How many Nutrisystem points after I have reached goal weight?

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Question I have... How many Nutrisystem points after I have reached goal weight? Thanks in advance for any answer. My other question... You know who you are, the mean spirited woman who saw me in the cookie aisle at the grocery store and felt you were fully within your rights to announce to everyone within 50 feet of us:.

"SOME people should rethink that cookie purchase".

Yes, thank you for your wise words. Did it matter that the cookies were NOT for me but for my friends daughter I am babysitting this weekend? Did you notice the rest of my cart was filled with fresh vegetables and fat free cottage cheese and yogurt?.

Nah, you are right. Your attempt to embarrass and humiliate me will definitely keep me motivated, should I in a moment of weakness decide to steal a cookie from a four year old. So thank you, oh so much, for that kind reminder. It is rare these days for a total stranger to be so concerned about my health and well being..

The fact that you hauled your own bag of groceries containing cookies, chips and soda into your gigantic Hummer and went speeding out of the parking lot only proves how you are a highly intelligent and privileged person..

Enjoy the gas prices..

Yours truly,.

The Chubby Girl Who Dared Touch The Cookie Package..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

You know that lady is so full of herself. I can't imagine why anyone would feel the need to correct anyones behavior like that, Don't let her hurt you, She is just an idiot! Did you say anything to her?..

Comment #2

You will loose the weight..

But she will never have class or manners...

Comment #3

Talk about conspicuous consumption! Don't let the bad guys get you down. Hugs..

Comment #4

I probably would have told her "I can - and will - lose weight, but you will always be stupid and obnoxious." (but then I can be pretty obnoxious myself)..

Comment #5

You are much more reserved than I. I would have started a fight in the store, lol...

Comment #6

Some people are so unhappy with their situation that they do their best to try to bring others down to their level. Don't let them succeed! Believe in yourself and consider the source when comments are made. Yes, comments like that can make you feel bad. You took a lemon and turned it into lemonade. Keep up the good work!..

Comment #7

Hey Lisa....Ya know there are all kinds of people in the world. Good, Bad and Ugly. I am speaking of Ugly in the sense of rudeness. Boy does this lady take the cake! When someone is "ugly" like this all we can do is learn from it. Realize who we don't want to be. I do have to say I am sorry you had to go through this but have knowledge that the lady is an idiot and you are the victor.

Good luck on yourNutrisystemjourney. You surely will hit your goal...

Comment #8 about rude? I hate that people think it's o.k. to comment on ANYTHING that has nothing to do with them. I wonder how we expect our children to have grace and manners when the world is full of adults that are so clueless. I would have gone off on her and then regretted my behavior later. Ignorant people aren't worth the time..

Hugs to you!..

Comment #9

We all know (or have encountered) people like this with absolutely no tact or social grace. Be thankful you're nothing like her. I'm sure she has plenty of friends - not!..

Comment #10

Hello lisa, I just read your comment and I am very suprised that someone would say that, well let me rethink that....... NO IM NOT people are extremly ignorant and driving around in a hummer with the gas prices the way they are proves it. she's unhappy and I bet she goes around often giving free advice, but as you may know' ppl who do this sort of thing has issues and apart of their life isnt in order so just keep that in mind and you'll be fine. sorry for her ignorance..

Comment #11

You are definitely a better person than I - I would not have regretted it later...

Comment #12

Oh, the old me so would've gone to my car and felt heartbroken, maybe even cried and thought about eating a cookie or six. The "new" and improved me (helped along by the success at this program, the wonderful support I find here and with my DH, and the fact that at 47 I no longer give a damn what anyone thinks of me LOL) would have told her quite clearly and equally loudly what I thought of her comment and where she could, um, SHOVE it!.

Bully for you for taking the high road, don't let her or others like her get to you or distract you from your goals, SOME people just plain have trouble being decent human beings!..

Comment #13

In true southern form I would have ripped every hair out of her head and then gave her a 'bless your heart'...

Comment #14

What ever happened to "do unto others" or " If you don't have something nice to say..."? The only time I can remember having the guts to be rude like that was when I watched a 20 something speed into a wheel-chair parking spot and run into a store. I asked If she needed any help getting back in her car? Didn't even phase her...

Comment #15

I;m with those that would have turned and said something to her, and like CyberSally, not regretted it. Maybe something along the lines of "if you are rethinking your cookies purchase, no.....eating sweets won't make you sweet" LOL That was rude! Good for you for not letting it get you down...

