How many Nutrisystem points for sex?

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First question I have is How many Nutrisystem points for sex? Thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Has anyone started this new Wii exercise? I've been doing it for a few days and I'm lovin' it! I use the DDR mat. The exercise guru will find just walking pretty lame, but I get motivated to march and jog. I know I can't stop when I have a hotel that 'costs' 800 steps and a bridge that costs 1,000 steps and a new piece of the island that costs 300 steps in the queue waiting to become mine! I mostly do my workouts in the evening after work, so I've been walking in the dark until I earn enough clock parts to be able to change the time. Today was the first time I walked during daylight hours where I could actually see what I had previously earned.

I wonder what happens when you get the whole rainbow.

I like to find the 'big' things, not just trees, benches and potted plants. So far I have an apartment building, hotel, burger restaurant and 2 suspension bridges and a few vendor stands, plus I've unlocked 68% of the island. When I have a big costing item in the queue, I can walk on the beach where there are not many capsules to click on..

If you're playing, please share what you have figured out. I had to go to the Konami website to read the longer version of the instruction book...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

I'm addicted to it.

I went on it twice yesterday. The first time I did 7,000 steps, the second time I did 10,000. When you save your stats it tells you how many steps, number of calories burned and events earned, etc. I'm getting better at keeping the beat while hovering over a capsule to see what it is...

Comment #2

You have to get each clock 4X to earn that one time of day, 4 cd capsules to earn new songs and you have to earn several zodiac stars before you get the constellation. I wonder what happens when you get the whole rainbow. I've been close, but never got the whole thing. I like to find the 'big' things, not just trees, benches and potted plants. So far I have an apartment building, hotel, burger restaurant and 2 suspension bridges and a few vendor stands, plus I've unlocked 68% of the island. When I have a big costing item in the queue, I can walk on the beach where there are not many capsules to click on..

If you're playing, please share what you have figured out. I had to go to the Konami website to read the longer version of the instruction book.

I also brought it and have been enjoying it, I aws wondering about the clock, I have clicked on them but never gotten a clock piece, the constellation I haven't gotten yet either, the rainbow I did one day and it made the rainbow appear over the island, very pretty. where on the website is the longer instruction book, I can't find it, thanks. I am also happy to see others walking it out!!..

Comment #3

Okay, I am going to Game Stop to buy it now, you guys talked me in to it!..

Comment #4

Today I did three miles in about an hour. I unlocked 97% of the island, but I still have 20 routes to unlock. I got 2 cars, a church, a couple ranches and windmills, another apartment and another suspension bridge. No clocks showed up today and no stars cause it was day time..

I'll try to find the link to the website. I got it through a convoluted route, I think I went to the Amazon page and got it from one of the reviews...

Comment #5

Here is the link to the long version of the manual. You will have to copy and paste it to your browser. Hope it helps..


Hmmm seems to be a hot link.....

Comment #6

Got it, walked 10,000 steps and didn't find all the rainbow, but I burned 328 calories. I am going to read the manual to figure more out. Thanks y'all...

Comment #7

I didn't know about this game! It sounds like alot of fun. I'm ordering it tonight!..

Comment #8

I am glad to see some threads about the different Wii Fit programs everyone is doing. We don't have a Wii but I sure have been thinking long and hard about getting one...

Comment #9

Do you need a DDR mat for this game to work or can you use a balance board?..

Comment #10

No, you can use the Wii remote and nunchuck or the balance board. I thought the same thing at first and didn't want to shell out the extra $$, then I read the specs..

It really is fun and something different!..

Comment #11

I like that I work up a sweat and can really feel it in my upper legs where I need the most toning....Yesterday, after I earned some of the bigger things, the console message came up saying it couldn't read the disk and I started screaming at it 'Oh no you don't! I earned those, they're mine and you're not taking them!.

I popped the disk out and when I put it back all was well and I was able to Save...

Comment #12

LOL, I would have been yelling too, it takes a lot to get those points just to have them taken away. I like the game because I didn't really even realize I had walked so many steps and before I knew it I was at 10,000. My attention is diverted and it keeps me more motivated. I am one of those that feel exercise is so boring...

