How many Nutrisystem points are there in red lentils?

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My 1st question is: How many Nutrisystem points are there in red lentils? Hoping for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Good Morning CSG!.

I can't believe it's already February 1st! Praying that it's a good month for each of us..

Today's devotion by Gwen Smith is "A Fresh Brewed Faith". How many of us are bursting at the seams each morning to be with God or are we heading straight to the coffee pot for our first cup of "wake-up"? This devotion looks at how a faith that is brewed fresh daily strengthens us, renews us and enables us to mount up with wings like eagles..

This also parallels with the weight loss journeys we're each on. We need to be renewed and strengthened so that we can face each day with fresh brewed faith. God will be our strength when we are weak. We just have to seek Him and fill up our cup..

Enjoy the devotion and have a Blessed day!.

A Fresh Brewed Faith.

By Gwen Smith.

"He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak..

Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength..

They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." (Isaiah 40:29-31, NIV).

Every morning, I walk straight to the coffee pot and push the ON button. I'm a total coffee girl. I like a piping-hot, extra dark roast with half and half, and I struggle to function without my first cup of coffee. I crave that first sip and relish the warmth of the mug in my hands. I jokingly call it my "warm, happy friend." My mornings just wouldn't be the same without coffee! :-).

We should have the same attitude about our faith. We should wake up each morning bursting at the seams to be with God. To be in His presence. To listen for His still small voice. To savor Him. A faith that is brewed fresh daily strengthens us, renews us, and enables us to mount up with wings like eagles.

To run and not grow weary. To walk and not faint..

This energizing, percolated faith is readily available to all who ask, seek and knock (Matthew 7:7-8). How can you experience this power in your life? By getting alone with God, reading the Bible, and listening for His voice each day. "So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ" (Romans 10:17, ESV)..

Like a morning with no coffee, there are times when we are sluggish in our faith. There are times we need a shot of God-caffeine in our day. A spiritual espresso. What can we do at these times? Are there things in the Scriptures that tell us how can we strengthen and jump-start our faith? Absolutely!.

One practical way to build your faith is by remembrance. When David was just a shepherd boy, he had courage to face a giant partly because he remembered the previous victories the Lord allowed him to experience. He approached King Saul with great confidence, saying: "The LORD who delivered me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine" (1Samuel 17:36, NIV). His past victories fueled his faith. Ours do the same. We can face our giants with equal confidence when we pause to remember how God has worked in our past..

Corrie Ten Boom said, "Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossible.".

What has God brought you through in the past? Think on these things, and choose to trust Him to bring you through all you face today and tomorrow. When you trust God with a fresh brewed faith, He will be your Strength, your Sustainer, and your Hiding Place so you can run and not grow weary - walk and not be faint. Fill up your faith cup right now..

Let's Pray.

Dear God, You have brought me through so many challenging times. Please give me a fresh shot of faith that equips me to live today in Your strength. Help me to trust You, and keep me from leaning on my own understanding..

In Jesus' Name, Amen...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Good morning all.

First, thank you, Lisa for that inspiring message. I too am a coffee girl and now when I get that first cup, I will think of my "frsh brewed faith". Thank you sister in Christ..

Well, then there is last night!.

I have been doing so well. OnNutrisystemtwo weeks. Went to a Board meeting of our County Literacy Council. I coordinate 72 tutors and 125 ESL students. I also tutor three students. Well, we had, to say the least, a heated discussion over an issue with our non profit organization.

You know how I felt after the last bite went down..

I am sitting here now, eating my garden omelet and my second cup of coffee wondering...why? Pray for me to let this go and let God guide me throught THIS day...

Comment #2

Do you approach the Lord Jesus with expectant faith or with skepticism and doubt? People in desperate or helpless circumstances were not disappointed when they sought Jesus out. What drew them to Jesus? Was it hope for a miracle or a word of comfort in their affliction? What did the elderly woman who had suffered greatly for twelve years expect Jesus to do for her? And what did a grieving father expect Jesus to do about his beloved lost daughter? Jesus gave hope where there seemed to be no human cause for it because his hope was directed to God. He spoke words of hope to the woman (Take heart, daughter!) to ignite the spark of faith in her (your faith has made you well!)..

Jesus also gave divine hope to a father who had just lost a beloved child. It took considerable courage and risk for the ruler of a synagogue to openly go to Jesus and to invite the scorn of his neighbors and kin. Even the hired mourners laughed at him in scorn. Their grief was devoid of any hope. Nonetheless, Jesus took the girl by the hand and delivered her from the grasp of death..

In both instances we see Jesus' personal concern for the needs of others and his readiness to heal and restore life. In Jesus we see the infinite love of God extending to each and every individual as he gives freely and wholly of himself to each person he meets. Do you approach the Lord with confident expectation that he will hear your request and act?.

Let Us Pray.

Lord Jesus, you love each of us individually with a unique and personal love. Touch my life with your saving power, heal and restore me to fullness of life. Help me to give wholly of myself in loving service to others. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen...

Comment #3


~ Forgive and rid yourself of any guilt over the dessert last night. I know it's easier said than done, but God doesn't want you to hold any guilt. One of my favorite sayings is, "Let go, Let God". That's basically what you said when you asked for us to pray for you. Let go of your guilt my friend and Let God guide you throughout today and each day. Hugs and have a wonderful day!..

Comment #4

Ahhh Lisa you cought me making my first pot of coffee..

Good devotional today, I really enjoy Gwen Smith.

Kimberly, Glad God is healing your heart, MJ your words are awesome, well said, it's good to see you posting again.

Hellos to Pat.

It happens Freida You will find other ways to vent, and let God guide you through the tough spots. I will be lifting you in prayer today asking God to help you track your food and give your burdens to him. You can do this Freida, were all rooting for you..


Comment #5

Good morning everyone, it is a cloudy gloomy looking day outside for the first day of February, but there is sunshine in my soulI am making slow but steady progress. We have started a lady's meeting at our church on Monday evenings to learn to knit, crochet, etc. I am learning to make hats on the round looms called "Knifty Knitters" and that is helping me to keep my mind off snackingI hope you all have a good day...

Comment #6

Its Ok Frieda, at least they were nurtrisystem desserts and not something that is bad for you!.

So everyone is freaking out about this snowpocalypse coming. I think I'm just going to wait for it and then build a giant snow fort or something awesome. Even Cihcago is shutting a bunch of stuff down. When did we become so wimpy about snow? lol...

Comment #7

Good morning, ladies! I forgot we start a new thread each month, so I need to go back and find January's so I can catch up on the posts I've missed. We are out of school again today. We have several inches of sleet already and are expecting 6+ inches of snow on top of that. With the hills and curves in this area, driving is dangerous on good days. Driving on days like today is just plain foolish unless you have no choice..

Thanks for the devotion and meditation, Lisa. Both are excellent reminders for me..

Freida, you will gain control again because you have the help of the Holy Spirit..

Becky - What's your job situation? If you answered that in January's thread, I apologize. I haven't finished reading it yet. As for the snow, I lived in the Chicago area during the blizzard of 1967. The amount of snow being called for doesn't sound like much, but when the wind whips it into huge drifts and creates whiteout conditions, things can get nasty very quickly especially for the poor, elderly and homeless. Hopefully, advanced planning will minimize problems. Stay safe!.

Well, the sleet has changed to snow - heavy snow. I put ice melt on the drive to make shoveling easier once this ends, so now I need to add more. I will also put out some more bird feed. What I've put out already is getting covered quickly. If the electricity stays on, I will be back later. Have a safe and blessed day!.


Comment #8

I am overjoyed to know that this type of group exist in Nutrisystem. I was worried at first that people wouldnt relate to the struggle not only of losing weight for losing weight sake but how it's directly effects your walk with the LORD....

Thank you Lisa for posting that devotional I want to go back to that fire of craving for God more than other things...

Well let me introduce my self.... My name is Jenn Im 31 married and have 3 daughters.. Have been struggling with weight for about 6 years now and am ready to end the cycle and ready to get my life back in BALANCE...

MIND BODY SOUL AND SPIRIT!!!!! Would love to get to know all of you and get some buddy's here.. As you can see on my ticker I am looking to lose @65 lbs.. I know it's a slow and steady pace that wins the race.... So I will be WORK ON THE FRUITS of the SPIRIT while I'm at it which include... PATIENCE and SELF CONTROL..

