How many Nutrisystem points are there in a grande cafe mocha?

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First off, How many Nutrisystem points are there in a grande cafe mocha? Many thanks for any response. Another question... Welcome to the very first challenge of the year 2011!!! We are calling this challenge ...This Year is Our Year Onward and Downward challenge! This Year is Our Year O&D Challenge, for short! Mouthful I know......but we want everyone who knows the Onward and Downward name to be able to recognize that's it's the same group of ladies...still chugging along! As always, newcomers are always welcomed to join us, no matter where we are in the challenge. This challenge starts a new thread each week, so look for a STOP on Sunday Night/Monday morning and then follow the provided link to the new thread. I'm counting on us all to keep each other motivated and meeting our goals!! We do a great job at it, so keep up the good work!.

Christmas feasting is over and the New Years parties are time to get serious and get moving! Let's get ready to be our skinniest and best for the new year of 2011!! This challenge will run from today until March 17.....St. Patrick's we have just about 11 weeks (6 left) to work hard and get ourselves moving each day and eating better..

Please join us as we look ahead to a great upcoming year in 2011 and better health!! This is a place to make your goals for the next 6 weeks! Why not get support from one another as we journey through the next few months towards our ultimate goals..

The theme focuses upon this is the year that we will make the most of our efforts. For some, it will be reaching the goal and beginning to maintain. For others of us, it will earmark the reality that we are making significant progress and not letting excuses hold us back..

The rules are simple. Make your own goal about what you want to achieve between now and March 17th, 2011 and let us know what that is. Give a short introduction, so we can get to know you.....even the regulars!! Then come here often to let us know how you are doing, get support from the group and offer your support to other members. I'll be posting a new thread each week so look for it each Monday. Please try to post at least an update on your journey each week. We want you to be part of this great support system..

So what do you plan to achieve during this 11 week challenge?A weight loss? 100% days? Reaching a certain size dress or jeans? Maintaining your weight? Doing a certain amount of exercise? Just let us know what you want to work on and introduce yourself....anything you want to choose!.

Please join us and share the struggles and triumphs that we all will go through the struggles for this upcoming year. Getting through this journey is so much easier with someone there to hold your hand and give you encouragement..

I like to post a weekly question to help us get to know eachother and/or to help us focus on our weight loss journey and to get some discussions started. Answer it as briefly or as fully as you want to.".

As we enter this sixth week of the challenge, the question of the week is:.

Ground Hog Day was last week and supposedly Spring is going to come early. What are your signs or signals that Spring is near?.

When I was a girl growing up outside of Chicago the blooming of the tulips told me spring was finally on the waay and then when the lilac bush burst into bloom I knew it was really here. It's tricker now that I'm living in the South. I think that I'm more tuned into daylight now. Once I start waking to daylight and having some daylight after work I start believing that spring is on the way...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

OWI this morning - lost 2 1/2 pounds! So I guess sucking on cough drops rather than eating was an unintentionally successful weight loss strategy. LOL!.

What says spring to me?.

More hours of daylight.

Forsythia and crocus.

Not checking the 10 day weather forecast every day.

My birthday (3/21 - sometimes the first day of spring).

Putting away the hats, gloves, and all the other cold weather accoutrements..

Comment #2

Well I survived a super bowl party and stayed on the diet. I brought my own food and didn't drink. I think since I allowed myself the option to have a drink or to I was not so tempted to actually have one. When I think that I can't have something I suddenly can't stop craving it. I also had the support of everyone there who was proud that I decided to try and do something about my weight. I feel really good after my first week and I am looking forward to week two.

What says spring to me has changed since I moved from Florida to MD. Now I think it has to do with the weater. I associate getting to have my windows open as the beginning of spring. When I was in Florida it was winter when the weather was nice enough for the windows to be left open. I am looking forward to the nice weather but I am more looking forward to summer when I might fit into my some of my old clothes and be able to show of my body without being embarassed..

Comment #3

Daylight and daffodils/ other spring flowers. This year I think it will mostly be daylight, since we have so much snow still on the ground, it's hard to imagine it melting early enough to see flowers at the start of spring!.

Pam, great job on the exercise. Even if you don't quite meet your weight loss goal by March 17th, you're still moving in the right direction, and you'll get there, even if it takes an extra few weeks..

Maryanne, hope you're feeling better and able tohave something other than cough drops. Congratulations on the 2.5 pounds - great job!.

Great job managing the party!..

Comment #4

OWI today, and I dropped those three pounds that showed up last week. So I'm back where I was two weeks ago. But I had deli turkey at a party yesterday rather than my usual lower sodium protein, so I was actually pretty happy with that number this week...

Comment #5

Wow, I totally missed the last two weeks. I am so out of it at this point..

I finally started onNutrisystemtoday. My weigh in was 316.4 lbs..

Good with Breakfast and Dinner is good but Lunch I controlled it but had a little more than I should. Almost at 100% but not yet..

Wow, so many new members. Welcome and hope you are having fun with us on this thread..