Comment #13

I walked 3.5 miles today. I had to put the remote down so I would quit putting things in the queue!! I was desperately trying to get a flower field for 1000 steps, but kept clicking on zodiac stars and using up my points! Today I unlocked three new routes and got a house and some other minor stuff like a haybale and a ranch gate. Tomorrow that flower field is MINE!! hehehe..

Comment #14

I think you guys have convinced me to buy this game. Can't wait to get paid on Friday!..

Comment #15

This game sounds so much fun! I've been contemplating buying a Wii I think this would keep me from getting bored with the same old thing! I love Leslie Sansone walking DVDs but I get so bored knowing what she is going to say and do....I even have tried turning the sound off and playing music instead but that doesn't help much. Thanks for the suggestion and comments everybody!..

Comment #16

Toni I get bored with Leslie Sansone too, but I love this, as does my 17 yo daughter. Pat, I am so glad you turned me onto this, I love it. Before I know it I have gone an hour and 11 or 12,000 steps. I have yet to find all the colors for the rainbow.

, maybe today...

Comment #17

I'm going to get that- sounds like fun. I love ddrbut my husband likes it more and holds all of the records.....

Comment #18

12,000 steps today and no flower field. I didn't see any until I was over 10,000 another suspension bridge and the lighthouse route. Today I was trying to unlock more music....I got luxury housing, another car, windmill...and I can't remember the rest. I wish there was a detailed list of what you earned instead of generic 'events'. If I could remember the route, I would try to get to the flower field earlier in my workout!.

What an easy way to walk three miles!!!..

Comment #19

You did great! I did 11,900 and unlocked a couple of apartments, a hotel, two suspension bridges and some of the small stuff. I still can't find all the dang rainbow, LOL...

Comment #20

Great job Stormy! I want new music! I did over 15,000 steps today! 4 miles! I got that flower field and I earned a 'time of day' (don't know what time cause I didn't look) I got a barn and silo. I'm still trying to figure out some stuff. The capsules that light up, the writing is black, not red...did I already earn those and I have to click them to appear? This happened with cds and stars too? I noticed sometimes they reduced my points and sometimes not???.

I've gotten five colors of the rainbow a few times, but never get it all. No new routes tonight......

Comment #21

This sounds so cool- I just got my Wii yesterday and DH hooked it p while I was at work- will try it out tomorrow for the first time! I 'm so excited!..

Comment #22

Has anyone found this in stores? I can only find it online...

Comment #23


That is awesome, I did 13,600. I originally thought that once you earned the points for the item you had chosen they just opened, but learned last night I had to go back and click on them to open...but now I have two new suspension bridges. I haven't gotten any stars and still no rainbow, lol. I got one or two new pieces of music last night, and I am really glad, those other songs are getting old.

I think I got two or three new routes last night and my daughter showed me how to "pan" with the Wii remote to move side to side to get capsules I was missing (if you haven't figured it out, use the button on the bottom of the remote, B I think). Looking forward to walking tonight (never said that before)...

Comment #24

Do you have Gamestop near you? That is where I found it after looking at both Target and Walmart. Good luck...

Comment #25

Let us know how you like it and have fun...

Comment #26

Has anyone found this in stores? I can only find it online.

I had preordered mine online before christmas so haven't looked in any stores yet. I also have two files going, one with lower capsule values so I can wander and get things with less points and the other the regular way just for a change of pace. I also changed teh time to 1am and it was so dark on the country type paths that I had to head back into town but that was the only time I had unlocked that I could earn some of the night capsules...

Comment #27

I just got mine! Trying it out today..

I got mine from ebay. I was going to order it from Amazon but it was up to two week wait. I live in a very rural area so didn't bother trying to find it at stores...

Comment #28

This sounds like so much fun! I'm still awaiting my first shipment of NS, but it never hurts to start working out beforehand!!! I have so many Wii work out games that I just need to try!..

