How many Nutrisystem points are Goi Cuon- Vietnamese Cold Rolls?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How many Nutrisystem points are Goi Cuon- Vietnamese Cold Rolls? Thanks for any answer. My other question... This is the home of the Autumn Willows where we exercise Paisley's Rule..








Our purpose is to motivate, share ideas and experiences and give each other a kick in the pants when necessary...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Thanks for the March thread Sabina, I see you are all over it today and that is a good thing..

Talking about those meds with Deb, did you see on the TV lawyer ads that if you have gotten Liver Damage due to taking Tylenol. what, tylenol can damage the liver? Why are so many people taking it and why don't they pull it off the market, who can afford to have their liver messed up, I ask????.

The Lawyer office was saying to call and they would get you a settlement..

I did not know that about tylenol, that is what they told me to take for pain instead of advil or aleve because of the bleeding eye thing. Wow! See what I mean, you have to stay one step ahead of life, or it will try and take you down..

Just got back from my 3mos Blood work check, hope all is well with that. Told my Doc I had blown it over the holidays and he was very kind to me..

He knew all about NSD changing their menu, he is on top of it. I was surprised.

To hear him talk about it. He is a good Doc and we get along real well..

Wish Carol could come to the states and get that kind of care...

Comment #2

Good morning-.

Ruth- You commented on Tylenol causing liver damage. I want to share that Advil can cause kidney damage. I wish more people knew that even though a med is sold over the counter it can still cause problems. That is why it is so important that MD's know what over the counter meds or even herbal products a person takes...

Comment #3

Good morning..

Deb - I'm that way with medicines too. Why? How much? Alternatives? I ask it all. Seizures are pretty dangerous though, so I'm sure they'd like them to be less frequent. Everything is a balancing game, isn't it?.

Sabina - I'm ready for spring too. Unfortunately it is still MONTHS away here.......

Ruth - What a great doctor that he already knew all about NS. He is sure on top of things. It has always been known that Tylenol can cause liver damage. They are talking about people who are taking it every day all the time. EVERYTHING has side effects......even water. All medications have some sort of side effect.

Mostly, those commercials are lawyers being lawyers and trying to make a bundle of money..

I heard from Carole. She is finally getting good internet and will hopefully be posting soon to reconnect with the Willows. She is on Weight Watchers and doing very well with it...

Comment #4

Hi Brenda Joy and thank you for that info on Advil, I did not know that.

One either. Guess I never have to take pain meds and not familiar with the.

Effects. Before I would start any of that, I will surly check it out in the.


You are a real blessing to our thread, and I am glad you are here with us..

Hope you are doing well and taking good care of Brenda Joy, I love to say your name..

It makes me smile, it is so nice to say and happy..

Thank you also Lynda, I really do appreciate all that advice and help on the innocent little.

Bottles of "stuff" we pop. I will be more careful and checking into future pops in my mouth..

Balancing act it is for sure, every single day of my life in all areas. Wish I got paid to balance.

Myself, but, life is my payment and quality life is my bonus. Thank you LORD.

Thanks for the update on Carole, wondered about her and today Linna crossed my mind...

Comment #5

Hi all:.

It seems it was a quiet day here in Willowland..

Just returned home from our 2nd nursing home family council meeting. There have been a number of small improvements, but there are so many issues, new ones everyday it seems. I guess we'll just chip away, little by little..

Work was crazy as usual. Nothing new there..

Checked with nurse about my oldest. He seems ok with the increase in meds. He seizes a lot, but he's so much better than he was. They were concerned about 8 seizures last month. Big wup! I only worry when there's eight or so in a day. That was the norm at one time..

Anyway, plan to see Dino tomorrow. First time since before vacation. He needs to have mercy on me, maybe if I whine enough. I'll let you know how that works out..

I've lost most of what I gained while away. Got right back into it. I knew I had to right away or I'd be in real trouble. Only up a lb now since before going away..

I bought a zumba video. Watched the beginning. Seems harder than I'd like. I took a class at my son's residence and it seemed easier. Will try to do it though..

Glad to see you all, Sabina, Lynda, Marie, Ruth, Brenda Joy and others. I too miss Lori, Carole, Carol, Brenda. I hope they are well..

Boys are at the Ranger Game tonight and I'm turning in so, sleep tight all. Will check in in the morning...

Comment #6

Good for you Deb shedding those vacation pounds so quickly. I wish I could find some focus and get rid of what I have gained rather than losing an ounce and gaining two like I have been lately. I just don't know what is wrong with my head!!!.

Ruth - I miss those who have been here and gone as well. At least Brenda we see on Facebook and there is hope that Carole with rejoin us. I wonder often as well about Linna and how things are with her..

Today is the big day Lynda - go for it and let us know how you make out. It should be an adventure even if nothing comes of it..

I am thinking I need an ice suit to deal with the hot flashes I'm having. They are beginning to make me rather crazy I think. I have several each day and two in the early hours each morning. I can actually feel them starting deep inside my body and no matter how still I am or how cool of an area I can find on the bed the flash rolls on and takes over. Not sure how much longer I can deal with them before going completely nutso...

Comment #7

Hi Deb, glad things are going well for your DS. He is in a good place and.

They are being careful with him. It will all work out fine with the meds and.

Care, you are so right though, one step and issue at a time, that is how you get.

To the end..

Dino will have no mercy on you, get ready, Good that you were able to drop the pounds gained.

On vacation though, you have got it going now and that will all be in your favor. He will be.

Happy for you on that note. Enjoy your Dino time... It will be good for you, cleanse you out..

And clear your mind. Enjoy your day....

Sabina, when I came off the hormone pills I used Dr Lee, Hormone creams to calm the sweats. It really.

Does work and he has several products out there. check with your health food place or look him up on line..

There are a couple different kinds, depending on what issues you are having. Give it a try, but check it out first,.

Things may have changed since then, it was such a long time ago for me. Just a thought.. It is a real pain..

Hated that damp feeling it left on you all day. BooHoo for sweats.....

Comment #8

Ruth - Thanks for the heads up on the cream. I may have to ask you again for the name of it so be prepared for that ~ my life is so chaotic and I'm so tired all the time because of the pressure at the office. The sweats wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the intense feeling of burning alive and wanting to rip my skin off to avoid it. They are awful - just one more thing mother never told me about being female - grrrr...

Comment #9

Funny - The sun is shining and it's snowing. Tired of snow - have I mentioned that lately. I WANT SPRING WEATHER AND I WANT IT NOW!.

My dear friend Sandy and my dear sister in law Ronni are taking me to lunch Friday. So sweet...

Comment #10

I am so impressed the way this group thinks about and is concerned about those who have not posted for awhile. What a true circle of friends!..

