How many Nutrisystem points would?

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First question I have is How many Nutrisystem points would? Thanks in advance for any comment. My other question... This is probably a repeat of a repeat....

I've complained a.


About a couple of the entrees.

And haven't even tried everything yet..

- so now let's hear it for the good stuff!.

What's Your favorite NS.

Breakfast: ? .

Lunch: ? .

Dinner: ? .

Snack: ?

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

What's Your favorite NS.

Breakfast: Any scone.

Lunch: Any bar with chocolate and or peanut butter..

Dinner: Vegetable fajita (semi-pain to make though).

Snack: Chocolatey nugget bar (Why'd they have to put a "y" on chocolate?)..

Comment #2


Any Cereal is fine by me except those friggin nutri flakes.


Three cheese pasta with chicken.


Nutrisystem Burger...I put mine on the grill, put it on top of a whole wheat bun, with low cal or fat free mayo, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, onion, & tomato. Damn, I'm getting hungry.


12 pack of beer...just kidding.

Pretzels or BBQ soy chips..

Comment #3

Breakfast: NutriCinnamon Squares.

Lunch: Veg Beef Soup or Noodles w/ Chicken.

Dinner: Rotini w/meatballs, Pene Pasta w/Chicken.

Snack: Zesty Herb Snack Mix, Coconut Almond Bar, BBQ Soy Chips..

Comment #4

True dat, but still good to say.....

Breakfast: Apple Scone.

Lunch: Trail Mix and Fudge Graham bars.

Dinner: Orange Chicken, Chicken and dumplings, thick crust pizza, chicken and hamburger sammiches. I like variety for diinners so get a pretty good spread beyond these too. I like the wraps not because the goop in the pouch is that great, but because I can add a honking BIG tortilla shell or two to the meal w/out hurting myself too bad..

Snack: Peppermint patty, choc nougat, peppermint choc crunch, thin mint crunch bars, walnut cookies. I've totally given up on all the "salties"..

Note: your tastes WILL change! Something that's a favorite today will fall off your charts tomorrow and likewise, something that does not ring your bell today, will tomorrow. Keep trying different stuff..


Comment #5

Breakfast: Cranberry Orange Pastry thing.

Lunch: pasta with beef.

Dinner: I really have liked all of the dinners, but the burger and the buffalo chicken wrap stand out.

Snack: Honey mustard pretzels, buffalo sticks (or something like that), and there is a bar that tastes like a snickers that is awesome, I think it's choloate caramel or something like that..

Comment #6

Breakfast: Apple strudel bar or the cinnamon bun bar.

Lunch: Fudge graham bar.

Dinner: Meatloaf w/mashed potatoes.

Snack: Blueberry Lemon bar..

Comment #7

What's Your favorite NS.

Breakfast: ? .

Maple & Brown sugar oatmeal - I put it with fruit and cook in oven to make a cobbler type of breakfast.

Lunch: ? .

Black Beans & Rice.

Dinner: ? .


Snack: ? .

Fudge Brownie with my serving of peanut butter on top..

Comment #8

Breakfast: Banana Nut Muffin.

Lunch: Cheesy Potato thing (I'm just a sucker for anything that has potatoes artificial or not.).

Dinner: Cajun Sausage and Chicken with Rice.

Snack: Almond Biscotti..

Comment #9

Breakfast - Double Chocolate Muffin, Nutriflakes.

Lunch - Beans and Rice with Sausage, Pasta With Beef, Mashed Tators.

Snack - Thin Mint Crisp Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, The York Peppermint Pattie looking thing..

Dinner - Herb Crust Pizza, Hamburger, Rot with Meatballs, Lasagna /w Meat Sauce...

Comment #10

Breakfast: Double Chocolate Muffin / Lowfat Granola Cereal.

Lunch: Double Chocolate Caramel Bar / Tuna Salad.

Snack: Honey Mustard Pretzels Sticks / Zesty Herb Snack Mix.

Dinner: Penne Pasta Chicjen Alfredo / Hamburger.

Dessert: Thin Mint Crisp Bar / Chocolate Rainbow Delights / Peppermint Cookie Patty / Chocolate Caramel Dessert Bar..

Comment #11

Breakfast: Harvest Nut Bar.

(1 cup of Cheerios over all the cereals).

Lunch: Chocolate Peanut Bar, Trail Mix Bar or Tuna Salad.

Dinner: Thick Crust Pizza "Man Sized",Cajun Style Chicken and Sausage with Rice.

SNACKS: Zesty Herb Mix, Honey Mustard Pretzels.

I ain't much for sweets, but the wife is...

Comment #12

Breakfast: Any of the scones.

Lunch: The mashed potatoes - I add in 2 FF dogs for my protein - it's so freakin filling.

Dinner: Rotini and Meatballs.

Snack: Choco Chip Pudding - Have 8 of these in my box..

Comment #13

Breakfast: Low Fat Granola.