Comment #29

I'm thinking about getting this too. For those of you that have both, which works better the mat or the balance board?..

Comment #30

I prefer the DDR mat. I march most of the time. My mat slips and I do have to adjust it, but it's on top of carpet which is a better cushion than the balance board. I'm thinking the nunchuk thigh holster from the EA active sport game would work with this? Anybody try it?.

I have to take my daughter to dancing, then I'm getting on. Hoping for new music, another flower field and a full rainbow. I gotta see what 'time' I opened up yesterday...better be daylight! I'll report back later...

Comment #31

I like the balance board (and I use it on the carpet with no problem), the nunchuck and wii remote don't seem to pick up all the footsteps for me..

I did 15,100 steps today, opened new music, still no rainbow (ugh), but opened up several new routes, lots of trees and street lights, benches and pot plants..

Michelle, I remember when I first started Wii Fit, the yoga killed...actually still does, but as funny as I look I still attempt and give my family a good laugh. I like the games!..

Comment #32

I'm thinking about getting this too. For those of you that have both, which works better the mat or the balance board.

I prefer using neither the board or the mat but the nunchunk and wii remote, I like to move around a bit and didn't like just using the board and staying in one spot on the hard board...

Comment #33

And I did cheat to day and look on the map to find the last rainbow piece so I could have a rainbow again, normally I just keep walking until I am done but had one left and really wanted to see the rainbow..

Comment #34

Okay, I never clicked on the wonder I feel like I'm seeing the same things over and over. I did 3.4 miles tonight 13,600 steps. Got another flower field, a couple houses, cars, burger champ. I did have to click on the suspension bridge, the burger joint and the flower field again to get them to show up. If the items are black, not red, it means you have enough points for them. I got three new songs and the time I unlocked was 12 a.m...I need a daylight time cause I workout after work and the only time I see daylight is on the weekend! I'm off tomorrow, so I'll be able to do it earlier...

Comment #35

(you will know when you point at an item and it has only the item name in black lettering with no price that it's something you've already earned and can open)..

I got the above from an Amazon review..

Comment #36

Thanks, you have gotten so much farther than me! I have to go to Dallas today and tomorrow as the non-profit I work for is presenting a workshop, I dread not having my food.

I just did 15,700 and burned 500 calories so eating out hopefully won't be a problem. Oh, and I got a hotel today, yea!..

Comment #37

I just had it put aside at my local Game excited to try it!!!..

Comment #38

I've never heard of this game, but it sounds fun. We have a Wii with Wii Fit, but from what this sounds like, you can walk as long as you like. Is that correct? I really like the step aerobics on the Wii Fit, but I always wish it was long. This might be a great buy for me..



Comment #39

What is a DDR mat? I have wii fit but haven't purchased the mat yet, is that what it is?..

Comment #40

DDR is Dance Dance Revolution. That mat or the Outdoor Challenge mat would work or the Wii Fit Balance Board or you can just use the remote and nunchuk..

Today I did 3 miles and got a couple houses, a boutique, another barn/silo and lots of new music...

Comment #41

Hey Pat, is this a super intense workout where I should probably wear work out clothes, or can I do it in my loungy clothes?..

Comment #42

It's not intense. You're mostly fast walking/marching and if you use the mat, you don't wear sneakers. Mine is set up in the basement where it is cold. I don't put the heater on cause I sweat, but I wear a fleece top and athletic pants..

I was thinking of turning off the missed steps so it doesn't subtract it off my total cause I am still stepping and I don't want my step count/distance miles.

To reflect less...

Comment #43

I ordered it from I'll have it within a week...

Comment #44

Let us know what you think! You're gonna love it!..

Comment #45

This sounds awesome! We have a Wii but my boys use it all the time -I don't have any workout programs with it. I always figured they were more fun instead of really being about to count it as a real workout..

I might have to look into getting some workout programs and use it myself!..

Comment #46

I have been thinking about buying it also,,but I really don't know anything about what I need to have been I buy it..what's involved?..

