How many Nutrisystem points are in a pint of Ben and Jerry's frozen yogurt?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How many Nutrisystem points are in a pint of Ben and Jerry's frozen yogurt? Many thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: I've found too many Nutrisystem bible carrying prude talk going on around here so I thought I'd lighten it up with a description of how I CHEAT. Ummm, yummy yummy cheating.

I read something about how an Nutrisystem member was concerned if they ruined their plan because they accidentally ate a small godiva chocolate or something...I thought Jeez Marji and Joe if that person only knew what I eat ont eh weekends!!!.

First off, it's important to know I am on Nutrisystem because I went a little overboard through the holidays and beyond and need to get myself back to normal..

I am comfortable knowing what makes me gain and lose weight and have a decent ability to stick to "diet" for as long as I need...provided I incorporate some spicy sweet CHEATIN' !!!!!.

I am doing Nutrisystem for the sole purpose of convenience. I look at it like I am paying for not having to think about it (dont have to count calories, plan meals, or spend time shopping and cooking special meals)..

I started the week before Super Bowl weekend (lost 14.5 so far and got my first bear 'pound' with my last order yay!) and knew I would endulge that weekend. I have no problem going right back on the plan Monday mornings..

So now the good stuff - Super bowl Sunday I made a 3 foot sub on a fresh roll with Roast Beef, Salami, and Pastrami stacked high. I used sliced tomatos and shredded iceberg lettuce, went heavy on the Dukes full-octane mayo and drizzled with an oil & vinegar mixture. I had help eating it w/ wife and kids. I also fired up a stove top cast iron dutch oven with peanut oil and cooked off about a dozen and a half fresh chicken wings...naked and then soaked in a traditional orange buffalo style sauce (hot sauce and butter). Yum, yum, YUM. Did I mention Yum?.

Last weekend I did a combo of my favorite fast food joints: Chic-fil-A on Saturday and Five Guys on Sunday. Did the standard sandwhich combo at each. Ended the weekened with a bowl of chocolate chip mint ice cream before bed..

This weekend a colleauge had us over for a beer tasting of his first home brew. He did good in both the brewing category and the NY style pizza joint he chose to deliver several pies. The beer was a red ale and I had my share - probably 3-4. He had so much pizze I took a full pepporni and sausage pie home with me. After a bit of pinot grigio I chomped down a couple slices and hit the bed..

Saturday was burger night on cast iron. I let cast iron get to 700 degrees (big Wolf range top) and drop a hand pattied 6 oz burger on it about 3 minutes per side. This creates a charred crust that is not burnt, and a pink juicy center. Incredible stuff. I use a small bun and stick to only ketchup and mustard..

Last night I did take out from my favorite BBQ joint - did the classic pulled pork sandwhich, onion rings, and got a half pint of beef brisket to pick on. MMMMMmmmmmmmm. The brisket is still in the fridge but I'm back in Nutrisystem mode so if my wife doesn't eat it it will go to waste. Just finished a bananna and come wedensday I'll start thinking about my cheatin' ways for the weekend again. I typically stick to some fruit and an entree lunch or breakfast bar during the day on the weekends. Oh I forgot, I made some killer fluffy egg (like an almost-omlet mix with whipping cream and butter) patty and sausage on english muffin sandwhich sunday morning.

That was good!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Wow, seriously, OP, what was your point? Are you looking for someone to tell you how selfish that all was? Cause it really was...

Comment #2

I think I will go to an AA meeting tonight and when I stand up I will say "Hi, I'm PamS and I've had a fifth of vodka today, three shots of tequila and a bottle of Cab. I'm blessed with the Adonis DNA and the tiger blood of Charlie Sheen and I've willed my mind to dismiss my addictions. Nice to meet ya!"..

Comment #3

When people go bragging about cheating like this... it's usually because they're extremely insecure..

This is a diet forum. I will not brag about what I ate that I shouldn't have (but I won't lie about it either)..

I will not tell people they can cheat all of the time and still lose (even if I do allow myself to eat things occasionally that aren't on my planner)..

Most importantly I will not tell people they are wrong for wanting to be 100% on plan..

It is important to be understanding, open minded, and sympathetic... especially to the many people that do have problems with "just one" and binge or emotional eating. What you did was just downright rude. I assume you're that person that goes and finds a rich piece of cake or a bag of chips to eat in front of your friends that you know are struggling with their weight, just to torture them...

Comment #4

Seriously? You didn't mean for it to come off as rude and insensitive? Well okay then.... all's forgiven.... NOT!!!!!.

You seriously want to tell us that you didn't want people to get all up in arms on a DIET board with that post? You sir, are a Troll...

Comment #5

True enough...and now you know GENERALLY what WE think as well...

Comment #6

Edited cause I couldn't get the picture to come through right. *sigh*..

Comment #7

You are guys are too funny with the responses - needed that laugh!..

Comment #8

I just burned a bunch of calories laughing my tail end off at the responses. Thanks for posting and thanks for the laugh everyone!!..

Comment #9

MXs: I think a lot of time the type of reaction you see here is just an attempt to let newbies know that this sort of thing isn't really wise. Y'see? It's all good...

Comment #10

Mxs - the OP wasn't looking for support at all! Just giving us his extensive and quite fattening menu. Why post that on a weight loss board?..

