How many Nutrisystem points are in 1/2 cup feta cheese?

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First of all How many Nutrisystem points are in 1/2 cup feta cheese? Thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Eric: Open the Globe to the center fold and there YOU are!! You go, buddy! So very, very proud of you!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

I stopped in at WalMart, some supplies to buy,.

When what should my eyeballs spy,.

But a Globe Magazine near the checkout stand.

I grabbed it quickly, and began to scan,.

For I knew that my friend was supposed to be there,.

And from the centerfold, I saw his stare..

There he was, in all his glory,.

Eric (Bartle13) and his whole story..

How proud I was to see him smile,.

Knowing I knew him all the while,.

From the beginning of his journey all the way to GOAL,.

It made me feel warm and fuzzy right down to my soul!..

Comment #2

I haven't seen it yet - will look tomorrow. But, please tell me he was wearing clothes that actually fit him<G>..


And the black mini poodles..

Comment #3

I thought centerfold with guys like bartle would be in Playgirl for you ladies...

Comment #4

That is awesomehe so deserves this! I need to pick one up and see for myself...

Comment #5

Thank you very much everyone, definitely means an lot to me. I was shocked to learn about being selected, there was such an long time between the interview and hearing about being selected, I didn't think it would happen, especially when that first magazine op didn't go through. Awesome to appear in it with hillstop as well...

Comment #6

Will be picking up a copy CONGRATULATIONS and sooo cool!!..

Comment #7

DH will pick it up for me today if the snow doesn't keep him in the house - otherwise I will grab it tomorrow. Will scan it when I get my hands on it...

Comment #8

I'd love to get a copy but the nearest WalMart is an hour away and I'm snowbound. Perhaps the local overpriced supermarket has a copy..

Congrats, Eric!!!..

Comment #9

Thanks for the reminder, Pam! Just added Globe to my shopping list..

Congrats Eric & Christine!!!!!..

Comment #10

I've got it! DH actually made a second trip to get it because he accidentally bought last week's on the first try. After dinner I am going to scan it...

Comment #11

Eric - Your comparison pics blow my mind! You look fantastic! I enjoyed reading yours and Christine's stories today. Congrats again!..

Comment #12

Eric is a total hottie in that after picture!!!..

Comment #13

I know, right? If I hadn't know about his dramatic weight loss, I never would have guessed just from looking at that picture. The people in line behind me laughed when I held up the Globe and said "I know him!"..

Comment #14

Yay Eric! So very proud of you, my friend!! You sooo deserve it!.


Comment #15

I just came back from the drug store where I surreptitiously flipped through Globe and Eric wasn't in there. There was aNutrisystemad with someone else. The issue was dated January 10th - is that the same issue you saw him in?..

Comment #16

Here is the cover, DK..

Article is referred to in the lower left...

Comment #17

DH bought the wrong one on his first trip for me today - had to go to another store to find it. If you want to PM your email to me and I will send it to you. I scanned the stories involvingNutrisystemmembers...

Comment #18

Can you post them, Sally? Or, want to e-mail them to me and I'll post?..

Comment #19

I can post them but doubt thatNutrisystemwould leave them up as it is a copyright violation. I remember them deleting someone's post of a Marie Osmond article for the same reason...

Comment #20

Are you on Facebook - I could post it on my page there (they don't seem to care about such legal niceties)..

Comment #21

Thank you again very much everyone. These last few days have been quite interesting. I showed my article to one person at work, because I've talked to her in the past about my weight loss and how I did it, but she showed it to others and it kinda spiraled out of control from there. Heh. One guy took it upon himself to show a lot of the other workers for one reason or another. My store manager came over and congratulated me as well and one day, the regional director for our stores was in and congratulated me as well, it was kinda funny because she wasn't wearing work clothes so I thought she might have been just an customer.

It feels an little weird, to get such attention for now, but I know it will die down soon and things will be back to normal. I've also gotten around to posting an picture of the article on my MyPage as well, something to always remember that now...

Comment #22

Hi Eric, I caught the Globe this weekend in the supermarket. I am honored to know you via NS! You're definitely an inspiration to all those nay-say-ers. And you did it all in 14 months. Utterly amazing...

Comment #23

Enjoy the recognition and celebrity status. You did a great job on this program and you deserve it. Now you just need to maintain that loss..

I saw the paper this weekend and flipped through it. There were a lot of inspirational people in there, including the guy who weighed almost 800 pounds (he didn't useNutrisystemto lose the weight). It's great to see people getting their lives under control and getting healthy. I think the common theme, regardless of what weight loss program you use is that it takes commitment and the desire to really want to lose the weight...

Comment #24

Sally - thanks for the pictures..

It was such a pleasure watching Eric and his collection of bears over the months, he never slowed down!..

Comment #25

Missed the story Eric...hopefully can find it.

But a big Congrats to you...

Comment #26

If you don't find it in Eric's pix (or in my pix on my page - I also uploaded it) pm me your email and I can email you a scan of the article...

Comment #27

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