Comment #47

I did over 4 miles today. I got another new route, only 4 left to open. I clicked on 3 flower fields as soon as I started. I got an airship at the end of the dock. I'll have to find my way back there to see what it looks like. That was 1,000 steps too.

Both of them during the night! I did manage to get a whole constellation, gemini, I think; and lots more music....still short on the rainbow though. I did see another suspension bridge, but I was already at 15,000 steps. Hoping to find that tomorrow as well..

How are you all doing???..

Comment #48

Dang, you are doing great. I am so exhausted from the 4 hour drive home but I am going to walk twice tomorrow. I haven't seen the airship, that should be cool. I am confused about the music, it says 50, 80 or 100 on it, I click it when it lights up, but it doesn't give me new music all the time?????.

Calrip, you need either the remote and nunchuck, balance board or ddr mat. I use the balance board and like it, the nunchuck and remote didn't seem to pick up all my steps, I think you'll figure out which works best for you...

Comment #49

You have to get the same CD 4 times to earn it. It will make a musical sound and the girl says 'you did it', then your current music will resume..

I'm getting more coordinated at panning to get those stars and CDs..

Comment #50

I did over 4 miles today. I got another new route, only 4 left to open. I clicked on 3 flower fields as soon as I started. I got an airship at the end of the dock. I'll have to find my way back there to see what it looks like. That was 1,000 steps too.

Both of them during the night! I did manage to get a whole constellation, gemini, I think; and lots more music....still short on the rainbow though. I did see another suspension bridge, but I was already at 15,000 steps. Hoping to find that tomorrow as well..

How are you all doing.

Once you click on the airship you see if all over the island, different for some reason that wasn't what I expected. I haven't gotten any constellations yet, I guess I have to change the time to night again and keep hunting for them, I tend to walk the same time each day. I did walk 2.5 miles though today...

Comment #51

Nice to see some other Walk It Out fanatics. Although I haven't been quite so fanatical!.

You guys are really rockin' with your walkin'!!!.

I need to get back on soon. I also have some other Wii games, DDR 3, Fit and Fit Plus, and Just Dance. Fit Plus and DDR 3 are awesome. Haven't tried Just Dance but DD loves it. Oh, and I found my Walk It Out at Target (in-store) if any one is still looking..

Regarding Walk It Out, I love it. Use the DDR pad, but start getting pain in my left foot while walking so may move to the board so I can put sneakers on. Walking on hardwood floor in socks (no shoes allowed on DDR pad) so that might be the cause..

Hope everyone is enjoying their Wii. It's been the one thing to get me into some kind of activity...

Comment #52

It's called Walk it out??? I use the Wii almost everyday and do the wii fit..I LOVE it. I can burn about 350 calories in an hours and it's ALL FUN AND GAMES. Let me know if this is the name and where you purchased it. I've never seen/heard of walk it out....I'd love to buy this. Do you have to have the DDR pad or can you use the wii fit board?..

Comment #53

Yes, that is the name, it is fun and before you know it you have done 10,000 or more steps. I love Wii Fit and Plus also but this is my favorite at the moment. I purchased mine at Gamestop and I see where Bluebonnet purchased hers at Target. You don't need the ddr mat you can use the balance board. Good luck and have fun...

Comment #54

Today I used the Outdoor Challenge mat. I like that better than the DDR. I did 17,260 steps, 4.4 miles. Yea, I didn't expect the airship to be a flying blimp!! I saw my horse constellation in the sky. I got two more flower fields, a fish shop, surf shop and a couple of parasail boats. I'm stressed today, so all that walking helped.

Oh and I got another route opened, only 2 left...

Comment #55

How's everyone doing with their walking? I unlocked some Japanese songs, didn't understand the lyrics, but they had a good beat. Hoping to find that last suspension bridge tonight..

Comment #56

Hmm. Not familiar with the "walk it out"...have to check it out..

Comment #57

I'm such an idiot. I did a great 1.5 hour walk tonight, then when I tried to play the games something wasn't working right and I pulled out the disk and turned it off WITHOUT SAVING.