Let me tell you that my mom's has accepted her situation with her health and we are both just taking it one day at a time. I am enjoying what time God permits me to have her still. It is going to be somewhat ruff on my poor mom because when the chest pain hits, she feels really really bad thus going to ER. I, we have been able to control it prior to the chest pain hitting her hard so she doesn't have to go to the ER so much. So like I said, taking it one day at a time. She is such a strong person and her faith in God is huge.

Again, I want to say to everyone, Thank You so much for your support and encouraging words. They trully helped me. Thank you for listening to me write about it when I need to vent..

I hope everyone is doing great on this new challenge..

I will not be participating on this challenge but I will be checking in and writing because I enjoy everyones company. So I hope it's ok..

Hope you all have a great week..



Comment #6

Silvia, you are always welcome here at Onward and Downward Challenges. Stop by whenever you can or whenever you need to. We love being able to catch up. After the past fall with my mother (who was not in nearly as much difficulty as your mother is right now) I totally understand how the minutes just seem to disappear out of the day, not leaving enough time for all the things you want to do..

I also know that it can be hard staying on plan during this type of stress. Just do the best you can, remember what you've learned about portion sizes and you'll do okay. Then when the stress is less you can get yourself totally back on track. I'm finally back myself. I managed to keep from going totally overboard, so while I gained it wasn't like what has happened in the past and I'm now back in the trenches getting it off so I can get back to finishing my initial goal. I'll make it. You will too...

Comment #7

Sounds like you did a fantastic job with staying on plan yesterday..

Way to Go!!!.

Can't wait to see you in your old clothes this summer. You'll have to post some pictures when you reach that goal...

Comment #8

Good evening, everyone! It has been a long 12 hour day at work, so I'm too tired right now to say much to each person. I'll just summarize and say that I was mentally cheering you on when you posted of a loss, and sending vibes of encouragement during struggles or impending challenges..

Spring? Daylight, daylight, daylight! I despise the darkness of winter. Love it when Daylight Savings Time kicks in!!..

Comment #9

Hi all!!! I don't know if I checked in lately. I had a pretty good weekend ... I did have some wine on Saturday but again doubled up work outs on Saturday and Sunday to make up for it. I'm not stepping on the scale until Thursday or Friday ... in fact I'm kind of thinking of skipping weighing myself for 2 weeks..

My teenager is driving me absolutely crazy. He literally asks for money EVERY SINGLE DAY, and when I say "no" he has a fit and stomps and whines and acts like a brat. I work part-time and I'm going to school as well ... I don't get any child support (dead-beat), but for some reason he thinks I have excess money just burning a hole in my wallet..

Anyone want an almost 16 year old? I have one I'm willing to part with for a few weeks .. please ?!!??!?!..

Comment #10

Oh - I forgot about the spring post..

Don't throw tomatoes at me, but I love it when it gets dark early. My youngest (autistic) really gives me a hard time with bedtime. It's so much easier to get him to bed in the winter then it is in the summer .....

Comment #11

Congratulations on the 6 lbs lost!.

And also on staying on plan so well with your nephews eating pizza and pancakes!!.

Since you are just starting out, I feel like I should warn you that you might not want to "flex" just yet. That is what we call eating on plan but not on NS. I know when I first started out, it was really difficult to match portion sizes, etc. toNutrisystemand actually still be on plan. It will be easier later. So save that menu and try it when you are more used toNutrisystemportion sizes and used to translating the stats to non-NS food..

Good for you.

- and who cares how it happened, just celebrate!!.

Way to go!..

Comment #12

To me, spring has to be March, no matter how cold. My anniversary is in late March and on my honeymoon the snow was melting. So March always says spring to me...

Comment #13

I found this on the 100% Challenge thread and thought it might be useful:.

#1 Binge Buster Key.

Do you tend to want to eat when you're sitting on your couch?.

Are you ravenous when you wake up in the morning? Do you.

Pillage your cupboards and fridge the minute you get home.

From work?.

We all have our vulnerable times when were most susceptible.

To bingeingto blowing our diet in what is often times less than.

5 minutes. Weve all had those moments when our stomachs.

Seem to take over our better judgment regardless of how.

Committed we are to losing weight. Theres one simple thing you.

Can do to help keep you from bingeing any time of day....

Put something else in your mouth..

Yes, we know this sounds too simple, ridiculous even, but it's true..

Just try eating those two pieces from the candy dish at work when.

Youve just put a new piece of gum in your mouth. Why grab that.

Handful of Doritos when youve just had a breath mint? No need.

To pick at the leftovers in the pan while cleaning up after dinner if.

Youre sucking on a Vitamin C tablet. Whenever your weakness.

Arises, try popping something other than food in your mouth and.

See if it cant see you through your tempting moments with flying colors..

Try these things right when youre tempted to binge, or better yet, a.

Tad before any of those times when you know youre particularly at.

Risk of cheating:.

Chew sugar free gum..

Suck on mints..

Use a breath freshener strip..

Gargle with mouthwash or simply brush your teeth..

Have a vitamin C tablet or any other chewable vitamin or.

Calcium tablet..

Try doing one of these things the next time youre tempted. Go out.