Comment #16

OMG!!! I cannot believe how rude that woman is! You are a better woman then I am - I would have went off. If I had been there and HEARD that, I would have went off..

Some people are so rude and classless...

Comment #17

I would have said to her "Really? I was going to get the fat free no sugar kind. Which ones did you pick out?"..

Comment #18

Lisazoe -.

You rock for coming to the board and sharing your story.

You could have taken it to heart and responded in a way that would have been a poor choice. Instead you chose to come to yourNutrisystembuddies and let it out! I can't tell you how proud of you I am for doing that..

Yes, people are stupid and cruel. I'm glad to know you're not one of them...

Comment #19

I figure people like that truely.


Handicapped - they must not be able to.



Comment #20

I have relatives that think it is perfectly OK to say "you've gained weight, haven't you" like I needed them to tell me, HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I live in my body, I see it every day, I don't need anybody to tell me...

Comment #21

I pointed out to a driver (a man) that spot he parked was for pregnant women...he ignored me & went about his business. True - some have no class! However I will add that not all disabilities are obvious...but not that time. His disability was in his head...

Comment #22

The last time I saw my mother's step brother (who is truly the most obnoxious human on earth) was at my grandfather's funeral about 20 years ago. At the time I had just lost a lot of weight but of course put it back on later. He looked at me and said "I see you have lost weight - you used to be really fat" to which I responded "I see you haven't, and are still really fat." Under the circumstances I thought I exercised restraint, as I really just wanted to deck the SOB, but figured Mom would be a little ticked off, it being her dad's funeral and all. It did have the desired effect, as the jerk didn't get within 20 feet of me the rest of the day...

Comment #23

Wow, that's so obnoxious! Why do some people get a rise out of trying to making others feel bad about themselves? And it's usually the type of people who have never had to struggle with weight so they can't relate and never have to worry about gaining weight themselves..

That reminds me of the way I used to feel before I had kids, and would see a mom spanking or screaming at her kid(s) in a grocery store. I would think "poor kids, that mom is out of control." Now I'm a mom of a 4 and 7 year old and instead of passing judgment I know what it takes to get to that point of frustration myself, and realize the mom needs support, not criticism...

Comment #24

I have to say that I have seen (and heard) all kinds of rudeness. I teach college students and hear all kinds of remarks. Some of the most rude comments, though, have come from my family..

As we sat at a restaurant, some very large people who appeared to be a family sat near us. My DH looked over and mentioned that there was enough food on the table to feed an army and no wonder they were so huge and their fat kids too. I was mortified! I looked at him and told him not to judge and that they were not that much bigger than me. He looked at my plate and said but you were sick and you are eating healthy. He saw nothing wrong with that. At least he no longer says it out loud when I am around, but I know what people probably think of me now..

That woman just needs someone to tell her that what another person does is none of her skinny-butt business. I might have said something really nice to her with a smile just to watch her reaction.something like: I hope that the diet I am on can make me thin like you, but with a better personality. ;-).

But about the handi-cap careful when judging those people. I have a tracheal stent that is difficult to notice if I am wearing a coat or a collar that covers it. I can walk. I can even run into a store. But once inside after running about 10 feet, I am so out of breath I have to sit down. I can't be out in the wind and weather, because cold air hurts and very warm air is difficult to breathe in and out.

I have had people make remarks as I slowly manage to get into the store from a close spot like that screaming about how they are going to report me for taking the parking from someone who actually needs it. Sometimes people are not as healthy as they appear.. although there are some whose only handicap is ignorance...

Comment #25

O NO SHE DIDDINT! You should have shot back something like, "Im sorry miss, did you say something? I couldn't hear you over those ugly @ss shoes..

" Then runway walked back to your cart. Miserable tramp!..

Comment #26

I love rude people...they help keep my creativity sharp..

"Are you always this ignorant or are you making a special effort today?".

Or try making them feel bad..."I am buying them to take to the childrens hospital, they dont seem to care I am fat.".

Or look for something to exploit on the dumba$$...."you do know that you have to pay for that banana you are eating, right?....OH! I'm sorry, thats your wonder you cant seem to keep it outta other peoples business!".

Orrr...sometimes they dont deserve my wit...then it's a simple f*** you you miserable b!tch....have a nice day!..

Comment #27

Hey Mark, don't you need to update your banned ticker? LOL...

Comment #28

LOL, not really... didn't you recently get banned, or is that just a bad rumor I heard?..

Comment #29

The whole banned thing is way overblown so I kinda just roll with it cause people have fun with it...the truth is I only was ever banned once, for 8 days in Jan of 2010...other than that when I miss a few days it's because work gets busy (like last 2 weeks)..

