How many Nutrisystem points should I eat daily if?

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My question is How many Nutrisystem points should I eat daily if? Many thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... With all of the excitement this weekend over Sunday's game between the Steelers and Jets, I couldn't help but do some research on Steeler Fight Songs..

Having lived in Pittsburgh all of my life, it was interesting to also be on Nutrisystem at the same time. I've turned the Steeler Fight Songs into my own Nutrisystem Fight Songs!.

While I could write lyrics, I haven't had time to do it! Perhaps we need a Nutrisystem Fight Song! Let's "Charge!".

I hope you guys don't mind having a female point of view!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

For the fan-of-neither perspective....!.

Even though it's hard for me to do it regarding the Jets, I always root for whoever is playing the Steelers (lol)..

I don't like a single thing about the Jets and in any other setting would hope they losebut this week they are my 2nd favorite team!.

After 12 years of living around Steeler fans, I have to admit I want to see them cry.

Now, what do I THINK will happen? After living around the Steeler TEAM for 12 years, I have to admit I think they will wineasily..

Then, just because they are the luckiest team on earth, I think they'll face a crappy Bears team in the Superbowl and easily win that!.

My heart wants the Steelers humiliated. C'mon, how funny would it be if they lost the game on a last minute catch-that-isn't-a-catch in the end zone by Santonio Holmes?.

If I was betting with my money (and I never do), I'd put it all on the Steelers to easily win it all by whatever margin anyone would cover..

AFC: Steelers 27 (14 pts from Defense) Jets 14 or 17 would be my guess..

NFC: Bears 17 and Packers 14 (from a game winning TD that is disallowed by the officials)lol.

Superbowl: Steelers 24 (21 pts scored by defense) and Bears 3.

I may not even watch the superbowl if it stacks up as I've predicted. The Steelers are too lucky and the Bears just suck too much. The only reason to tune in for me is to see if "Big Ben Rapelisberger" will post the 2nd poorest quarterback performance by a quarterback who won the superbowl in history! He already holds that record for the worst performancelmao.

My 3 cents (only)lol.


Comment #2

J, You have it all wrong.

The Jets proved they are no fluke. The Steelers are going to lose by 3..

The Bears do not have a chance against the Packers..

Go Packers!..

Comment #3

God I hope you're right!!!! That would be sweet!.

Just my biased opinion, but the Bears were given 2 games this year they didn't winwithout which they don't win their division. They are pretenders..

I can't stand the cheese heads but I like Rogers as a QBclass act..

As for the SteelersI hate them with a passion. I still wouldn't bet against them. It's a quality organization with a great TEAM and coach. They have a crap quarterback who shouldn't be allowed to play in the NFLbut the organization of the Steelers is top-notch..

I'm sticking with my predictions. Pack loses due to officialsbears advance. Steelers defense wins (cause their QB can't) and they advance..

I would consider it a great week if you're right and I'm wrong!.


Comment #4

24-0 Jets over steelers. steelers won't even score because of their cruddy O-line and hapless receivers. the defence is good - if the right sanchez comes out, pompahair is not a factor. our O line has them as well. plus they should have been beaten by the ravens - they got lucky there. they may score 7 on a run back or something but that't it..

NS song: Lose weight, feel great, go Jets...

Comment #5

J, from what I hear, there are restaurants in the Pittsburgh area with pictures of Ben on the bottom of the urinals. But why hate the rest of the team because of him? Troy is one of the most decent men alive. Do you want to see him lose just because of Ben?.

I am a completely off the wall Steelers fan but I don't trash talk any other team and I am not going to now. I'm just going to say "Here we go Steelers, here we go. (clap clap) Here we go Steelers, here we go."..

Comment #6

Super Bowl should be's a great event...and a very challenging one for everyone here in this thread..

Let's all remember the great progress we have had and not do anything to sabotage our success on this day. Take the time now to setup your menu and have a plan of attack...and.

