How many Nutrisystem points am I allowed a day?

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My question is How many Nutrisystem points am I allowed a day? Thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: Waddaya like?.

So far I thought the lasagna was pretty decent..

I did find some beans in it though and it was advertised on the box as "meat"..

I like the stuff that actually weighs something..

The hamburger patty I was kinda excited about because Dan ate one on the commercial and it looked really good..

In reality, I couldn't bring myself to pour the boiling water on the tiny compressed cow chip to see if it would turn into Dan's magic burger..

Kind of a jip, I thought..

Tried giving it to the dog and she said, "WTF is this?".

And she eats her own turds..

Still haven't braved the turkey hot dog yet and many other delights..

So we'll see what's what..

All in all the food's been pretty good so far...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

I like the burger, pour the water on it, ground pepper and a little garlic, diced onion and fake 1000 island..

I like the chicken salad with a wrap for lunch..

Love the brownie with peanut butter..

I use the pretzels as crushed crutons for my salad..

Mushroom risiotto with franks red hot..

Comment #2

I had to check my calendar to see if it was April 1st...

Comment #3

The burger really isn't bad. Sauteed onions and mushrooms on mine, with a little spicy mustard and tomato on one of those sandwich thins. It may not totally fit, but I even bake sweet potato fries, and it's almost like an old burger night. I haven't tried it yet, but I would think some avocado on there wouldn't be bad, either...

Comment #4

Okay , okay..

I'll try the burger..

So what DON'T y'all like?..

Comment #5

What dont I like? The hotdog. It has hot dog flavor but jello texture..

But yes the burgers are great. I think I'll have one tonight in honor of this thread...

Comment #6

Well, I'll be switched..

(not a sex change prediction; it's just something we say in the South)..

Comment #7

My favorite foods so far:.

Breakfast Item - Blueberry Flavored Pancakes.

Lunch Item - Fudge Graham Bar.

Snack Item - BBQ Soy Chips.

Dinner Item - Rotini with Meatballs and Tomato Sauce.

Dessert Item - Chocolatey Nougat Bar with Peanuts and Caramel.

For dinner I also like the BBQ Sauce over Beef, Beans, and Rice and the pizzas. Outside the 'bars' I don't like any of the lunches I've tried. Breakfasts are OK expect for the Egg Frittata. And all the snacks/desserts are fine..

I did Nutrisystem about 25 years ago and can say on balance the food was better and more filling then. Higher in protein and less carbs than now. More like an Atkins thing. I also had better weight loss then, but I was younger with better metabolism.....

Comment #8

Lol, marty_must_go You need to try the burger now with all the needling. I thought it quite weird to boil water and add to the little dish they gave me also, but it was quite passable. Of course, I love tons of jalapenos and gardiniera mix on it too, so maybe I never really tasted the burger?..

Comment #9

It looked scary enough without sticking needles in it..

You guys are obviously gluttons for punishment..

Me, on the other hand - just a glutton...

Comment #10

Favorite breakfast if the double chocolate muffin with raisins and sugar free maple syrup. That along with half a turkey sandwich, 2 cups of water, 2 coffee's and I'm ready to hit the road...

Comment #11

My favorite is the chicken breast,.

Pizziola style.


Also like for dinner the lasagna, burger with FF bleu cheese and hot sauce, and cajun style sausage and rice...

Comment #12

What brand is that bleu cheese, cause I've looked everywhere?..

Comment #13

Favorte Lunches: Red Beans,Rice,&Sausage. Mexican Tortilla Soup. Pasta with Beef..

Favorite Dinners: Italian Flatbread Pizza. Hamburger. Rotini&Meatballs. BBQ Sauce with Beef&Rice..

Didn't like:.

Swedish Meatballs. The noodles and meatballs are good but they're drowned in the sauce..

Turkey Hot Dog. Hebrew National ones are wayyy better if I want a hot dog...

Comment #14

Can anyone suggest what to do with the macaroni and cheese with beef, short of chucking it in the garbage? It was awful. Also, did not like most of the breakfast pastries, especially the scones. Taste like cardboard..

As this was my first shipment and I didn't choose it, I'm hoping for better with the next, which I selected..

Liked most of the chicken dishes, the Tortilla soup, BBQ Beef with rice, the desserts weren't bad, but an over-abundance of choc graham bars...

Comment #15

The scones, imo, need to be nuked for about 10 secs. So much better that way...

Comment #16

Sorry, meant dressing which can probably be found in every grocery store. Although real FF crumbled bleu would probably be better, now i'll have to look for that too...

Comment #17

Yeah I meant the dressing, what brand is that, because I've been looking for some..

Comment #18

I've mentioned this before, but slice the apple scone in half (longways) and put it in the toaster. Pretty dang good. I've tried it with the chocolate chip scone but it was almost too messy to eat when the chocolate melted..