I'm hoping it auto saved. Guess I'll find out tomorrow if I really got the lighthouse,cafe a few cars and all the routes opened. I did over 18,000 steps and burned almost 400 calories. That was supposed to relieve my stress, not cause me more.

Have fun walkin it out....but remember to SAVE..

Comment #58

Oh that is such a bummer, I sure hope it saved for you!.

I finally got the rainbow, wasn't stopping till I did, lol. Got a couple of plazas, a beach, 4 new songs and lots of potted plants. I tried the mat today and I like using it except it keeps moving back. I only did about 14,100 steps but burned about 493 calories. Y'all have a wonderful night...

Comment #59

Ok, you all have convinced me to try the mat this afternoon with my walk, we have the outdoor adventure one so I want to see if I do like using that better or not...

Comment #60

I finally ended up buying this off of e-bay, can't wait for it to get here. Every store I checked in our area, both physically and online are sold out. I love doing Wii Fit Plus and we're a competitive family so that side of us has us using it everyday to see who can achieve a high score so I'm sure Walk It Off will only add to our use. Thanks for the suggestion!..

Comment #61

I did 11,600 tonight, got a flower field, a hamburger thing (I think), the lookout, a couple of houses and one new song. I worked out an hour with my personal trainer today and am dead tired now!..

Comment #62

40 minutes today. Got a suspension bridge, lighthouse, beach and tons of flower pots, and a couple of songs, I think. Seems like I'm always listening to the same 3-4 songs! I wish there was a bigger map because I hardly ever know where the heck I am. Finally figured out how to get to the town from the stadium; otherwise I'm just clueless. Got the beach open and now can't figure out how to get back there!..

Comment #63

How do you click on all those bubbles while you are walking? I find it difficult to click on those things without losing pace of my walking. Am I doing something wrong? I really like the game and enjoy the music and really feel I am getting a workout, but just confused as to what I am supposed to be clicking on...

Comment #64

Being an extremely uncoordinated person, I too find it difficult. I normally lose pace with the song but get right back on track, and it has gotten easier the longer I have done it. The bubbles (they call them capsules) are worth certain points and once you have enough for one, they light up. I think deciduous trees are worth 80 points, so when you have 80, they will get bright. You can save up points for higher value capsules, cars are 200, music is different amounts I think beginning at 50 and going up. Hotel is 800, flower pots 10, you get the drift. Others on here have been doing it longer than I and probably have better info...

Comment #65

I too lose pace but also get right back on track. Thank you for your response-glad to know I am not the only one who had some problems clicking on those capsules. I guess as long as I am having fun on it, who cares how long it takes to get whereever it is I'm going!.


Comment #66

You will get the hang of it. I can now pan around while keeping the beat....and no it didn't save, and me being directionally challenged cannot find my way back to the lighthouse! I did have 100% of the island opened before forgetting to save. Oh well, all the more incentive to keep going. Yesterday I got a flower shop, cafe, flower field and other stuff; had computer problems last night and couldn't post. I was going to take tonight off, but decided I will go on cause I won't have time on Friday. I like the Japanese music even though I don't understand a word of it. I've only gotten 5/7 of the rainbow...someday it will me mine..

Comment #67

That is really a bummer Pat, but sounds like you opened some other cool things. I got the rainbow again tonight, yes, that is twice now, lol (I am pathetic I know). I didn't open anything exciting though, bunch of trees, another car, lights, potted plants. I need more music, I hear the Boom Boom Boom song in my sleep.


Comment #68

[I hear the Boom Boom Boom song in my sleep.

Tina that is SO funny, I hum the boomboom song and I like the japanese song it has a fast beat, my daughter says mom they need the words for the song, sweetie that IS the words they are in Japanese..

I didn't open anything exciting today, an apartment building and some trees...

Comment #69

I got this game in the mail yesterday and finally got a chance to play it today. I had 20,000 steps. I just walked around the stadium and didnt open any other paths. I just figured I'd try to open as much as I could just on that one path. I was only missing one piece of the rainbow...