Comment #11

Yes Brenda Joy, we are dedicated to each other and as I have always said,.

"We are connected by more than just these key boards", our hearts are knitted and I for one, truly care about each and everyone I have met here and am concerned for their salvation, Health, and total happiness, in that order..

I still pray for many who have come and gone and will continue to do so as long as the LORD lays them on my heart. I sincerely love all of you and wish you the very best and will do all in my will power to help you through "anything", that is part of my purpose for being here and here on Earth, so I think..

Make sense I hope..

Comment #12

HI everyone! I posted a long one yesterday and it got poofed and then I never got back here but I'm thinking of each and every one of you and I am sure more will be here to post. I don't know why we are all busy right now. Seems never ending! Anyway, I will be back later, I have to go make some supper!..

Comment #13

Hi Hana, good to see you here today, thanks for stopping in even though you are so very busy these days...

Comment #14

Hi Hana, Hi Deb, Hi Ruth, Hi Sabina, Hi Brenda Joy, Hi everyone else who hasn't posted!.

Sabina - The auction got postponed again today. It is scheduled for April now. Hopefully that means the current owners are working it out and will get to keep their place. That would be really good since I hate for people to lose their places (even if it is a 2nd home). If it auctions in April, my competition (who was there with me today) cannot come so I could be the only bidder. we'll see..

Your hot flashes sound horrible. Yuck! I'm so glad I don't have those. In fact, as I told Ross, the bad news is TOM is here after being gone for 3 months and the good news is I'm not pregnant! LOL Tom still likes to visit me about 4 times a year. Drat! Tell me please, what do I need with TOM at 55 years old????????.

Deb - Glad your son's medicines were worked out to your liking. He really used to have 8 a day instead of 8 a month? Wow! No wonder you aren't worried about them..

Brenda is knee deep in her play that she has a role in, in addition to doing costumes. She'll be back when she gets a life back, I'm sure..

Brenda Joy - How's your knee doing? I miss you around here. Hopefully your schedule will allow you to share more than a quick hello soon..

Hana - I hate it when that happens to my posts. Glad you stopped by anyways..

You got it right Ruth. We are all here for each other and when someone goes missing we all feel it...

Comment #15

Hi all!.

WE really are a close knit mini family of Willows, aren't we? Love that!.

Lynda, yes, my son has has many, many seizures since his illness when he was three. Eight would sometimes be before breakfast even. They would wake him in the night too. It's also the reason he's broken most of his bones, because he is ambulatory and drops. He once seized every other minute for three weeks straight. Status they call it.

But, that was then, and this is now. He's such a hun, gentle as can be, everyone here would truly love him. He's always smiling, while he's picking your pocket for things to swallow, that is. LOL.

Sabina, oh how I feel for you with those flashes. So thankful I never had anything like that. I just have TOM every 13 months or so, at 56 I'll remind you. Hi Lynda! Yikes..

Ruth, dear friend. I am praying for your surgery to be successful. This will really solve the problem you have? I certainly hope so. So good to hear your words on here all the time. It really settles me down..

Brenda Joy, glad to see you here more often now. I miss all when they are not here..

Marie, oh Marie, where are you? Back to Dino tonight Marie, and I'm a little achy. He was gentle though, until the end when I had to tell him I was close to throwing up on him. Ooops, sorry girls. Anyway, I think it worked. He got the message and says I feel better next time..

Hey Hana, good to see you. I've lost my posts more than I like to admit. Hope you are having a good night..

Work was crazy today. Oh, and my DS finally landed a job, started yesterday, thank the Lord!.

Busy weekend coming up too, Spaghetti dinner Friday night (local fundraiser), Lord of the Dance Saturday night, nursing home and gym visits in between..

Have a good night all...

Comment #16

Lynda - This country's financial situation would be so much healthier were it not for all the foreclosures. Thinks with the property will work out as they should. It must be a bit difficult to get geared up for the auction only to have it delayed. I haven't been visited by TOM in a very long time. The sweats are awful and are really making me miserable. Could that be why women get crabby during menopause??.

BrendaJoy - I cannot get through the day without knowing how my Willow friends are doing :-).

Hana - It's the job! The week started out okay but in short order I was buried in abstracts, phone messages and a boss who wants to chat all day about his retirement. I left the office at 6 tonight and tomorrow could likely end up being more of the same. Generally the first Thursday of the month is when I file all the employment tax info, taking the better part of a morning to do. Now I have to figure out how to do it all in just a few minutes. At least payroll has been cut in half!.

Ruth - Does it smell like spring in Roswell? I need a dose of it so badly..

I really want to go down to Worcester and see Brenda's play. I caluculated the mileage however and it is a 3 hour drive. I just don't see how we can do it, especially with gas prices which will undoubtedly be just under $4 a gallon by next week. Bummer...

Comment #17

Deb - I am so looking forward to meeting both you and your son. Ray was actually in Middletown today. I think he has to head that way tomorrow too. We are looking at April to get together still right?..

Comment #18

Hi Deb, so glad Dino got the message and gave you a break LOL. Just knew.

It would work that way. glad you got to go..

I wish I could see your sons smile. I bet he has a wonderful personality and I feel.

So bad that you all got robbed of him and all he has to offer in life. Wish he didn't have.

That drat disease. and the pick pocket to eat something, lol he is a hoot, even in the.

Situation he is in. I know he loves you so much and he will have a special place in.

Heaven some day. GOD turly looks after HIS own like that..

Be encouraged in that my love..

Sabina, there are more trees in bloom now, especially the Bradford Pears and they do have a.

Fragrance of their own. the Jonquils are up and seems like every week, something else is.

Showing off. Soon to see tulips and many other things..

Our Cherry trees are the best right now and they are everywhere. When it is another season, you may.

Not know it even is a cherry tree, but, in the Spring, there is no doubt the flowering crabapple trees are.

Very beautiful too and the plum trees. Such a sight to see..

Rest well Willows, I have an 8:00 appt with the Dermitoligist tomorrow, jerry and I both go together..

Its just a total body check, hope they don't find anything on me, don't need any more drama..

Will get on here when I get home and check in on all of you..

Til then, rest and repair and love the ones you care about.

I care about each of you.

You are in my prayers daily, feel my hugs..

Comment #19

Sabina - I'm laughing about you talking about work. Same here. Mine doesn't chat about retirement, but we have been so busy I haven't had time to do time sheets for the entire month of February and it's already March. I have three sets of Wills and powers of attorney sitting on my desk to do and I have to start a probate before Friday. It would be great except that none of the Wills are what one would call "normal" so each one has to be dictated by the boss, typed by me, then reviewed and done over. Sometimes it seems overwhelming but I know it will get done..