And pick up some of these small items and keep them handy in your purse, office desk drawer, and kitchen drawer. See if they dont really help ward off the damage you could do during those weak moments. Its totally worth the investmentand youll probably have fresher breath to boot!..

Comment #14

That does not sound like fun! Any chance you could encourage him to get a job?..

Comment #15

Good thoughts continue for both you and your mom. It's so awful that she has to worry about pain!..

Comment #16

Maryland natives (I'm in Catonsville now but from PA originally) like to think they don't have spring and fall. And it's true those time periods can be fleeting here!..

Comment #17

This cold has now moved into the runny nose stage. I hate ALL the stages of a cold. Knew I probably wouldn't sleep last night so stayed up until midnight (which is HOURS after my usual bedtime). And didn't eat anything extra! That's a victory all by itself..

One nice thing about working at home is since I don't have to worry about driving I can take benadryl. Makes me a little groggy so I went through my to do list for work and pulled off the tasks that require the least thought to work on for a couple days..

I need to up my goal for this challenge. So that I have something to continue to strive for. I think I"ll put it up to 20 pounds...

Comment #18

I unfortunately have a cold coming on too. People seem to think I should get less since I am sick but my problem is nothing tastes good so I keep snacking hoping to find something that will taste good. So far I have stuck to the diet but it's only 10:30. I am now wishing I had ordered some soups..

Comment #19


, you are so fortunate that you don't have to venture out on icy roads. We didn't have much of a Spring last year. In fact, summer felt more like Spring..


, it is so difficult being in the position you find yourself. Mothers are mothers and we have them with us only so long. Treasure the time; I'm sorry she is in so much pain..

I have a bag of clothes ready for Good Will, as well as a big box of other items..

I'm really being deficient with my exercise. I know I walked three miles yesterday at school when I subbed and worked the evening program but that feels more like normal except when I'm at home...

Comment #20

Jean, what a great post. Those are some great ideas for handling the desire to binge. Thanks for finding that and posting it..

Maryanne, I hope you feel better soon. It's just no fun to be under the weather. You must have more tolerance for Benedryl than I have though. Even working at home I wouldn't be able to take that and get anything done. I use it only when I can sleep for at least 8 hours and preferably 10. It does get me breathing and sleeping though..

CJ, I hope you are able to ward off the cold ... sounds like it's time for lots of oranges and grapefruit for your fruit choices... Let well soon. I understand about things not tasting right when you are sick. I find that either the bland ... not much taste to it anyway foods like mashed potatoes...

The trick I've found to to really think about what I'm wanting/needing before eating anything and to identify what that is first. Then find something that fits into that which is on plan ... sometimes that's having the cheesy potatos for dinner rather than an actualNutrisystemdinner... I just add in a protein serving so that it will count as a dinner... or if what I really want is aNutrisystemdinner at lunch I do that and then skip the added protein.

Then wait for 15 minutes before eating whatever you've identified as what you want. Of course, there are unfortunately times when these "tricks" don't help, but I've found that they significantly decrease my drive to graze..

Karen, it sounds like you are having a rough time with your son. I'm sending you lots of warm fuzzy thoughts filled with some extra patience for you to hold onto when he next asks. Those teenage years are certainly challenging ones for the adults in their lives. Telling him it's time to get a job sounds like a good idea. Or that he can earn money with specific jobs he does for you... my brother used to earn some of his spending cash by mowing the lawn.

Of course, he probably won't like hearing that he has to earn his money, but in the long term that is exactly the life skills he is going to need to succeed as an independent adult..

Sivia, I hope you and your mother had a good day. You remain in my thoughts and prayers..

Hope everyone had a great and on track day..


Comment #21

Well, I am not quite at 100% but doing better than usual. My problem is in the evening - I can easily go without breakfast and lunch. So I am trying something new. I can make my own hours, so on Monday and Tuesday I went to work an hour later and worked an hour longer. The idea is having less time to graze in the evening. I wish I had some money - I need to get celery and other things to help in the evening too.

I have to go to work earlier Wed, Thurs & Friday, so will need to be very careful. And Wed. is a meal at church. Hoping it is something I find easier to pass up!..

Comment #22

I'm off to work at an elementary school. Each time they had called in the past, I had already been booked. I decided I had better say "yes," or they might not call again. Five minutes later, my usual school at which I sub called. I also am working the evening program, so this will be a 12 hour work day..

I'm about to have a crisis: I only have two Italian flatbread pizzas left..and my 35 day plan doesn't ship until February 21 or somewhere near there..

Insulated food bag is packed; off to get ready. Have a great day!..

Comment #23

I had a ruff day staying on plan yesterday. Is it alright to eat my snack protein at lunch with my lunch protein? I ate my cheese stick while waiting for my salad to arrive only to find my salad had half a hard boiled egg on it. I said screw it and kept the egg in the salad. I already ordered no cheese and bacon I didn't want to loose the egg too. So at snack I just had my fruit. I also had two deserts last night.

I went home sick with a sore throat and eat my ice cream to feel better but I woke up at 9:30 hungry and ate on of my snacks. Well today is another day and another chance to get back on plan..

Thanks for all the support you guys. It has deffinitely helped me stick to this plan..

