How many Nutrisystem points are cheesy gordita crunches at taco bell!?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How many Nutrisystem points are cheesy gordita crunches at taco bell!? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. I just realized that I must have been shorted on either the shipment of shelf food or frozen food. My second order shipped today but I won't get it until Tuesday..

I looked at what I have left and I'm short almost a week of breakfast items and a few lunch items. I know I ate a few extra dessert items but I've stuck to the food plan other than that..

It's so irritating but I guess I have to start checking everything off the list when I get my orders. I thought I could trust what was shipped..

Now I need to figure out breakfast and lunch substitutes. I'm so frustrated but know it's not the end of getting to a healthy weight...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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While it's not perfect some possible substitutes include:.


VitaTop muffin combined with higher cal/higher protein add in like Greek Yogurt.

Quakers Weight Control Oatmeal w/skim milk.

Some of the Kashi cereals are close w/skim milk.

Egg w/egg white omlet on one piece low carb, high fiber bread product.

Include fruit with all of the above.


Some of the Atkins protein bars are close (I have one that is 150 cals and 10 g protein).

Some of the Luna protein bars are also close.

Kashi Roll! bar is also close.

Grilled chicken on low carb/high fiber bread product.

Add in the dairy/protein and veggies with the above.

I often run out of breakfasts and lunches first because I sometimes eat a flex dinner with my kids and have used the above substitutes. I looked specifically for bar replacements for lunch and muffin/scone type replacements for breakfast..

Good luck sorting all of the ordering out. In the mean time, you do have some options. I haven't mastered the "search" function on this site, but if you know how to do that and search for flex meals, you will likely find lots of choices..


Comment #2

I would too! Tell them when your last order shipped, and how many days you will be short!.

I always counted every single item when I was's a pain, but more often than not I found I was shorted a few items..

Hope you get it worked out!..

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Wow. I didn't want to bother calling because I figured since I didn't know what was missing and it was for last months order that it would just be a hassle..

NS is going to ship the missing items and let me choose the replacements. What great customer service!!.

I'll still be short a few days but I can use the suggestions here to make some substitutions...

Comment #4

Good Morning Everyone!!.

Can I take a moment to express my frustrations with QVC? I purchased myNutrisystemthrough QVC. First month has gone great and I am eager to start my second month (which I have on AutoDelivery) The BBB was due to ship on 3/10. Yesterday I didn't get confirmation or Tracking number so I went to the site to check. It still said "In Process"Okay maybe they don't update the site so I wait and re-check today. Still "In Process". So I call QVC and the package has not mailed and isn't going to arrive until 3/22..

3/22... that is ten days away and I only have 4 days of food..

They say there is nothing they can do about it because it ships from NS..

I am extremely frustrated right now!!!..

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See! I know some have had issues with CS but I have never had anything but great results from dealing with them. The really do want us to succeed!.

A breakfast I use if I run short is either Multigrain cheerios 1 cup =100 cals +add milk.....or Cheerios new Cinnamon Blast 110cals = 1 cup!.

For lunch the Starkist small tuna pouch is the same size as the tuna we get from NS. Add some celery,or onion, a tiny bit of mayo, and a small spoon of pickle relish and eat the whole 3 ounce container...with 1/2 a sandwich thin or over lettuce!..

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You guys are giving some great Breakfast & Lunch ideas... Please keep it up.. and if you have dinner ideas I think I will be needing them..

Comment #7

For lunch, I use Zone Perfect bars - they are very close in stats to theNutrisystembars..

Also, when I get my BBB, I organize all my meals, so I know what I will eat each day. By putting the meals together (I use colored post-it flags to denote frozen meals), I can ensure everything is accounted for and can plan my add ins..

Laura - you can use the lunch or breakfast ideas for dinner and add in another dairy/protein, I believe. Also, if you do a search for dinner sustitiutes, you should find lots of ideas..

Good luck to you both!..

Comment #8

YAY! So glad you called. Like I said previously, I have been shorted many times, but they have ALWAYS shipped those items immediately...

Comment #9

Oh, and meanwhile, I agree...the zone perfect bars are just like theNutrisystembars (I buy them now that I don't use NS). Also, the weight control oatmeals are close toNutrisystemstats...

Comment #10

You mentioned eating extra desserts...but did not mention having to replace those. What do you plan to have for dessert?..

Comment #11

Oh, that's a good question. I ran out of desserts yesterday and had a South Beach protein bar. I don't know what the nutrition stats are for desserts...

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Hi, I am a QVCNutrisystemcustomer too! I was just looking at my cupboards and realizing mine are getting low too..

After reading your post I am going to check with them and make sure mine is going to be here. That would not be good! P.S I am a Laura too!..

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In a food emergency many of the diet frozen meals that are under 300 calories aren't horrible substitutes for just a few meals. Make sure you pick high protein ones. If you're sensitive to salt keep an eye on that. Check Smart Ones, Kashi, etc. I've been looking for the new Amy's diet meals but haven't found them yet in any of my stores. Weight watchers now has refrigerated meals that could be used in an emergency. There are coupons floating around for those...

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I spoke with aNutrisystemcounselor and was told to have a dairy and carb to replace the dessert..

For the carb I found some apple, cranberry muffins. 80 cal, 1.5 fat, 13g fiber, 5g protein. They were pretty good...

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I learned that the hard way and checked my last order... Didn't think to call CS oh well too late now.. LOL.

I went shelf stable all the way I liked a few of the frozen items last month but not enough to eat the others.. In fact I still have a few frozen in the freezer oh well they'll keep for when I'm desperate....

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