How many Nutrisystem points are there in potatoes?

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My first question is How many Nutrisystem points are there in potatoes? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... This new group has been formed from those of us who had been posting on RACE TO THE 140's..

We formed a new thread because most of us weren't really racing to the 140's and hadn't been for a while. But we'd become fast friends and enjoyed the love and support of those friendships..

We didn't want to mislead those Nutrisystem people looking for the support of others heading to the 140's, hence this new support thread!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Thanks, Kimberly, for getting us off and running!!!>>>>>.

I haven't done much in the way of marketing my paintings for way too many months. So, in my own inimitable fashion, today I downloaded an over the top s***load number of opportunities to follow up on - exhibitions to which I will apply for jurying/entry. Already got one done and out, which is major for me! (These all COST and involve deadlines)..

Haven't been to a yoga class in many moons - going tomorrow..

This weekend heading to Philly Museum, Tom and I are meeting a friend and seeing the Chagall exhibit there (one of my all time faves)..

(Maybe this SAD light is more helpful than I even realized?)..

Comment #2

Wow, Sheil you are inspiring me to get moving! I've recently been getting some things crossed off my to- do list, those big things that I've been avoiding doing for months, years, etc, and it feels SO good to get them done, doesn't it! I'm so proud of you for going to town with the art exhibitions! I hope you have a great yoga class tomorrow! I'm off to Jillian for Day #2 of shredding torture. Yay us for taking care of business!!!..

Comment #3

Kimberly - Dontcha think the weight loss provides soo much more energy and impetus to get the to do list accomplished?.

It's really kinda warm here today (50's) and Pearl's over the top with her energy level. Every time I hear Cesar say dogs need exercise I agree with him and feel very guilty. I do believe the warmer weather will have me walking her tons but that's not right now. I could actually put off my yoga class today (don't love this teacher so much), save the bux, and saddle up Pearlie Girlie. Shall see. (She just has so much energy and I'm so easily guilted.


Comment #4

Hi Ladies,.

Apparently my whining paid off and I get to hear from you again.

Kimberly Even though I don't "know" you I can see you yelling at Jillian very funny. Yeah we're all wired up different I kind of like the "bootcamp" kind of work-outs. Sounds like you are doing great. Keep it up!.

Sheil thanks so much for getting this started and for being such a great cheerleader. I definitely need you guys. Yeah- when company leaves that is always such a let down for me too (whether the visit was good or not so good). I'm sure you are on track today. We're in the 30's today so 50's sound balmy..

That energy thing I could sure use. I exercise in the a.m., but when I get home from school I am just a sloth. I probably need to just change it up my MO for the last few months is that I am just so tired that I can't do anything when I get home (other than eat I think it's the cold, too). School is challenging, but it's not like it takes everything out of me!.

OK ladies Have a great Thurs big storm coming in today for us..

Comment #5

Sheil- You are so right about the weight loss = getting more things accomplished. It's not just the more physical energy, it's a letting go of the weight as an excuse to hold me back from doing things. It makes me feel, as cheesy as this sounds, that I can be the best me that I can be, without being held back by my weight. Still working on it though, still got a ways to go! I feel like I can get there though!.

Don't you wish you had a treadmill like Cesar and could put your doggie on it? I'm so lucky I live in warm weather and can walk year round. I wonder what everyone else in cold places does with their dogs? There should be an indoor doggie track or something! Don't feel guilty though, just love her and do the best you can, and she'll be happy. I remember freaking out when we were in puppy school and the teacher was talking about all these expensive teeth cleaning things that people use, that I can't afford, and the crazy expensive dog food, etc. She finally stopped and said "If you don't do this, it's okay. They will still love you and be very happy, so just do the best you can with what you've got, and they'll be fine. Don't worry about it." I sometimes remind myself of that when I'm too hard on myself about things, but I should tell myself that about non-doggie related things too! It was good advice!.