Comment #24

Eating in the evening (or not eating in the evening) is my biggest struggle too. And my evening is LONG because DH's screwy work schedule has us eating dinner at 4 most days..

What works for me is to make sure I eat high protein food during the day to help ward off actual hunger..

Then in the evening I have raw veggies if I'm ravenous. I always save a fruit from dinner for the evening. Then I still have the ns dessert..

Sometimes when the evenings are particularly bothersome I even save the afternoon snack for evening..

Once I'm in this groove the biggest challenge is keeping up with the grocery store trips for the fresh produce...

Comment #25

Was the half egg in addition to some other lunch protein? If not, it was only half a protein/dairy serving. How many calories are your cheese sticks? Many of those aren't a whole protein/dairy serving..

Doesn't sound like too terrible a day for someone who's sick. Sometimes we have to make allowances for ourselves in the event of illness! (Can you tell I've been sick LOL!).

Good luck getting back on track!!..

Comment #26

CJ and Maryanne I hope you both are feeling better today. I hate to get colds because it always seems to take me about 3 weeks to completely recover, and 9 times out of 10 they turn into sinus infections for me. So I try to avoid them like the plague, but am not always successful. I do think when we are sick we can cut ourselves some slack in the food arena. I don't mean to go nuts reverting back to previous bad food habits, but an extra protein or fruit here and there shouldn't hurt us or do too much damage. Those are probably not what made us gain the extra weight anyway..

Jean sounds like you have an extremely busy day ahead. I hope you get lots of steps in since you don't like to exercise just to exercise! Working a 12 hour day should guarantee plenty of exercise for you!.

Silvia I hope your church dinner has something tasty and close to on-plan for you. It's a real challenge for me to go to any kind of pot luck or buffet and not want to sample everything. Good luck to you..

As for me, today was my OWI and I am very happy to be able to say I'm down another 1.2 pounds! I've been pretty consistent with my exercise and staying on plan and it seems to be paying off for me. I think the last 2 or 3 weeks I've lost 1.2 pounds each time, so I guess that's my new lucky number...

Comment #27

Hi everyone, hope you're doing well. Having a very busy week, so hopefully I'll get back later or tomorrow to catch up with everyone's posts. I went to the office yesterday and out to dinner, so I was out of the house from about 6 AM to 10 PM. But it was worth it, as I got to see a friend I used to work with that I hadn't seen in about a year. She was pretty excited to see how I looked now, since she had no idea I was doing NS. Did ok with flexing dinner, but I can feel the effects of the salt today...

Comment #28

I have decided not to tell my mom I am doingNutrisystembecause I want to see her reaction when she sees me skinny again. I see her this summer. I am tired of hearing I used to have a skinny daughter what happen..

Comment #29

Hi Everyone,.

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and thanks for the prayers. I truly appreciate it and so does my mom..

I must say it's going ok so far this week, thanks God. Being at work is overwhelming cause I have to catch up with all my work. In January I only worked 3 days the rest I was with my mom in the hospital or at home because she couldn't stay alone. Thanks God I have the boss I do and she understand my situation..



Comment #30


, it is so good that you have an understanding boss. Keep the faith and find time for yourself!.

Want to make a "cobbler" from yourNutrisystemoatmeal or Quaker Weight Control oatmeal? Here's a recipe:.

1 Oatmeal packet (can useNutrisystemor Weight control).

1 serving frozen fruit - thawed (I use blackberries).

1 packet splenda.


Spray butter.

Take a single serve baking dish, put a small bit of fruit on the bottom..

Then sprinkle some of the splenda, cinnamon, then a good bit of the oatmeal. Spray the oatmeal with spray butter, then more fruit, rest of the splenda more cinnamon then rest of oatmeal, spray again with butter then rest of fruit.

Bake at 400 for 20 minutes.

When it comes out, mix it up really good and then let it sit for a while and then enjoy.

When it first comes out and you are stirring it up you will see lots of dry oatmeal still - that is why I stir it up before leaving it to sit the original recipe did not have you stir it up..

Recipe given by Trudei on the 100% Challenge Thread...

Comment #31

Like Maryann, I save a fruit for after dinner, and then I still have my dessert which I usually eat in bed while I'm reading, before lights off. Right now I'm having a banana ... eating it nice and slow..

My teen and I have reached a small "truce" for now. We've had a lot of rough patches over the last few years. I could write a book ....

Today has been another on plan day! I have been faithfully getting my workouts in and have avoided the scale, and will until Friday morning. I'm very curious to see if I have lost anything. I can tell my body is changing from the exercise in a very good way. Hopefully the scale will reflect that...

Comment #32

What do you guys do for exercise? I have started walking but that gets kind of boring. I am out of shape so a class seems a bit above my level. Just trying to think of something to mix it up..

Comment #33

A lot of us who have Wii's use a game called Walk It Out (WIO) for low-impact walking/jogging. It's a lot of fun and oddly addictive. The game isn't easily found in stores but is usually available on Amazon for $29.99...

Comment #34

Congratulations on the 1.2 lbs!!.

Very consistant lately!.

What a great idea!.

That will be a great surprise!..