Comment #9

Hey Lorie, thanks for asking about my job situation. I have had interviews for Alaska cruise lines, designing a show, a jewelry manufacturer operation, and Aquatic Coordinator at a Y. Still waiting back to hear from anyone...

Comment #10


~ Welcome to the CSG!.

I'm Lisa from Florida, moderator of this thread. We've got a great group here who provide support and encouragement as we're all on this journey together. I'm so glad you found us and am looking forward to getting to know you. Have a wonderful evening and I'll chat with you later. :.


Comment #11

Good afternoon everyone..

Welcome Jenn and Ginny. I'm Lynda from California. So glad you joined us! I made goal in May and I am on maintenance. I remain a part of this thread to encourage others and keep myself accountable..

Freida - What was done yesterday is done and over with. The fact that you confessed it before your friends here will go a long way to heal your mind and spirit. You are obviously a very emotional eater. You need to think through the emotions that led you to eat all three desserts and come up with a plan that will help you out next time. Without a plan, you will fall to the temptation again. One of the things I did was make sugar free jello when I felt a desperate need to overeat sweets.

Will be praying for you to have wisdom from above to come up with a plan that will work for you..

Becky - I think the problem with all that snow and wind is that it is also going to be unbearably cold. They are predicting widespread power outages throughout the midwest and east coast. Many people could die if they have no source of heat in below freezing temps. As long as the power stays on and people stay home and don't go out on the roads, it should be no big deal..

Had the MRI this morning. Spent the time in the tube praying through my prayer list. You are all on that list! Prayed quite awhile for Kimberly's husband and Becky to find the perfect job that God has planned for them. Ross (my DH) looked at the CD of the MRI and he couldn't find anything obvious. (no bursa, drat!) His specialty is not hips though and he is sure that the ortho doc will see far more than he could. Ross spotted a couple "suspicious" spots, but doesn't know if they are a problem or not.

Better than finding some giant growth or rip or something, right?!.

I have an appointment for Feb. 14 to see the ortho doc to find out the results of the MRI and I am scheduled for the injection the next day. I can always cancel the injection if the doc says I don't need it. I wanted to have it done while I'm in So. Calif. instead of having to drive back down there for it...

Comment #12

Thank you all for your prayers and support!.

I knew you were praying for me cause I feel good tonight and am right back "on the horse" as they say!.

Praise God! I think I might make it!!!.

Those dessert sure were good last night though. LOL.

" O let me hear Thee speaking.

In accents clear and still.

Above the storm of passion.

The murmurs of self-will..

O speak to reassure me,.

To hasten or control;.

O speak and make me listen.

Thou Guardian of my soul!".

Goodnight, dear friends...

Comment #13

Good evening, dear friends in Christ! Thought I'd post this for tomorrow as DH will be working at home tomorrow because of the snow.... thank God it's only snow, and not the ice as well like so many others are getting. Prayers for the safety of all of you in the path of that storm..

Thanks, Lisa, for posting the devotion about our "fresh-brewed faith"! I think that's a great visual to begin the day with. I for one certainly need that renewal each and every day..

Please pray for the safety of all those who are demonstrating for democracy in Egypt. Blessings to you all!.


Luke 2.22 40.

When the time came for their purification according to the law of Moses, the parents of Jesus brought Him up to Jerusalem to present Him to the Lord (as it is written in the Law of the Lord, "Every firstborn male shall be designated as holy to the Lord", and they offered a sacrifice according to what is stated in the law of the Lord, "a pair of turtledoves or two young pigeons.".

Now there was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon; this man was righteous and devout, looking forward to the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit rested on him. It had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death before he had seen the Lord's Messiah..

Guided by the Spirit, Simeon came into the temple; and when the parents brought in the child Jesus, to do for him what was customary under the law, Simeon took him in his arms and praised God, saying,.

"Master, now you are dismissing your servant in peace, according to Your word, for my eyes have seen Your salvation, which you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to your people Israel.".

The Word of the Lord.


Comment #14

Dear Father,.

Thank You for your constant presence in our lives as we travel our weight loss journeys together. Lord, You have brought me through so many challenging times. Please give me a fresh shot of faith that equips me to live today in Your strength. Help me to trust You, and keep me from leaning on my own understanding..

Thank You for blessing us with this wonderful nation where freedom abounds. Please bless President Obama and his family, his staff, the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Supreme Court Justices. Please guide their hearts when making decisions that affect the entire nation and influence the world. Let their actions truly reflect that we are "One Nation Under God". I ask that the Holy Spirit guide their decisions to protect the unborn and those that are unable to speak for themselves. Please bless our men and women in uniform who protect our great nation and are often times separated from their families for long periods of time.

Lord, please protect them and bring them home safely..

We'd like to place before your throne the following prayer requests:.

~ Dawn: DH has brain tumor. Please pray he will have complete healing..

~ Debbie: DD is struggling in her honors math class. Please pray for her understanding/confidence so that her grades don't decline & that she also develops some new friendships w/girls, both in school & at church..

~ Debbie: Debbie & her DD are having a battle of the wills right now & a battle that Debbie is determined to win w/love. Prayers are coveted right now as things are not too pleasant between Mother & daughter right now..

~ Debbie: Friend had melanoma removed finding it has metastasized to the brain, bones & lymph nodes & the prognosis is about 4 - 6 months. Praying for Debbie's friend to come to know the Lord & for a complete healing according to God's Will..

~ Debbie: Co-worker's DH was diagnosed w/terminal pancreatic cancer & his prognoses is 6 - 9 months. Praying he comes to know the Lord & for a complete healing according to God's Will..

~ Kimberly: Kimberly recently saw a new surgeon. Please pray that this doctor will discover the answers to her ankle pain & that God will use this doctor to heal Kimberly's ankle..

~ Kimberly: DH was laid off from work & had an interview a few days ago. Please pray that if this is the job God wants DH to have, that everything go according to His plan..

~ Lynda: DH, Ross, has back pain caused by a slight fracture in a small bone which has allowed his vertebrae to slip & dislocate. Please pray for Ross's physical therapy to help w/this injury & for his complete healing & pain to ease. Also, Lynda's YDD, Sharon, has been having headaches & the neurologist will be having an MRI done to be thorough. Please pray that all is fine & for our Lord to relieve Sharon of these painful headaches she's been having..

~ Lynda: Dear friend, Doug, in their small village was found in his home after no one had seen him all day. He had a blood clot on the brain, so a stroke & was also apparently suffering from an infection around his heart (unknown to him). He was flown to Reno & is in ICU. He needs a miracle. There is definitely brain damage around the clot, but they don't know how much yet. Please pray for Doug's complete healing..

~ MJ: Dave, a man MJ met while browsing in a store has stage 4 lung cancer. MJ planted the seeds of faith in God when speaking to this man & shared how faith has helped heal her friend, Carol, from many kinds of cancer. Please pray for Dave's salvation & healing as MJ assured him that he would be prayed for..

~ MJ: Friend, Carol Chisolm, for God's healing mercies on her cancer. Please pray for her complete healing & recovery..

~ MJ: Continued relief from the joint pain & stiffness caused by her RA. Thanking, trusting & believing that our Lord will continue to heal MJ, using her journey & testimony in living with RA to bring others to Christ..

~ MJ: Nephew, Jeff, has terminal lung cancer & has now been placed on the hospice list for when he needs it. Please pray for Jeff's complete healing & for His salvation. Also, that the Holy Spirit will continue to fill MJ w/the words she needs each time she writes to Jeff to renew his belief in his Lord & Savior..

~ Seanne: Isabella Marie Liscomb is 3 mos. old, has been diagnosed w/Ewing Sarcoma Bone Cancer & has started treatment. Please pray for her complete healing as well as comfort for her family during this difficult time..

~Tina Marie: She was diagnosed w/breast cancer & has been diagnosed w/brain mets. Tina Marie hasn't posted in quite awhile now. Please pray that Tina Marie is receiving the best possible treatment & for her complete healing. May she feel God's loving arms wrapped around her during this difficult time & be filled w/comfort & peace from the Holy Spirit..

As we pray for our sisters and brothers, Lord, we place our complete trust in You, Lord, and ask for their healing according to Your Will. We ask this in Jesus' Precious Name, Amen..

As we close this evening, let us join together and pray the prayer we all know:.

"Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done,.

On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as.

We forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil..

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen.".

Good night sisters and brothers. Have a peaceful night's sleep and may God Bless each of you...

Comment #15

Do you know the favor of the Lord? After Jesus' birth, Mary fulfills the Jewish right of purification after childbirth. Since she could not afford the customary offering of a lamb, she gives instead two pigeons as an offering of the poor. This rite, along with circumcision and the redemption of the first-born point to the fact that children are gifts from God. Jesus was born in an ordinary home where there were no luxuries. Like all godly parents, Mary and Joseph raised their son in the fear and wisdom of God. He, in turn, was obedient to them and grew in wisdom and grace.

Do you know the joy of submission to God? And do you seek to pass on the faith and to help the young grow in wisdom and maturity?.

What is the significance of Simeon's encounter with the baby Jesus and his mother in the temple? Simeon was a just and devout man who was very much in tune with the Holy Spirit. He believed that the Lord would return to his temple and renew his chosen people. The Holy Spirit also revealed to him that the Messiah and King of Israel would also bring salvation to the Gentile nations. When Joseph and Mary presented the baby Jesus in the temple, Simeon immediately recognized this humble child of Bethlehem as the fulfillment of all the messianic prophecies, hopes, and prayers. Inspired by the Holy Spirit he prophesied that Jesus was to be "a revealing light to the Gentiles". The Holy Spirit reveals the presence of the Lord to those who are receptive and eager to receive him.

Jesus is the new temple (John 1:14; 2:19-22). In the Old Testament God manifested his presence in the "pillar of cloud" by day and the "pillar of fire" by night as he led them through the wilderness. God's glory visibly came to dwell over the ark and the tabernacle (Exodus 40:34-38). When the first temple was built in Jerusalem God's glory came to rest there (1 Kings 8). After the first temple was destroyed, Ezekiel saw God's glory leave it (Ezekiel 10). But God promised one day to fill it with even greater glory (Haggai 2:1-9; Zechariah 8-9).

Through Jesus' coming in the flesh and through his saving death, resurrection, and ascension we are made living temples of his Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 3:16-17). Ask the Lord to renew your faith in the indwelling presence of his Spirit with you. And give him thanks and praise for coming to make his home with you..

Simeon blessed Mary and Joseph and he prophesied to Mary about the destiny of this child and the suffering she would undergo for his sake. There is a certain paradox for those blessed by the Lord. Mary was given the blessedness of being the mother of the Son of God. That blessedness also would become a sword which pierced her heart as her Son died upon the cross. She received both a crown of joy and a cross of sorrow. But her joy was not diminished by her sorrow because it was fueled by her faith, hope, and trust in God and his promises.

The Lord gives us a supernatural joy which enables us to bear any sorrow or pain and which neither life nor death can take way. Do you know the joy of a life fully surrendered to God with faith and trust?.

Simeon was not alone in recognizing the Lord's presence in the temple. Anna, too, was filled with the Holy Spirit. She was found daily in the temple, attending to the Lord in prayer and speaking prophetically to others about God's promise to send a redeemer. Supernatural hope grows with prayer and age! Anna was pre-eminently a woman of great hope and expectation that God would fulfill all his promises. She is a model of godliness to all believers as we advance in age. Advancing age and the disappointments of life can easily make us cynical and hopeless if we do not have our hope placed rightly.

She never ceased to worship God in faith and to pray with hope. Her hope and faith in God's promises fueled her indomitable zeal and fervor in prayer and service of God's people. What do you hope for? The hope which God places in our heart is the desire for the kingdom of heaven and eternal life as our happiness. How do we grow in hope? By placing our trust in the promises of Jesus Christ and relying not on our own strength, but on the grace and help of the Holy Spirit. Does your hope and fervor for God grow with age?.

Let Us Pray.

Lord Jesus, may I never cease to hope in you and to trust in your promises. Fill me with your Holy Spirit that I may always recognize your saving presence in my life. Help me to point others to Christ and to be an example of faith and devotion as Simeon and Anna were to their generation. In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen...

Comment #16

Kathy, Edna, Becky, Lorie & Lynda.


I hope each of you has had a good day. I've had a fairly busy day, so I'm trying to watch Biggest Loser while finishing up on the computer..


, hope you've had a good day..


, knitting and crocheting is a great way to keep both your mind and hands busy. Glad that's helping you to keep from thinking about snacking..


, I hope you hear back from one of your interviews soon..


, stay warm while this snow and ice storm goes across the country..


, glad you got the MRI done already. Hope you get good test results. Has your YDD, Sharon, gotten her MRI scheduled yet?.

Have a nice evening everyone and sleep well...

Comment #17

Hi Lisa - YDD had her MRI Friday and gets the results Thursday. I'm anxiously awaiting word from her..

Hoping everyone has a good night. Praying everyone stays safe during all your ice and snow storms...

Comment #18

Hi everyone! Hope you are all staying warm. I'm flying back to Denver tomorrow morning where today the high was -1! I am not looking forward to that.

School was closed today and again tomorrow because of the extreme cold. I haven't looked but it wouldn't surprise me if it was a record in Denver..

Lisa, thanks so much for the coffee devotion. I don't drink coffee but I remember that feeling when I would drink my Diet Coke in the morning. (I decided I relied on that too much and gave up all caffeine (sp?) about 3 years ago.) How great to get that feeling from God every morning!.

I'm starting to feel more confident about being able to stick with the program while I'm traveling. Even tonight at dinner I made great choices. Except for my dinner having excess sodium, I did great! My team ordered brie with almonds and balsamic vinegar for an appetizer and I just watched them eat.

Sorry I sound like I'm bragging. I'm just so excited to think I can keep this up. Today's only Day 1 of travel month for me but I know I can do it!!.

Well, time for me to start winding down. I should have more time tomorrow to chat with each of you...

Comment #19

It's been a long journey for me this last year trying to become free from pain and find a medication that will work again for my RA. Praise God that has happened. But now because of not being able to exercise for such a long time my weight has gone crazy. On top of that to save money I had changed from name brand Synthroid to the generic Levothyroxin four months ago. My RA doctor who has monitored my thyroid for the last 20 years while on Synthroid warned me not to change, but I did it anyway. It seems that generic is not as regulated for inactive ingredients and you cannot be sure of getting the same ingredients each time you refill the medication.

So today I chose to go back to Synthroid and with it I will remain. I am fighing waist band muscle pain from being overweight causing nerve pain in my right side. But tomorrow is a new day and I will work through the pain until their is no pain and I am back to feeling like the "me" that is not only free of RA pain, waistband pain, but free to go to my closet and wear the clothes that no longer fit me. I want to smile when I go into my closet, not fight tears trying to find something to wear. I had a sharp awakening tonight when I was watching Biggest Loser, maybe it was a message directed to me from the Lord.

And then it hit me, I am almost out of "onederland". I have never been this weight before. Tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning. Gensis1:1 "In the beginning God." God created the heavens and the earth, God created man in His image. 1Corinthians 6:19-20 "Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; You were bought at a price.

"We must remember that God purchased us at a tremendous price from the old life of sin. Now we're obligated to glorify Him with our bodies and our spirits which belong to Him" 1Corinthians 10:31 "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.".

Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, thank You for awakening my thoughts today and making me realize that You are healing my body through medications in making me free from pain; but now it is up to me to finish Your work by taking care of my body in how I nourish it and exercise it daily. Empower me Father God with the Holy Spirit to have the wisdom to approach every day in a healthy way. Keep me mindful that Your Word is my strength and refuge, it is in You I trust to direct my path. Thank You Lord for all Your blessings You shower me with every day, and I pray this tonight in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Amen..

Comment #20


~ So good to see you post. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling with muscle're in my thoughts and prayers. I appreciate your Scripture references and the reminder for each of us that our journeys are all to be done for the glory of God. Thank you for sharing your prayer and may each of us be blessed with the Holy Spirit to have the wisdom to approach every day in a healthy way. Blessings my friend!..

Comment #21


~ Have a safe flight back to Denver and I hope it's warmed up some by the time you arrive..

Congrats on making good eating choices, resisting appetizers and NO you're not bragging! That's exciting! It's a good feeling to have that, I can do this feeling. Yay!!!.

Hope you have a nice day and I'll chat with you later friend...

