How many Nutrisystem points should I start out with?

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My question is How many Nutrisystem points should I start out with? Hoping for any answer. My other question... Ok this may sound silly, but I am too stuffed to eat all my food... Am I doing something wrong. If I continue feeling like this, I know I will not continue. I am on Nutrisystem-D and have over 100 lbs to lose.

I can eat! otherwise I wouldnt be on Nutrisystem!)I guess it's just more of I eat the wrong things.

My first meal is normally around 10 am, I can push 8 am if I have been up since about 5. If I try to spread my meals out every 2-3 hours by dinner I am forcing myself to eat everything I am supposed to and thats normally at 8pm or so. Can someone who has had success losing 100+ lbs, maybe post a typical menu that you would eat in a day so I can compare?.

Thanks in advance.. Dawn..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Not eating breakfast is strongly associated with being overweight. Part of the reason is that most people who skip breakfast eat late into the night (and usually high calorie junk food), so they wake up feeling full and unable to eat. My hunch is once you cut out excessive evening snacking you will be surprised how hungry you are in the morning (at least this is what happened to me!!)..

Still, I divide my breakfast food up over the morning. I have a piece of fruit before I run (bright and early), usually have my breakfast entree at about 9 AM, and my breakfast protein as a 10:00 AM snack..

The program really does work, so keep at it! You'll get used to it...

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Hello dmtb518,.

Please contact aNutrisystemcounselor at 1-800-585-5483, option 5. They'll know best how to address your concerns. Don't hesitate to call - they're here for you!.

Let us know if you have any additional questions/concerns!.

Have a great day,..

Comment #3

I know exactly how you feel. This is my 2nd time onNutrisystemand both times I started I was amazed at how much I.


To eat!!!.

Stick with it and you'll find a food rhythm that works for you. I know I usually like to eat my dessert right after dinner instead of waiting. If I did wait I'd be eating right before bed..

But the sun actually has to be up for it to be bright!..

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You do need to eat all your food, and that includes the extra servings for those who need to loose over 100 pounds. You need that energy and nutrition in order to burn fat and safely loose your weight. However, you can become creative in how you go about fulfilling your food requirements. There are choices that are less filling than others. If you check out the Advice for Newbies thread you will find some suggestions for how to do this. For example fruit juice is less filling than a piece of fresh fruit.

Just carefully check out the porion size of whatever you choose. For example 3 prunes is a fruit serving. 4 ounces of orange juice is a fruit serving. Milk and cheese servings tend to be less filling than lean proteins (chicken etc). And as others have said, break your meals down into smaller portions and then spread them out during the day..

Eating breakfast is really important. You need that meal to get your metabolism working and burning fat throughout your day..

Good luck. I'm going to include a link to the Newbie's thread. I hope you find some things in there that will help you..




Comment #5

It is your brain/emotions telling you that you are dieting and you are "full" with minimal food. DON'T listen to this bad advice from yourself!!! You NEED, NEED, NEED to eat ALL of the is only 1100 - 1300 calories a day (unless you have over 100 pounds to lose, and then you will go up to 1500/day) and the minimum you need for good health and wellness..

PLEASE listen to me on this, it is a serious problem with a lot of well-meaning dieters and only gets you more and more into the dieting yo-yo. Your body could eventually go into starvation mode and hold on to each and every calorie for fear you are starving it to death...AND, you will get hungry at some point and blame the diet for making you tired, frustrated, not losing, etc..

The way this plan works is to eat ALL of your food, drink ALL of your water (and then some), and move your tush with at least a bit of exercise (i.e. walking)..

If you are "full" and don't want bulk, then have 3 prunes instead of a whole apple for your fruit. Have one stick of string cheese instead of 8 oz. of yogurt. Have a cup of low-sodium V-8 juice instead of 2 veggie servings. Have 1/2 cup of low-sodium V-8 juice instead of a salad. Spread your meals out and eat a little every hour or so (not everything at once). But, whatever you do...EAT!!!..

Comment #6

You will eventually get used to it as your body adjusts, like changing any habit it will hurt and be painful to change..

Like said above, I used to eat late into the night and eat junk, and would not be hungry in the morning and wouldn't eat till lunch. but onNutrisystemI am hungry in the morning and like eating breakfast. when I first startedNutrisystemI was not hungry in the morning but eventual got used to it...

Comment #7

Thanks for al of the responses and support. I am on day three and still going strong, even through all the questions. Last night I started to move some of the food around, and I feel a little better about the amount of food. Now I think I just have to come up with creative ways to combine some foods. Thanks again!.