Vickie- I am the WORST morning person, and barely make it to work on time, so I've never been able to exercise in the morning. So I have to do it at night. It is so hard though, because all I want to do is lay on the couch and watch TV. Very sloth-like indeed! I've started to not even sit down on the couch, just change right into my workout clothes, because once I lay down, I have to dig soooo deep to get up and work out and it doesn't work half the time! Thank goodness I've committed to doing the Shred with my friend for 30 days, it's a 'I don't have a choice, I have to do it' type of thing. Although the excuses to back out are still running through my head, but I'm not listening to them! I only yelled at Jillian a little last night. I might have called her the b-word.

I told another friend that I was doing the shred for 30 days and she said 'You're shredding paper for 30 days??? What???'..

Comment #6

Mariner? Tami? Amy?.

Hey, they should find the link when they go back to our old thread?.

Almost forgot to say:.

For those of you who are FB members you can see MOI as the headliner on theNutrisystemhomepage today! WOO HOO, that feels so great!!!..

Comment #7

I'm not on facebook so I don't totally understand but that sounds AMAZING!!!!! CONGRATS, that is a HUGE accomplishment!!!!!..

Comment #8

Hey all. I found you. Still struggling a little was a bust again..but going to get back on track tomorrow. I finally did get my Beck book so I am going to do a little reading in that tonight and really get started tomorrow. I also am planning to start an eight week total body makeover dvd I purchased a long time ago..

Will post more tomorrow when I have good news to report on exercise for the day!!! I am going to get on the treadmill tomorrow!!!.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend...

Comment #9

Thanks for the PM, Sheil! I've been out of touch, I'm traveling in Africa right now. Glad to see the new thread, I'll post more when I'm back...

Comment #10

My exercising update.....sadly is a confession of one more bad eating day with no exercise..

I did start reading the Beck Diet Solution tonight so I am hopeing that starting that will help me to get started back with my serious dieting. I am once again aiming to start tomorrow...I always do better starting on a Monday..

I will check in later this week...

Comment #11

Good morning Successful Strugglers!?.

Tami - How'd ya do yesterday? I'm right there with you on the minus minutes of exercise. I just want to be outside and find inside exercising daunting to say the least. For some reason this winter I've been so much less motivated about it reaching goal? The new puppy? Depression? Lack of light? Dunno. Doesn't matter, does it? I simply don't even want to exercise right now. Going to yoga class this afternoon but I prefer the a.m. class and chose to cater to Pearl instead of taking care of myself.

But Spring's on the way...I hope. And that give me incentive. Tom's going to hook up my new puppy bike basket and off we'll go (my concern is it might be a bit too heavy with all that on my front wheel???!! I can do it, right?).

Kimberly - Where is the Beck Diet Solution support thread? I've been searching for it and can't seem to find it. I began the book today and it's really good. Great to read for maintaining. So interesting that her father is the one who discovered CBT..

Vickie - How are your days going?.

Hope we haven't lost Amy??? I sent her a PM..

Mariner - you ARE TRAVEL WOMAN aren't you! Tres kewl. Is this a biz trip or what?..

Comment #12

Shiel - I did not get any exercise in yesterday, but I did have a good food day. I am fighting with plantar fasciitis again so that is part of my walking problem, but I have walked on the treadmill with it before so I am not going to blame my not walking totaly on my foot..

I too started reading the Beck Diet Solution Book. I am finding it pretty intersting..

I have to leave for work now will check in later...

Comment #13

Tami, you can do this! I know you have it in you get back on track!.

I hope you and Sheil find the Beck book as helpful as I have. Making the index cards and reading them a couple times a day or before I eat in a restaurant, etc, have been really amazing to me, it really has changed the way I think about dieting. Your right, Sheil, her dad is a prominent psychologist in cognitive thinking. Here's the thread that you were looking for:.


If they're too far into it for you to catch up, you and me and Tami can chat about it! I can't stress making the index cards enough, I keep them in my purse and they totally change my mindset..

Oh, and I have a puppy basket for my bike too! Mine sits more on the metal rim that goes above the tire, so it doesn't sit right on the tire. Trust me, you will make so many people in your neighborhood smile when you ride past with Pearl's little head sticking out, hair blowing in the wind!..

Comment #14

Hey, guys...what's happenin' to our group? Should we have just left the thread the way it was??? Of course, I am just incredibly guilty for not posting enough myself but I NEED YOU ALL!.