Comment #35

Up at 5am but staying up. We are having another two-hour delay because of snow and ice..

I have a variety of DVDs for exercise, but exercise isn't something I enjoy. I never get a high from it that people claim they get...

Comment #36

Hi can I join this as well... I need lots support I'm alone most days.. and dotn know anyone where I live so my life is my computer,,, I treadmill everyday unless I go shopping because I cant do both yet..

I do scrapbook and making cards I lost 12lbs so far and have invested in cookbooks and all the extras to help me with this journey,, I want to reduce my insulin, be healthy to enjoy doing things and my biggest motivation is to NEVER have to ask for a seat extension on a airplane again I was sooo embrassed when we went to Australia last year,, and we are going back in 2013 and I'm NOT going to have to ask for one..

Comment #37

Welcome! The Australia goal is a motivator but better health is even better; you will enjoy Australia so much more. I also have plans to go back to Australia if at all possible. I was there two years ago. That is one super long trip from the East coast...

Comment #38

WOW Australia! That sounds like fun! I bet it will be more fun with a little weight loss. And congrats on the 12 pounds. I have never been on a trip like that. I am from Florida and use to go to the them parks all the time. I would love to not get so tired and sore from a day at one of them. I honestly thought it was time to loose weight when tying my shoes became difficult.

I still had them till a few months ago until I realized I would never get another VCR after the last one broke and I need to invest in DVDs. I was just thinking this morning I wonder if a WII would be good exercise. My sister use to do the yoga on it and said she felt so much better..

And Jean I have been up since 3:30. I have an evil genius for a cat. She started turning the radio on at 3:30 this morning so I would get up and play with her. She turned it on four times by 6:30 when I finally got up and moving. Cats are smart she knows I get up to my radio and has figured out how to turn on the radio herself. We only got a dusting of snow but I was surprised because no one mentioned us getting snow..

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #39

My cat often serves as an alarm clock also. His method is to make biscuits on my pillow and my hair. If that doesn't work, he proceeds to play with my ankles. I think he is catching on that we don't necessarily want to keep the same hours...

Comment #40

CJ and Jean this is why I will never have a cat!..

Comment #41

Oh I should have told you I am Australian and I have lived here in Mn 12 1/2 years now so when I go it's usually to see family so next time they willbe shocked to see a new mum. Each tiem we go over I take hubby some where new as well so he can see my home land..

Next month I am doing my interview and test to become a US citizen so that is really exciting for me. then I have to wait to see when they will swear me in as a citizen...

Comment #42

The walk it out- wii I just got one on ebay for $27.98 with shipping..

Comment #43

My late beloved Beethoven (black girl) learned that if she used her paws to get my eyes open, I'd get up and then food would come. They can be pretty smart...

Comment #44

I have a treadmill so that's my mainstay. I bought that because it was always my favorite piece of equipment during the couple years I went to physical therapy..

By spring I'm thinking I may be up to walking to the senior center near us to check out their gym. I'd like access to strength training machines. And I am now (at age 60) old enough to meet their requirements!..

Comment #45

Both benadryl and cough drops seem to be great at discouraging one from eating. I certainly haven't been ravenous during this experience..

Last night was the first night I felt good enough to get some sleep. Once I can sleep hopefully I'll start to feel better. I still get coughing fits when trying to do conference calls! I bet people are glad they aren't in the same room with me...

Comment #46

That's great!! I keep thinking I should be able to use frozen fruit more this time of year but I never know what to do with it...

Comment #47

I was just talking to a friend this morning and we were estimating the number of days left until we don't have to worry about the ice/snow conditions when scheduling appointments. I'll be SO happy to stop watching the 10 day forecasts...

Comment #48

Welcome!! If you cook you're light years ahead of me. When I'm not eatingNutrisystemI'm eating lean cuisine or some such!..

Comment #49

What's is cooking? I like the quick and easy approach. It is no fun cooking for one...

Comment #50

Wow, this sounds delicious. I just printed the recipe because I'm going to make it over the weekend. Thanks for the suggestions because I love oatmeal..

I'm eating dinner and started to read the comments again and I realized I didn't reply to you, Sorry..

Yea, it does help having an understanding boss...

Comment #51

Hi Silvia, I'm keeping you and your mom in my thoughts. It sounds like you've had a really tough time of it. We love to see you when you get to drop by. {{Hugs}}.

Jean, great post - thanks for sharing it. I definitely keep minty sugar free gum with me at all times - it definitely has come in handy, especially when there's something really tempting that I should not have!.

Maryanne, I hope you're feeling better now. Great job on doing so well that you need to up your challenge goal. Way to go!!.

I hope you're also feeling better. I know some people use low sodium chicken or veggie stock and some have posted recipies on how to turn it into soups using your veggie servings. I don't have any of those saved, but if you do a search, you should find some posted..

Ann, glad to hear you're doing well. I hope your Wednesday church meal went well, and that you're able to stock up on celery, yogurt, etc. soon. Working later sounds like a good strategy..

