guilty for boosting it up and then bailing on the work. I might go down to just postingthe misions. and kicking some butt when I feel like it..

I still need a home for daily 100% and exercise posting. This place is stag. Miss the girlies...

Comment #17

90% drank the last corsendonk last night during the Jets game -i figured it would be the last jets game but it wasn't - woo woo!.

Anyhow 223..

Comment #18

Had my one day off from Nutrisystem weekly yesterday, but stuck to under 1500 cals..


Comment #19

I took the last 5 days off....

0%, gained 3lbs....

Got what I deserved.....

Comment #20

100% Sunday.

-.4 -11 lbs for the first week.

No exercise today.


Comment #21

100% NS.

Ran a mile, walked 2 miles, did 50min on the elliptical..

I'm back on track guys.....

Comment #22

Rad you should have that 3lbs gone in a few days and then some I hope. good luck..

I am 100% today - finishing up the last few glasses of water - then i'll probably wake up a few times during the night due to the bathroom calling...oh well..

Comment #23

100% yesterday. Went out with friends for drinks and live music and enjoyed a few diet cokes and a Nutrisystem oatmeal cookie while laughing at the drunks...

Comment #24

100% yesterday as I said, but I somehow gained a lb - 224 today oddly..

It's why I hate daily weighing but i'l deal with it - i'll be on plan 100% today no problemo.

I need to get some exercise - I think that's what heald me back the last two days from going downward. i'll try and get in some sort of activity today I hope..

Comment #25

I'm down exactly a pound today, 185.5. Going 100% yesterday paid off, doing it again today. Plus both of my PE classes are running the mile, so that makes 2 for me, plus my after-school PE group is doing a 2 mile cross-country run, not to mention elliptical time and the walk with the DWSo today's total exercise will be about double yesterdays!..

Comment #26

100 % Monday.

Gained 1.4 (everyday weighing sometimes sucks).

Walked briskly about 2.5 to 3 miles.



Comment #27

Yea john don't let it get to u.

I noticed when I see that I feel like fasting to get rid of that gained weight, but I don't...i just stay 100% and it comes off....

The times I have done that fasting, it really didn't help anyway. you lose the weight then you stay level for two days - so why suffer.

And then poly stays off my a$$ too..

Comment #28

No Napo it won't get to me.

I'm familiar the daily fluctuations of weight loss. I have a range of 4-6 lbs a day. Although some days I can't figure it out. I was expecting a big loss with the exercise yesterday but instead got a gain. Probably do to the fact that I haven't had a good dump in a day or 2. We will see tomorrow..


Comment #29

Not 100% Friday and Saturday this past weekend. This was the weekend I celebrated the Christmas Holiday with my family, so I did ended up splurging a bit with dinner and desert..

Back to 100% on Sunday forward, did not gain but sort of stalled my loss...

Comment #30

John, I have noticed that water consumption has a more immediate effect with regards to weight. However, exercise and solid food don't impact me until 48 hours later. Not sure why that is...

Comment #31

Yes, I didnt' want to say anything, but I had gone a while without a #2...and that's weird for me.....

Comment #32

Water is irrelevant. If you have a water gain, it is temporary anyhow..

What matters is food calories consumed and exercise calories burned. Drinking water is NOT like getting on the tread mill..

And if you cheat, "but I drank the water" has no relevance..

I blew off the water and just drank when thirsty and had NO ISSUES losing...

Comment #33

That may be the case for you but to say water is irrelevant is careless. Qualify your statements when you make them...

Comment #34

Hey guys, started 3 days ago. 280 and want to get to 180 eventually..

On plan all 3 days...

Comment #35

Good job Nexus - you work for google?.

100% again -.

222 lbs -2 from yesterday.

I shredded that dinner chicken breast onto salad w/ ff honey mustard - not bad.....

Comment #36

That new phone does look sick. I have the HTC Hero and like it A LOT...

Comment #37

100% yesterday, but no weight loss. I worked so damned hard yesterday and drank a gallon of water, so I'm thinking I'll see the loss tomorrow..

Comment #38

Yea, I think as you get closer to that goal, Bill, it's going to slow down considerably...177 may be too tall are you? don't want to look like one of angelina jolie's adoptees..

Comment #39

Catered lunch today...scary!.

Had 1/2 vegetable wrap, small portion of pasta salad, small portion of chips, and a small idea how many calories that is.....

Comment #40

Everything is on pace today. I am looking at 2 weeks of business travel later this month though. I have no clue what to do...

Comment #41

100% tuesday.

Forgot the actual weight (I weigh in at 4:45 am) but it was down.

No exercise. I like to walk at this weight but haven't made time lately. Got to get my routine back..


