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My first question is How Many Nutrisystem Points in a can of Pepsi? Looking forward for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. How the friggin heck have I gained 2 inches in my hips and waist this week?.


Been workin out regularly and can possibly understand why my chest would also spike - but WTF???.


The tape don't lie..

I was making good progress and now lift-off!.

I'm new at this and in a very fragile, agitated state at the moment..


In other news - I lost 3 modest pounds this week..

Not the greatest but no cheating. Zero..

Stop by my page for the exciting exercise report and say HI!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

But look at your weight loss chart...pretty impressive amount of loss...almost 30 lbs in about a months time. Nice job! I wouldn't put too much stock in your measurements. It might just be that you are measuring at different times of the day. Just keep up the good work, you'll be dropping pants sizes in no time...

Comment #2

I DO drink a shet ton of water..

Probably at least 8 20 oz bottles a day..

I have 2 big cups of coffe M-F.

But everything else is water...

Comment #3

I only weigh / measure on Sunday morns..

Sorry to be such a cryin beyotch...

Comment #4

Don't sweat it. Either the tape was placed differently, or you were a bit bloated..

Press on!..

Comment #5

Next time I'm pullin that thing as hard as I can.*.

* Talking about the tape...

Comment #6

DITTO! water the stuff out 64+oz per day..

3 pounds is fantastic for a week! Congrats Rob, sorry Marty..

27 lbs lost so far; that's like three big bags of potatoes..

Looks like you're gonna have to make another zappabear this week.

From your fancy graphs, it looks like your caloric intake increases on the weekends. No judgement, just an observation...

Comment #7

Dude..stop measuring on a weekly basis, try monthly or something. It's just another number that can potentially get you frustrated & throw off your focus..

Do I have to include a picture of me flipping off the measuring tape?.


Comment #8

I was gonna say the same thing... where you took the last measurement may not even BE there! Stuff is shifting, my man..

Your body is a changin'!! Embrace your manhood!..

Comment #9

Well you did finger that donut so you probabally asorbed a lot of fat and ist from that!!!!!!!.

Well, it is getting close to the full moon, so maybe the moon's gravity is stretching ya a bit!..

Comment #10

But Mom said it would make me go blind...

Comment #11

You have to look at the overall trend over the period. It's not a monotonic function. There will be some little sawteeth on the curve...

Comment #12

Are you trying to be polite and hold in the NutriToots? Maybe try having a blueberry muffin, wait 30 mins and measure again...

Comment #13

No worries mate! Let the scale be the common denominator...

Comment #14

Okay... asked a Counselor..

Turns out I just might be a freakish anomaly:.

5:42:17 PM System.

Thank you for contacting Nutrisystem! We look forward to helping you achieve your weight loss goals. A counselor will connect with you shortly..

5:42:17 PM System.

Becky has joined this session!.

5:42:17 PM System.

Connected with Becky.

5:42:21 PM Becky.

Thank you for contacting My name is Becky. To better assist you, may I have your email address that is listed on your account?.

5:42:27 PM Rob ********.


5:42:35 PM Becky.

Great, thank you Rob! How may I help you today?.

5:42:38 PM Rob ********.

Hi Becky,.

5:43:08 PM Rob ********.

I weigh and do my measurements once a week on Sundays..

5:43:41 PM Rob ********.

This morning my chest, waist, and hips were all 2'' larger..

5:44:11 PM Rob ********.

I've been working out and what not but not cheating AT ALL..

5:44:18 PM Rob ********.

Any thoughts?.

5:44:37 PM Becky.

What was the weight on the scale compared to last week?.

5:44:47 PM Rob ********.

3 lbs lighter.

5:44:56 PM Rob ********.

I've been losing weight consistently.

5:45:03 PM Rob ********.

27 pounds in 5 weeks.

5:45:52 PM Becky.

That is great then! You are probably building muscle from working out and the fat is turning to muscle. I would remind yourself that you are losing pounds. That is very high weight loss!.

5:46:32 PM Rob ********.

But why the heck would my gut go from 52'' back to 54''??.

5:46:44 PM Rob ********.

Not good..

5:46:55 PM Rob ********.

I measured twice..

5:47:01 PM Rob ********.

5:47:07 PM Becky.

Maybe you are bloated with gas..

(long pause here).

5:47:42 PM Rob ********.

No really... My chest, waist, and hips are all 2'' larger..

5:47:47 PM Becky.

I would take measurements again next week and see if there is a difference then..

5:47:53 PM Rob ********.


5:48:01 PM Rob ********.

Is this a common thing??.

5:48:12 PM Rob ********.

I've been lsing inches every week until now.

5:48:19 PM Rob ********.

Losing I mean.

5:48:19 PM Becky.

I actually have not heard of that. But there is a first time for everything..

5:48:54 PM Rob ********.

Should I ask someone on the dietician forum or something?.

5:49:37 PM Rob ********.

What if I explode???.

5:49:57 PM Becky.

I would wait it out one week. You can ask on a discussion board, that will be fine..

5:50:10 PM Rob ********.

Ok thanks for your time and patience..

5:50:17 PM Becky.

You're welcome! Is there anything else I can help you with today?.

5:50:33 PM Rob ********.

No all is well except for being filled with gas..

5:50:47 PM Becky.

Have a great night! Keep us posted on your weightloss!..

Comment #15

I think I speak for everyone when I say "I told ya so"!!.

Go for a long walk and blow some much deserved farts, man ... you've earned it...

Comment #16

I want to live in Rob/Marty's head for one day..

Comment #17

But I don't need to fart!.

Oh well, I'll let it go..

This too shall pass.....

Comment #18

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