How many Nutrisystem points is Vegetable Soup?

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Quick question: How many Nutrisystem points is Vegetable Soup? Looking forward for any comment. Another question on my mind: Try shoveling the snow off the driveway with a shovel, then go do your neighbor's driveway..

Get you more exercise and your neighbor will like you more!..

Comments (25)

That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Ok, I went out at exactly midnight and shoveled 1000 shovels of snow in 55 minutes. yes I counted - at about 10-15 lbs a pop including the end of the driveway which was worse. so we'll go low to about 12 lbs a pop = 12,000 lbs of snow. i'm about 3/5 of the way done. need a break...14 inches at least and I already shoveled 4-6 inches from the first storm today....

Just sayin...

Comment #2

Ok another 1,500 scoops. worse, I had to throw across the two lane driveway and I did the sidewalk which took 450+ scoops and was heavy and deep because of the darn plows and the sand and such. so, i'm upping it to 15lbs..

15*1500=22,500 lbs + 10,000 from b4=32,500 lbs of snow moved. that's 16 tons in 2.5 hours. I need a shower-i am soaked. probably could have paid someone - would have been smarter, eh?..

Comment #3

Wow, Bob, I feel for you, man. And you're keeping track of the exercise, too, that would drive me crazy. I don't even write down P90X stuff. Just go by perceived exertion..

Horrible winter. Up here in Saratoga, NY, we've had several snow storms, but the max was I think 8 inches. And we missed this latest storm altogether. Phew..

Hope you're sleeping off that workout!..

Comment #4

The snow has been nuts. I think I got another 16" of snow overnight!!..

Comment #5

Good workout BobM!! I did that last year. This year I got a snow blower..

Guess I still gotta go to the gym..


Comment #6

I'l take it as exercise when I can get I have no execuse not to exercise at 1am - did it last night.....

Comment #7

I shovel, snow shoe and ski for extra workouts....also down hill sledding where you carry the sled back up the hill...

Comment #8

That's a great idea.

Pay it forward.... I like it..

Comment #9

We've had very little snow here on the front range in Colorado. Traditional La Nina pattern for us (basically means drought here where the east coast and north gets pounded). Its actually 50 degrees today here and I think supposed to hit almost 60 tomorrow...

Comment #10

It might sound like a joke, but the truth is that I dont have room to put the snow I shovel! There are mountains of snow taller than me on both sides of the driveway, around the house, by the fence, accumulated from all the shoveling I've done this winter...

Comment #11

I to have the same problem. I plow my driveway for the most part and shovel around my house and my decks(have to keep the wife and oil man happy). I also have started shoveling walk ways on my plow route. I got to shovel yesterday in a tee shirt lol. There should be an addition on the workout log for shoveling.


Comment #12

There is! It's under the "home & garden" section of the workout log. I know this because there is no way I'm not counting the ridiculous amount of shoveling I've done as excersize!..

Comment #13

The funniest thing about all this... Here in Alaska it's been pretty mild in regards to snow fall this year. That's what you get with all your fancy "daylight in the winter" and your fancy "driving to another state without needing a passport"! LOL.

I'm just playing, but the role reversal is nice for once..

Comment #14

What is this 'snow' you speak of?.

I took this pic yesterday on my bike ride...

Comment #15

It was 60 degrees here in the Colorado Springs area last Friday. The high tomorrow is supposed to be like -3 (yes, thats the high temp). Gotta love winter along the Front Range here in Colorado.....

Comment #16

Blizzard coming. If it does come, I'll have lots of snow to move, but I be using the snow thrower especially if it is the 12+ inches that are predicted..

Comment #17

I was going to say that the east coast should be hit with rain in the south and snow in the north. Those in the north, enjoy you workout with the shovel!..

Comment #18

And a little Wild Turkey to keep you warm and fueled..

Comment #19

I'm gonna need some hot spiced mead to get me thru tomorrow. Supposed to get just snow, so may be a foot or more. A few inches shovelled today, just a taste of whats to come tomorrow...

Comment #20

Just spent just over two hours snow throwing with the snow thrower. Two shots of the Turkey (101) down..

Comment #21

We didn't get much snow in the Colorado Springs area. This is what we got..

High today at my house was -10. Tomorrow is supposed to be a balmy +1 for the high.

... Moose, you can have your weather back anytime you want it... LOL..

Comment #22

Big pink sleet cloud (according to over NJ and getting bigger now. it doesn't sleet pink tho.....

Comment #23

Looks like 14"+(of snow). Need to get out the yard stick and measure. But that will have to wait till after breakfast..

Comment #24

Nice, I have an inch of ice - the trees are all sagging but the electic is on - knock on wood. kids are home....

I'll wait till noon to start working on cleaning up so I can come in and have a shot of so-co - (can't do that before noon)..

Comment #25

I lucked out! Was supposed to be around 18 inches for this storm, and ended up the 2 day total was more like 9 inches. And no ice. And now to wait for the next one. Punxatawney Phil says we're getting an early spring. I think he lies...

Comment #26

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