Kimberly - thanks for the Beck Solution offer of "coaching". I'm still reading the book cuz it's very informative and interesting. However, the place I'm at right now is not one of desperation, which just might be where one would be to pick up on all that task-doing. I'm NOT going there but I AM especially finding the part about "hunger is not an emergency, nor is a craving" to be very helpful. I just have so many things I "should" do for myself right now that I never get to do as it is. For example, I swear every day that I'm going to draw much more often or journal at least occasionally.

I also feel unhappy about not exercising (Tami?) (NOT Vickie). I keep saying as the weather "comes 'round" it'll happen. And it probably will. But it's been an entire winter (3 mos. at least) of virtually none..

Pearl's delightful but there are some days I am so not up to her energy level.

She is such a puppy and requires constant vigilance for training and to help her learn to stop terrorizing the 2 cats who do not want her to stay here..

How is everyone doing with their lives/food/NS????..

Comment #15

Hey, all...another bad weekend for me...I don't know what my deal is. I start the weekend out with really good intentions and then just blow it all to heck. I guess it is a good think that I keep things in check during the week or else I would really be putting a bunch of weight back on..

Once again I am determined to get my exercise started again on Monday. I am planning to get on the treadmill yet today, but am feeling really tired and just have no energy..

I have read the first part of the Beck book and I am going to fill out my index cards before I go to bed tonight. I do find the book to be interesting..

Hope everyone is having a good weekend..

I will check back in later...

Comment #16

Sheil- I hear you completely. You are pretty much maintaining after your tremendous weight loss (still so impressive to me and inspires me every day), so it makes sense that you'd 'do' the book differently than someone still losing. I do think it has lots of great things in it, though, so I'm glad that there's some thoughts resonating with you. I love the stuff on not giving in to cravings, too. I was craving something on Saturday night, and the thoughts from the book helped talk me out of it, and I couldn't be more glad (and my weigh in was really good this week because of it!). And I do believe that I strengthened my resistance muscle, in fact, it was much less of a struggle for me than it used to be (it definitely used to feel like an emergency, so I think my muscles are getting stronger!.

I completely 100 percent can relate to your list of things that you 'should' do for yourself. In fact I was just reading today'sNutrisystemDaily Dose and it's about that very thing. I always put off doing the things that I should do, especially the ones that I don't really want to do (exercise) or that overwhelm me and freak me out (career stuff). I've been better about the exercise lately, doing it whether I want to or not most of the time, but I know how hard that is, especially with cold weather and fibro (of which I don't have like you do, so I really shouldn't struggle so much!). I hope it warms up soon where you are, because I know you'll feel so much better when you exercise. Exercise seems to be a catch-22, where when you don't exercise you are tired, but then you are too tired to exercise.

If we break the cycle, by just doing something even if we don't want to, we feel better and can do more things. Don't mean to sound all shrink-like, sorry for the ramble! Just trust me, I completely understand about the not exercising and getting stuff done, I struggle with it every single day. I have been trying an experiment lately though, about doing things for just 15 minutes a day, like journaling or exercising, something else I need to do but don't. It makes it sound so doable, just 15 minutes. I usually end up going for longer than 15, because once I get started, I'm good, but just 15 is enough.

Tami- big hugs! I think it's great that you are able to get right back on track during the weeks after rough weekends. Weekends are so hard for me too, I always want to splurge, but I've been trying to minimize my splurges so there's less damage. I know how you feel though, every weekend is a challenge for me. I think it's the lack of structure, and the wanting to 'treat' myself because it's a weekend. I'm really glad you are working on Beck, like I told Sheil- my cards have saved me a bunch of times when my head gets all crazy (as it does often, but less than before!). I hope you get back on the treadmill soon.

That first step of getting on it is so freaking hard sometimes though!.

Big hugs, ladies, to you and Pearl! I hope I wasn't too annoying or know-it-all! I just relate to what you're saying so much and want to help!..

Comment #17

Thanks Kimberly...I really like the way that you have gotten yourself into exercise and other things that you want to accomplish...I think that I am going to try the 15 min. thing. I too like to exercise once I get started, I just have a really hard time getting to the basement to get it done, by telling myself it is only 15 minutes that may get me down there. I told myself I would walk 3 times this week and so far I have only managed to get in 1 walk...on the upside I still have a few days left this week to make it happen..