Jean, I'm glad that you were able to take the spot at that elementary school. But what a long day for you! Hope all went well. Yikes - almost no flat bread pizzas left? I actually decided to take them off my latest order since I've discovered the Fit and Free pizzas, and the ones from Trader Joe's. I just got more of the otherNutrisystemitems I have, and will be able to go a little longer betweenNutrisystemboxes easily now..

You can eat your food in any combination / order that you like, as long as you fit it all in within the day. But the half an egg wouldn't be a whole protein serving, so if you counted that as one, you were probably short protein in the day..

Pam, that's fantastic - congratulations on the 1.2 pounds!!.

That will be a great surprise for both of you!.

Silvia, I'm glad your boss is understanding - hopefully that's something that takes away a bit of stress for you!..

Comment #52

Jean, that sounds yummy - thanks for sharing it!.

Karen, I'm glad you guys reached a "truce" Great job on being on plan and getting in your workouts. I've got my fingers crossed for the scale to show you a great number! If you didn't already do it, you should take your measurements. I definitely have times where the scale doesn't move but the inches show progress, or clothes get bigger, etc..

I do a number of different DVDs and also got a Wii. I don't have walk it out, but do have a few other games - Just Dance 2, Gold's Gym Cardio, and EA Sports Active. If you want to look at DVDs, I've used this site once or twice >.


Another member had posted about it last year when I first started. I like it because they include clips of most DVDs so you have an idea of what the instructor is like in addition to their reviews and other customer feedback..

Welcome! Sounds like you've got a great goal! Congratulations on the 12 pounds!.

What a great surprise for everyone when you next visit. And becoming a citizen - very exciting!.

I often find that I know I'm feeling better when I actually start to feel hungry. So hopefully you are felling better!.

I'm with you - enough already. This is the first week since Christmas that we didn't have a storm. The one that got some of you stayed south of us today, so it was freezing cold but dry...

Comment #53

Welcome, welcome! And Congratulations on losing 12 pounds..

You are off to a very good start! And yes, you should take your measurements now to use when you do not feel you are losing weight fast enough...

Comment #54

OK I will do that tomorrow when I weigh in....

Comment #55

I was awaken again today by my little kitty. I wish I could say she is after food but she just wants to play and have company. I guess maybe I work to much so she tries to get attention whenever she can. I am getting a new alarm clock this weekend so hopefully I can sleep in next week.If you can call sleeping in till 6:30 sleeping in..

I am getting nervous about my weigh in on sat. I have not been great at staying on the plan this week. I ordered salads two days this week as one of my vegetables at lunch. Part of the reason I have gained this last ten pounds is a person at work who eats out every single lunch. She harpes on me to get out too so she doesn't h ave to order alone or has enough for delivery. She says she supports my decision to loose weight but still gets after me to order food.

I used my fruit with dinner for the juice (1 cup light cranberry juice) club soda (unlimited) and vodka..

Anyway - Hope everyone had a good week and thank goodness it's FRIDAY..

Comment #56

GWENNIE 11 - I moved to MD about two years ago. I have not met many people just a few of my sisters friends. I spend most of my nights alone watching tv and on the computer. So if you ever want to chat hit me up..

Comment #57

Looks like only a few of us on today. I was doing fine until after dinner! I really need to find something to do in the evening to keep my mind off food. Tomorrow I will work on my taxes - that should help. Night everyone!..

Comment #58

I'm off to the city today to have lunch with a friend and to check out a pillow sale. I've lost two pounds this week..

I had my flatbread pizza for dinner last night; I love those things with a little salsa, pepper rings, turkey pepperoni, and mushrooms. I don't have much freezer space..just that with the I love shelf stable versions of pizzas. An individual on the 100% Challenge thread sold me her Italian flatbread pizzas. These are much better baked than nuked...

Comment #59

I have only lost three pounds this week. I thought with the start of an exercise program I would hopefully loose another big number this week. But I deffinitely struggled with week btw being sick and just plain grumpy. Today is the start of a new week and I am going to make it count (lets hope I can stay this positive come Monday)..

Comment #60

Well, I feel a little better each day but now DH has got my cold. I just hope it doesn't mutate in him and bounce back to me again!!!.

I can't WAIT for warm weather. It's supposed to be in the mid to upper 40's here this week!..

Comment #61

Evenings can be tough! I hope you can come up with a plan of attack..

I need to work on taxes, too. I got everything done that I could but we needed two more statements so I had to put it aside...

Comment #62

Three pounds IS a big number! I seem to recall in a previous post that you mentioned eating out some this week, so that would likely have slowed you down a little due to extra salt in your meal, and with being sick, too, you actually did very well. Congratulations on losing 3 pounds in ONE week!..

Comment #63

Stick with it Ilost 12 lbs but nothing this week,, I have increased by walking so maybe next week,, but congrats on 3lbs..

Comment #64

"Only lost three pounds this week?" I think congratulations are in order. It is far more than my two pounds I lost....and I was super exciterd to see that loss. No one caught that I had posted that but that is o.k. It is my opinion that any loss is one to be appreciated. Even maintaining is better than a gain as it is possible to gain a small amount at times..

The average weight loss onNutrisystemis 1 to 2 pounds a week, meaning some people will lose more; others less....and some weeks you won't lose at all but might the next week. You just keep working the program...

