How many Nutrisystem points is recommended for me?

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Quick question... How many Nutrisystem points is recommended for me? Thanks in advance for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Okay, okay..

I fell off the exercise wagon big time and really need some accountability and support..

I seem to need some naggin' and high fiven' from the Nutri-Bretheren..

I'm not thinking uber-stressful but SOMETHING..

If we do.


That's will be better than nothin..

(But perhaps not much.).

To quote the wise sage Paul Teutul Sr., "Okay ladies, let's do dis.".

Is anyone game to check in daily or so until say - the end of July?.

I gotsta change my ways...

Comments (83)

Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Just check yourself in every day after you exercise. Who cares if it's just you? I've found that you can't really force exercise on the typical Nutrisystem crowd (most of the folks that have stuck with me in the P90X thread are on maintenance or a hybrid Nutrisystem diet). Hopefully a few others will join you..

If you build it .... They will come...

Comment #2

I will take that as an "in"..

The P90X folks are to be commended..

Far too hard-core for me though..

Honestly, getting off the couch or out of bed early is a victory in itself...

Comment #3

So what exercise did you do today. Marty? I rode my bike...

Comment #4

I didn't do nothin and I ain't done nothin in a long while..


That's kinda the point..

You in or just passin thru?..

Comment #5

Hey Rob, use the 100% check in thread..

That's why I post in/burned numbers....just sayin'......

Comment #6

There's no accountability in thar..

We needs serious..

And not Yahoo...

Comment #7

I'm in with you Rob, because I'm in the exact mode myself. I got myself up and moving last week by doing Wii Walk It Out 3 days (got in almost 11 miles), but if I don't get up and do it right when I get up, I'll tend to make excuses not to get the walking in....

So I'm here with you and will check in with you here daily..

No "real" exercise over the weekend, but I did go bowling last night by myself and bowled 4 games with very little break between each frame. I was sweating by the end of the session (and had rolled a 134, 187, 174, and 171).....

Comment #8


Now we got the "ball rolling"..

I'm on it like lard on an Oreo...

Comment #9

Day 1 done. 3 miles on treadmill at slow run - 35 min. It's the first time I did 3 miles without stopping to walk in the middle for a long time. I hate running. 1/2 hr whole body machine circuit to keep the muscles in the game. Kicked my butt.

Focusing on aerobic and leg conditioning now. Will work on upper muscle build in 3 months or so in time for beach season..


Comment #10

And right out the gate - Gordon lays down the gauntlet..

I will definitely be off the couch tonight!..

Comment #11

I'm in..

I had shoulder surgery on Nov 29th and I haven't been able to do anything since...actually for a couple months before that it was tough. So it's been a good 4 months of not doing much for me..

Today, 25 Mins Elliptical. I can't quite hold onto the bar with my left arm yet, but I supported myself with the middle bar, or went with no support..

I'm a long ways away from doing any upper body stuff, so I will concentrate on lower body workouts for now...

Comment #12

I'm already more behind than a pudgy stripper..

Also - - -.

Way to go Ron - whip that ole Mule into shape!..

Comment #13

Ok oK OK!!!.

I guess if your gonna call me out on my laziness I've gotta be in!.

The winter months just take all the motivation out of me, but it's time to get back to it..

I'll post everyday, even if I'm just opperating the lever on the lazy boy. Thats gotta be good for a calorie or two...

Comment #14

I'll join ya!.

I'll start tomorrow with the walking exercise. I pledge to go 2 miles weather be damned!..

Comment #15

I am doing a combination of things. Running , Cirucits on the weight machines, Of course Bowling 5-10 practice games per day x 6, plus 3 league games x4 leagues. I have started the 10 minute trainer programIt is done by Tony Horton the inventor of P90x. Since I can't dedicate the time to.

P90x I know I can get at least 10 min per day, sometimes I can stack 3 workouts together. and get 30 min in...

Comment #16

1 hour of spinning tonight and Chest and Tris yesterday..

Comment #17

And a big welcome to:.