My good friend (former Co-worker) is in ICU in the hospital. They are trying to get her lungs drained so they can perhaps send her home one more time before she stops breathing altogether. She has congestive heart failure, a lung disease, and diabetes. I can't visit her, they are really limiting visitors. She tried to call me tonight and I was not near my phone and I cannot call her so she will try tomorrow. She will be 66 if she makes it to April 2..

DD and I go to Fort Collins Friday for prom dress shopping with a friend and her mother. Pray for a nice day. It's supposed to snow. DH and DS leave at 4:00 a.m. for Jackson Hole with friends. I hope they have a nice relaxing time.

He has been selling so hard lately. When he returns he will visit former neighbors who live in the eastern part of the state and are very elderly. He is very good about doing that and they sure love him for it..

Hey, tonight I made a taco skillet supper and a chicken dish and both turned out great. Going to freeze the leftovers now..

I am nearly 53 and still have TOM every single month and sometimes it seems like every 3 weeks! Sick of it! Could be worse though so I better stop whining..

Deb I can't imagine having to watch my child have seizures over and over like that. It would be so difficult and you have such a wonderful outlook and perspective on everything! Way to go in getting your weight back down so quickly..

Talk to you all tomorrow! Have a blessed sleep everyone!..

Comment #20

Praying for your friend Hana, so sad and so young, I will be 66 this year.

And still have lots of things going on. Sorry to hear that news about her.

Will pray for a miracle on her behalf...

Comment #21

Hi all! Just checking in briefly and wil go back and read the posts I missed when I get a chance..

Been down with the flu and now have a bad cough. Not feeling well at all. Seems lots of folks have this recently. My ds still really isn't 100% but is in school..

I haven't been to the gym since he was sick and it's going on almost 2 weeks now. I'll just have to start over, that's all. I'm not going to stop, tha't for sure!.

It's very cold here today although it's sunny. Just roasted some beets. Love beets! Going to make beet and warm lentil salad. I've only had it in a restaurant so I hope it turns out well...

Comment #22

Hana, you are such a good friend. I'm sorry to hear of your friends struggle, and I'm hoping she can make it home again to be surrounded by family and friends. You have been an angel for her and how lucky you both are to have such a wonderful friendship...

Comment #23

Hana - I'm very sorry to hear that your friend's health is failing. I hope the doctors can make her comfortable so that she can spend whatever time she has left with those she cares for and those who care for her. Sending a hug your way and wishing it wasn't so cyber..

Marie - I had a feeling that nasty flu caught up with you after you fell off the planet. Sounds like it is a nasty one for sure. You keep resting and doing all the things that will get you back in tip top shape cuz we miss you..

Take this job and shove it - no not really - the boss is getting a lot of work done. Problem is it is all piled up in my office waiting for me to get it out the door. I'm exhausted and it hasn't even been a week. I know there is a possibility that it will get easier as time goes on but right now I feel so overwhelmed. Drat!..

Comment #24

Hi Marie, so sorry to hear that you are down with the flu. Hope you can rest and.

Sweat it out and recover real soon. Prayers for you..

I too love beets, I wish Jerry did, I use them on my salads as my Mom used to fix the.

Pickled beets with egg at Easter and then we had the harvard beets, which I really loved and.

Now I simply eat the can beets on salad. I eat them out of the can, do you suppose I should.

Cook them.? I never really thought of it before, they are not totally raw in the can, right ? .

Glad your Son is up and about, he must not have the mono you were concerned about.Huh?.

I miss you on here Marie, and I hope you recover really fast now.

Hugs to you!.

Sabina, your senario reminds me of me, the first week on a new job, you wonder, will this ever.

Get easy for me and when and how soon will the relief come. I need to feel comfortable in this.

Position and not overworked and unpayed..

That is what I have said many times on a new job. Sounds familiar?.

You will plow and push through, because you do know the ropes and all the players.

Involved. You are in over load and over whelm, it will settle down, closer to retirement, it has.

To get lighter and easier for you. I pray.

Its been one week since Ray had the stretch. How is he doing, do you see improvement in the swallow and.

Cough and choaking? I am praying for that...

Comment #25

Girls - I feel all your hugs and love even if they are cyber! They are wonderful! Got to talk to my friend today even if I could barely hear her. She has a bad bedsore on her backside that has not healed in about 4 months and a urinary tract infection to go along with her other problems. They are trying to clear it up and she is in a special bed that she loves! I will go see her this weekend because they would really like to limit visitors..

Ruth - I am so glad you have always kept a good eye on your health, it's so important. I know that from having my dad die too young. I'm working on making myself healthier as well. Not losing too fast but I'm still working hard on it..

Love all of you - Marie - take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon, that flu has been going around here as well, I missed work on Monday. So feel better and start over and just keep starting over every day that's what I tell myself...

Comment #26

Hana my heart is breaking for your friend. I bet she would rather she those she cares about at this hour rather than be separated. Bless you sweetie..

Ruth - Ray's ability to eat has greatly improved and he has not choked since the stretch. He is still coughing but that is because of the fluid around his heart and lungs. It may go away in time, it may not. His weight is holding right around 183 now that he is so active again. I won't worry provided he doesn't start losing - that would not be a good sign. Oh, I forgot, I saw a piece of a rainbow yesterday and thought of you!.

Yeah the job will get easier in time. Right now I am working on files that I'm not familiar with and that is part of the stress. Once I am involved from the beginning, it won't be so bad. We do have 3 or 4 new deals that will be all mine and a new estate coming in tomorrow...

Comment #27

Hope everyone's Thursday is going well..

Hana - I hope they can get your friend comfortable quickly. She is so blessed to have a good friend like you. I'm glad you got to talk to her too..

Marie - Oh, you were afraid you were catching your son's illness. Drat! Feel better soon..

Ruth - The only beets I like are pickled beets. My mom used to make them with onions. I buy the ones in the jar now. So good!.

Sabina - Don't work too hard. Pace yourself girl. It is so good to hear that Ray is swallowing better. I was wondering the same thing..

Deb - We all need to just kick TOM out the door. Enough already!.

We got another 3 inches of snow last night. No more due until Sunday now. At least we get a couple days off from winter. I sure would love some color around here. Ross brought me a bouquet of flowers and I have those in my kitchen so I can look at them all the time...

Comment #28

Hana sweety, please tell your friend we are praying for her. That will hug her.

Even if she doesn't know us. I am so glad you will see her..

I will be praying for you too. Enjoy her....

Sabina, I never see a rainbow in the sky, or on paper that I don't think of you and how.

One very special rainbow ministered to your heart, one day when GOD knew you needed it..

An totally awesome GOD we serve..

I am reminded of that everyday and doing the Esther study homework today, reinforced that to.