Its easy to tell when a poster is says it right under their avatar in place of "senior member"...

Comment #30

You are so right about the handicap being overtly obvious. As my parents aged, even though they were (dad - God rest his sole) and are (mom - still amazing) in amazing condition for their ages, various health issues (cardiac and arthritic) began to impact their ability to manage longer distances, particularly in cold weather. Even though they had/have every appearance of good health (again, for their mom will turn 91 on April Fool's day.

) they both earned the right to have that privilege...

Comment #31

I would have said the same thing exactly and added how much weight I have lost loud and clear. See how small she would have felt if you had stood up to her. I am one of those people who get right back in someones face if they are rude to me or someone else...

Comment #32

Hey Happy early birthday to your mom, I turn 50 on April Fools Day!..

Comment #33

HAAHAAHHAAA!!! That was awesome!!! Thanks for the comic relief from the struggles we all deal with. If her car wasn't bigger, you were going to do a Kathy Bates' Fried Green Tomatoes TOWANDAAAAA on her, weren't you?..

Comment #34

Yep, you can lose weight, she can't loose stupid!.

Unbelievable. Really, really unbelievable. I can't even begin to fathom that people are this rude, mean, tactless, hateful, sorry this happened to you..

Just be glad that YOU have a kind, happy heart that would not allow you to behave this way. She's pathetic...

Comment #35

"You are good at crushing things, Let me see if they sell coal here so YOU can shove it up your *** and make me a diamond".

My aunt has a magnet that I love - I may be Chunky But you're UGLY and I can DIET.

I don't think I could have waited to vent here, no southern grace from me, kudos for keeping your cool...

Comment #36

In true NJ fashion, I would have said only two words to her...

Comment #37

That is like the first time I did Stand-Up Comedy I had a heckler busting my chops about being fat. I used a similar line. I told him "yo dude. I might be fat, but I can lose weight, but ugly is forever."..

Comment #38

Did you repond? I am not sure what I would have done, cos I would have been pissed! What nerve! I mean who would say something like that? She has NO idea what is going on in your life. And then to not even be all fit? What an ahole!!!! Grrrr.....

Comment #39

I remember the last rude receptionist I had when I went for a colonoscopy....

I arrived about 20 mins early and walked up to the glass window, stated my name to this prissy 20 something receptionist...she looks up my name on the list and turns to me and the following exchange occured:.

Her: Did you bring the forms I sent you?.

Me: I didnt get any forms..

Her: Well, I mailed them..

Me: Well, I never got them..

Her: <shaking a log book and pointing> See, I mailed them over a week ago...I ALWAYS log when I mail paperwork..

Me: <calmly but mockingly> Well, I never got them, I did however seem to get all my bills as usual..

Her: <agitated> Well, it's 6 pages of information that the doctor HAS to have before the consult...thats why I mailed it a week ahead of time..

Me: Well, I never got them. Are you the one performing the colonoscopy?.

Her: <disgusted look> No, the doctor does that..

Me:<calmly and deliberately>.

Then why are YOU climbing up my a$$ this morning?.

The older clerk to my right literally spit her coffee and choked..

I love *****y people...

Comment #40

Coach, I wish I could come up with come-backs as quickly as you do! I usually think of those things as I'm walking or driving away, lol...

Comment #41

When I am feeling all centred and kumbaya with the world I can look at the woman who said something that cruel and uncalled for and feel badly that her life must be truly horrible that she feels the need to belittle others..

Other times I just want to follow her car home and key it......

Comment #42

I had to deal with "customer service" at the MBTA (Massachusettes Bay Transportation Authority) today. An experience I wish I'd missed..

Customer dis-service..

Coach - love the crawling up my youknow comment!..

Comment #43

...would that I could even be.


Quick somedays. Shoot, I've had responses not come to me until.



Comment #44

Attention seekers hate not getting it. Also ingnoring lets you expend no energy to someone who deserves none...

Comment #45


Lisa, sorry she was so rude to you. I've always wished I was a little more quick with my wit. I would like to.


I'd be quick enough to show her my favorite finger, but in all likelihood, I'd have stood there like a deer in headlights until she left. Then all of my responses would come once she left the store..

It's sad, but something inside me twinkles with joy when I see a former skinny, b*%$&y chick who has gained 20+ lbs. For that one moment, it feels like everything is right in the world. Maybe this woman will go home, eat all her cookies & learn a lesson. We can only wish!..

Comment #46

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