Comment #42

100% yesterday, but I'm now sick with a fever, so no exercise.

At least I'm down .3lb I hope I get better quick as I'm running a 5k Saturday morning.....

Comment #43

95% extra snack at night..


No exercise.


Comment #44

100% - 222.

No exercise is right....

This work thing has to go..

Comment #45

Day 4 @ 100%. Food detox is going as expected and water weight coming off quickly. 6lbs so far...

Comment #46

Agree. I got home at 9pm last night. I had a Doctor appt this morning so I got to sleep in a little and got in 35 minutes on the Bike before my appointment so I made up for it but I am hating work cutting in on the time I need for my health..

BTW Go Jets..

Comment #47

100% and down another .5lb. I'm sick and feeling like crap, plus have a 5 k tomorrow. At this point I'll probably be just walking it and picking up my t-shirt. I'm really bummed.....

Comment #48

100% - stayed the same tho, I think I ate too much extra protein yesterday.

No biggie tho.....

Comment #49

100% yesterday. Got a nice workout this morning shoveling snow off the driveway. Still cant feel my ears...

Comment #50

100% Wed + 1 atomic fireball... which I logged....

100% Thu.

Weigh in scheduled for next Wed.....

Comment #51

I grew up in the snow belt of NY... I don't miss the snow at all...

Comment #52

100% Today.Still need to eat a dessert and a snack!..

Comment #53

Not 100% and it made me stay still again...222.

We'll see what today brings - going to get some exercise somehow - I think I will bring the kkids to the ymca to swim..

Comment #54

100% last three days, 1 hour on treadmill last two days, Sins of December lost and back down to 12/15/09 weight. Onward and Downward!.


Comment #55

100% yesterday, plus running the 5k, down 1.3lb. I'm back to my before Christmas Holiday weight as well, Dave. Now I'm heading for the 170's.....

Comment #56

Down about 1/2 lb - not as fast as last week at allbut slowly moving..

Comment #57

Do you live in Sand Dog? I was out there in December. Used to surf at OB, back in the day...old man longboarding.....

Comment #58

I assume that one's for me, yep we're in the San Diego area. I've surfed OB myself 100s of times, although not for 10 years or so. I enjoyed both the Jetty and the pier areas. I was a short boarder. One of my reasons for making my big life change was going surfing last summer and having to face the realization that I had gotten way to fat for my board to properly float me, especially when first popping up. I'll be ready this coming summer..

Comment #59

I'll still catch more waves than you AND the reform! I was really into the Voltaire parking lot. Liked the pier too, but it closes out in the to just swim the barrels though..

Winter at Tourmaline is fun...when it gets big all up and down the coast and Tourmaline is a nice size. Summer too placid...

Comment #60

95% today... I had a pizza hut personal pizza for dinner, but I was under in calories for the day. I came in at 1800 calories instead of the 1400 target... dangerous, but good... Gonna plan better and not do that again....

-2.5 from yesterday...

Comment #61

99.9% today. I had 100 extra calories in 2 jalapano poppers. Damn my wife and her tempting ways...

Comment #62

100%, down .7 to a new low of 182.3lb. I'm stoked!..

Comment #63

90% - enough to git me down another lb i've been hovering on. i'm looking forward to the 100% challenge...and gettimg some darn exercise..

Comment #64

100% today on my first day of my final college semester. Packed up the meals to go and ready for success...

Comment #65

100% Today... I even bumped up my caloric intake a litte.....

Comment #66

100% yesterday and feelin good! didnt' weigh myself today, had to run out the door to work.....

Comment #67

100% yesterday! Pissed because I stayed the same weigh. Hopefully tomorrow with the same 100% I will have a double hit!..

Comment #68

Would like to join in for the daily check in - up from yesterday by.4 of a pound even though I was 100% - would like to get down to 175 currently at 194.4 - walk yesterday on a treadmill for 2.6 miles and 2.7 today..

Comment #69

100% yesterday; well on my way today. Got a good 45 minute workout in @ lunch...

Comment #70

100% today if I can be strong tonight! 10 days I have rolled back a year of weight gain. Now to roll back 10 more years...

Comment #71

Welcome retarmy!.

100% tody and I just brushed my teeth so I won't stick anything else in my mouth except water.....

Comment #72

Good job Mo, and welcome back to the daily grind.....

Comment #73

I got around 3 months of food I need gone. So you will be seeing me a lot...

Comment #74

100%, down another .5lb Poly should be proud of me...

Comment #75

100% yesterday - down .2 of a lb - hoping for more today..

Comment #76

100% yesterday and I got a double bump on my weight loss. Had 0 weight loss yesterday but doubled to 2.2 pounds today...

Comment #77

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