Me as to who I am in HIM and what HE is to me. This study is highly recommended, she tells the.

Story in the Bible, then relates it to us in our lives today and our relationship with HIM..

Well worth the workbook and study..

I am so happy that Marathon Ray has turned another corner since last Thursday. That was a good move..

Dr.Petes, all wise Doctor that he is. I so admire him and wish my friend could see him and get under his.

Care for the gurd problem she has. She scares me..

Yea for Ross and the romance of a good man. I love it when flowers come into my life. Jerry is not good at.

Picking them, he always goes for roses, not my favorite, so we have a plan, I buy my own and we both get to.

Enjoy the variety. Works for us. Enjoy yours while they last..

Comment #29

Good Friday Morning my Willow Loves, hope each of you have a very safe, happy productive day today..

I will be having lunch with my small group girls and a little Birthday celebration for one of them..

Praying Marie feels much better today.

Praying for Hana's sweet friend.

GOD knows our first and last and everything in between. We just have to put it all in HIS hands and know that it will all work out for the best, because HE.

Loves us so much and wants only the very best for us and all our concerns..

HE is the same, yesterday, today and forever more. HIS watchful eye is on everything we do and say and HE is ready to rescue us in time of need, just call on the name of JESUS and watch HIM work for us. LOVE is the reason!..

Comment #30

A big Birthday HUG goes out to Sabina today, wishing you the best Birthday.

As you are so deserving. Enjoy every minute of it. Celebrate YOU, I will celebrate you and give a thankful bow for the day I met you..

Comment #31


Feeling better today although I think this stinking cough will linger awhile. Thank you all for your get well wishes. It's sunny again today with the cold March air promising spring soon..

I've got my seed and plant catalogs out with lots of dogeared pages already! Ruth I know you have quite a green thumb so you must be thinking on this stuff too..

Carmine sometimes brings flowers home for me and I'm with you Ruth... no roses for me either! Anything else but. I am partial to tlips though..

Lucky to get flowers at all!.

I made a different meal last night. Ground turkey ontop of portobello mushrooms topped with cheddar cheese with a cabbage slaw on the side. It was pretty good but I only made one each and carmine was still hungry!! oops! One was plenty for me so now I know, in the future make him two!..

Comment #32

Happy Friday everyone! And Happy Birthday Sabina!.

Marie glad to hear you are feeling better. That meal sounds like a winner for Kenny but not me. I'm not a mushroom fan. But he loves beets and portabellos both! I grill him ports stuffed with a little garlic, onion, tomato, balsamic vinegar I spritz them all with a little olive oil and sprinkle with parm cheese. In winter I broil them in the oven. And I've been dogearring my seed catalogs too.

Haven't done that in years usually buy plants but feel like it..

Hana so sorry to hear your friend is so gravely ill. I will pray for you to see her as often as you can and her to find relief from the pain she must be in. How is the winter in the plains country? Aren't you just ready for some warmth? We just returned from the Black Hills on a business trip. Always makes me think of you. If Ken gets the work maybe we will both be in the area at the same time?.

Hi Lynda glad you are enjoying those flowers. Just so needed at this time of year to combat the winter blues..

Hi Ruthie. Love your cyber cheer! And no roses for me. I like shrub roses but for fresh flowers give me tulips, gerberas, iris, stock over roses any day!.

I just got my BBB order all fixed up. Shipping next week. Now to eat it 3x a day instead of 1 or 2! Sigh. So easy when at home but on the road.....always trying to make up for bad choices..

Have a wonderful day today all. TTYL...

Comment #33

Woohoo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SABINA! Hope you are having an absolutely fabulous day today! We are celebrating YOU!.

How funny that none of you like roses. Roses are my absolutely favorite flower in the world. Before we moved to the mountains I maintained two formal rose gardens in my backyard. I hand picked each and every rose and some were very hard to find. I would take a dozen roses over any other bouquet..

Marie - So happy that you are finally feeling better..

My ODD just got us really good seats at the Josh Groban concert in August in L.A. I'm so excited. I've only seen him sing 2 songs live and in person. That was at a Hollywood Bowl concert featuring several different artists. I am so excited to see him in a whole concert!.

Ross and I worked out at the gym together this morning before work. We took the "stretch and abs" class that he loves too. Good workout, but too much stretching in my opinion. I'm already very, very limber so I would like more abs in the class. However, the stretching part really works wonders on Ross' back pain. I did more arms and abs workouts after the class...

Comment #34

Marie, Your new turkey dish sounds really good, did you bake it or how did.

You prepare the turkey? Curious....

I am always itching to plant my flowers and get the place in full bloom..

Can't wait til the go ahead date. We have to wait til there is no chance of.

Frost or freeze, not yet. Usually the end of April is safe. Looking at stuff all the.

Time , like you,.

Glad you are on the mend, I knew you would not put up with it for long, just give it a kick.

Out the door and get on with your doings, glad your better.

Hana, how is your friend doing? and how was your special visit? just thinking about you!.

Lori, it is always to funny and cool to me, how we are on the same page so often with our likes and.

Dislikes. We Willows are a very rare breed of Ladies, don't you think? LOL.

Yea for Lynda and Ross a great workout that is helping Ross. I like it when that happens;.

And I am jealous of the Groban tickets for Aug. Such a treat for both of you, enjoy..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY "SABINA", just wanted to say it again, I like wishing you a Birthday Hug..

Comment #35

Thank you for the birthday wishes, just knowing you were all thinking of me made my day!.

I had a wonderful lunch with Sandy and Ronni. I had a salad with grilled chicken plus Walden Farms dressing and plain ice tea. We ordered one piece of dessert and split it three ways - to my horror, the entire restaurant (there wan't an empty seat) sang happy birthday to me. Then this really cute YOUNG guy walked over to me, took my hand, introduced himself and told me he was my birthday gift ...................................................................................................................

Comment #36

HA HA - Just kidding, he told me it was his 39th brithday. So in turn I told the waitress. It was fun and he was really cute and buff. That is what they call muscular isn't it?..

Comment #37

Yippee and Yea, Sabina had a wonderful Birthday with lots of laughs and smiles..

Now I have a feeling that Ray has something very special planned for you my friend, later wink wink, enjoy your love, so glad you two have each other to share and love. Happy Birthday again.....

Comment #38

You are too cute Ruth - about all Ray is thinking about is a good night's sleep. In fact, he is already out cold! Tough being a working man again ya know...

Comment #39

Lynda - I also love roses and my husband has a lovely rose garden in the backyard in the summer. I love them more than the ones he purchases from the store. At work we have a rose garden that my boss tends and we have roses on our desk throughout the summer as well, although our rose season is not very long!.