Doorman801, ohnooo, PBAProBowler, & ineptchef ! ! !.

Wow, I better go do something now that I had my nap......

Come on y'all - August 1st will be here before ya know it!..

Comment #18

Last night I broke my 2 month exercise hiatus by busting out a whopping 16 minutes on the recumbent bike..

Hey, it's a start..


Comment #19

Busy day for me today so was limited on my workout time this morning. I did 1.8 miles (5.9K steps) with Wii Walk It Out in about 30 mins...

Comment #20

I will be in for this as well. Went to the doctor today and I have bronchitis, so...going to have to wait until that's gone to work out..

But then I'm down!..

Comment #21

Welcome aboard Will..

I'm hoping to get back on track again and (we) have big results by Aug 1..

(or small results - depending on how you look at it.).

Yunz will definitely help...

Comment #22

I'm down with day 2. Mixed it up some. 10 min elliptical, followed by 10 min intervals on treadmill to get a good sweat started. 3 lifts x 3 sets chest/triceps stuff. Finished off with 3 sets of squats holding 2 50lb dumbells w/shrugs at top..

I'm still not settled on a routine since switching gyms, so kinda doing misc stuff in a haphazard way for now..


Comment #23

Good Job Gordon,.

Did Squats (on smith machine as I can only use one arm), leg extensions, lying hamstring curls, calf raises and finished it off with 20 mins elliptical..

I'm a little wobbly today...

Comment #24

On 1-10-11 I Did.

3.18 Mi on the treadmill (40 Min).

8 games of bowling 1 Hr 10 Min (Nothing under 200 either..

Upper body on the 10 Minute trainer program..

1-11-11 (Dam thats a lot of 1's).

I have to work open to close so it looks like I am going to get in 5 game of practice plus 3 league games..

I might hit a TMT video when I get home...

Comment #25

Going to the gym tonight. First time in 2 months..

Gonna make that treadmill cry and hit some weights..

Expecting big snow tomorrow so gonna get started tonight..

BTW 2 day in a row out with customers and drank only bottled water...

Comment #26

Well I only waked one mile, but I did shovel the snow and will have to go out again for a second shoveling so that should make up for the extra mile. Ii is a light snow so I am using the shovel rather than the snow blower...

Comment #27

Dude! I did 5 games of bowling today (Nothing over 180 though for me) in about 40 minutes (for you non-bowlers, thats basically rolling the ball right after it comes back, with little to no break between frames or games). I was dieing and sweating big time (I'd never tried more than 4 games in a row) by the end of the 5th game (and since I wasn't doing 200+ games, I was rolling 2 balls on almost every frame, compared to all of your single ball frames..

). I can't even imagine doing 8 games in just over an hour..

I am happy to report my 127 league average I had for about a year+ is now around 141 and should continue on up to around 155 or so in the next few weeks (lessons really do help.


I don't count my league night games for exercise as there is too much downtime between each frame (IMO)...

Comment #28

Coaching is vital to the game but a coach cant outcoach a bad fit. If your coach didn't check the fit of your ball prior to starting any coaching, make sure they do it next time you see them or go to your local pro shop and have them check the fit of your ball. Especially if it was drilled at a sporting goods store (Dick's, Sports Authority etc).

During League Yesterday I burned 364 Calories 6:30pm-8:00pm, I had practiced right before league 5:30-6:15 (5 games)burnt 233 Cal so my total burn for bowling was 597..

BTW I am using a BodyBugg to determine my calorie usage...

Comment #29

Good work y'all !.

Last night I knocked out 30 minutes on the recumbent bike:.

A sissy workout I did not enjoy..

Gosh I'm lazy.....

Level 4 @ 11 mph..

Please feel free to call me out if I'm not checking in regularly...

Comment #30

My exercise has been non-existent ever since it started snowing. Pretty lame excuse for a guy with a gym membership. Today's schedule is filled with meetings and work related carp all of which don't allow for a significant amount of time for I'm going to exercise sometime, someway anyway. Gotta break this bad habit excuse making mentality I've created somehow..