Comment #22

Good morning Lisa and dear friends to later come on board. I am off to get ready for my Joyful Book club meeting this morning at Starbucks. I didn't have my coffee this morning with the Vanilla Creamer, or should I say I didn't have my Vanilla Creamer with my coffee in it this morning. I am so addicted to it, and not the FF or the SF either. So I will have a Skinny Vanilla Latte Grande with my sisters at bookclub instead. We are reading through the book by Cheryl Brodersen, When a Woman Lets Go of Her Fears.

You can follow along with comments on the Joyful Book blog, address under my name..

I am ready to begin my day today in losing these pounds and so looking forward to be able to post the loss of pounds as the days go by. Have a blessed day in the Lord and I pray that everyone is safe from the weather. I have family in PA. Luv ya, MJ..

Comment #23

Good morning, dear ladies! I pray you are all staying warm and safe in this current round of snow and cold..

Mary Jane - SO good to hear from you! Thank you for sharing your heart with us. You are such an inspiration..

Becky - I continue to pray for your job situation. I hope you are staying warm and safe during this weather situation. Please be careful if you have to venture out..

Welcome, Ginny and Jen!.

Lynda - I am praying for you as well..

Lisa - Thank you for posting another great devotion. What a wonderful reminder to be aware of the Holy Spirit's presence in our lives..

Well, I am going to go grab a snack and then start tackling my driveway. It will take a while to clear, not only because there is a lot of ice under the snow, but because it is so cold, I can't stay out for very long at a time. Take care, and stay safe and warm!.


Comment #24

So for once the weathermen didnt freak out about nothing! I opened my back door to find a four foot drift against it. And there are cars buried on teh street out front. I have never seen snow like this, especially here in Chicago. Luckily my roomate Matt is awesome, and is going out to shovel us out. Hes pretty rockstar. I'm just going to take a guess and say that the pool is closed today.

Thank you all for your prayers, we are just fine here. I hope you all are ok too!..

Comment #25

Hello everyone! Official day one yesterday went well.... Today Im home since work closed due to weather.. I started to feel a lil anxious when my kids where eating food my MIL Cooked them. I had eaten my lunch and was full yet part of me wanted their food but I overcame drank water and walked away...

Can't wait till the gym today I'm trying all the classes to see what I like.. Yesterday I did kickboxing....

Just finished a book called Made to Crave and it was great! It's a Christian author she hit home for me...

Hope everyone has a great day and is safe and warm :-).

Favorite scripture: Proverbs 3..

Comment #26

Good afternoon all. Just got back from a three hour chemo infusion for my RA which I have every six weeks. I thank God for the drug Remicade which got me out of a wheelchair. Yes!!.

This is another reason I have to get this weight off to relieve the stress on my joints..

Seanne- congrats on the house!!!.

MJ- Prayers for success on NS. I know the pain of RA. I also wanted to switch from Synthroid to a generic and my doc was adamant about not changing so I didn't. Now I am really glad for the decision I made..

We dodged the bullet here in Maryland this snow or ice!!!!.

Thank ALL for the scripture each day..

Hi Kathy!.


Comment #27

Hi, happy to meet you and someone else with RA. How long have you been on Remicade. I tried it but unsuccessfully from the start. I had the 3 loading dose IV's and it was a nightmare by the 3rd. After the fisrt I started coughing within 24 hours but not that bad. The second one it did again but I didn't realize at the time what was really happening.

So immediately that was stopped. Turnes out it is made from a mouse protien and I am allergic to it. Since 1991 I have had gold, methotrexate, arava, remicade, enbrel, humira, orencia, cimzia, and I just restarted enbrel again, and with great successs, along with the methotrexate. I am also allergic to Orencia gave me severe asthma. Orencia is also made like the Remicade.

Sounds like you have a good RA doc just like I do. Mine is probably going to be retiring within a year and it makes me so sad, he is one of a kind..

Where in Maryland are you from? I lived in Baltimore in 1960/1961. My oldest was born there. My Xhusband was in the army and stationed at Fort Holabird if I recall correctly. We lived off base. I was born and raised in PA. I have been praying that they didn't get hit to hard with the ice/snow storm..

You take care, we both know the drill don't we. I am not on NS, I am doing it on my own. I have been on thise site with my sisters here off and on since 2007, sharing encouragement and taking it as well. I originally was onNutrisystemin 2004/2005 and had success and then I got careless and the weight came back plus 10. Luv ya, MJ..

Comment #28

Congratulations Seanne, best of luck and God's blessings as you guys begin your new life in your new home. Did your husband ever get a full time job? My daughter and husband are all settled into their new place and beginning life all over again more humbled and blest for the experience they went through. Luv ya sister, MJ..

Comment #29

Congratulations Seanne!.

MJ - So good to hear from you. How is your son doing? I think about him and his decision for Christ a lot..

Doug was up and being walked today! PTL! Anyone else would be dead by now, but he is so strong. They are working hard to disolve all the many, many blood clots. They are hoping his vision and movement will come back. His heart is damaged, but it was so strong to begin with that he is ok so far. He is still in ICU and will be for awhile. Keep up the prayers!..

Comment #30

Becky - So glad you are safe and warm. yay for roomies!..

Comment #31

Hi Lynda, he still struggles as a single parent, no job now over 2 years, major health issues. Pray for him as he has applied for SSD and hopefully could here something soon with a determination. His back is so bad among other issues it is hard for him to do more than be a dad/mom anymore. And I am so proud of the wonderful twofold parent he has turned out to be. Right down to helping his daughter sew her costume for a school play. It is such a blessing to watch him slowly grow in the Lord.

So I knew I needed to share with him the mystery of the Trinity, and walking in faith. So I did. I pray everyday for the Lord to show favor upon his desperate needsm as I know if he is awarded these benefits that his health so desires and confirmed by his doctors, his faith and trust in the Lord will bloom to an unbelieveable height. Any prayers for Rob would be appreciated. I had better get going and get freshened up for church this evening.

I love to browse the bookstore. Tonight I am looking for the book Abiding in Jesus by Andrew Murray. My DH loves to sit in the sanctuary and listen to the worship team practice while I like to fellowship with my sisters. Have a wonderful evening Lynda. How bad were your snows this their in the mtns.

Luv ya, MJ..

Comment #32

Hi all. I'm back in Denver for the night (leaving in the morning to visit a client near Vail for a couple days)..

MJ, Praying for your RA and also for your son's walk. I'm so glad to see you post so much today. I think I can speak for all of us in saying that we've missed you around here..

Seanne, Congrats on the house! I'm so excited for you..

Becky, that is a lot of snow! Be safe and stay warm..

Jenn, good job with walking away from the kids' food. I'm going to look into that book and see if I can download it to my Kindle..

Lynda, praying for Doug. That's amazing that they had him up and moving around..

Hi Freida, Pat, Lorie, Lisa and I'm pretty sure I missed someone (sorry!) Have a great night everyone...

Comment #33


~ Hope you enjoyed your Joyful Book Club meeting yesterday. The latte sounds great! I hope you are doing well and I look forward to chatting with you soon..


~ I hope the weather has improved in your area since the recent ice/snow storm. Please stay warm and drive safely..


~ Congrats!.


~ It did look like Chicago got a lot of snow. Glad your roommate was there to help shovel you out. Have a good day, stay warm and drive safely..

I hope your day went well yesterday. Congrats on walking past the food temptation and drinking water. Hope you have a good day today and look forward to chatting with you..


~ Glad you're done with this Remicade infusion and that it works well for you. PTL! So happy your area missed the snowstorm that so much of the country is having to deal with. Have a wonderful day!.


~ Such good news to hear that Doug was up and being walked today. Praying that the doctors are able to get the blood clots to dissolve and for minimal heart damage. Thanks for the update!..

Comment #34


~ Glad you're back in Denver and travel safely to Vail. Hope you're doing well and I look forward to chatting with you...

Comment #35

Just wondering if you are OK Kathy, since you haven't posted in a few days and you'd said you were starting to feel sick. Did you come down with a full-blown cold? I still haven't been to Bangor to get that oscilloccinum you mentioned but am now taking Ester-C vitamin C supplements and feel great so far. They taste great, too chewy and orange-flavored. Hope you are well!..

Comment #36

Good morning, dear friends! Stay warm out there and have a blessed day!.


Mark 6.7 13.

Jesus called the twelve and began to send them out two by two, and gave them authority over the unclean spirits. He ordered them to take nothing for their journey except a staff; no bread, no bag, no money in their belts; but to wear sandals and not to put on two tunics..