I have not gotten to see my sweet friend Sue yet. I went to Colorado this morning to shop with my daughter. We had lots of fun and I am exhausted..

Lori - let me know when you are in the Black Hills again, it's only three hours from me, I can get there fast! Winter has been long, cold, and windy. It snowed here a little today while we were out of town. It was very nice in Colorado. No wind and the sun was shining!.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy Birthday Sabina!..

Comment #40

Jeepers, apparently Schwan tried to deliver my frozen foods yesterday while I was at work and they didn't leave it. MyNutrisystemorder was only processed yesterday so I am very surprised at this. The foods are obviously Schwan products designed forNutrisystemas I am finding some of the items on the regular Schwan site - interesting I'd say...

Comment #41

Sabina, sounds like a call toNutrisystemis in order today to see what is up with the frozen foods..

Hope you have a super great day and that the Birthday Happiness just keeps going. Here is a big Birthday Hug from me to you today.


Hi to everyone else who pops in, enjoy your day and love on someone else in some way that will make their day better and their heart warmer. You will be blessed. A promise form GOD!..

Comment #42

I called Schwans. It seems that it was processed yesterday but there was no attempt to deliver it. I'll get the hang of this sooner or later. My frozen foods will come 3/18..

I'm getting flowers but I don't know yet from who. The flower shop left me a message. I love a good mystery..

Another goodie for me was the gals at the hairdresser telling me they like my hair color - I changed it for the better apparently...

Comment #43

Good morning. My schedule is very busy right now. I have alot of education to get ready for the opening of our 5 floor tower at the hospital. All of the patient care floors move on May 1. I will be working some 3 day stretches in order to work in the extra classes. I will also be taking Pediatric Advanced Life Support in June.

Washington is now also requiring all RN's to document continuing education in order to renew our licenses. I have always read journals, but now I am considering teaching a class to the fellow staff members on neurology. I am also considering getting a certification. While I am working at the bedside I would like to be certified in cardiology and begin to work towards a certification in case management. I can do this type of nursing as I slide over 60 years of age..

My knee took a hit last week. I took the bus home one day last week. It was raining lightly. My stop is on a hill on the shady side of the street. When I stepped off the bus I discovered that the rain had frozen on the sidewalk. I slid down the hill trying to keep my balance.

I am off for 2 days. Eventually, I will be working daylight savings time weekend. I will be working 3 days in a row. YEAH! It will be Spring ahead that night so I will work 11 hours instead of 12..

These next 2 days I want to look at the schedule of when and where all the departments will be moving. My goal is to be able to help visitors find their way around as we make this major move and changes in the hospital..

I hope you all have a very special weekend...

Comment #44

Brenda Joy, I'm exhausted just reading your post! LOL Take care of yourself my friend. AND NO MORE slipping on ice!.

Hana - yay, someone else loves roses. Each one is so different and the scents vary so much. YDD and I went to the Portland Rose Garden when it was in bloom and there were acres and acres of different roses, each with their own unique look and smell. I loved it!.

We are driving to So. Calif. this afternoon. I'm at work getting the office ready to close down before I go, so not much time to chat. I'll be back on sometime tomorrow...

Comment #45

Lynda, I don't dislike Roses , they are just not my favorite. One year Jerry and I were at the Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena and that was a real treat to see and smell all those Roses on the floats. It was a sight we will never forget. then we stayed and watched the game. It was cool. Brazil won that year..

Brenda Joy, I am like Lynda, out of breath reading your schedule, I hope your knee is recovering and you will be able to do all that stuff you posted..

I wish you the best on getting any degree or certification you want. You are tops in my book and you should be recognized for all you do, you are a very gifted lady and GOD is using you in a mighty way. Good job Brenda Joy, keep it up as long as you want...

Comment #46

I am still alive-.

DH and I are officially legally separated, but we will still live in the same house.

Things are strained at best, but I will survive!.

Love to you all, miss being here, but wanted to check in.

I have no idea what is going on with the willows- Praying all is well!.

See ya later!..

Comment #47

Thank you BrendaJoy. Count me in with the tired crew. How in the world do you manage??? Ice is so dangerous and can mess up a good knee, can't fathom the pain you must have been in..

Robin - Good to hear from you dear. I'm so sorry things are this way for you. Makes me sad to think of your loneliness and the uncertainty in your world. I keep you in prayer..

Lynda - Safe trip to those warmer So. CA temps..

Ruth - The scent of the flowers must have filled the air. That is my favorite parade on tv. The floats are so beautiful...

Comment #48

Lynda - Hope your MIL is feeling better and you can convince her to go to assisted living!.

BrendaJoy - I don't know how you can keep up on all the education that is required of you plus work as many hours as you do. So exhausting! How is the rest of your family and your DH?.

Robin - So glad you checked in. Praying for your situation at home!.

Went shopping all day Friday with DD and another mom and DD. We enjoyed our time together so much! Found lots of "deals" for DD but it's easy to do because she fits into everything. Ate at Olive Garden. Ate too much but that's okay too, it's life and it's a new day. However, I slept most of the day away yesterday. Got up and went to church last evening with DD, didn't even have to force her to go which was very pleasant! Now I need to get some cleaning done today as well as laundry!.

We found a beautiful prom dress online and placed the order. DD was going to wear one belonging to a cousin, but it needed some repair and cleaned and by the time I paid for that, it would cost more than the one we found so this is fine. I have been saving money each month for the dress, now I have to start saving for senior pictures. Now I know why there will be no traveling to far away places in my future for awhile but that's okay, I am enjoying this as well!..

Comment #49

Good morning Willows!.

Hana can't wait to see her in the prom dress! Events like that are so fun for even the adults. There is always so much to plan for and buy that it can be stressful, but you seem to have a handle on it. I wonder if my ds will go to his prom someday....

Brenda you sure do have a full plate! Hope you don't come across any more ice! It's good to keep up with the latest things happening in the medical community too! Knowledge is enriching both you and the patients and the doctors you work with.There's always something new to learn and to be interested in..

It's very rainy here today and it looks like most of the east coast is too. I've got lots of laundry to do too. I've been putting it aside because I haven't been feeling well but it's really goint ot make me sick if I don't get to it!.

I will also get on my treadmill for awhile..

Glad you had such a nice lunch Sabina. It's just such a relaxing fun thing just to get together with friends and chat the time away..

Robin it's good to see you post. Hopefully now things will start to get a little easier for you...

Comment #50

Hi sweet Robin, praying for you everytime GOD bring you to my mind. and.

That is often. HE loves you and cares about your heart and your moments..

Hana, post pics for us, would love to see her and the dress..

Such a great event and seems soooo looong ago. Wow, time sure flies..