Comment #65

Ann, good luck with the taxes. I've recently started knitting again - keeps my hands busy so it's hard to snack. But things have been so busy, I hardly find time to watch TV, which is when I knit. Oh well. Hopefully you'll find something to keep you busy and your mind off food!.

Jean, congrats on the two pounds - fantastic job! Hope you enjoyed lunch and got pillows! I just had a fit and free pizza tonight - I'm really enjoying them, but not sure how quickly I'll reorder when I use up this first batch. I also liked the Trader Joe's version, good stats but not fat free. Smaller pizza but still pretty filling - and those are MUCH less expensive. I didn't order any flatbread pizzas in my last order since I'm going to try the frozen ones mixed in with my other food to see how that works this time around. Glad you found someone to sell you more of the flatbread ones you love!.

Congratulations on the 3 pounds - that's fantastic. Keep in mind that the average loss is 1 - 2 pounds per week. Your weightloss will most likely slow down a bit the longer you're on the plan, but stick with it and it will continue to work for you..

Maryanne, I'm glad you're feeling better - I hope your DH feels better soon, too and doesn't pass the cold back to you!.

Gwennie, increasing exercise can definitely slow the scale temporarily. But stick with it, since it will help in the long run. There's also an article that PamSB posts regularly called Why scales lie. It's worth reading. I will see if I can find a link to a copy of it and post that for you..

Jean, I caught it, just wasn't around today until now..

Great job!!!..

Comment #66

Hope everyone is having a good day. It was a busy Saturday for me. Exercised, had a quick breakfast, ran to Target and Costco to stock up on veggies and otherNutrisystemfriendly stuff. Came home and unpacked it, then went to my parents for lunch with them and some other family. Then to Trader Joes for a few more things, grocery store for yogurt. Came home and put that all away.

Then heard she was having a computer issue, so went over and helped her out. Finally got to come home and have dinner, and now here I am..

I think tomorrow I'll take it a bit slower - laundry and stuff around the house, but we'll see..

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!..

Comment #67

I stepped on the scale on Friday morning, and couldn't believe it ... I was down 3 #!!!!! Totally shocked ... I expected maybe 1 lb, but 3 put a huge smile on my face. I am officially no longer in the overweight category (even though I still feel overweight ... lol)..

I did a lot of exercise today. I had mentioned that I do like to have my wine on Saturday (used to be a daily drinker), and made up for it by doing a total of 3 hours, 15 miles and burned over 1000 calories today, so I think I'm ok!!.

I pulled out 2 pairs of size 8's from a box today, and put them aside. I'll be working on getting into them. I got them up, but have several inches between button and hole ... lol..

I KNOW I'm going to get there. I'm kicking butt and feeling great!!..

Comment #68

I am not sure how to do the quote thing in my post. But I wanted to say Congrats on everyone who lost weight. And thank you for all the support. I know three pounds is good. I just hoped with exercise I would see a bigger number. I see someone posted exercise can make the scale slow down ! why is that? My cold seems to have come back (ugh) or maybe it never really went away.

I babysat my two and four year old nephews at an indoor playground yesterday. I was exhausted so I am thinking that has to count as some exercise. I am amzed Karen that you did 15 miles.Do you walk or run? I am terrified to run on a treadmill so it's walking for me. It would take me five hours to do 15 miles..

Hope everyone has a good Sunday!..

Comment #69

CJ the quote thing is easy. At the bottom right corner of each post is the "Quote" button. Just select that and the entire post will be copied to the top of your reply. You can edit within the quote to delete parts of it, or highlight some words, etc..

I haven't tried to do multiple quotes from different posts, but I think there is an advanced option that allows that...

Comment #70

Well, I joined and haven't written for a month... it seems as if there is no time. I am happy to hear that everyone is doing so well... I began slowly and am finally getting into the routine of sticking to the diet every day, and... I am losing weight, which is great. My chart tracker shows that I've been on and off of Nutrisystem three times now...

Best wishes, everyone!..

Comment #71

Does anyone know if you can have those naked fruit drinks as a fruit. And if so how much you can have. I am trying to mix things up. I am already getting sick of the few veggies and fruit I like to eat. Gotta try some new stuff..

Comment #72

Karen, that's fantastic!! Congratulations!.

Exercise can temporarily slow the scale if your muscles are sore - they retain fluid. But as I also said in that same post, you should keep up the exercise, since it will help the scale move in the long run..

If you want to quote multiple posts, you use the middle button on the lower right of each post that looks like quotation marks. Just click that for each post you want to include, then click post reply when you get to the end of the group you want to quote..

Sara, good to see you. Drop in when you have time..

I've never looked at the stats - do you have the information - we can probably help with that info. You may also want to check out the recipies on the boards - lots of really great ideas for veggies out there...

Comment #73

Here's a link to one of PamSB's posts of the "Why Scales Lie" article. Definitely worth the read. Its the second item in this thread..


Comment #74

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. Mine was relaxing - I didn't really accomplish much, but I did get in a 2.5 hour workout today...

Comment #75

Good Morning Everyone,.