He said to them, "Wherever you enter a house, stay there until you leave the place. If any place will not welcome you and they refuse to hear you, as you leave, shake off the dust that is on your feet as a testimony against them.".

So the twelve went out and proclaimed that all should repent. They cast out many demons, and anointed with oil many who were sick and cured them..

The Word of the Lord..


Comment #37

Thank you God for this day! Thank you for myNutrisystemfriends!.

Finally we are melting here in Maryland. Next storm is supposed to be only rain this weekend..


I am on the select diabetic program and my plan says I cannot change food. Does anyone know if I can order extras, like the Choc pudding. Saw on daily doses that when the cravings attack, try aNutrisystemchoc pudding. It didn't come in my original order. Do you all recommend doing this? do you like the pudding? Other suggestions are welcome..


Been on remicade for 8 years Everyday I thank God that it works for me and my body tolerates it. ( and my insurance covers it!!!!) Only one problem: I now squeak and crave Cheese LOL. Methotrexate was my evil one. Started to do my liver in so I have to stay away from it. Am so glad that Enbrel works for you!.


Can't thank you enough for moderating this site. You are a caring, understanding lady. U R a true Christian. May God bless you..

Got to get going and get these white roots taken care of. I think I am going to get chunky highlights done today!! Like Becky's pink streak..



Comment #38

MJ - oh yes, he was rehired in June! We're doing well and I'm very excited and scared at the same time with this! I feel we are blessed for all we've been through too and I hope we don't have to go through it again! It's going to be very interesting moving to a new county! Especially since I've never lived anywere but this county and I don't drive the interstates! (Back Roads for me! LOL!) Love ya too Sister!.

Thank you all for the congrats and prayers! We're still pretty nervous about it all but I know God will handle it for us! We meet with the Mortgage Company Saturday morning. Then we're taking the girls up to see the house and even they are excited for us!.

Digging out of the ice and hoping it melts soon! I love the snow but this ice is horrible! We have an ice skating rink out here with about 1 to 2 inches of ice on everything! Thankfully the sun is out today and even though it's cold, I think some of it will melt off or at least ease it's grip so we can break it up!.

Have a very blessed weekend everyone!..

Comment #39

Good Morning Everyone! Back to work after two days off due to weather. Being home was difficult .. Usually munching with the kids but I stayed strong.....

God has put GALATIONS 5 on my heart once again so I am going back to that chapter and I know it's because of SELF CONTROL.. I so want to develop this in my spirit...

Anyone here listen to Joyce Meyer? Well last week her podcast where about SELF CONTROL.. I am going to listen to part 2 during lunch today on my iphone. God has used her to reach me in so many ways..

Well I pray you all have a great day and are encouraged to continue on this journey be blessed.


Comment #40

What kind of authority and power does the Lord want you to exercise on his behalf? Jesus gave his apostles both the power and the authority to speak and to act in his name. He commanded them to do the works which he did to heal, to cast out evil spirits, and to speak the word of God the good news of the gospel which they received from Jesus. When Jesus spoke of power and authority he did something unheard of. He wedded power and authority with love and humility. The "world" and the "flesh" seek power for selfish gain. Jesus teaches us to use it for the good of our neighbor..

Why does Jesus tell the apostles to "travel light" with little or no provision? "Poverty of spirit" frees us from greed and preoccupation with possessions and makes ample room for God's provision. The Lord wants his disciples to be dependent on him and not on themselves. He wills to work through and in each of us for his glory. Are you ready to handle the power and authority which God wishes you to exercise on his behalf? The Lord entrusts us with his gifts and talents. Are you eager to place yourself at his service, to do whatever he bids you, and to witness his truth and saving power to whomever he sends you?.

Let Us Pray.

Lord Jesus, make me a channel of your grace and healing love that others may find life and freedom in you. Free me from all other attachments that I may joyfully pursue the things of heaven. May I witness the joy of the gospel both in word and deed. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen...

Comment #41


~ Thank you for your kind words. Enjoy your salon appointment today. I have to take care of my scattered white roots before my ODD arrives on Saturday. The joys of having dark hair..

Have a wonderful day...

Comment #42

Good morning sisters in Christ. It is a beautiful sunny but cold day here in NV. Should hit 50 later today. We only just turned the 10 AM hour here. I am still in wake up mode! I wasn't feeling to well yesterday, I think I was dehydrated. I was queasy all day the part of the day before, and so thirsty.

I am feeling better today. Down 1 pound but no excitment from me yet. I yo yo up and down the same two pounds that I need to get at least below 185 to start getting excited. I have trying to work out to get some support in my core muscles using 1.50 lb weights and doing some stretches and isometrics. I also got a light weight band to use.

On top of that I have this possible Rib Tip Syndrome and this has been a painful experience in my right side. But we must perservere onward toward our goal. I rest.. do a little so as not to cause more injury. However I must convert my fat into muscle and energy.

And we can. Place your temptations at the foot of His throne and pray for strength to turn away from the foods that are our enemy. Have a wonderful day, I must get busy now and start my Bible Study lessons, takes me about 2 days to complete them. Luv ya, MJ..

Comment #43

PRAYER REQUEST: My Friend Michele is in a depressed state and is completely lost. She has backslidden from the Lord and now wants a divorce and is at the brink of an affair and she is not focused on her two kids. Please pray for her that She realizes she needs to Run to God and she needs to allow HIM to help her through this dark time and He will give her PEACE... Thank you..

Comment #44

Praying for the eyes of Michele's heart to be opened to God's love and healing power. Will continue to pray for her..

Freida - There is a diabetic thread on NS. They will be able to answer all your questions about the D system. I love theNutrisystempudding!.

Have you dug out yet Becky?.

MJ - We had a HUGE December with over 10 ft. of snow. That was followed by a very dry January. They are now talking about the storm door opening up in mid February for another huge storm. We'll be in Reno Tuesday to visit Doug in the hospital. You want to try to get together to say hi for a couple minutes?..

Comment #45

Good afternoon, all! I have finally cleared my driveway; it only took one entire day. Now I am working on the three-foot wide section of road in front of the drive. I have a good chunk of it cleared, but there is one stubborn section that I just can't get loose. Oh well, I'll just keep using ice melt and scraping. Eventually, it will be gone..

Lynda - Continuing to pray for you and Doug..

Seanne - Congratulations!.

Becky - Glad you are okay and that you have help with the shoveling!.

Kim - Please drive carefully!.

Praying all of you are warm and safe. Lord willing, I will be back later..


Comment #46

Yup, we are all dug out. The rest of the city is starting to move again. I felt like I was on a journey when I ventured to the grocery store. I felt like I was in an epic post apolcalypitc movie. Check out pictures on Lake Shore Drive for tuesday night. Its a nightmare...

Comment #47

Hi everyone!.

I just was looking at random groups, and came across this one. I was hoping to join too if that's alright. I don't know anyone else who is doing NS, and although my "faith family" (real and extended!) has been supportive, it would be SO nice to have some fellow believers to be accountable to on here as well!.

I haven't read through all of the posts on here yet, but just in case anyone is looking for some extra motivation in book form, I highly recommend Made to Crave by Lysa TerKurst. I can honestly say that many of her words, coupled with some desperate pleas from my soul have gotten me through these 3 weeks that I"ve been on NS..

Praying the best for all of you!.


Comment #48

Hi Kristina. That is my daughter's name - spelled the same. I'm Lynda from California. I'm married 36 years with 2 daughters and one son-in-law. I made goal in May and I am on maintenance. I love this group of wonderful believers and I know you will too. Looking forward to getting to know you...

Comment #49

MJ - We had a HUGE December with over 10 ft. of snow. That was followed by a very dry January. They are now talking about the storm door opening up in mid February for another huge storm. We'll be in Reno Tuesday to visit Doug in the hospital. You want to try to get together to say hi for a couple minutes?[/quote].

Hi Lynda, one of these days things will work out for us to meet. I just got an email from my youngest daughter (40) two days ago telling me she is coming to Reno to bring her MIL to town for doctor appointments the first part of next week. Her MIL is staying with friends and my daughter is staying with us. She lives in Boise, ID and I haven't seen her since this summer so I am so anxious for her to arrive. We will probably go out to Dayton to see her brother on Tuesday and then she has a sister here in Reno too, we'll either go see her at her job or go visit her after work on Tuesday. Please, don't give up on me...

