How many Nutrisystem points is a slice of brocolli kish?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How many Nutrisystem points is a slice of brocolli kish? Thanks in advance for any answer. My other question... When I feel a craving for fast food, I get out the flame broiled beef patty. This tastes EXACTLY like a McDonalds regular cheeseburger! I use the whole grain roll with ff American cheese. I dice up some white onion and put three thinly sliced pickles on top. Then the final touch, and this is the most important, three small dollops of ketchup on the top bun! So good, and you can use all those fast food ketchups you have in that kitchen drawer!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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I was scared to try the burger for some reason, but now i'm eager to give it a try. Thanks!..

Comment #2

I put it in the water or whatever liquid you use then put it in the toaster oven and melt a little cheese on top..

Be careful handling it because it tends to break apart...

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I had the Flame Broiled Hamburger Patty last night and it was very good. One of the better meals on NS...

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I agree the burgers are great. I had one last night. I read a tip that made it pretty good and that is after it has rehydrated to put it on a pan with a little pam and get the excess water out. I tried it last night and it worked great. I also like to add ff cheese, mushrooms and onions. Yum!!!.

I was a junkfood junkie and this is a great treat..


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You can also make it into a Big Mac. Saute some onions in pam spray. After fixing burger, add onions, chopped pickle, lettuce, ff cheese and ff thousand island dressing. This is my all time favorite dinner. Love to eat this when everyone else is having their McDonald's...

Comment #6

Can't forget to spray ICBINBFF on the bun and toast, makes the buns taste so much better...

Comment #7

Don't forget FF BBQ sauce and a slice of turkey bacon to top it off!..

Comment #8

PUt Worcestershire Sauce in with the water. It gives it a great flavor!..

Comment #9

How do you get the burger not to be soggy and fall apart?..

Comment #10


How do you make those amazing onion rings? Please, please post your recipe..


Comment #11

I would like to make the onion rings too... I love the burgers, you can fix them so many different ways...

Comment #12

You might have to contact Jeannie on the 100% thread on the General Support Forum. She's kinda busy for the next week or two with a soldier in the house!!! Her husband is home on R&R from Iraq!..

Comment #13

I made some onion rings that someone had on a recipe and not sure who but I dipped the onion in egg beaters and then dredged it in Heart Smart Bisquick and put in a hot oven until browned and turned them once...

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Here's Jeannie's recipe for onion rings....they're SOOOOOOOO yummy!!!!.

Onion Rings (by Jeannie).

Take 4 slices of a medium onion and pull apart into rings. Dip rings in egg beaters (1/4 cup = 20 cals so free), and then in Heart Smart bisquick (you use so little I also counted as free! entree tonight is low on calories anyway!). I seasoned the bisquick with Mrs Dash Tomato, Basil & Garlic - a new flavor for me and it was fabulous!! Cook on a cookie sheet sprayed with Olive Oil Pam at 375 for 10 minutes, turn over, spray again and cook 10 minutes more or so. They should be golden and crispy so just watch the first time you make them to gauge your own oven!..

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Great Question, How do you get them to stay together?..

Comment #16

With the patty I use 7 grain whole wheat bread and grill it with ff cheese like a pattty melt. mmmmm...goood..

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I just carefully put it on the bun - putting a fork or whatever underneath it to pick it up, not just poking the fork right in and picking it up, if you know what I mean!.

But lots of people soak it with the water, and the transfer to a frying pan to grill for a few.....

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Although I find the Nutrisystem burgers to be quite goodand I've been eating them for over 2 yearsI would never say they taste like a McD burger...LoL!!..

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I add boiling water/broth on top of, and just about half way up the burger, let sit for about 30 seconds, flip and let it sit another 30 seconds, dump off any left over moisture, and slide it into a preheated skillet for another 30 seconds per side. This way has never failed me!..

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To keep the burgers from falling apart, don't overhydrate them. Actually I watch as they suck up the water, broth, or whatever liquid I have used. When it looks like it's plumped up I then toss it onto the pan. Sometimes I want them to fall apart when I am going to make tacos or nachos. Again, I always flavor my water, let them get oversoggy, throw it in the pan and crumble it up with the spatula. Add my sauteed onion, chili powder etc. EAt with baked lays, my alloted bread (taco shell etc)...

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