Bet each of you can remember yours, but doesn't it seem like a bleep now..

Such a big deal then..

Hi Marie, good to see you today also, it is easy to just stay in bed on a cold.

Rainy day, but, you are up and have sights on the treadmill, I totally admire you.

For that. You are a real WOMAN who knows how to ROar. Be blessed today in all you do.

Pulled my shades this morning on the front of my house and my drive way is "PINK", the wind.

And rain blew all the cherry pedals off my tree and onto the drive, it is so pretty to see, but.

I will miss them on my tree outside the window where I sit and chat with you..

Share yourselves with someone special today, even if you don't know them,.

Make a difference where you are and it will make a difference for you in your life and heart..

Feel my Sunday Hugs to all of you..

Comment #51

Marie - We will have a variety of weather today. It was 48 degrees when I woke this morning and raining. By the time I got to bed, it will be freezing and snow will be falling. I was hoping for more snow melt around our house but it won't happen today. The grass is showing over by the big truck garage so at least I can see some green for a while today..

I have short ribs braising in the new pot Ray got me for my birthday. They smell incredible..

I flexed breakfast this morning after skipping supper last night - we got home very late from shopping and I had a bad belly ache for some reason - major, major embarrassing gas!!!! I try my best to always act like a lady but it was impossible with the pressure in my tummy - oh well. At least Ray understands these normal body functions and doesn't comment. Anyway, I had a fat free blueberry muffin (carb), egg beater (protein), almond milk (dairy) and melon. For lunch I am going to flex as well. I plan to have a chicken sandwich with a side salad. Tonight I'll have a frozenNutrisystementree while Ray eats those yummy smelling short ribs and mashed taters..

The shopping and eating sounds fun Hana..

Ruth - I skipped church this morning. I sorta have a headache and Ray really needed and was willing for me to cut his hair. We also slept in for a bit longer than I had planned. I feel guilty when I don't go and also like I missed something special..

Cutting your loves hair is kinda sensuous by the way..

I finished reading a book this morning too. Time to start another...

Comment #52

Sabina, I think it is awesome that you can cut Ray's locks and I also think that.

Is sensuous as you say. He really lets you do that to him, huh? Wow, you must be good, I would never attempt that one. Roar Sabina Roar on.

Sounds like you are doing good on the plan and flexing as you are is going to work for you..

Some mornings I fix egg and veggies on one piece of whole wheat bread, no fruit for the diabetics at breakfast, we eat it 2-3 hours later and I feel like I have stayed on plan and worked it out of my own kitchen. breaks up the boredom of it all. You are doing great, don't know how you will be able to pass up the taters and ribs, you will have to be very strong for that..

Let me know how you do it.....

Comment #53

I am not cutting my hair today, I had it done on Friday, but , I am doing the epi-lady on my legs and doing a mini Mani and pedi on myself, I won't be able to.

Put my head in the looking position for all next week after I have my procedure at 7:30 tomorrow morning..

I am trying not to think about it as it freaks me out when I think on what all they will do and then the thought of being knocked out for it. The whole deal does not take long, but it is a very sensitive area and I get concerned about my blood sugar, even though they are monitoring me all along..

Please pray for me if you think on it, thanks to all of you..

Comment #54

Hi all!.

Oh my, oh my. Sabina, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday but, Happy, Happy Birthday to you and Best wishes for many more to come..

Glad to see many Willow here today, Yay!!!.

Marie, is it wet enough?: Better than snow though. I'm under the laundry thing today as well. Too much to do, too little time to do it..

For all of you rose folks out there, my neighbor works at a nursery and brings me all the roses they plan to throw out. I have quite a collection now. Hard to keep looking good though, but I love them..

Ruth, I will be praying for you and your procedure. Please ask sweet willow Jerry to keep us posted. Your spring sounds like it's off to a good start. Do you have deer that eat those tulips. I gave up on mine..

Lori, so nice to see you here, along with Brenda Joy, Robin, Lynda, and all others I forgot to mention..

Saw Lord of the Dance last night at West Point. Dancing was incredible, story line a bit weird..

Boys are all good this weekend. Dino is good, I don't ache as much now that I've had two sessions since vacation!.

BIL is not good. Plan to insert catheters directly into tumor to deliver drugs now. Please pray. Surgery to be on the 21st. Spoke to him this morning, spirits are still good. He's soooo strong.

Hope to check in later..

Love ya...

Comment #55

Hi Deb, continued prayers for your sweet BIL. GOD knows the beginning and.

The end. put your trust in HIM that HE will work it all out in due time..

HE holds the whole world in HIS hands, I know you know the song. Love that one..

I do not have deer in my neighborhood, but many around here do. We have the bunnies that love.

To eat all our blooms. We were able to get a bag of stuff from Lowes that has really worked..

It is animal urine and feces, does not smell, but the animals hate it and won't come near, so.

Needless to say, my pansies are in full bloom again and I love it. So glad I asked the guy what to use..

Glad you are doing well and good to see you on here today.

Thanks for your prayers tomorrow. I appreciate all I can get...

Comment #56

Ruth - You know I'll be praying for you, your doctors, the assistance and anyone else who comes in contact with you. We only want the best results for our Ruth! Yes, please do have Jerry let us know how you are. We'll fret if there is no word..

Deb - Not to worry. It's just a birthday and I'll have many more of them..

Sorry about your BIL. Seems to be such a positive person and so strong. Praying the doctors have the dosage and delivery system to destroy the tumor..

I didn't tell you about Ray's black eye! He was pulling something on the wagon last week when his hand slipped and he punched himself in the face. Poor thing...

Comment #57

Thank you Sabina, I appreciate all the prayers I can get..

You are sweet...

Comment #58

Taking a study break and came to my favorite place..

Ruth- Will be praying for you..

Robin- So good to see you..

Deb- Will be paraying for your BIL..

Peaceful Sunday to all my friends...

Comment #59

Thank You Brenda Joy, all the prayers of the Willows mean so much to me, only because I know the GOD we serve and HE hears and answers..

I have full Faith in HIM and HIS power to bring me through, and if not, then I get to see HIM face to face and not worry about health issues any more..

Either way, I will win. HE has set it up that way.

Awesome GOD HE is.....

Comment #60

I never got to go to prom so I only know how much fun it is from everyone else's memories and stories. My DS has been to 5 proms and enjoyed each and every one. He purchased a suit so he could quit renting a tux for the last two. When the dress arrives, I will post a great photo for all of you to see..

Praying for each and every one of you sweet sweet ladies!..

Comment #61

Good Night Loves, Jerry will let you know when I am done with the surgery and all patched up. I appreciate all your love and prayers. You are very special to me and remember, GOD loves you and so do I, these loves make the world go round. HE hears and answers our prayers. HE cares about the sparrow and HE surly cares about me.