Thanks again for your advice (ideas), I am open to any ideas to help me to get back on track...

Comment #18

Hello, ladies! I'm back from Africa, and it was not a business trip, it was sheer pleasure!! I went with 10 friends to Tanzania and we went to the game parks (Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Tarangire) and saw EVERYTHING. Leopards, lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffe, gazelles, water buffalo, zebras, hyenas, ostriches, eagles, crocodiles, hippos you name it, we saw it. We even saw two cheetahs stalking and taking down a baby wildebeest, which wasn't too gross because all we saw was the cheetahs taking off and then a big cloud of dust and flying hooves. I guess if we had to run after our food and kill it we would have beautiful figures like the sleek cheetahs!.

And yes, Sheil, I am the TRAVEL QUEEN!!.

I took a month off from the Hardcore Hoff challenge, so I ate more than I should have on the trip, but the damage wasn't too bad. I have been slacking off on the exercise, but just before I left I got a new elliptical trainer so I have been starting up with that. I also want to go back to doing more Wii Walk It Out. Before my surgery last fall I was doing 23,000 steps in a session, and now I find it hard just to get to 12,000. A nurse friend of mine said that it takes half the time to lose the muscle tone that you built up as the time it took to build it, and that's been true for me! But at least I feel like I have finally recovered from the two surgeries and I'm ready to build that stamina up again. We all know it's HARD to get motivated, so this is an area we can all help each other with.

Nice to be back among friends, girls!..

Comment #19

Oh, and one more thing I just had my annual checkup and bloodwork, and my numbers were AMAZING! Cholesterol 163, HDL-LDL ratio 3.1, A1C 5.9, triglycerides 82. Every number was normal. It was so exciting! Thanks, NS!!..

Comment #20

Tami- Let me know if the 15 minutes idea works! It really helps me from feeling too overwhelmed to do anything, and seriously 15 minutes of exercise is a million times better than none, so it really does make a difference. And if you want to keep going after 15, do it!.

Mariner- Welcome back!! Your trip sounds amazing! And hearing about your numbers and how excited you are to workout is so great! Your surgeries were so much recovery, so it's great to hear you on the road to health! Your enthusiasm is pushing me to move!!.

Hugs to everyone!!!..

Comment #21

We sure are a quiet group this week. I am still not doing well with exercise..partly due to my plantar fasciitis when I get up I can barely walk, and then after working and walking around off and on for 8 hours I am really hobbling when I get off. I have a DVD that has some type of exercise on it, I am going to check it out after work tonight. Maybe I can do that..

I ordered a splint type thing for my foot that should be delivered today so I am hoping that helps too..

I am doing well with my eating, so at least I am not gaining anymore weight, I am just not losing much either. I best get ready for work...I will check in later this week...

Comment #22

So far this week:.


9,000 steps on Walk It Out.

20 minutes elliptical.


20 minutes elliptical.

13,000 steps on Walk It Out.


20 minutes elliptical.

13,500 steps on Walk It Out.

I'm going to try to keep up this pace at least, and I hope when the weather is warmer to try to get back to the couch 2 5K program. Just trying to get back to where I was last August!..

Comment #23

Great job Mariner!.

Tami, do what you can without hurting yourself. Remember, losing weight they say is 80 percent what you eat and 20 percent exercise, so you still can lose if you keep your food really good. It's great that you aren't being all-or-nothing with it! I used to eat way too much if I wasn't eating, and eat really well if I was. Made no sense of course. So now when I have a not great eating day, but I still decide to exercise, or vice versa, I consider it a great mental/emotional accomplishment! Great job keeping your food clean!.

I've been pretty 100 percent with the food (not perfect at all) and shredding every day. Hate Jillian!.

Hope everyone is doing well! Sheil?..

Comment #24

I ended up walking before work Wednesday. I told myself that I should give it a 15 minute try. I actually made it 24 minutes it took me that long to do a mile. Once I had the 15 minutes done I figured I might just as well get the whole mile in. This began my exercise for the week..

Wed (before work) 1 Mile 24 Minutes 215 calories (per treadmill).