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day. It's a beautiful day today so enjoy it with your husband, wife, partner, friends, children and family..

I'm not 100% as of yet but since starting on Monday, last week I have lost 2.2 lbs. YAY!!!!.

Have a fantastic and beautiful Valentine's Day...

Comment #76


I lost this week too, but was back up a bit this morning so will not post it till I get back down..

Multi quotes are done by using the quote MARKS to the right of the word "quote" to mark each one you want (it will turn red). Then when you either click the word "quote" on the last one, or the "post reply" button axt the top left, all will be copied too your answer. I ALWAYS edit the reply to delete words and leave only the part I am answering - makes the post too long and hard to follow otherwise...

Comment #77

Happy Valentines Day to all and way to go all who have lost... I achieved a min goal by treadmilling 1/2 mile,, which is a great effort for me.. 2 weeks ago I could hardly walk 1/16 of a mile..

Comment #78

Walking 1/2 a mile after just 2 weeks - super!!!..

Comment #79

I lost a pound and a half last week which brings me to 14 1/2 since restarting at the beginning of January. I know it will slow down but I'm off to a good start!..

Comment #80

2.2 pounds!! Great job Silvia!! Happy Valenties Day to you (and the whole group), too!.

Yeah, I was going to be really short on exercise time (compared to my usual lately, so I put in some extra time to get within about an hour of my normal. Should be better this week..

Great job - That's a lot bigger distance to build up to in such a short time. Way to go!.

Maryanne, congratulations on the 1.5 this week / 14.5 overall. You're doing a fantastic job!!!..

Comment #81

OWI for me today - 1 pound this week...

Comment #82

I don't expect a loss this week, but hopefully I won't gain much. We celebrated Valentine's Day at home tonight with beef tenderloin, baked potatoes, spinach salad and wine. Although I had small portions of everything, I went over my usual calories, plus I have a dozen beautiful chocolate covered strawberries to eat in the next 2 days. So OWI on Wednesday isn't looking too good, but I don't care!..

Comment #83

Yum. That all sounds so good!!.

I got in 8 miles of exercise today. Feeling good!..

Comment #84

Thanks everyone. I know I couldn't believe it when I weigh-in..

Congrats to those that continue on losing. YAY!!!!.

I'm guessing Tz is busy and hasn't had time to start a new thread. Maybe tomorrow?.

Have a great night everyone...

Comment #85

Great job on getting a bit further on the treadmill. I am trying to increase my distance on the treadmill but am finding it tuff too...

Comment #86

Here are the stats for Naked red machine juice..

8oz serving.

2 servings per container.

Calories 170.

Calories from fat 40.

Total fat 4.5g.

Protein 2g.

Carbs 31g.

Not sure what else you would need. It looks bad when looking at nutrition label. I saw it at the store and saw that it contained.

13 raspberries.

11 strawberries.

3 cranberries.

1 1/2 apples.

1/4 pomogranate.

1/3 orange.

1/2 banana.

7 red grapes..

Comment #87

Great job for both of you! Keep it up!..

Comment #88

I think you might be better to buy V-8 Fusion. What you are drinking has 24% of it's calories in fat and the carb count is high..

V-8 Fusion in the strawberry banana I have has zero grams of fat and 28 grams of carbs. It also has 120 calories a serving in the regular version. The v-8 Fusion is approved as a fruit serving...

Comment #89

Congrats to each of you on your achievement!.




Where are you?..

Comment #90

Thank you all..going to add a little further today,..

Comment #91

I just wanted to make sure that this is ok to do. I am still sick and didn't have the energy to make myself a salad for lunch today. So I know I am going to order one out. Last time I had them hold everything but the chicken. If I do not have my protein for breakfast can I leave the cheese on my salad too? I thought you could save something for later. Their cheese is probably not low fat so I probably shouldn't get it but my salad was a bit dull last time just chicken lettuce and cucumbers.

That also brings me to another question. Last night I had broccoli with the alfredo. I thought brocoli was unlimited but when I went to put it in the online food tracker online it said I could only have 1/2 cup cooked broccoli. I had about two and half cups and counted it as my two vegetables. I read on one of the boards that you had to have at least a cup to count as serving and although it is unlimited if I had two cups I could count it as both serving. Which is right? Unlimited or 1/2 cup.

Happy Tuesday Everyone. I hope everything is ok with TZ she has not started a new thread...

Comment #92

The meal planner and the online tracker are basically two different systems..

The meal planner - with it's unlimited veggie options - is the basic ns program. It's not a calorie counting program. You eat the food and fill in the circles in your planner..

But for people who want to count calories they offer the online tracker. Of course veggies have calories. So if you put the quantity of unlimited veggies you eat into a calorie counting tracker it will give you a total. The total will vary depending on the amount..

Also the online tracker hasn't been updated for several years and still has the old recommended serving size..

So basically they don't say the same thing - you're right!.

Sometimes I think they just confuse people by offering the ability to track calories..

OTOH - as someone with a master's degree in math to whom numbers are as basic as breathing - I get a huge chuckle every time I read a post on the boards from someone who can't figure out why the unlimited veggies don't show as 0 calories on the tracker...

Comment #93

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