Thank you Lord...

Comment #62

Hi all..

Sabina, what do you mean Ray punched himself? Probably because he fell asleep on your birthday. lol I'd love to hear him explain it..

Hi Brenda Joy, Lynda, Marie and all..

Thank you everyone for the prayers for my bil. I know he really needs it now, more than ever..

Ruth, good luck tomorrow. I'm sure all will go fine. Love ya and will be thinking and praying for you throughout the day..

Sleep well, Willows. Will check in tomorrow...

Comment #63

Deb - He was trying to loosen a strap or something on his big wagon. His grip slipped and he punched himself in the face. He had glasses on and they flew off..

We are under a state of emergency. I'm stranded until the town trucks get the roads plowed and Ray gets our driveway cleared. The snow is still coming down very hard. They goofed on this one, only prediciting 1 to 3 inches. LOL..

Praying for Ruth...

Comment #64

Hi Willows. I am taking the liberty to send you a message about Ruthie and use your private site. Ruth's surgery began at 7:30AM EST and may last 1 to 1.5 hours. She feels very hugged by all of you girls - thanks for your continued love and support through your kind words and prayer. I will be back to you at least one more time after the surgery. When we get home, Ruth said that she will come on line and give you the exciting details.

Willow Jerry..

Comment #65

Thank you Jerry, we are all praying for you this morning. Love you both...

Comment #66

Thanks for the update Jerry. Thinking of you both this morning..

Sabina, I heard on the news you guys were getting socked again. OMG, how many inches do you have? DS is going up to SU this coming weekend and wanted to take his snow tires off. I guess this will change his mind. Keep warm and safe...

Comment #67

I've heard 16 inches. There is at least that. This is the first, what I would call, major storm we've had. Tell your son NOT to take off those tires just yet!..

Comment #68

Hi Willows, here is the latest on Ruthie: We have just returned home from Emory where Ruth participated in a Vitrectomy. All went well for her and those who attended this great event which took about 50 minutes from the Green flag to the Checkered flag. Of course, when you enter these types of events you know that you are going to come out ahead because God is on your side, right? Right!.

The Anesthesiologists gave Ruth a numbing solution for her upper face/eye which immobilized the eye. This will probably last 8 to 10 hours. They also gave her something that let her float in the clouds a while; however, she said that she talked to them during the event, so she was not totally out. Dr. Yan, a kind, gracious Eye Surgeon, gave Ruth a "bubble" of air which will dissipate in about 5 days and will be replaced with Ruth's own fluid which is similar to saline. The actual surgery time was about 50 minutes.

She has to sleep on her side. This will allow the "parts" of her eye to go back into their assigned places. We have her stationary with a large pillow against the wall in a single bed which will keep her on her side when she is lying down. She may sit up as long as she wishes, watch TV or read with her left eye as there is a large patch over the right eye until tomorrow morning. Ruth will probably get up later today when the feeling comes back into her upper face..

Ruth will be on later today. Sorry for the length of this post. Willow Jerry..

Comment #69

Thank you for explaining so well what Ruth has been through. When she wakes, give her our love please...

Comment #70

Jerry, great update on Ruth. Prayers for both of you..

I'm here - I'm fine - been a rough few weeks, but I'll be better. Will write more tonight. Love to all of you...

Comment #71

Jeanne - That doesn't sound good. Thinking of you..

I'm so over shoveling snow - my arms and legs are about to fall off and my back is broken...

Comment #72

Thank you Jerry for keeping us updated on Ruth. Continuing to pray for her..

Jeanne! Hello!!!! So good to see you back here. Post when you can and let us know what's up..

Sabina - Are you still snowed in?.

We have worked all day today on the house in So. Calif. I'm tired. Lots more to do though. I bought a bunch of flowers too and need to plant those tomorrow. Today we planted grass and painted kitchen cupboards..

Hello to everyone!..

Comment #73

Hi Willows!.

Just checking in to see if there's any other news on Ruth. I know she's in the VERY capable care of her love Jerry!.

Sabina, better the snow than the flooding around certain rivers in connecticut, Westchester, etc. Sorry to hear of the black eye on Ray! He's lucky the glasses didn't break into his eyes!.

This is the winter from you know where and moreso for you!.

Hi Jeanne! Glad to see you post! It's ben a long time. Stick around and let us know what's been going on with you..

I've been out of the gym for more than 2 weeks now. Yikes! I'll have to start from square one again.

Still have that crazy cough that coes on from a tickle and sounds like your gonna die! Don't want to inflict that on people there but I really need to get back there..

Am I playing mind games with myself?..

Comment #74

Marie you've had so much more snow this winter than we have. I am very concerned now about flooding. The river is already at flood stage and with 20 inches of snow on top of what we already - oh baby watch out! It could get nasty this week with warmer temperatures and rains in the forecast..

No longer snowed in but very sore from shoveling. It isn't like there was that much to shovel, just that the snow is very heavy..

Ace had his second shot at the vet's office tonight and the second treatment for those stinkin worms - icky. He goes back in another two weeks to start the Lyme disease series of shot. Expensive red dog I have! He has no fear of the place at all and loves the attention - imagine Ace liking attention - lol. There was a pug dog there tonight. I think she may have had the hots for Ace. She layed on the floor and stared at him the entire time her people were checking out. Her name is Dorothy Gail - isn't that cute?..

Comment #75

HI all..

Geez, Sabina, another 20 inches? Glad DS wasn't up there this past weekend. Stay safe and watch the shoveling..

Marie, I got to work ok today but was there and hour and a half before everyone else. The Taconic, the Saw Mill Pkwy and the Bronx River were all closed. What a mess. I considered myself lucky, and got a lot of work done without all the drama, which started in earnest when all got there..

Jeanne, so nice to see you here today. How's the knee?.

I hope Ruth is resting comfortably. I know she is in good hands with her love Jerry taking care..

Have my dad's 90 day meeting tomorrow. Suspicious things going on. Have moved alot of folks from the unit. Only 7 folks left. Wonder what's up..

Hi Lynda, I wish it was time for us to plant. I'm itching to get out there now..

Hope all is well with everyone..

Love ya...

Comment #76

Yes Deb I saw all the flooding on the news. So scary! Sabina I hope that you don't get that kind of flooding. The ground has to be saturated though from all the snow this year. I guess it will be good for the resevoirs..

Did any one watch the Bachelor this time around? Well he's down to his final 2 and I'm hoping he chooses Emily. She's the petit blond southern lady who has a daughter that's just 5 yrs. old. She lost her husband in a plane crash. She's so sweet. I'm not so hot on the other lady.

Too emotional I think..

