How many Nutrisystem points should a 12 year old get?

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First question I got is How many Nutrisystem points should a 12 year old get? Thanks for any answer. My other question... Weighed in yesterday - did not lose an ounce last week..

I had a pretty bad cold all week and was taking lots of couch medicine and sugary cough drops - PLUS, other than walking I didn't exercise..

So... I figure that's the problem..

But still, that's a drag cuz I've been saying no to some major food cravings and I'm staying 100% and not getting uber-dazzling results..

Anyone else go thru this??.

Also - I was wondering about Crystal Lite in my water....

I have 3 big cups of coffee and then 2 or 3 bottles of regular water at work..

But when I get home it's all Crystal Lite and I drink a LOT of it..

I'm wondering if I ought to cut it out completely..

Whining over - Input appreciated...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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I bought some of those too later - but already had the "sugar" at the house..

That 50 pound bear is turning out to be a muther!..

Comment #2

I've posted before that although I pretty steadily hit 10lbs per month in loss (almost like clockwork), it was NOT steady in any way week-to-week..

When I really think about the differences between a 'good' week and a flat week, it seems pretty subtle..

In other words, there wasn't ONE glaring thing that seemed to determine the actual weight loss..



Have been (just a hint of a maybe) that my walking was a bit shorter or slower over a few days. I say this because I never actually missed a single walking session nightly for almost 3 months. The walking was 'there' but might not have been completely equal..

Also, I tended to slip most on 2 things. I had days where I didn't really drink all the water and a day here and there when I just couldn't/didn't eat the evening snack item..

Other than thatI was very, very consistent. No cheating, right foods & portions and fit everything in, walked every single night, etc..

Even with all that consistency, the weight loss was inconsistent..

I'm not even sure the small decrease in water or possibly slight decrease in exercise energy could have been the differenceand I don't think skipping that evening snack 3 nights in a week should have been that big of a deal..

Still, the fact is that I had weeks where I lost 1 lb and weeks where I lost 7 lbs..

One feedback, our bodies absolutely do respond to different cues and stimuli when we're ill. It could be that some health response that is normal tries to preserve or store calories when a person is sick and it's no more complicated than that..

It's been a LONG time since I had cellular biology so I can't recall what the stress reaction differences could be. Wouldn't surprise me to learn that some little gland secretes some little thing during illness that makes weight loss impossible..

Stick with it and use the next 2 weeks or so to judge progressmy advice at least..


PS. There is no such thing as weight gain from the 4 calories in a cough drop with sugar in it! It's not significant enough for you to worry about. If you had 1,500 of them in a day you might gain some weight but otherwise it shouldn't matter. You haven't been losing weight and doing so well because you decreased 1/2 tsp of sugar in your morning coffee! lol. It's the whole program and learning and changing and putting good nutrition in (only) and exercise and hydration and all that. That is what has been working. Keep the faith, brother!..

Comment #3

Hey Rob, I'm in the same boat; I've been stuck for three weeks now (+/-1). Thinking we gotta mix it up a bit or get stuck for another week..

I'm gonna do the Monday Nght Football Challenge again this week to get my fat a$$ up during the game..

Hey a least you didn't get the inaccurate scale news.

Feel better and take care of yourself, kick Marty's butt...

Comment #4

Sometimes our bodies just rebel for an while with weight loss, so it might not have been the meds, or just partially with the meds. Just hang in there and see what happens next week. Heck, last week I even went up a pound and a half when I'm not doing much different. Just don't stop, keep kickin Marty away...

Comment #5

46 lbs in 82 days man according to your chart there. You are doing great. Not only that you have prob the best attitude to get this done than anyone here. I know a month ago I actually pretty much gave up totally. You know what brought me back?.

YOU! Seeing your progress and your attitude. If you can get rid of your Marty I can get rid of my Gus..

50 lbs bear is a big one. But break out the big gun and go for the face. :-)..

Comment #6

Hang in there Rob, the weight will come off. For me over the last 2-3 months it's been like every other week to see a loss, without changing my routine. One week I'll have like a 0-.2 lb loss and then the next week have a 1-2 lb loss. I've just come to expect it now and not get discouraged about it..

Good luck!!..

Comment #7

I don't have anything scientific to back this up, but I can tell you from anecdotal and empirical experience that I think the above is true. Now that you're feeling better you should see your progress begin again. :-)..

Comment #8

Keep at it Rob. You will slay the 50lb bear before you know it and be looking at the 60lb one...

Comment #9

I've had several plateaus over the course of my journey. Some lasted a week, some lasted 3 weeks. The important thing is to just stick to the plan and it'll work itself out in time, usually with a larger than average loss at the end of the streak..

Check to make sure you're eating proper portions and the right things, if your exercising it may be time to modify your routine, but above all just fight through it...

Comment #10

I'd ask if you'd like some cheeze to go with that whine ... but I don't want you to get constipated and then even more discouraged with a zero loss two weeks in a row..

You're fine. Stay the course..

Drink your water. Exercise. Don't cheat..

This is easy, my man ....

Good job resisting the urge to eat junk food while you were sick. That's a big deal and you should be proud of yourself...

Comment #11

Happens to the best of us, brother. Just stay the course and keep doing what you're doing. A zero loss off of the week you were sick isn't too bad. I wish I could say I was sick for all the zero loss weeks I've had!..

Comment #12

Thanks yawlz -.

What's your thinkin about the Crystal Lite?.

Seems like the loss has slowed down since I started chugging it...

Comment #13

When I had plateaus they were usually followed by a kick-ass week of weight loss..

Hang in the Rob. Stay the course..

Comment #14

I draink 1-1/2 liters of watered-down Crystal Light a day (after a pot of regular coffee) and it didn't seem to affect my weight loss .... but like I said it was watered-down plus I was kicking my own a$$ in the gym 4x a week...

Comment #15

My experience is almost exactly the same as jlong208's. It has seemed common for me to go a week or 10 days with little to no weight loss, then suddenly drop 4-5 pounds for no obvious reason. Over time, this had added up to roughly 10 pounds' loss each month, but again it's been by no means steady..

As for Crystal Light, I hate drinking water, so I use it or an equivalent product all the time at half strength. That is, one tub/envelope/whatever per gallon of water, and this gallon of weak Crystal Light is then for two days. I haven't noticed any particular problems, but then again I haven't done any thorough trials comparing "Crystal Light" weeks or months to "non-Crystal Light" weeks or months. Nor would I pretend that this means that people should follow my lead..

Hopefully this helps at least a little though...

Comment #16

I hear ya Rob...I've been stuck for the last month and haven't lost anything. It's really hard to stay the course during these periods. I read the Daily Dose everyday and one just the other day stuck with me. It was about respecting yourself. That made sense to me and helped me grab a handful of radishes instead of something else not worthy. I'm patiently waiting for my body to kick in again, hopefully soon.

Eventually I just started drinking straight water and never looked back. I'm glad I don't mind water since it's just about the easiest thing to make. Hang in there and stay tough...

Comment #17

I also use the crystal light, well actually the walmart brands, but I also water it down like Sean otherwise it's too sweet for my taste. Has not effected my weight loss...

Comment #18

Rob, my weigh can fluctuate by a pound or two each day. I am sure that that is what is happening to you and you happen to weigh in on a high day. If you are truly 100%, and I believe you are, you will see this creep back down quickly once you are feeling better..

Dont stress!..

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