Luv ya, MJ..

Comment #50

Good Morning!.

We have major leaks in the apartment from all the ice!.

I have buckets ready. The dining room is now the living room. Towels are dry and ready to go into the bedroom. What a mess! The lady from the office had to come down and help me move furniture because I couldn't move it fast enough yesterday!.

She slipped and fell on the sidewalk to our apartment and needless to say it has LOTS of salt on it now! Poor girl! People were yelling at her and blaming her for all this - all the buildings have the problem - it's not her fault! It's ice dams that have built up and there's really nothing they can do but wait for it to melt and clean it up..

Anyway - we are more worried the ceiling could collapse so we are watching it closely. If it starts sagging, I'm outta here! Going to be a long day! Schools are all still closed too because all the sidewalks and parking lots are a solid sheet of ice..

DH's aunt Pat is in the hospital and will have surgery to remove her large intestine today at noon. She's 78 and really, I don't think she'll survive the surgery but I guess you never know. She has COPD, a blood disorder and diabetes on top of all this. She has internal bleeding from her intestine so they are removing it and then re-routing the small intestine to do all the work. Pray for God's will to be done with Pat Whitacre. Thanks in advance..

Hope you all have a wonderful day and weekend! I'll try to check in later as long as the water doesn't over take my computer!..

Comment #51

Good morning, dear friends in Christ! Thanks, Lisa, for another great devotion. Food for thought indeed... Have a wonderful Friday, everyone and a great weekend..


Mark 6.14 29.

King Herod heard of the miracles of Jesus, for Jesus' name had become known. Some were saying, "John the Baptist has been raised from the dead; and for this reason these powers are at work within him." But others said, "It is Elijah." And others said, it is a prophet, like one of the prophets of old." But when Herod heard of it, he said, "John, whom I beheaded, has been raised.".

For Herod himself had sent men who had arrested John, bound him, and put him in prison on account of Herodias, his brother Philip's wife, because Herod had married her. For John had been telling Herod, "It is not lawful for you to have your brother's wife." And Herodias had a grudge against him, and wanted to kill him. But she could not, for Herod feared John, knowing that he was a righteous and holy man, and he protected him. When Herod heard John, he was greatly perplexed; and yet he liked to listen to him..

But an opportunity came when Herod on his birthday gave a banquet for his courtiers and officers and for the leaders of Galilee. When the daughter of Herodias herself came in and danced, she pleased Herod and his guests; and the King said to the girl, "Ask me for whatever you wish, and I will give it." And he solemnly swore to her, "Whatever you ask me, I will give you, even half my kingdom.".

She went out and said to her mother, "What should I ask for?" She replied, "The head of John the Baptist". Immediately she rushed back to the king and requested, "I want you to give me at once the head of John the Baptist on a platter.".

The king was deeply grieved; yet out of regard for his oaths and for the guests, he did not want to refuse her. Immediately the king sent a soldier of the guard with orders to bring John's head. He went out and beheaded him in the prison, brought his head on a platter, and gave it to the girl. Then the girl gave it to her mother. When his disciples heard about it, they came and took his body, and laid it in a tomb..

The Word of the Lord..


Comment #52


I also read Made to Crave recently and I loved it and it hit right home in every part...

Welcome .. I am new to.. Today is offically day 4 for me.. I am so happy to have found this group as well....

Comment #53


I thought this link was too beautiful to not share and that this would be the group that would most like to see it. They will know we are Christians by our love..

Everyone have a blessed day...

Comment #54

Hi to all. It is good to see so many familiar faces. I am also excited to see so many new faces. I hope to be back more often. Keeping up and working nights can sometimes be difficult...

Comment #55

Brenda Joy - Are you changing your profile? Which one will you be using now?.

Love the link to the article about the Christians protecting the praying Muslims. Bet we won't see that on the national news!.

Very busy day today with contracts, so I don't know if I'll get back on here or not today. Have a wonderful Friday..

Go Pack Go!..

Comment #56

Good afternoon sisters.

Lynda...thanks for the tip on the diabetic thread on NS. I am going to order the choc pudding. Am looking forward to this weekend but in another way not....all those snacks!!! So, I told all my friends ( our church has a super bowl party every year at a parishoner's home. what a blast!) that I am on NS. So, they asked how I liked it and some want to join! Anyway, there will be MANY vegetables at the party..




Comment #57

Freida - Make sure you get the Buddy Bucks for each friend that joins! You get $30 off your BBB (Big Brown Box) for each friend. Don't let them sign up without going through you! Glad you can have the pudding. I really like it...

Comment #58

Hi everyone! I'm back in Denver until Sunday. I had to drive through a bit of snow outside Vail but once I got closer to Denver the sun came out and it was a nice drive. I'm glad to be home with my family for a bit. And, I'm happy to report that I stayed 100% on plan while I was gone!.

Hi Brenda Joy! So glad to see you. How is your knee?.

Lynda, have a safe trip to Reno. Continuing to pray for Doug's healing..

Seanne, did you get the mess cleaned up in the apt? I'm sure you will be so happy to get in that new house..

Welcome Kristine and smallersixty! I'm Kimberly from Colorado. Glad you are joining our group of fabulous supporters. Check in often so we can get to know you..

MJ, praying for you to feel better..

Hi Freida, Edna, Pat, Lisa, Becky, Jenn! Has anyone heard from Kathy? I hope she's feeling okay..

Time to have dessert and then get some sleep. My trainer is coming in the morning (which means I have to get my cardio in before she arrives) and then I have to work most of the day. I will check in at some point but have a great Saturday until then...

Comment #59

Sorry I didn't stop in today to say hello. It is already going on 9 PM here. It took me two days to finish my bible study lessons for Monday, wow, was this a convicting lesson. We are doing proverbs, our Topic is: Who And What I Am... This week it was on the Tongue. After finishing this lesson you don't ever want to open your mouth again, if you do.

I hear chatter on the Super Ball Sunday. I am sorry to say I am not a sports fan. Our Home Fellowship is always on Sundays at 4:00 PM so the group took a vote and we are starting it at 2:30 this Sunday. That way we still get our teaching and those that want to stay and watch the game at the host home can, or those that aren't interested can stay or go home early. Their will be a pot luck, but we fellowship with food everyweek anyway after our teaching. Hope you all have a wonderful time however you spend the time the game is on..

God bless and keep each one of you. Have a fantastic weekend! Luv ya, MJ..

Comment #60

Good Evening everyone. I hope everyone is doing well, and is successfully dug out of all this snow! Walking anywhere in this city (which is how I have to get everywhere, even the el) is rather difficult. some people didn't bother to shovel at all, and now it's like an arctic excursion to get anywhere. Thats ok, it at least is a change of pace..

I think I'm going try and start weaning myself off the food, but still behave myself. For one I am bored with the food. Its been a year, and some of it that I have stocked up I just look at and have no desire for at all anymore. And Second, I'm now on government food stamps so I feel sorta guilty to buy another BBB while getting assistance for the rest of my groceries..

Since I'm still unemployed, and just got a rejection email for the design job, I decided it's time to take my life in hand. Today I made a calender for myself. I broke out my drafting supplies and colored pencils and drew away. I now have a schedule set up with which exercise DVD I'm going to do everyday, along with pilates every morning. And we will see how this week goes and when I want to slip swimming in. I plan to cross off everything I do, so at the end of the month I will have a whole calendar crossed off, NO EXCUSES!!!!!.

How does that sound my lovely ladies? Also, I am going to write a schedule for myself. No more of this sleeping all day and then watching netflix all night. I will get up at a reasonable hour, workout, go to the pool, come home and shower, then set aside two hours to work. Either work on my website, search for jobs, or just sit down and draw. I have a pile of plays on my book shelf that I've had to read for class, I might as well read them again and design a little something something, just to stay in practice. I should draw more anyway.

Please pray for me. I need the support to stay on my workout regime, eating right, finding a job, and not wasting my life on the couch. Sorry for the novel, but I've been doing some serious thinking, and this is what I have come to figure out. I hope you all are well, have a good weekend!..

Comment #61

Hi CSG!.

I hope everyone has a good Saturday. Sorry I was MIA yesterday...a very busy day and today my ODD is flying down for the next 8 days. We're so excited and looking forward to spending time with her. I may be posting a bit less while she's here so I can spend time with her before she has to leave..