P.S. my little graph thingy is getting embarrassing..

P.S.S. try and ignore the Hoff in my sig. He's there because I wasn't 100% yesterday.....

Comment #31

Welcome back Ted,.

I too have been missing my bicycle..

I'm gonna have to take it to the shop to get the gears adjusted this Spring..

They are way smarter than me it seems...

Comment #32

My coach is the guy that drilled my ball (he runs the pro shop and is a Bronze level USBC Coach).

And yeah, I've had to have it refitted twice now with my weight loss (and now that I'm improving, will have to check it more often as my finger size changes). And cool on using BodyBugg. I've got to look into that again..

Going to be tough on the exercise front for me today. Both kids are home sick so my normal schedule is already thrown out the window and it's only 9am here.....

Comment #33

Taking a rest day today. I'm feeling the DOMS from my squats and other leg work yesterday...

Comment #34

I'm in, your fitness on the xbox tonight... hope to get up to where you guys are..

Comment #35

15 min recumbant and 15 min treadmill interval running to get sweaty and pulse over 180..

3x10x3 bi and back machine lifts.

10x3 leg extensions and curls.

About 1hr total..

I'm sore too, Mule! Prolly not as much as you as I'm going light on weights and stuff. Easing into it. Getting back in a routine is tough. Thank God my work situation allows me to go out and do this over lunch! I'm not disciplined enough to do it on my own time. Just don't tell anyone here how long my "lunch hour" really is..


Comment #36

Ok, I snuck home for lunch, big salad and an Nutrisystem bar and some water. Then....I jumped on the treadmill thingy my wife uses for 20 minutes. I broke a sweat! I probably burnt around 300-400 calories. Feel it a bit in the knees but I'll get over it...

Comment #37

Hey Bwindle... Just like the actual weigh in threads, I'd suggest you not compare yourself to anyone else. Some of these guys are MACHINES and some much further along in the game. The key is to get off our butts and move (however we can), and then post it. Don't worry about someone making fun of you, or saying you aren't working hard enough (at least not in this thread... Now if you go jump into the P90X thread, all bets are off.

). Just Move It and Lose It! and use this to keep you motivated by seeing others are doing something too...

Comment #38

Well said..

If like me, "the proverbial couch potato" -.

Doing a little of anything is better than a lot more of nothing..

If you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always got..

A rolling stone gathers no moss..

I forgot what I was trying to say...

Comment #39

Ok, i'm in....

1/10- ran 6.2 mile "easy" run in 53 min, shot hoops for 30 minutes and then made my 4th-5th graders run till they dropped at basketball practice while I exercised my bossiness..

1/11- ran 6.8 miles in 60 minutes, fracking pace run kicked my backside something serious - did 5 reps of 3-1 intervals with my pace hitting 7.5 minute mile at the peak..

1/12- official rest day..

Comment #40

Gotcha - 20 mins with the xbox kinect, 161 cals burned, couldn't do much with the gout in my foot still fun though... let's go guys!!..

Comment #41

Well said, Frazz..

Speaking of Monsters:.

That's just NUTS, Wary! Cool..

Like the man said, just do something. Anything! Push it outside your comfort zone, no matter where that is and you'll see results. Seriously..

I even learned something new on this thread. Bowling can be considered exercise..

Way to go, guys!.


Comment #42

I, once again, got the shovel out and moved that snow. Only a couple of inches but about 40 minutes of pushing snow must count for something!..

Comment #43

Great work guys!!!.

I did 30 on the bike and 30 with the dumbells tonight..

Comment #44

1-12 I had some stuff come up and was unable to practice today. Bowled 2 leagues between 6:30pm and 11:30 burnt 917 calories during that time..

I also did 2 sets on the 10 Minute trainer this morning, 1 on 1 Lower body and Cardio Intervals and ran for 20 Min burnt 503 calories during the time I did the exercises..

Total Burn for the day 3683 In 1327 deficit 2326..

