How many Nutrisystem points is seared ahi tuna?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How many Nutrisystem points is seared ahi tuna? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question of mine... On Sunday I moved from Chicago to Anaheim to do an internship. I didn't know what my address would be right until they actually told me, but the second I knew I logged into my computer and into my account, changed my address, and changed the ship date so my food would be shipped the next day..

Lo' and behold, Nutrisystem still ships it to my address in Chicago. At this point of the week I'm tired and ready to cry, so I call up customer service to see how they can get my food to me..

On a side note: If I want to call India, I'll call India. When I want customer service, I want AMERICA..

I was connected to the RUDEST Indian man, who didn't seem to give a **** about me or my problems. He called UPS to reroute my package, saying it should get to me in California by Monday. Now UPS is saying it'll get to me by.


He offered no support, no sorry, nothing..

What the **** am I supposed to do until then? Have any of you ever eaten Nutrisystem 24/7 only to crash back in to regular food? I have been sick this entire time, my body is not used to normal food..

AND, I had to go out and buy myself groceries and pay for it with my credit card, as I have NO money right now. So because Nutrisystem ****ed up I had to go out spend money I DON'T HAVE. $100 down the drain.

I am so furious at Nutrisystem right now that I've decided this is going to be my last month. No one cares. I just got hired to work for a company that offers Jenny Craig at 50% off. I can't believe what bull**** this is. WASTE OF MY TIME AND MONEY..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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My order was to be shipped the friday after I arrived. On Sunday I went into my account and changed my address and then moved the ship date up so it would arrive sooner...

Comment #2

I do a fair amount of buying online, and it frequently takes several days (or even up to a week) for an address change to take effect..

But eating "normal" food shouldn't make you sick, if by "normal" you mean healthy, low-fat, meeting the statsNutrisystemprovides for people who "flex" their meals. I'm sure feeling sick, whether it's from the food or the move or the stress, is just making things worse...

Comment #3

Wow - dogging on Robin? All she did was tell the truth! All I hear is a whining child - apparently 70 degrees and sunshine doesn't cure all that ails you!..

Comment #4

What did Robin say that was in any way offensive to make her less than amazing?? She was just trying to gather facts from you and give you her own opinions based on her own experiences..

Good luck on Jenny Craig. That 50% discount should definitely come in handy when having to pay for that program...

Comment #5

I agree with Kristi!!!!.

Don't worry Robin we all still love you...

Comment #6

There are some companies I know that it takes around two weeks for an address change to take effect. I know that seems ridiculous in today's computer world but it does happen. I would have considered delaying the order for at least two weeks after your new address took effect by calling customer service and explaining the situation. Despite your changing the address online, it would have been a good idea to verify the change with a customer rep to make sure the change went through in time for it to go through all the required channels.

Your page said:.

Are you giving up your dream because of this?..

Comment #7

Wow...someone needs a filter. The use of the "c" word on your page and the temper tantrum above will most likely cause a lot of people who have been SUCCESSFUL onNutrisystemto become defensive. Be prepared, after all, you opened up this can o' worms..

I honestly don't know why anyone would announce their decision to QUIT on a discussion board. You want to vent and complain, customer service again and demand to speak to someone who can help you. They can't fix your shipping issue at this point but they can help you come up with meals that will stay within the guidelines AND not make you sick..

Life, unfortunately, is going to dish out a lot of might want to find a better way of dealing with disappointment. Your rant and responses only make you sound like a spoiled brat..

Good luck with your weight loss endeavors, hopefully Jenny Craig employs only the type of people YOU wish to talk to...

Comment #8

That was totally uncalled for..

You haven't even changed your location under your avatar, but you expectedNutrisystemto make an immediate change?.

Enjoy Jenny. 50% off is awesome! I've never seen that offered, especially to an intern. Sounds like you're going to a fantastic company! I hope your internship goes well. I'm going to guess (hope) it's nothing where you have to deal with people...

Comment #9

That is the excuse of the day!.

Who uses the "c" word, really? Spoiled brat is an understatement!..

Comment #10

I would venture to guess that this spoiled little turd of a girl is extremely single. Have fun tonight, sweet-pea ... alone...

Comment #11

I have to agree with the above posters, your post is offensive and so is yourNutrisystempage. Things in life might go better for you if you tried being kinder and more patient. Good luck with Jenny; 50% off is a fantastic offer...

Comment #12

Oh, but you must read the entire statement where this word is used. Priceless...

Comment #13

I just did <shudder>.

It's actually quite sad. The OP is far too young to be so racist..

I keep hoping the next generation will be the end of racism. I guess we aren't there yet...

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