What plans does everyone have for the weekend? I've got to get some housecleaning done, so I better run. Praying for the requests. Blessings!..

Comment #62

Mark 6:30-34.

30 The apostles returned to Jesus, and told him all that they had done and taught. 31 And he said to them, "Come away by yourselves to a lonely place, and rest a while." For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat. 32 And they went away in the boat to a lonely place by themselves. 33 Now many saw them going, and knew them, and they ran there on foot from all the towns, and got there ahead of them. 34 As he went ashore he saw a great throng, and he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things..


What does the image of a shepherd tell us about Gods care for us? Shepherding was one of the oldest of callings in Israel, even before farming, since the Chosen People had traveled from place to place, living in tents, and driving their flocks from one pasture to another. Looking after sheep was no easy calling. It required great skill and courage. Herds were often quite large, thousands or even ten thousands of sheep. The flocks spent a good part of the year in the open country. Watching over them required a great deal of attention and care.

Since hyenas, jackals, wolves, and even bear were common and fed on sheep, the shepherds often had to do battle with these wild and dangerous beasts. A shepherd literally had to put his life on the line in defending his sheep. Shepherds took turns watching the sheep at night to ward off any attackers. The sheep and their shepherds continually lived together. Their life was so intimately bound together that individual sheep, even when mixed with other flocks, could recognize the voice of their own shepherd and would come immediately when called by name..

The Old Testament often spoke of God as shepherd of his people, Israel. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want (Psalm 23:1). Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel, you who lead Joseph like a flock! (Psalm 80:1) We are his people, and the sheep of his pasture (Psalm 100:3). The Messiah is also pictured as the shepherd of God's people: He will feed his flock like a shepherd, he will gather the lambs in his arms (Isaiah 40:11). Jesus told his disciples that he was the Good Shepherd who was willing to lay down his life for his sheep (Matthew 18:12, Luke 15:4, John 10). When he saw the multitude of people in need of protection and care, he was moved to respond with compassionate concern.

Peter the apostle called Jesus the Shepherd and Guardian of our souls (1 Peter 2:25). Do you know the peace and security of a life freely submitted to Jesus, the Good Shepherd? In the person of the Lord Jesus we see the unceasing vigilance and patience of God's love. In our battle against sin and evil, Jesus is ever ready to give us help, strength, and refuge. Do you trust in his grace and help at all times?.

Let Us Pray.

Lord Jesus, you guard and protect us from all evil. Help me to stand firm in your word and to trust in your help in all circumstances. May I always find rest and refuge in the shelter of your presence. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen...

Comment #63


~ Hope it was ok that I posted the Gospel for today. I wanted to post a meditation to go with it before I get busy and am getting off of the computer. Thank you for your devotion to posting the Gospel each day. I do appreciate it SO much! You are blessing each of us daily with God's word. Have a wonderful day friend...

Comment #64

I don't mind at all, Lisa! It's a wonderful devotion as well we don't realize how hard it must have been to have been an actual shepherd in those days and what that job really meant to ancient people..

I was outdoors until now, shoveling with DH... we have a circular drive with a rock surface so we have to shovel, not plow... it is good exercise and keeps us out of trouble for the whole winter! It's absolutely gorgeous today, brilliant sunshine and it's already 20 degrees. But so much snow coming tonight that I probably won't be able to even get to church tomorrow..

Have a super time with your daughter, dear friend, and enjoy your time together!..

Comment #65

You are gone for a few days and you miss so much I just caught up on the posts and there was quite a few there you girl's have been busy. I am at the pool with DD right now for her lessons but we have been busy she had 2 snow days withe the snowstorm that came through here I still had to go to work we did not shut down DH took Wednesday off we got about 2 feet of snow but life is back to normal around here now..

Seanne congratulation on the new house..

Becky sounds like you have a good plan mapped out we are here to help keep you honest just let us know when you feel you need a kick in the hiney.

We will be glad to provide it, and you know that you have the prayers for a job and it will come in his time..

Well DD is done swimming so it is time for me to go see you all later...

Comment #66

Welcome, JennI am a bit older than you, but I have a little over 60lbs to lose to get to my goalI'll be your buddy! I have a sweet niece named Jen who also has 3 children (triplets2 boys, 1 girl), so I felt an affinity with you right off! I just started my triplets in piano lessons yesterday! I think working on the Fruit of the Spirit is an awesome thingI think I will too! by the way, I'm Debbie from FloridaI've been MIA quite a bit lately, and will for the next week or so due to some travel. I'll see you when I can! Blessings!.

Seanne, that is wonderful for you!! I'm so happy! I hope that your ceiling doesn't collapse and that you get a break in the cold to get rid of some of the ice!.

[font="Comic Sans MS"][size="3"].

MJ, welcome back! I hope that you can get to your goal again. I'm sorry you are in so much pain..

LorieI bet you have some big muscles from all that clearing of snow!! Be careful!.

Kristinawelcome. YOu have found a great group! I'll be in and out for a while due to a very busy schedule, but I do hope to see you often!!!.

Lisa, I hope you enjoy your time with your DD.

Are you enjoying a lot of 'liquid sunshine' like we are? I am so ready for the sun to shine again! Yesterday was like being in the twilight zoneit was dark and foggy all day long. I don't remember a day like that in many years..

KimberlyI'm proud of you for being 100% OP during your travels!! How is your foot? If you have given an update lately, I missed itI have not been able to catch up on all the posts in a while now..

Lynda-I hope the MRI will show the problem and then you can get some relief! I'm glad that Doug is up.

BekcyI'm glad you are taking control of your life! Maintaining a good schedule will go a long way in how you feel about things!! I hope you find the right job soon..

Kathymiss youI hope you are ok..

I know I'm missing someonebut DH needs me to help him...I hope all of my friends here have a wonderful weekend and 100% success! Blessings!..

Comment #67

Good morning everyone..

Becky - What a great plan you have put in place. We'll be praying you stick to it and use your time productively..

Busy at work again today, plus company for the weekend so I'll just say hello and hope to check back in tomorrow...

Comment #68

Good morning-.

Lynda- I am not changing my profile. I ahve 2 accounts. The one with my name is for contact with NS. Brenda Joy is for use on the discussion groups. I was in myNutrisystemaccount when I first posted..

Kimberly- Thanks for asking about my knee. I twisted it again at work but I will not go L+I this time because I do not want to get stuck again with a doctor that is not of my choosing. I have an appointment next week. I can still walk despite the pain so it is not a tear like the last time. Also with my weight loss I have 200# less pressure on my knee than when I first started in NS. I am making progress since I cannot roll back the clock..

I want to share that my sister, Lorrie, is in the midst of cancer treatment. She has her first chemo treatment on 2/14 and will have surgery to place a port prior to that..

My husband sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday which is Monday..

I really love the 23rd Psalm. I am reassured that I "will dwell in the house of the Lord forever" after walking through the "valley of the shadow of death"...

Comment #69

That was just lovely!! And I'll bet Muslims will do the same for the Coptic Christians who are planning on having a Mass tomorrow morning in Tahrir Square. Thanks for posting that link!..

Comment #70

Brenda Joy, will be praying for healing for your knee. And also for your sister - that God's hand be on her through her treatment and He remove all traces of the cancer..

Happy early Birthday! Hope it's a good one...

Comment #71

Hi everyone, taking a quick break from work. I'm reading mutual fund financial statements and they are so boring they are putting me to sleep..

Comment #72

Wow where did my week go?.

I didnt get sick just very tired, so I slept late just like Becky was saying and watched CSI till 2 am, bad bad habit. I will be getting to bed as soon as I post this, DH was kind and made me get out of bed at 12:30 so I good and tired now..

My pastors wife is preparing to start a study on made to crave, so glad to hear you like it, I think I will take the course!.

Mary Jane.

Thank you , both for your prayers and your honesty.

QUOTE] I appreciate your Scripture references and the reminder for each of us that our journeys are all to be done for the glory of God. Thank you for sharing your prayer and may each of us be blessed with the Holy Spirit to have the wisdom to approach every day in a healthy way. Blessings my friend! [/quote].


Well said my sister and also many thanka to you for your selfless faithfullness to this board. We all appreciate it..


