How many Nutrisystem points is a subway sandwich?

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First question I have is How many Nutrisystem points is a subway sandwich? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... I'm sure you guys have covered this a million and a half times but it seems my search fu is weak. Now that my eating is becoming routine I have been hitting the weights on top of my daily biking. How do you guys handle additional protein? I have the expected pain and tightness after a good work out but it is seeming to linger longer than it ever has and I am wondering if I am not getting enough protein with just my Nutrisystem foods. Any information you guys can give or even point me to a thread where this has been covered would be greatly appreciated...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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My 2 cents here, Moose, but it is very hard to add "extra protein" without some extra calories..

Your ticker shows 350+ lbs with nearly 180 lbs to lose?.

Your call of course but I'd drop lbs as the only priority at that point. Unless your on steroids and a WWE wrestler, the weight you're carrying is not ripped muscle and it's not going to be. You probably do not need the extra-extra calories yet..

More aerobic exercise (or faster, lighter aerobic weight training) and loss of lbs makes more sense to me than worrying about extra protein..

Just my opinion, of course..


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I agree with j ... Unless you're 6'11 you should continue with the cardio and keep the reps higher on your lifting. It's gonna have to be in the 12-15 range for you, big boy. It's going to take you awhile to make goal being 100% on NS. Adding extra protein will just draw this whole thing out longer than it has to. Make goal then worry about your physique..

But what do I know? Call a counselor...

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Ok, I was just sorta worried about the prolonged DOMS really. I'm not in any way trying to bulk up lol. Totally focused on debulking! All my weight training is 50 percent of my max for 12-15 reps. On the last set I tend to go till failure..

My arms feel fine now I think it was just coming back from not doing any sort of resistance training for a LONG time. I have always had good cardio since I commute a lot by bike it just wasn't keeping up with my pizza/beer intake calorie wise. I will see how the next couple of weeks play out but I think the DOMS will fade a bit quicker as the muscles get used to being used more. If it keeps up I will contact a counselor..

Thanks for the input though!..

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Don't mean to butt into the mens' room but thought I would toss in my 2 cents. DOMS is caused by tearing of the muscles from unusual or eccentric training. Protein isn't really the cure for it - rest, icing, massage, stretching etc. are part of the therapy. Prevention of course is the key. If you are feeling DOMS as opposed to typical soreness, then it sounds like you are going too hard, too fast..

Protein and carbs really only help with stamina and fatigue. Before you add any additional protein servings to your day, I would make sure that you are maxing out your protein servings and aiming for high protein add-ins. Put down the string cheese and go for a can of tuna fish, 3 oz of grilled chicken, 3/4 cup of eggbeaters/egg whites or protein shakes..

Follow the following guidelines for a dairy/protein add-in: 100 calories or less, 3g of fat or less and a minimum of 7g of protein. Definitely focus on the protein grams in whatever you are eating. I am for 15-20g for my morning and lunch protein servings and only go lighter when I'm not hungry or exerting myself...

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Thanks Losingw8now, I haven't made any changes as of yet, that's why I asked. Fitness knowledgeable I am NOT. All I did over the past few days was stretch as much as possible and massage. I hadn't thought of tuna but that will work nicely at work where I can't heat anything up. At home it's always eggbeaters! Everything is better with eggs..

Would just working thing that aren't used to being worked be considered unusual? I try to keep my reps steady on both compression and extension, watch my breathing and stay hydrated. I will see how things go. Thanks for breaking down what's what!..

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I used to use ISOflex, one scoop is 120cal (a little high), 1g carb, .5g fat, 35mg sodium and 27g protein..

Even half a scoop would put you under on cals and help a lot on the protein...

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Time for my usual "protein caution" reply, here..

I run dialysis clinics. A lot of themhave for years..

"Most" kidney failure patients are diabetic and/or hypertensive. Causes number 1 and 2 for needing dialysis..

But nearly every dialysis clinic has (or has had) at least one young guy with lots of muscles who has no kidney function leftbecause someone told him "the more protein intake, the better, dude!"..

Not everyone can handle massive protein intakes and not everyone is smart enough to increase protein intake on their own!!!.

If anyone, for any reason, is going to really (really) do protein loadingthen for the love of God talk to your physician first and make sure you aren't one of those folks who shouldn't!!!!.

The problem isn't the protein, per seit's that all of us have bodies that work differently..

Before giving your body massive amounts of protein, you should always always always consult with your doctor..

<steps off soapbox>.


Note: sorry for the predictable rantit's the registered nurse in me..

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