Comment #70

I never see all the colors of the rainbow. I've got most of the flower fields. I have 50 songs, 3 of the time clocks and two constellations. I hear the music in my head all day at work! I think tomorrow I'll work on getting more luxury housing and cafes...

Comment #71

Pat-do you have to click on the constellations and clock pieces four times for them to open?.

Wow Jayna, 20,000 steps that is great..

I am definitely working on music today. Have a wonderful day everyone!..

Comment #72

I have looked in stores for Walk It Out and can't find it - can anyone help? Thanks!.

But once I get it I have a feeling I am going to have to fight my 2 teenage boys for time on the Wii!.


Comment #73

Tawna- I couldnt find it in stores either so I ordered it from and there were no shipping charges..

I was wondering about the clock pieces too. I know I clicked on at least 3 but I didnt open any new times...

Comment #74

I pre-ordered mine from Amazon..

Yes, you have to click on the time clock four times to unlock that one time..

They are numbered 1-4. For the constellations, you have to click numberous stars to unlock. I'm guessing the number of stars is different for each constellation?...I couldn't get back to the beach last night either...

Comment #75

I got mine at Gamestop..

I got an apartment building, 6 songs (1 is bizarrely in slow motion), a couple of cars, a flower field, trees, lights and that's about it. No rainbow tonight though...

Comment #76

I got to the beach and walked it four times so I could collect all the stars. I think I got an apartment building (I may have knocked it out of the queue)..

No matter what I have in the queue, I try to get any stars, music or time clocks that I see. I got three flower fields right at the beginning. I couldn't find the luxury housing.......the song that plays inside my head is 'everyday I can feel the sunshine, it's a beautiful day....... I have very long stretches with no capsules and I got stuck in cow country for a long time..

Comment #77

With this game, can two people have completely separate landscapes going on? I'm wondering if my daughter and I could each have our own if we played, or would we building on the same area. We're both competitive, so we may do better if we each have our own and try to get things the other hasn't gotten yet..



Comment #78

Geez, I have opened about a zillion CD capsules and if I hear Get Ur Freak On one more time I'm gonna scream! Honestly I think I only have about 4 songs (and only 2 of them were playing this morning!) so am really going to zap those CD capsules tomorrow. I know I should check my song list but forgot this morning before shutting the unit down. Oh, and I still cannot find that beach I opened up the other day..

I am really loving this "game" and have not even touched any of my other Wii workout games for awhile..

Krl0716 - If I'm not mistaken two people are walking together, not separate routes. DD and I tried it one of the first days we got it and we were just clicking on everything in sight and not knowing why in the heck we were u-turning all the time and having alot of fun, if clueless almost the entire time!..

Comment #79

You create your own Wii Mii and you click on your name when you start, so each persons game is kept separate. There is a two person choice, but I haven't tried it...

Comment #80

Walking in the daylight made all the difference today. I got two more suspension bridges and the south beach pier, more music and a new route. I had limited time on it. It was a long day. I had to get up at 3:45 a.m. to get my mom to ambulatory sugery at 6. I stayed there for four hours then came home to sleep, then tonight is my 13 year olds middle school play..

Comment #81

That's great, thank you. We have wii fit, so our pudgy little miis are ready to start a new game..

Thanks and have a great weekend,.


Comment #82

In this game you have to create a new Mii. They are rather androgynous and.

You only see them from the back. The only difference is girls wear shorts and guys wear long sweatpants...

Comment #83

Anybody Walking it Out this weekend? I have to get back to the beach to see what I earned yesterday, then I'm going to try to find the lighthouse and get some luxury housing and apartments. I have nothing to open on the rocky path and not much left in farm country. I have about 60 songs and I should be close to another constellation. How are y'all doing?..

Comment #84

Hi Pat-I didn't walk last night, I was beat and lazy (I admit it). My personal trainer told me about a vest you can buy that you add weights to and walk with it. I am going to Academy and see if I can find one today, I figure it will make my walking burn more calories. I do plan on walking today, so I'll report back. How long have you been doing Walk it Out? You have so much open. I try to ignore the trees to get the bigger stuff, but I see them light up and I have to click on them, I just have no self-control.