I know some of you watch DWTS. I think it's an interesting group this time. We'll see...

Comment #77


I never watched the bachelor and really don't get it. Can you explain the whole thing for me?.


Comment #78

The flooded won't impact us directly unless it takes out our driveway again. I'm praying the flooding isn't as severe as it was in 2006. The damage was horrifying and I'm not sure the area could recover from a second one like that in so few years..

Rest well dear Ruth...

Comment #79

Sabina I remember the problem that caused for you and hopefully it won't happen. My fingers and toes are crossed!.

Deb, the Bachelor is really a ridiculous show and my husband thinks I'm out of my mind to watch it. I think he's right but I can't help myself!.

There's about 30 or so women who "sign up" to try to find their "soul mate" on this show and one lucky guy who gets to date all of them to find who will he ask to be his wife on the finale which is next week. For the life of me, I can't understand how these women put themselves on national tv to find love. It's crazy! It really can look like a haram for goodness sake!.

I told you... I think my husband is right on this one! I try to figure out which one he (or she) will pick. there's a show called the Bachelorette and the men try to get her to marry one of them!.

Well I'm certainly happy that I didn't have to do any such thing to marry my darling! I'd still be single!..

Comment #80

Thanks for clearing that up for me, Marie. Who thinks up this stuff??? Can't figure..

Sabina, I certainly hope you don't have to go through any flooding. Our basement used to flood, before we did the addition, and it was really an awful mess. Hope to never have to go through it again. I feel for people who deal with it on a regular basis..

Will check in later and hopefully we'll hear from Ruth or Jerry soon...

Comment #81

There was massive flooding in the Susquehanna River in the summer of 2006. Hundreds and hundreds of people lost their homes, several people died in flood related accidents, roads washed out, etc. Ray and I lost our driveway and a good chunk of lawn but that was all. It impacted me mentally more than I realized until it happened again, as you may recall, a couple of years ago when the post traumatic stress got me..

The only reality type show I watch is Survivor however I may tune in to DWTS this year. I want Kristy Alley to kick some butt. Society is so hard on those of us who have a problems with their weight. I cannot figure it out either because there are very FEW people these days who aren't waddling around with extra pounds..

I too am hoping to hear from Ruth and/or Jerry today. Praying she is resting comfortably...

Comment #82

Keep us posted Sabina on the flooding..

Marie - I watched the Bachelor when it first came on the air but I got tired of it and don't watch it any more. I can't imagine dating someone who has made out with 20 other girls the same night! LOL Not my kinda guy!.

OK, gotta get to the planting of the flowers here. Be back later...

Comment #83

Lynda - That was my exact thought watching previews for the show. I also wondered why if he/she is so eligible, why can't they get a date on their own?.

Funny how we entertain ourselves these days isn't it?..

Comment #84

I was going to watch DWTS until I saw that they are going to have that "former playboy bunny" or as I call her "old *****" Kendra Wilkinson, and I have already seen her "reality" show and put her right up there with those Kardashian girls who have the biggest potty mouths I have ever heard and no morals. I used to like Kirstie Alley, but she is a nut. Church of Scientology along with Tom Cruise and John Travolta. It makes me so tired. I was watching American Idol last week and it was very good, until the last part, where they showed Jennifer Lopez's video. I guess sex sells, but I don't enjoy watching a woman feeling herself and I totally lost track of what the music was about, I was horrified.

So now I am done with my ranting. Whatever happened to family shows?..

Comment #85

That's funny, they bleeped my words and I think it's really funny. It started with a w and ended with an e. Guess I better stop going there...

Comment #86

But we can all tell what you meant to say Hana. I don't know who she is. Protected life ya know :-)..

Comment #87

Yes, it's because I watch far too much television that I know. I have to stop and read some good books for a change. They always say garbage in, garbage out. Today I told my DH and kids that any more days like yesterday and today and I'm ready to retire. They were so totally shocked. I had no idea that they believe how much I love my job.

Overwhelming amount of work, but this afternoon it is much calmer and better. Sometimes I don't know how my boss handles it...

Comment #88

Hana - I certainly do understand being overwhelmed. I'm so buried with work I feel like throwing up. My boss on the other hand is enjoying his pre-retirement and not working hard at all. Today he gave me crap about not giving him a note for an appointment HE made. Guess what though, I did give him a stupid note on the appointment. I was frantic this afternoon trying to get a closing statement prepared for a file I've never opened before.

It made me feel like crying and then throwing up!!!!!..

Comment #89

I miss Ruth. How about you ladies? It's not the same without her smiling face and encouraging words is it?..

Comment #90

Yes, I miss our Ruth too. Her postings just smile on their own!.

Hana and Sabina - You two are working way too hard. I sure hope things calm down for you soon. I hate short sales. Such a major pain here in Calif. They are almost non-existent now because they are so hard to work with the banks. Now they are either foreclosure or REO..

I've got the first coat of paint on the cupboards and I am just waiting until they are dry enough to put on the 2nd and final coat..

I really, really, really want to take a shower!..

Comment #91

Sounds like the place is really shaping up quickly Lynda. No shower until you have finished your tasks or what?.

I am not a fan of real estate work so anything other than a cash sale or purchase does not tickle me at all. Particularly when I've not been at all involved until all the time limits are expiring. We don't see many short sales either and, in fact, foreclosures aren't coming in much either. The real estate market, thankfully (cuz it's just too much for me to handle), is really bad here...

Comment #92

Oh, I wanted to completely finish painting before showering. I just got out of the shower and I have huge rashes on my knees from kneeling on the grass planting flowers today. Ugh! I'm so allergic to the outdoors.........

Ruth, are things going?????..

Comment #93

Lynda - How can you plant flowers in the snow? We have snow and ice here, and I thought you did too! We plant nothing before Mother's Day..

Sabina - I'm with you on the throwing up and crying. I never throw up, but I really did want to cry today. I had a guy who was waiting at the door this morning at 7:50 and it only went bad from there. My boss told him the same thing I had told him the day before and that yes, we could close his parents' real estate estate deals next week (which means I have to hurry up and prepare the documents and get them sent out) and finally I took a deep breath and decided whatever doesn't get done is not my fault. I think it will slow down, just don't know when..

I hope Ruth is able to get on here soon! Hope she is recovering nicely!..

Comment #94

Lynda - The outdoors does the same thing to me! How funny and how similar you and I are about the littlest things. You however are so much more together than I am..

Hana - I'm dreading going to work today. My boss doesn't tolerate errors or things not getting done. The bottom line is money in his checkbook - period. I will really be in trouble if he forgets to take his meds - he is a monster then..

Ruth - We are all pulling for ya girl and miss you terribly!..

Comment #95

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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