Stick to the plan.


If you have a plan, it can make it much easier...don't try to "wing it", no pun intended..

That being said...from a pure football fan's POV, I actually like Championship Sunday more. Two games of great football..

I like Green Bay to beat Chicago and the Steelers should overtake the Jets...

Comment #7

Now now, Smalleryou didn't read my post carefully enough!!!.

I also said the Steelers were a quality organization. I said they were a great TEAM. That they had a great coach, etc..

I want the steelers to lose (always) because I don't like listening to steeler FANS all the time (lmao)..

When they cry it makes me smile.

I think the Steelers are really one of the top 3-4 programs in the league. I think they have some amazingly talented players. Harrison is a force. Ward is a hall of famer. Palamalu will be in the hall of fame if he quits next year (lol)..

The difference between me and the average "stiller fan, n'at" (read: yinzer) is that I am a fan of the.


I can look across teams and see talent and enjoy watching the fascination of the game no matter who is playing. I don't view football through glasses permanently colored black and gold.

I (seriously) want the steelers to lose primarily because of the people who are their fans (lol)..

It doesn't stop me from seeing that they are a quality organization with great owners and a coach anyone would die to have on their team!.

Big Ben is a whole 'nother topic. He's credibly been accused of inappropriate sexual assault THREE TIMES. Now he's either "really unlucky" or a sexual predator. When I see how many other guys in the history of the NFL have been accused of sexual assault by 3 different women in 3 different states I come up with....erm....none. Pretty much puts that "unlucky" theory to restat least in my book. At least one of the charges against him is still alive as a civil case.


My opinion, the Rooneys and Steelers are too classy to have that baffoon as part of their organization and I simply don't think he should be in the NFL..

Long story therefor me the Steelers are complicated. I think their fans are impossible to live around and talk to about football, and their quarterback is an unindicted felon, and can still acknowledge it's a great program and tradition with other quality people associated with it..

So for me, Smalleranybody but Pittsburgh!!! lol.


Comment #8

J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!.

Here we go steelers, woopeekieyay - lack of confidence there I see.

By the way the Jets have plenty of felons.....

Comment #9

J, I agree with most of everything you said with a single exception. DH and I are Steelers fans and truly very nice people. We also love the Eagles and he has a big soft spot for the Falcons and I like the Cardinals. The players you specified from the Steelers are among my favorites. Fans from any team can be annoying. Most of my family are SeaHawks fans and I cannot believe the way they whine everytime the Hawks lose.

So I am hurt that you hate Steelers fans because as I said, a lot of us are very nice...

Comment #10

Whole nother topic, bob. The NFL certainly puts a premium on celebrity and talent to the exclusion of all other behaviors..

Most of us remember, and still joke about, the ridiculous Bengals a few years back who had half a dozen guys trying to beat prison sentences of one kind or another..

I've never thought the league was strict enough concerning conduct off the field..

Be a manager or director or higher at IBM, Ford, Xerox, Harley Davidson, heckWalmart, and see what happens when you get sentenced for a felony!!.

Too bad really..

Just my 2 cents.


Comment #11

SmallerSixty, I tried to send a private note but your inbox is full!!!.

Here's what I wrote:.

Smallersixty, don't mind me. I'm just serving an employment sentence in pittsburgh these past few years (lol)..

My best friend here (from across the street) is a season ticket holder for the steelumps and obviously I don't "HATE" him!!.

Let's say I don't "appreciate.

The views.

Of most steeler fans regarding their team"that's probably more accurate..

I'm more than aware that many, many steeler fansrabid and otherwiseare wonderful folks. I'm sure you are as well..

I'll never be a steeler fanand I'll probably never appreciate the tunnel vision most steeler fans have for their team (you are right, many teams have those same fans!). But then, I'm not from around here..

My impressions after 12 years in Pittsburgh are these:.

People are the friendliest I've ever seen..

People are hard working..