Also, there are several different veggies in the lasagna. I've found corn, peas, and beans in mine. It's just in there to up the fiber..

The only food I haven't liked and never ordered again were the sloppy joe mix, anything with "alfredo" in the name, and the chicken salad. Everything else has been pretty good..

Just keep eating it and hang in there and you tastes kind of adapt to the food...

Comment #19

I too was skeptical of the burger. I tried it last weekend and it turned out pretty good. Like others said, sandwich thin, tomato, some lettuce and a jalapeno pepper and it turns out pretty good..

There was a good thread in one of the other forums about the egg fritata. I am glad I read that first. It turns out I really like that one. Mix it thouroughly, let it sit for a few minutes, mix again. Add a scrambled egg and cook it up. Top with a small bit of your favorite salsa.

I think the worst thing I have had was the chicken pasta alfredo...

Comment #20

Burger is one of my favorite things, but yeah, you need to doctor it up with lightly grilled onions, mushrooms, lots of lettuce, a little A1 sauce, etc all on a thin bun. Man, I'm going to have to have one tonight now... LOL.

Sloppy Joe mix and the Turkey Hot Dogs are on the top of my never order again..

I really like the Mac & Cheese with Beef, and love the lunch alfredo noodles. Just shows that we all have different tastes on what we like and don't like..

BTW: For breakfast, the best part (for me) is the breakfast sandwich I make most mornings. 1/2 cup of egg beaters, 1/4 cup of MorningStar Sausage crumbles, mushrooms, red bell pepper, all cooked up like an omlette, then served on a thin bun (so counts as 1 protein and 1 Carb for your breakfast add ins). I have no interest in McD's breakfast sandwiches now after I started making this... Mmmmm Going to go make one right now.....

Comment #21

I saw a recipe in the food tips forum for cooking your burger with taco seasoning and breaking up over a salad or using your carb to wrap it up as a soft taco, burrito and or fajita (fielders choice). I think Im gonna give it a try...

Comment #22

I was worried about the burger at first, then read everyone's review and thought I'd try it. My opinion is that it's OK, but I only eat it when I get that "burger craving." I would rather have one of the bigger meals, kinda like a bang for your buck thing...

Comment #23

Breakfast: Scones - I think my next box has 20 of them. I could have them every day. But I wonder sometimes if that would be bad..

Lunch: Mashed Potatoes with 2xFF Hotdogs from my protein - Again I would eat this every lunch - but the FF Hotdogs have high sodium so I limit them to once a week..

Dinner: Rotini with Meatballs and Tomato Sauce - The meatballs are like real meat!.

Desert: Choco Chip Pudding - Like my breakfast - I have like 15 of these in my next box..

Honorary mention: The Hamburger - Its like magic! Take one hockey puck - combine water = A Hamburger! - I toss on some jalapenos and picante sauce - YUM!..

Comment #24

I don't like the lasagna. I like the ravioli...

Comment #25

Okay, I've eaten the meatloaf twice now and gotta say - it left me wanting meatloaf...

Comment #26

Favs for me.

Breakfast: Double Chocolate Muffin, Cinnamon Bun, Lowfat Granola Cereal.

Lunch: Tuna Salad, Turkey Hot Dog, Chicken & Pasta in Cacciatore Sauce, Veggie Beef Soup, Double Chocolate Caramel Bar, Fudge Graham Bar, Mexican Tortilla Soup.

Snack: Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks, Pretzels, Zesty Herb Snack Mix, Nacho Crisps, Chocolate Nougat Bar.

Dinner: Penne Pasta Chicken Alfredo, Hamburger, Italian Herb Pizza, Thick Crust Pizza, Lasanga with Meat Sauce, BBQ Sauce with Beef, Beans, and Rice.

Dessert: Thin Mint Crisp Bar, Chocolate Rainbow Delights, Peppermint Cookie Patty, Chocolate Caramel Dessert Bar.


Anything add water too except Hamburger and Mexican Tortilla Soup..

Comment #27

At first I liked all the red sauce lunches, kinda like spaghetti O's, wasn't crazy about the ones you add water to. Now I despise anything with that red sauce and have removed all things red from my order. The "add water to fill line" lunches are my favorite lunches now that I've learned to stir them more and let them sit long enough to not be so watery. But I expect my taste will change again...

Comment #28

Totally agree on the meatloaf. My only addition to that comment is that I also wanted some potatoes afterwards. How the are favorite enough to get two for five weeks is beyond me...

Comment #29

I had the chili last night, it was really good with a shot of hot sauce in it! Also, that cranberry orange thing for breakfast was really good the other day. The muffins are pretty good too, but man are they dense!..

Comment #30

Had the sloppy Joe last night - Wow was it good - made alot to - Can't believe I am saying this - but it made almost to much..