Lunch: Any of the pastas in tins.

Snacks: Nacho Crisps and Soy Chips.

Dinner: Chicken Pasta Parmesan.

Dessert: Peppermint Patty..

Comment #14

So has anybody tried any of the Nutrisystem Select items yet? Really curious about them, I was thinking about the 7 day trial thing. They look really good in the pics, maybe they could be my new favorite Nutrisystem foods..

Comment #15

So far:.

B - Granola.

L - Bean Soup.

D - ? .

S - cheese puffs.

Still early and haven't tried a lot of stuff, but overall, the food seems to have improved in flavor since when I did Nutrisystem before...

Comment #16

Breakfast: double chocolate muffins, pancakes.

Lunch: beans, rice and sausage, chicken salad, three cheese pasta.

Dinner: veggie fajita, penne pasta.

Snak/dessert: mint crisp bar, fudge brownie, and the zest mix thing (forget what it is called lol)..

Comment #17

My tastes change month to month, but currently:.

Breakfast - Double Choco Muffins / Apple Scones / Granola cereal / Sausage McFrazzz.

Lunch - Potatoes, Fetuccini Alfredo, Mexican Tortilla Soup.

Snack - Soy Chips (BBQ or White Cheddar), Pretzels.

Dinner - Orange Chicken, Hamburger, Pizza, Penne Pasta, Chili.

Desert - Thin Mint Crisp bar, The package of mini cookies, Carrot Cake.

I like lots of other stuff, but those are the top of my list and what I order the most of. Other things just help break the monotony...

Comment #18

Breakfast> Granola, Apple Scone, Cinnamon Roll bar thing.

Lunch> The red beans and rice with sausage, fudge graham bar, trail mix bar.

Dinner> Spinach ravioli, Flatbread Pizza, Thick Crust pizza.

Snacks> Peppermint patty thing, thin mint crisp bar, chocolate nougatey peanut bar, Any of the soy chips..

Comment #19

Breakfast - any scone, orange pastry thing.

Lunch - Pasta With Beef, Mashed Potatoes.

Snack - Thin Mint Crisp Bar.

Dinner - Herb Crust Pizza, Hamburger. Macaroni w/ beef..

Comment #20

Breakfast: The Cinnamon Bun Bar.

Lunch: Really like the Fettuccine Alfredo and the Chicken Salad.

Dinner: The pizza's, and the beef patty was pretty awesome.

Snacks: BBQ soy chips, and the Chocolate Caramel Bar..

Comment #21

I don't see how everyone likes those BBQ soy chips..


The honey mustard pretzels are pretty good though..

I gotta lay off salt intake as much as possible to keep Meniere's Diseasein check so I go for the snack bars..

Some of those are really good...

Comment #22

Rob, what is that? WHAT? inner ear disorder; salt does that?..

Comment #23

Rob, I'm sorry to hear about your Manure's disease thing, but BBQ rocks even if it's on a soy chip. Don't the pretzels have salt too though?..

Comment #24

^ ^ yeah it's an ear thing..

I'm sposed to stay away from salt, alcohol, and caffeine as they say it causes fluid to build up in the ear - you can google it....

I don't do salt or alcohol much but I gots to have my coffee..

It's been under control for several years now but boy is it a beech when it goes off. If you've ever been really puking drunk with the bed spins - that's about how it feels - except it can last a day and have after effects for weeks..

^ "Manure's" heh. That about "covers" it..

My first BBB was full of all kindsa salty snacks..

About half way thru the month my ears were getting stopped up and started ringing and it dawned on me it was the salt..

I traded my wife out for some stuff and ordered better for the next time..

Most everything I got this time around is much better for me but I did allow 1 bag of honey pretzels cuz they were so darn tasty..

FYI - the dietician sent me a PDF with all their low salt foods..

Please send all "Cure for Rob's Manure Disease" contributions C.O. NS..

Comment #25

Man, that sucks. It's like the trifecta of tastes verboten. I didn't know foods could set it off, thanks for clarification..

I have always been told that folks with inner ear disorders had a had time spinning around because of it..

Hey, where's the new zappabear?..

Comment #26


I'm hoping to slay that bear when I weigh in Sunday...

Comment #27

I just re did my upcoming order and it seems I like best of all....

Breakfast = Double Chocolate Muffins.

Lunch = Vegatable Beef Soup.

Snack = Cheese Puffs.

Dinner = Turkey Tett.

Dessert = Chocolate Cake..

Comment #28

Breakfast - Fruit & Nut bar, Granola (eat w/ yogurt & fruit instead of milk.. yummy).

Lunch - Beans and Rice with Sausage, Cesar dressing with Chicken.

Snack - Thin Mint Crisp Bar, Buffalo wing something Pretzels, Chocolate Nougat Bar..

Dinner - Penne w/ Chicken, Southwest Chicken wrap (modified as a mexican pizza like entree - ask me and I'll tell you how :-))..

Comment #29

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