Comment #11

I agree with both of you, and I'm not here trying to go to bat for anyone, I just feel like AFTER they said that their intention was not to piss people off...or whatever their exact words were....people could've laid off. If they're new, they don't know better. Maybe something along the lines of "hey we're all here trying to avoid temptation of all this food, and that post doesn't help..." or "cheating on the weekends is really going to hinder and even counter act your progress" .....

I almost would've expected that as opposed to all the ganging up, considering how awesome people are here about supporting and helping others out. I know I've had tremendous amounts of support here, and frequest these forums just for that...

A lot of you guys have been here for awhile and know the ropes. This person obviously doesn't...

Comment #12

Hello all,.

Again I'll make it clear that everyine is different and we all go about ourNutrisystemplan differently. I do believe there is anNutrisystemplan, or something similar, where you are allowed to take weekends "off". Is it not allowed to talk about what you eat off plan? Why so much hate? I read about a woman who went out to eat at restaurant X, I didn't cast flaming hate on here for saying it. Also, I think the subject of my message is very clear. Can it be any more clear? If you don't want to read about cheating, dont click on a link that says "Lets Talk About CHEATIN'". Pretty simple, IMO.

That doesn't really matter though, because it's clear that many folks wanted to attack for the sake of attacking..

In summary:.

I didnt mean to upset anyone and the topic of cheating seems appropriate to me..

I cast no hate on those that handle their diet differently than me. We are all different. Please don't cast hate on me..

If you do not want to read about someone cheating, dont click on a link that says "Lets Talk About Cheating".

I've read a few of the replies here and I dont know if these points have been made. I feel I should also address anyone that says that anNutrisystemmember is like an AA member is going a bit to far but thats just my opinion..

OK lets see what we have learned. Below this sentence I will discuss my thoughts of what I may make this weekend that is definately NOT on theNutrisystemplan and would be considered cheating, and yummy. If you don't want to read about it, stop reading HERE..

I'm a yankee who lives in the mid-atlantic-south that loves bagels but cant find a real bagel joint. I've spent many many hours reading and testing bagel recipies (and pizza dough for that matter). I've perfected it. I make a high gluten dough that can barely be handled by my 600 watt KA comercial mixer. Perfect amount of barley malt mixed in, and the dough is retarded for six days. After the retard period I bring them to room temperature and then boil them for a few minutes and then quickly into the oven.

They are soft and chey inside and crusty outside. Its a biut of a jaw workout but not too bad. I do straight creamcheese on mine. This will be my big cheat meal this weekend. I'll make the dough tomight and bake them off Sunday..

Comment #13

MX, You may want to click next to the find more posts next to the OPs name. Like you, I made the mistake of defending this person on another thread they started. And may I take this opportunity to apologize to anyone I offended when I did so. Now I realize, that while in the other thread "he" purported to find the drama hilarious, this thread makes it quite clear the OP actually enjoys starting drama..

On the off chance that you truly do not understand the weekends "off" program, Meeg, it means that you follow the guidelines of a healthy, well-balanced diet...not that you eat a bunch of fat laden junk food..

Best wishes to you. Per your suggestion of not clicking on threads you don't want to read, I will not be clicking on any more threads you start...

Comment #14

[quote=_Mimi_;5189880]mX, You may want to click next to the find more posts next to the OPs name. Like you, I made the mistake of defending this person on another thread they started. And may I take this opportunity to apologize to anyone I offended when I did so. Now I realize, that while in the other thread "he" purported to find the drama hilarious, this thread makes it quite clear the OP actually enjoys starting drama..


Ahh, gotcha...

Comment #15

They are VERY similar; Alcoholism will kill you, so will obesity. The difference with between an AA member and anNutrisystemmember is this:.

Alcoholics NEVER have to pick up another drink in their lives; they DON'T need it to survive..

Food addicts MUST eat; they MUST have food to live..

In MY opinion, that makes it just as difficult. Having to face your addiction every day JUST to live. So you'll pardon the lengths we go to when we think someone is making light of the situation...

Comment #16

Lmao, is this guy for real? What a rockin' metabolism you must have, but I worry for your arteries. As for me, I'm going to run for 3 miles and then eat a tastyNutrisystempizza. As that British model chick said, "Nothing taste as good as skinny feels!"..

Comment #17

If his attempt was to cause drama or annoy people, it worked. I think not responding to his post would have had a better effect. He would give up after not being responded to. Giving attention to bad habits just furthers them. Come on guys, we are better than stooping to his level. Ignoring goes a long way......

Comment #18

Thank you Mimi, here is a link to that post to help out in this "investigation" :.


It was a very legitimate question on portion size..

What I got a kick out of is how all the women started bickering back and forth about someone who gave me advice about soaking the beef patty in beef stock (or something like that, you can read it yourselves). I pointed out that my question was simple but this tornado started from it, totally all by the women responding and calling each other names. I did call it drama. It was drama. And I had nothing to do with it. I was just curious why the beef patty weighed what it does and so on....

This is a VERY GOOD example and thank you Mimi for bringing it up. Please visit my other 4 or so posts before this thread. Then determine if Im trying to start drama, being a 'troll' or whatever Ive been called or....novel idea coming up here... if the.

Herd of replies are starting the drama.

Besides my original post, I haven't said a whole lot here realtive to the 100+ reply post. The drama herd rolls on in a pile-on sort of way. Interesting. Thanks for the thoughts...

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