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Got a quick question: How many Nutrisystem Points for this recipe? Thanks for any response. Another question... In the meal planner is specifies portions, we all know this, but some of the veggies (many are my favs) are listed as unlimited. So, I usually end up eating more than what is stated in the planner. I like to stir fry my veggies in pam, IBINB spray, and lemon juice. By the time it's all done I have a plate FULL of veggies.

I 'd say the pile is probably around 3 cups worth.

I do pay attention to those veggies that are not listed as being unlimited..

Am I eating too many veggies?? I try to make the pile smaller, but by the time I put everything together it's a pile again. I have no problem eating them all, but I'm just wondering about how the portions in the meal planner compare to eating whatever amount of an unllimited veggie and if this is a possible problem I need to correct. I hope this makes sense to everybody..


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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The way I've understood "unlimited" to work is just like that. When I make a salad it's generally huge and full of unlimiteds. So I don't see a problem with your stir fry. I read a post when I first started about eating the vegetables (I think it was from CoffeeBuzz) that said "We didn't get fat because we ate too many vegetables!" Those are words to live by..

Seriously though, just make sure you watch your portions on the limited vegetables...

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My meal planner always says between 1300-1400 calories, so I really don't think I'm hurting myself with excess calories. When I eat a limited veggie, I do stick to the portion sizes. I was just wondering if I was doing anything wrong as it just seems like a lot of veggies. The good thing is that they're good and I like eating the mixtures I come up with. Sometimes I think about sharing them with the wife, but that doesn't happen. lol..

Comment #3

You could always share the recipes with us though!..

Comment #4

That's what I want to hear.

Now where are that cabbage..

Comment #5

Keep eating the veggies. Go easy on the oil...

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There's not really much of a recipe as much of just a combination of whatever veggies I want. Spray down the pan and get er hot. Then throw in the stuff. Spray the stuff with some ICBINB and cook away. I use oregano, garlic powder and tarragon for the spices, on yeah, don't forget the red pepper flakes and fresh gound pepper. When it starts to dry out squeeze in some lemon juice (from your neighbors tree) flip it around and cover for a couple of minutes.

Put the veggies on your plate along with your meal and add more lemon juice to the veggies. Then sprinkle the whole thing with sliced almonds for your fat. When your done eating, sop up whatever's left on the plate with a piece of WW bread..

That's pretty much the routine...and I like it..

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I don't use any oil at all....see above method...

Comment #8

I'm using "oil" in a generic manner. Watch the Pam and the ICNB...

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Pbs519 - thanks for the idea! I used to do a similar thing when I grilled (but a lot less healthy with potatoes and such), never thought about doing a stir fry like this. Man, I did this tonight, and wow, it was great and I'm looking forward to eating a big variety of veggies like this now..

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LOL....thanks Mike, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've even done brussel sprouts as one of the ingredients...granted I had to steam them a bit prior to the stir fry, but they were a good addition. Last night I had cabbage, mushrooms, broccoli, zuchinni, and a red pepper. It's all good. and all unlimited...

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I eat cabbage 1x a year...maybe i'll change that up a bit now..

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I'm going to bump this thread for those of you new to the program and trying to figure out ways to get in your veggies (other than just big salads)..

This was what I had tonight (and last night and the night before....

) All veggies are tossed in raw, except the carrots where I nuke them in a glass bowl covered with plastic wrap for 2 mins (just to make the not as crunchy). I usally add in Garlic powder, black pepper, and any other spices I might want to change the flavor. Then a very light amount of Soy Sauce, or tobasco sauce (or similar) to add a kick (if you are going to use Soy Sauce, don't add any other salt). Then cover with a lid periodically so they steam some as well as cook... Mmmmm......

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That looks and sounds so good...that might be my lunch lol..

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