Wed (after work) 1 Mile 25 Minues 227 calories.

Thursday (before) 1 Mile 24 Minutes 227 calories.

Thursday (after) ** 1.5 Miles 36 Minutes 338 calories.

** I walked extra tonight because I knew that I was not going to be able to walk before work on Friday. I have to get up early and run errands before work..

I bought some shape up shoes and they actually make my foot feel pretty good while I walk, so the plantar fasciitis isn't going to stop me now.


I think I am finally back in control of my exercise. I decided that I didn't have to go downstairs and do 2 miles at a time just because that is what I used to do. I am ok with doing 1 mile before and 1 after work and I will gradually be able to do more at a time..

I don't know why I am such an all or none kind of person, I have learned not to be like that with food, now I just have to learn to apply that with exercise and stick with it..

Thanks everyone for the encouragement and not giving up on me. I really feel like I am back on track now. Good thing since I have gained 30 pounds that I now need to get back off. I will make a ticker for myself this weekend. I am ready to get my ticker moving..

Comment #25

Yes, I am still alive, my sistahs! And kickin'! However, not kicking as much butt as you guys seem to be! Manoman, way to inspire, Kimberly, Mariner, Tami! I am enthused by reading how much time and effort ya'll are giving to the importance of exercising, really I am!.

I am doing a bit more, but I used to do.


Much more E. That bike basket I ordered for little Pearlie (yes, Kimberly, I expect it will turn heads with those ears flying) came in damaged to the point of unsafe. So...having to wait for another shipment and then it will take time for her to get used to it before I can go much distance. But, I've been walking her (those little legs fly to the tune of 2.5 miles sometimes!) and I signed up for another 10-card at yoga classes..

Foods and weigh ins have been fine. I say that cuz I am maintaining by eating extraNutrisystemdesserts (or low calorie ones) and that's how I like my days to flow. Tonight, though, we'll be in the BIg Apple (NYC) for an Allmann Bros. concert. (I will probably order a salad and pocket a bar, no kidding...I adore those bars! And, still, will have my dessert in the car for the ride home)..

I'm glad our little group is still here even though I don't post often enough, I know. I think about you all all the time. Where in the world is Vickie? And Amy?.

Tami, you'll be fine now. Sounds like those new shoes are great! I've been considering shape ups, do you really like them?..

Comment #26

I'm sooo glad to hear that you are doing so well Tami! I'm glad the 15 minute idea helped. I have been an all or nothing person in terms of food and exercise my whole life, so the 15 minutes has really helped me not feel so overwhelmed and 'why even bother' about things. Still working on it though, could be better! There are still things that I don't even start because I won't be able to do it 'perfectly' or completely, but you've inspired me to practice what I preach in terms of those things too! What's funny about the 15 minute thing is that there's a new commercial for Rite Aid I think talking about that very thing! Maybe a sign? That I could accomplish all of my goals in 15 minute intervals? Then I'll start sleeping in 15 minute chunks too! See, now I'm going all all-or-nothing again.

Sheil- I hope you get your new basket for Pearl! It sounds from your description that the weather is finally warmer where you are?? And you made it to Spring!! More sunlight for you!!! I'm so glad!!! I hope the concert in NYC was fun! I love the thought of you bringing a bar with you, that is dedication to maintenance!.

I want shape ups too! I have the Fit Flops, which are sort of like them I think, and I love them. I think I have shape ups on my rewards list for every 2 pounds I lose, I should look!.

Hope everyone is doing well!..

Comment #27

Hey, Ladies!.

I had no idea the new thread had started because it's been hard for me to keep up with everything the past 6 weeks! Whew! I'm glad I actually noticed that I had some messages on my page, and one was from Sheil letting me know we had changed threads. I kept looking for our old one. is everyone? I'm good here. Just been busy trying to get caught up with everything. We were hit with influenza A, and that about did my poor DH in since he has had such a rough time with health this year. All is well now, though.

Hopefully, we are all on the upswing and I can finally get my life organized (one of my 2011 goals)..

Thanks, Sheil for letting me know! I was wondering where y'all had gone off to!. to you all! I'd love to hear what is going on with everyone...

Comment #28

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