Do I like the pudding? yes it's my very fave dessert ever, I am so glad I have to mix it or else I would eat them three at a time, if you can get them please do it's amazing with of course FF cool whip..


Congrats!!!on your house, Doing happy dance whoohooo!.


Hi sorry to make you worry, I didnt get sick, took my occillo and some other bio salts as well, it just got real busy and I have been grazing after meals, last night I blew it and ate all the FF cool whip in the container, Today DH made a great pot of soup so after a good breakfast I had a small lunch and a good bowl of soup, dessert was my pudding of course and a normal dollop of FF whipped crme. I had to get that craving out of my system I think, I will be exercising this week as I do not intend to undo anything I have lost for very long, thanks for asking it's good to be missed..


Welcome to the CSG I think your gonna love it here, There is no pretense, we all want to lose weight and follow after Gods heart, a blessed and rare group of women have been gifted to us here I must say!.

Hi Freida, Edna, Pat, Lisa, Becky, Jenn! Has anyone heard from Kathy? I hope she's feeling okay..

I am so sorry to have worried all of you, but I am ok just took some time off, I have been painting several small watercolors, and posting them on facebook. I have tried to upload them here but I cant get the pix to load, turns out I had some settings issues and DH fixed that, I will put some thumbnails in my signature line if I can in the next few days,.


How wonderful to be posting with a fellow artist, if you ever want to share and view each others paintings, I would love to see anything you do.BTW I love your calendar Idea and I am going to do the same thanka for the idea.

I have exercises to do and a swimming plan so I must get to it, thanks for the idea..


You can say that again.



Thanks , I am fine, I got a little off track but am not sick at all thanks for your concern. I appreciate it..

So it was very nice to meet the newbies and catch up, for those I missed I pray and extra special blessing an you..

Love in Christ,.

Because he first loved us,.


Comment #73

Good Sonday Morning! Getting ready for church and hand a moment to stop in! Cicero had 7 inches of snow yesterday while we were there! Thought we were going to be stuck but we got back home!.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!..

Comment #74

Morning Seanne, I am also getting ready for church, it's 6 AM here. With all the snow you must feel like it is Christmas again! Stay safe in this awful weather you are having. It is suppose to be 62 here today, warmest it's been out this way this time of the year in a very long time. Luv ya, MJ..

Comment #75

Hi Kathy! Glad to see you are all right. That was so funny about the Cool Whip!! Sounds like something I'd do! I absolutely craved theNutrisystemchoc pudding I had to eat it fast or my husband would have grabbed it out of my hands. He was jealous! .... Sounds like you're back on track, though, which is great..

I think this Gospel is especially fitting for my wonderful friends here on the CSG thread. You are all wonderful lights to each other, encouraging others and helping them along their way..


Matthew 5.13 16.

Jesus said to his disciples, "You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost it's taste, how can it's saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything, but is thrown out and trampled underfoot..

"You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden. No one, after lighting a lamp, puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before human beings, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your father in heaven.".

The Gospel of the Lord..


Comment #76

To all my sisters in Christ..

This is so beautiful. I know this is how we all feel..

Go to:.



Comment #77

Hi CSGers.


Hi Glad you arrived Home alright!.




Hi and thanks for the good words. Yes I see this place as a light on a hill too. with all the little lights going out into the world everyday but not blending in standing out just enough so we are seen as a beacon to the lost. For example, Yesterday I was on the phone paying a bill and I said slow down my short term memory is not what it used to be, The woman on the other end said oh I hear that. I told her my father died of altszheimers and so my memory is in Gods hands, He will take care of me, suddenly we were on the same page, and there was no question that she was a Christian. Cool huh?.


, Hi, wishing you a wonderful Sonday, I wasnt able to access your link, I bet it was beautiful tho..

Well I am now going to make a chart Calendar and plan my meals and my exercises, swimming and appointments, Many thanks to Becky for the inspiration..

In His Grip,.


Comment #78

Hi Everyone -.

I am sorry I disappeared. Dealing with sickness, snow, cabin fever and some depression. This weather is horrible and my son can't seem get healthy. I have also been struggling with feeling so far away from God. I do see a Christian counselor, so she has me working on some stuff. But some days are just so hard..

On a positive note, I am finishing my 5th week on NS, and in the 1st 4 I lost 13# ! I have to keep that going!.

So I honestly want to spend more time here and I am going to do my best to make that happen. Can I ask you to keep me in your prayers? I want to find that fire for Christ again..

Thank you,.


Comment #79

Good afternoon my christian friends. I hope everyone is having a great Sunday in the Lord. I didn't have time to get on yesterday, but we had a great trip to Knoxville to the birthday party. Our # 2 granddaughter 12 year old Chelsea went with us. Her parents and older sister had to go to sister's volleyball game and were unable to go. I stayed almost on program yesterday, yes I did eat just a teeny piece of cake, but I took myNutrisystemfood for lunch, and on the way back, we stopped at a Cracker Barrell and I ordered off the low carb menu, I had grilled chicken tenderloins, green beans and carrots, and water...

Comment #80

I know how depression can hurt a person, but the fact that you are seeing a christian counselor is a good thing. I will keep you in my prayers. You can do this...

Comment #81

It is so good to be back. You all are an inspiration in all ways..

Wish you all a day of rest and peace. I thank God for all of you...

Comment #82

Frieda- Thank you for the link. I really love it...

Comment #83

Good afternoon.


, Its good to see you here. I have had struggles like you are facing and I can understand your struggle. You have come back to the right place, We support you and your desire to draw near to the Lord. And you have Lost 13 pounds Wow!!!!! Thats quite an accomplishment!!! Hoorahh for you!!! Come back often it's a very nurturing group. I will keep you in my prayers as well..



, you did great staying on program at a party and then at a place like.

Cracker barrel Your awesome!.


Brenda Joy.

What a pretty name and your signature is beautiful! Have a wonderful day..

And to all a good game, I look forward to the commercals..


Comment #84

Brenda Joy!!! Welcome back! I have missed you! I hope you had a wonderful Sonday! Take care of that knee!..

Comment #85

I hope you all had a good weekend, dear friends!.

Kathy that's a lovely thing to say when you are frustrated, that your memory is in God's hands. That's true of all of us middle-aged people, that's for sure!.

Edna you are so strong! I've never been to a Cracker Barrel (they aren't around here, luckily) but it sounds like you did a great job choosing your meal considering what else they have on the menu!.


Mark 6.53 56.

Jesus and the disciples crossed over the lake and came to land at Gennesaret and moored the boat. When they got out of the boat, people at once recognized Him, and rushed about that whole region and began to bring the sick on mats to wherever Jesus was. And wherever He went, into villages or cities or farms, they laid the sick in the marketplaces, and begged Him that He might touch even the fringe of His cloak; and all who touched it were healed..

The Gospel of the Lord.


Comment #86

Ok this was my first weekend onNutrisystemand I failed.. I am so dissappointed but I could not pass up meals out with the family. I dont think I planned properly .. I started off good but didnt end well.. Went over on calories (i think) since it was an ethnic dish I dont know the calories. I didnt get stuffed but I know sodium was high.

Now I'm sure the scale for the first week weigh in wont be good.. Also I didnt exercise for 3 days.. :-(.

Well I hope everyone here is doing well. Would love stories from those that have issues on weekends. How I can overcome...

Church was great yesterday and Pastor even spoke on Self discipline....

Comment #87

Hi everyone! Happy monday.

Des104gr8ness, I too didn't have the greatest weekend on NS, so I'm feeling ya there. I went to visit a friend, and although I took SOME stuff with me, I didn't end up eating it. Obviously my willpower isn't strong enough, so I need to rely on HIS power. mine just isn't going to cut it. hmmm...I definitely come to that realization a lot. You'd think I'd get it through my head..

Anyway, although I didn't eat as horribly as I used to this weekend, I still didn't make all wise choices and the scale is back up 1 lb from my last week's monday weigh in. (I only weigh once a week.).

Last week I just didn't do my best. I wasn't working out as hard as I could have, or eating as well as I could have. Rather than beat myself up though I'm just going to admit that I didn't do well, and attack it harder this week. I just keep having the verse "we are more than conquerors" run through my heart. Keep that in mind this week! we are MORE than conquerors through Christ!..

Comment #88

Don't beat yourself up over it, but look at it as a learning lesson. We all aren't perfect and we are going to fail at times, but just get back on track...

Comment #89

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