Comment #8

I munch all day. Literally. When I'm sitting down, I'm eating veggies or a fruit..

It can be tough to "get through" everything, but you'll get used to it!..

Comment #9

Eat the good food, crowd out the bad food. If you don't eat your veggies, you'll have junk later. Chalk it up as exercise and just be aggressive about eating it. Get gung ho and the whole thing goes easier and is more fun!..

Comment #10

Split breakfast and dinner in half..

Have mixing bowl sized salads..

Make it a game and just rock!..

Comment #11

Combining is key. For dinner especially. Veggies seem boring as is. Then theNutrisystementrees are WAY too saucey. So you combine them. Mix in some Mrs.

Can do some of that with lunch and even dessert, but that's for advanced students...

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Love the bears in avatar. Reminds me of that fellow who had them in sig, with one in the on deck area...

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When you were eating before you were eating empty calories that didnt fill you up. now you are eating wholesome nutritious food that is filling you up. it will adjust because your metabolism will go up because of how many meals you are eating and you'll find that you can't wait for the next meal. at least that's what my body does...

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To reiterate what the others have said..

1. Drink your fruits and veggies. OJ and V8 are less filling..

2. Divide your meals into smaller ones so you do get so full..

3. Yes, you have to eat all the food...

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Weigh and measure your servings. I think many of us just take a big old spoonful of green beans (for example). If you measure out a serving, 1/2 cup cooked, that isn't very much. Same thing with other veggies..

Have some raisins for your fruit. Eat some yogurt for your dairy/protein and add some frozen blueberries. That would fit as an afternoon snack of fruit and dairy/protein but not too filling...

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Thanks everyone for all the support.. I have been moving my meals around and becoming an advanced student by mixing my meal items together to make it fun for me. How does everyone deal with eating everything while at work? Right now I am home but will be returning back to a crazy job in a few days.. Just as I am getting all the food down and enjoying it, I may hit a speedbump....


Comment #17

That sounds like an excuse brewing. To be successful on this program at work you just simply need to be prepared. Prepare your foods and add-ins ahead of time. Prep your salads or take baby carrots, celery, cucumber spears, sliced peppers, etc. Either pack everything on Sunday night for the week or prep it the night before. Get your entrees and add-ins sorted and then in the morning you have everything to take with you.

Some of the meals you can prepare in the morning and put in a thermos to keep warm if you want. Afternoon dairy/protein can be as simple as a small non-fat latte with a piece of fruit. The Muscle Milk Light drinks (8 oz container, 100 cals, 15g of protein) are also great for quick protein add-ins..

When I am prepared, staying on plan is easy. When I scramble in the morning to get everything together, the day is more challenging and doesn't always turn out well...

Comment #18

Get one of those soft min-coolers (but a bigger one!) Put all your fruit, salad, NS, all that crap in it. With some of those blue freezer pack thingies. Take your lunch to work and then just eat at your desk. Pack a knife, fork spoon, and paring knife in the pack and just keep them there. After eating wash the utenisils in the head and dry right away. Occasionaly use soap.

Just prepare and pack..

And if you are in a hurry and don't have time to do a bunch of salad prep or whatever, just throw the veggies in the bag and do it when you're at work. Hence the usefulnes of pre-stashed paring knives...

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Since it's insulated and has cold packs in it, you don't even need to bother with the company fridge and all (although having some FF dressing in there is useful)..

And no excuses if you're running late and on the go. you can always toss some whole veggies in the bag and then just chop them at work or just eat whole like a piece of fruit. No screwing up and eating out and wrecking your plan, cause you didn't bring yer veggies...

Comment #20

I love this set of bamboo cutlery...carry it everywhere in my pocketbook. Easy to clean and portable..


Comment #21

I am not trying to make an excuse, I am tired of making them, I want this to work... I understand the need to prepare and I am ok with that, however, eating every 2-3 hours at work will be very hard. I normally work an 8-12 ( or more) hour day and only take one 1/2 hour break and the occasional potty break. I do not have a desk in which I can eat my food when needed. Just trying to figure out what will be best for me since I wan to succeed and niot have to eat most of my daily food intake at night once I get home. I just had to vent..


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I hear ya babe. The insulated cooler can help. Is there like a coat closet or something? Or break room. Can buy one for a few bucks at Target. Get one big enough for your veggies. Chow down on some radishes and whatever during your potty breaks.

Seems like there is always time for junk, never time for veggies..

I know it seems hard at first, but if you lean into it and just make it a fun game and go after it with a gung ho attitude, you will set the patterns to WIN. It's important. Begging part is crucial. You can do it!!!!..

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