Comment #45

Welcome aboard cautiously_wary..

You guys are killin it.....

I rode my house bike 30 minutes - 5.5 miles last night..

Phew! - I'm done...

Comment #46

Nada yesterday, I'm pretty sore from taking 6+ weeks off. Legs and shoulders tonight. I'm gonna try and fit in the P90X plyo workout on Saturday. I don't know why, but I wasn't this sore when I started P90X last time.....

Comment #47

I still don't see how anyone can pee 90 times in one day..

You must drink a lot of beer...

Comment #48

And caffeine... I think I get a little more out of it since my bathroom is upstairs!..

Comment #49

Morning...great job yesterday, some of you guys killed it..

Today Cardio Only-25 Mins Elliptical.

I got brave and held on to the swinging handle for a bit..

Have a great day everyone...

Comment #50


3.35 Mi in 34 Min on the treadmil at a 3% incline..

10 Minute Trainer Fri Night Arms, Yeah yeah I know it's thursday..

^646 Calories Burned^.

Practice this afternoon and League tonight...

Comment #51

3 miles in 34 min at 1% incline (PBA and Wary woulda lapped me.


1/2 hr circuit - going for 30 reps in 1 min. on the circuit machines for conditioning. Strength training on other days..

Hey, day 4 in the bag!.


Comment #52

3.4 miles (10.9K steps) with Wii Walk It Out. I had league bowling last night and rolled a 170, 170, and 195 (only open frame was the 10th which caused me to miss 200, but still a great series for me 2nd week in a row)...

Comment #53

45 mins pedaling to nowhere avg. 16 mph 12 miles..

Comment #54

Marty, I'm game, at this point my exercise routine that I'm trying to get into is a Mon/Wed/Fri I'm at the gym. 30 minutes of Cardio and 30 to 45 minutes of Weights. Then on at least two other days a week I am doing a 1.5 mile run/walk some situps and pushups. Basically just getting ready to test for Police Departments.

My first official test is March 13th, so I'm all for this...

Comment #55

Welcome JTAYLOR38 and pre-congratz on getting that job..

You can call me Rob..

(Marty's the one that's gotta go - see profile.).

Last night:.

5.5 miles on recumbent bike in 30 minutes - level 4..

3 nights of exercise in a row..

Boy I'm a stud...

Comment #56

Got a short swim in at the Y. Also spent about 45 minutes chasing the kids around in the pool. Two days a row of exercise!!..

Comment #57

25 minutes on the elliptical followed by 45 minutes of weight lifting. Not sure what I'm gonna do today.....

Comment #58

30 Mins Elliptical..

I don't check the miles and other stuff..

But I sure stare at the time, that seems to go slower than a snails pace...

Comment #59

3.3 miles (10.5K steps) on Wii Walk It Out this morning...

Comment #60

2.25 miles in 26 Min plus 10 Minute Trainer, 1 on 1 upper body. Just a little light practice today 1 hr of shooting only 10 pins...

Comment #61

I wussed out Friday. No E plans for the weekend..


Comment #62

No exercise Friday, but I worked really hard does that count? No plans for the weekend...

Comment #63

Today, I did 20 Mins on the Escalator that one is tough..

I start sweating as soon as I get on it..

Then I followed that up with about 10 mins in the wet sauna...

Comment #64

6 miles walk and some pushups..

I'm going through the.


Plan. I did week 2, day 1 today (wasn't able to do what the plan called for)...

Comment #65

Oh I HATE that thing!! "the stairs to nowhere" ... Probably the best (and most underrated and under appreciated) piece of gym equipment for your lower body. Nice job man. Way to leave your comfort zone...

Comment #66

20 minutes on the prancing gazelle machine and 20 minutes of shoveling snow. Sounds like I'll have to try the stairways to nowhere next...

Comment #67

Did NOT exercise yesterday..

Felt crummy..


5.7 miles on the recumbent bike.

Level 4 @ 12 mph..

Feel like I might have a cold..