Comment #85

Stormy - let us know how the vest works for you!.

I have been following you guys for a while. I started Walk it Out this morning. I have been really sick so I still don't have much energy. I have no idea what I was doing but I walked 1 1/2 miles so surely that was better than sitting on the couch! My 2 teenage boys were laughing at me and my yorkie wouldn't quit barking!.

Do you think I need to read the manual that Healthy posted early in this thread? I just kept walking and clicking on everything that I could!.

I wonder if this really can be called "fitness" - I did break a bit of a sweat but I think maybe it was because I have my house warm from being so sick and it is cold outside!?!..

Comment #86

I'm never quite sure that the calories burned are accurate, but it keeps me on my feet and moving for over an hour and that can't be bad. Today I got that light house and the rest of the suspension bridges for 100% of the island. Yay! I also earned a clock time that is day light, so that will help with my directional difficulties. I didn't find my way back to the south beach pier although I was on the water for most of my workout. I've been doing this for about two weeks. I guess once you open all the capsules, you have to create another mii with a different name and start over? The weight vest sounds interesting.

I really need to build up my town. I keep saying that but I prefer to walk out in the natural parts...

Comment #87

I ordered it and it should arrive somewhere around Wednesday! SO awesome! I should also be getting my balance board with the Wii Fit Plus! this week as well! you all better watch out- I just might get in shape! lol..

Comment #88

I bought a vest you can add 1 to 20 pounds on, I added 10 to walk today. I thought it was a bit heavy and then my husband reminded me I was wearing that everyday not too long ago. Anyway, I could feel the difference with the weight on, like my calves tired easier..

Whether it can be called fitness or not......I am walking, although it is in place, 10-15,000 steps a night. Since I was not doing that previously I consider it fitness. It is not the only thing I do, but I am active and not sitting on the couch and eating. My two cents..

I did 16,100 steps tonight and was one away from the rainbow, just couldn't find the darn turquoise. Opened a ranch gate, a hay bale, 11 more songs (yes), bunch of trees, street lamps, potted plants, mailboxes and benches..

Annaputilo, Wii Walk it Out is a game where you can walk to music, each step collects a point and you can "buy" things with the, cafes, trees, streetlights, music, stars, etc...

Comment #89

Found the disc...ready to start this (can't wait)...and wondering: Y'all like the balance board or the DDR mat best (I have both). Gotta walk...gotta walk.....

Comment #90


I have tried all three ways, the mat slipped about to much, the board I didn't like staying in one place and it seemed to bother my feet afterwhile so I stick with t he nunchuck, since I normally wear sweats when I walk I just tuck the nunchunck into the side of my pants, and it seems to measure the steps just fine...

Comment #91

Thanks, Karen! Just got back from a 3 mile walk on "real" streets, so will try the new Wii walk later.....

Comment #92

I prefer the mat and yes it does slip. I adjust it between songs. Try both and let us know what you think Pam. I'll have to get back on my treadmill and see how it compares...

Comment #93

For those asking about the full manual, what helped me was looking at the reviews on Amazon. They gave great detail about how it works and I found that very helpful. Of course I had to screw it up a few times before I figured it out..

Comment #94

Pam, I just started today too and I also like just the nunchuk and I put it in my sweats pocket and it works great. I am not confined to one place. I have the EA Active that holds the nunchuk on the leg so I might try that sometime..

I don't really know what I am doing - I just walk and hit whatever comes my way - are there some things that I don't want those of you that have been doing this?..

Comment #95

I have used all three and I like the mat the best. I have a yoga mat for Wii Fit and I lay that down and then lay the other mat (the part my feet will be on) across it. That seemed to cut down on slippage but sometimes, depending on how fast I am walking, it may bunch up a little but it never affects the walking so I don't mess with fixing it. KeepitSimple, I have EA Active also and never thought about using the leg strap. The nunchuck wasn't picking up all my steps when I was using it, which is why I switched, but I bet with the leg strap it would. Thanks for the idea...

Comment #96

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