People raise their kids very wellattentive, involved, loving, etc..

Most Steeler fans don't know jack about football and can't have a football discussion on a bet! (lol)..

Pretty much my findings so far.

So please put my comments in whatever perspective possible. Football isn't important enough to actually become upset over..

I'll probably never love steeler fans as a wholebut I certainly like some of them very much and concede that my life is better because they choose to be my friends..

Good luck to your team. I'll still root against them. My guess is that on Monday you'll be happier than me because I think they'll win it all this year!.


Comment #12

Who cares about the Jets and Steelers?.

Go Pack~!.

For the record, I'm for the Steelers against the Jets. Hate the Jets. Sorry, Bob!..

Comment #13

For the record here I appreciate the many guys on the steelers that have been there a long time - the whole defence pratically - a famiy affiar...and I like steeler fans - and if it wasn't the jets I would be pulling for them....

Its funy that here in NJ and the few places I have been, i've seen steelers "bars" in the strangest of states in the middle of no-where - I kinda like that for some reason..

Comment #14


The Steelers are going to be tough but the Jets are going to prevail...

Comment #15

Steelers, unfortunately, beat Jets 23-17..

Packers thrash Bears 35-13..

Packers beat Steelers 31-27 at Jerry Jones' Abomination...

Comment #16

J, no problem..

Bob M, there seem to be Steelers bars in nearly every state. I haven't taken an actual survey to see but I am frequently encountering people who say they've been to one where you would never expect. And when you watch their road games, the stands usually have a large number of towels waving in the air that must mean that there is a large number of fans local to that area. For any Steelers fans that are obnoxious, I guess I just need to say, I'm not responsible for them. But I'm not going to insult any one else's team...

Comment #17

Rick, I KNEW I would find you here!!.

Being born and raised in the 'burgh, I grew up during the Steel Curtain watching my fave player of all time, Jack Lambert! And yes, I LOVE the Steelers..

I have seen Steelers bars EVERYWHERE, and I have even heard of one in Tokyo!.

IMHO there are segments of EVERY team's fan base that are obnoxious, no matter what the sport..

Looking forward to game time!..

Comment #18

For some reason, I've changed my mind. Forget the Pack....Go Steelers~!.

Not really..

Comment #19

Sean, I did NOT give you permission to use my picture and you TOLD ME no one would ever see it. Thanks a lot...

Comment #20

Awww C'mon, baby! I didn't think you'd mind ....

Besides, it's tastefull. Listen, I'll be sure to keep that topless one (where you're pinching your nipple) all to myself. Unless you say it's OK to share. Lemme know...

Comment #21

It's time to pick the lesser of two evils..

Eenie meeny miney mow......

Green Bay 38 - Pittsburgh 35..

Comment #22

Green Bay is a real football team. They don't need no stinkin' cheerleaders!..

Comment #23

It's because they can't find any skinny hot chicks locally...

Comment #24

Steelers all the way baby....I'm not a Big Ben fan, but I think they do have the best all around team. They have the one of the greatest defensive minds in the NFL with Dick LeBeau, he will NOT be out coached!!! The Steelers are the best at stopping the run, they led the NFL in rushing yards allowed. Rodgers is good, but the Steelers also led the NFL in sacks!!! The Steelers only weakness is in the secondary, but they will make it up with players like Polamalu, and Mendenhall...they will prevail and win the Super Bowl!! Thats just a texas girls take on the game....what do y'all think?.

Why is my picture showing up everywhere else except the discussion boards?.

Have a great day to all.....


Comment #25

J long the best thing the jets could do is get rid of stottlemeir - he is the worst offensive coordinator ever - and he's done a bad job all season on many occasions..

1st and 10 on the 1 and the jets don't get, pass, pass run..

How about run, run, run, run - such a dope..

Comment #26

Super Bowl Final Score:.

Green Bay 34.

Pittsburgh 31..

Comment #27

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