Comment #68

10 games of practice to day. 2 300 games during practice...

Comment #69

6 mile walk..

Might do some light work with weights some time today...

Comment #70

Getting Ready to Run once the PBA World Championship telecast is over..

Did 3 miles in less than 30 min...

Comment #71

I didn't workout Friday or yesterday. I did Chest and Tris today, played racquetball, and walked on the treadmill for 1/2 an hour while waiting on my partner...

Comment #72

I miss playing racquetball....damn that was fun...but nobody to play against here..

Comment #73

Instead of doing the escalator thingy I went sledding with the kids. Went up and down that hill for about an hour...

Comment #74

WTF!! Not just one, but two 300 games? Damn you should go pro...

Comment #75

Walked the dogs 20 minutes last night..

Not too impressive, I know...

Comment #76

You're kidding, right? I thought you started an "exercise" thread..

Hey, I walked my dogs for 25 minutes yesterday. Can I post here? I opened a really stubborn pickle jar too .... did some chores around the house. You know, sh!t like that? Does that count?.

C'mon, Rob. You can do better than that..

(this, of course, does not apply to the rest of you guys who are actually exercising)..

Comment #77


-Lying Hamstring Curls.

-Leg Extensions.

-Calf Raises.

-35 Minutes Elliptical.

Good way to start off the week..

Comment #78

Walked 7 miles.

I definitely not going to mention my pre-walk with the dog ;-) (.7 mile / 21 minutes).

Also did some pushups..


Comment #79

Hi Sean,.

Thanks for the prodding..

This is just the kind of help I need..

I know I can do better than that..

However, please see prior post in this thread from 01-15-2011, 07:18 PM ..

My better half loaded me up on Benadryl, Allegra, and Excedrin Migraine..

Felt crummy all weekend and slept mostly..

I would, will, and do definitely count walking the dog 20 or 25 minutes as exercise..

Opening a pickle jar - not so much..

Now go to the gym and bench press a car or something..

But be it known -.

If you pick up a nasty cold while you're there -.

You darn well better keep hitting it the entire week..

~ Rob..

Comment #80

* 20 Minutes Arc Trainer - LVL 5 = 349 Calories Burned (According to my HR Monitor).

* 43 Minutes Weight Machines = 477 Calories Burned (Again according to my HR Monitor).

Today was all legs, and they have the jello like feeling, and start getting all twitchy when putting a little weight on them. Feels great..

Comment #81

Here's a sweet little "calories burned" calculator for you..

It'll give you estimates based on the data you input (your weight/activity performed), at least you'll get a ballpark idea in regards to calories-in/calories-out ....


I guess burning about 125 calories walking a dog for 20 minutes is much better than nothing. In case you're interested, at your current weight, you do burn 125 calories an hour just sitting on your a$$..

I have yet to find data regarding calories burned for opening a stubborn pickle jar - but I.


Find a formula for determining the energy required to successfully complete a vigorous masturbation session (not on this site, sorry)...

Comment #82

Is there any other kind?.

Besides, if you build up a really good sweat and are breathing heavy can you count it as exercise for the day? I know there is/was a way to account for sexual activity on your daily activity log on this site.....

Comment #83


I burned 2,125 calories yesterday by sitting on my ass and walking my dawg. And I didn't even need to jack off.....


When you're a body building stud with a great workout ethic, and only in need of a 30 pound tune-up;.

It's prolly easy to see folks who waddle around for half an hour as total under-achievers..

But until you've been in the camp of the morbidly obese - when you've not exercised in years - but you're trying to make a change - and you've lost 60 pounds - but you still have what seems like a thousand pounds to go; then any regular exercise is an achievement..

Put on an 100 pound fat suit tonight, remove some cartilage from your knee, and tell me how great your P90X went..

I guess what I'm trying to say is there's a lot of really fat folks here who might feel too intimidated to post here now - that they got off the couch and walked their dog for 20 minutes..

This place is for everyone regardless of their fitness level..

No matter how small the victory - it's still a victory...

Comment #84

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