Comment #31

For the most part everything that I've tried is edible. I am trying to re-program myself to think of this as fuel and not worry about taste when I gegt something from the BBB that isn't as great as the fat infused original. I didn't get this size being picky about food...

Comment #32

You have to nuke them, especially the cin bun..

Comment #33

I have been really enjoying the Kraft FF 1000 Island, it tastes pretty much like the original...

Comment #34

I had the carrot cake with icing on it and I have to say it was delicious. Most of my food has tasted pretty good but my wife has alot to do with it. She grabs my book and uses alot of spices to really make some treats from the food. She took the pound cake and made with it a blueberry sauce and fresh blueberries and topped it off with whipped cream. All within guidelines of the program..

I also found out early that you have to nuke the muffins because of how dense they are...

Comment #35

Pardon me for eavesdropping but I had to mention that my DH and I call beans "whistle-berries"...

Comment #36

When I originally got started, because I was borderline diabetic, I went for the mens diabetic menu and grabbed pretty much everything that didn't appear to have nuts in it (I hate nuts) and then gave each of them grades so I knew what to never order again or get more of:.


Breakfast - Crispy Rice Cereal (tastes like cardboard).

Lunch - Chicken Salad (just plain nasty).

Dinner - Didn't have anything that was a complete failure, but did have a few D-grade meals..

Dessert - nothing bad there.


Breakfast - Nothing received an "A", but Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal got a "B+" (it was much better than expected.).

Lunch - Fettucini Alfredo.

Dinner - Nothing with an "A", but Rotini with Meatballs & Tomato Sauce received a "B+" (I cut up some garlic and add.).

Dessert - Blueberry Lemon Dessert Bar..

Comment #37

I agree..

I too am trying to achieve the highest level of Nutrisystem Zen: Food = fuel, it is not a reward, it is only to be appreciated for it's nutritional value....even the baby poop that comes in a microwaveable bag...

Comment #38

/\ Yeah but I bet you eat bugs too...

Comment #39

See, I'm not willing to go quite that far. Food can and should be enjoyed. But I've found that oranges and baby carrots are quite enjoyable. Do I miss the pepperoni/proscuitto calzones I used to make? a bit yea. But I sure as hell don't miss the weight those things stacked onto me. There are other good healthy foods I can enjoy..

And even if I'm wierd, I actually like the buffalo chicken wraps. (guessing that's what you meant about the baby poop lol. It does look pretty sad.)..

Comment #40

I hated that BBQ pork wrap at first, but after a few tries I warmed up to it......barely. I'll never warm up to those lunch potatoes. Blech! They're disgusting. I think I like real mashed potatoes too much to accept substitutes. I can't really take the meatloaf sauce either. My dinners & lunches are pretty simple.

The desserts & breakfast items rock though. The chocolate muffins & granola are my top favorite breakfast items. The crunch bars & peppermint patty cookie are my top favorite desserts. I wish we could eat breakfast & dessert all day instead of the lunches & dinners..

They're like Vienna sausages....but I like those too so I don't have a problem with those either. A lot of ppl don't like the Nutrisystem turkey dogs..

They use Hebrew National dogs as subs..

That sauce is atrocious....kills the whole thing. I wonder if they'd let us take the sauce off and use the meat w/ a sandwich thin. It would be better as a meatloaf sandwich....with your own Nutrisystem safe sauce...because the meat part is ok to me...

Comment #41

I like the buffalo wrap too, but only if you add chicken to it. It looks like a nightmare without extra chicken. It's not too spicy either. I can't handle extremely spicy stuff...

Comment #42

I too thought like you once, but the road to weight-loss enlightenment can only be paved with a pure appreciation for food..


Comment #43

/\ I'll trade you a buffalo chicken wrap for that.....

Comment #44

I tried the swedish meatballs last night. It was the first Nutrisystem dinner I couldn't eat. My wife even tried to doctor it up and it tasted like dirt. I threw it a way and made me a flatbread pizza with some turkey pepperoni on it. YUM!..

Comment #45

I'll second that, the swedish meatballs are horrible! I'm not even sure I have words to accurately describe how horrible they were...

Comment #46

Heh, gotta dress it up. Then, and only then, is it palatable..

The sauteed onions and mushrooms mentioned above sounds great. Going to have to try that. I like the pizza, but again, you have to embellish it a bit to make it really good. Onions, mushrooms.....

Comment #47

Try the's actually really good...I add lettuce, onion, and pineapple with some light teriyaki and LF mayo and it tastes a lot like the bonzai burger at red really is a can't judge a book by its' cover.....

Comment #48

That was a fantastic idea! The breakfast items were okay, but nuking them makes them a lot better...

Comment #49

I toast the scones...the warmth and crispiness added changes the texture and makes them quite a treat...

Comment #50

By the way, thanks for all the suggestions. I took notes and plan to use them for my next order...

Comment #51

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