How many Nutrisystem point in a whole bottle of baileys?

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Question I have... How many Nutrisystem point in a whole bottle of baileys? Looking forward for any comment. My 2nd question... Good morning! Welcome to the Nutrisystem Educators Support Group (est. July 26, 2006)! Anyone connected to educating students of ALL AGES, past or present, is welcome to join this support group AT ANY TIME! This means retired educators are welcome as well as support personnel, counselors, paraprofessionals, etc. If you have any questions, please post on this thread..

Just look for a new Nutrisystem Educators Thread each morning on the Nutrisystem General Support page..

The most important purpose of this post is to provide a place for educators to support each other as we travel this weight loss road together. Our hope is that we can all share our tips for success. Above all, we want this to be a place where you feel comfortable sharing the good times and the bad! Teaching can be very, very stressful so we all need a place to vent, cry, laugh AND celebrate. So lets all work together to make the Nutrisystem Educators Support Group a great place to hang out.

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Good Monday morning to each and every one of you! It's Martin Luther King day today and some schools are closed. Last week I did a general lesson on MLK for my K class. I try to make kids know why we're off, not just that it's another day off..

Lately, I've been having foodie issues! Namely, SUGAR...the dratted thing! My week is going to be to focus on daily reduction of sugar (I'm even going to try to get away from Splenda and try more Stevia (EUKK). So we'll see how this goes!.

Sheila posted on the end of last week's post inquiring how we get (and deal with) our water in during the day....I have to say, typically (on a non-school day) I do not have a problem getting water in...BUT during a teaching day, I KNOW that I do not drink enough..I grab food I will be anxious to see the thoughts on this one....My problem is that if I'm going to drink water, it has to be cold....I do have a refrig in my room...but most time I don't think about opening it up...I did think about freezing a bottle of water then letting it on my desk....

Have a super Monday!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Excellent workout on the TM this morning and it's warmed up enough to go out snowshoeing! I love days off..

Comment #2

We are off today, too. I spent most of the morning at the doctor's office. My appointment was at 9:15 and I wasn't called back until 9:55. After another 25 minutes waiting in the exam room, I finally saw the doctor. Can you imagine what would happen to me if I showed up an hour late for work?.

I usually do better with the water at work for some reason. I have never been a big drinker of anything, so when I am home it is really tough to get in all the water. I have to force myself to drink. At work, I bring 2-3 water bottles and sip all day long. I do not like cold water so I just grab the bottles out of the package on the way to work. Then I still have water with dinner and usually get it all in..

Hope everyone's day off is productive..


Comment #3

I'd bring a camelbak to work and drink that all day, with a refill at lunch to make 60+oz. It was nice because of the no spill straw, as I find I drink more out of a straw than just a normal bottle, and I could leave it open on my desk and not worry about it spilling on my computer...

Comment #4

OH wow Sheila! How fun!!!!! I went snowshoeing for 2.5 hours on Saturday and had a BLAST!!!.

Good job on the burning of calories today!!!!!!!!..

Comment #5

Hello there friends....I hope you enjoyed your day off...gosh, Laura, sorry you had to wait so long for the Dr. to show...yes, you're right...........if WE showed up that late to a meeting or something.....................OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! Hahahaah!.

Have a great Tuesday!!!!!!!! (we have a faculty meeting in the morning........what a way to go back!)..

Comment #6

No school again today. We had an ice storm last night so all the systems in the area are closed..


Comment #7

I was just sent home from school - 1/2 day. Yay but then again it stinks because we just began our mid-year assessments and now it is going to drag out. We are expecting ice tonight. Good time to catch up on my class work and reading assignments. I do NOT like feeling behind..

It was an awesome workout Kris!..

Comment #8

I am only at school one day this week. Monday I was sick from the prep for my colonoscopy. I had the colonoscopy today. That was a trip. I'm glad that is only a once every 5 year test. All went well only 1 pollup (sp?)..

On Wednesday I have a principal meeting. Thursday I am at school. Thank God. I love being in the building. And Friday I am at a workshop all weekend and it starts on Friday. The workshop is 3 hours away and my husband is going with me.

Well because of hte mdical stuff I am on program. I weighed myself this morning and I was 3 pounds down. I am sure as soon as I start eating and drinking I will be back to my own weight. It wuldb enice if I end up 1 pound down. But I think that won't happen. Whe I got my IV today htey had a hard tine getting a vein because I was so dehydrated...

I am going to try and stay on program this week. I will be taking breakfast and dinners as well as deserts with me. I hope to pick up a few salads to suppliment dinner..

WIsh me luck!.

Boy the weather were all of you are must be bad. Sent home early. I'm glad you made it home safe!.

Have a great week ladies! We careful in the weather.....

Comment #9

So if Sunday school teachers count...then I 'qualify.' LOL...

Comment #10

Snow day - again. Really wanted to finish up my assessments today!.

Well, time to do some reading and learn something new. I will workout on the TM this afternoon while I zone out to my soaps..

How is everyone doing?..

Comment #11

Hi Everybody! Things at work are crazy! Today it was decided to hire another aide for my afternoon class to help deal with the behaviors of one student. (The child has decided it is okay to attack the adults, and after watching him yesterday, I'm convinced he is picking out a target of one of the children). I am scared for the other children..

Water: I end up drinking almost 4 glasses of water before leaving for work (after the 30min drive, I make a beeline to the bathroom). Then I have a 3-cup stainless steel water bottle I drink from all day (it actually lasts most the week, so I don't drink that much from that), and I carry a 2-cup stainless steel water bottle in my lunchbox that I make myself finish before returning to my classroom. I have another 3-cup ss water bottle that is in the car, I sip from on the way home. I don't get as much in as I would like, but it is better than what I used to do..

OH! Tuesday I started a "kick-boxing" class (reminds me of turbo jam, if you are familiar with that.) Right now I will only be doing one night (I started a sign language class on Thursday nights, when it is done in six weeks, I will go to the kick-boxing on Tuesdays and Thursdays..

Sounds like others are getting the weather we usually get here in N. Illinois. the bad weather hits us weekends, and most of it has been sliding to the south of us. Today some schools surrounding us were on delay or closed because of the wind chills of 20 below. My girls went to school, and my district was in session as well. I think sometime in February would be a good time for a snow day..

Well, it is getting late. Everybody have a great weekend!..

Comment #12

Ann ~ Let us know how the kick boxing is going. That looks like a great workout. Glad you are getting the support you need for your classroom. That's wonderful and has the potential for change.

I had a great workout yesterday - 6 miles on the TM and showshoeing for an hour. Fun stuff!.

A bit cold out today so I will use the TM again. Enjoy the weekend girls!..

Comment #13

Hello there Sheila and gang!.

How are you doing? I just got back from a run, albeit a CHILLY one!.

I was fully dressed in warm attire so I was actually good. I woke up with a pretty blah feeling in my head (and a bit of a chest cough) so I wasn't sure if I'd go for a run or not........but once out and all layered up, I was good. I feel so much better!!!!.

We had a 2 hour delay yesterday...and I hear they're watching another storm front to come through Tuesday......yahoooo!.

I could use a mid week break.

I am trying very hard to get back onto the bandwagon today....past two days I attacked the PB jar!!!!!! Akkkkkkkkkkk..

Comment #14

This has been a crazy few weeks of snow!.

Glad you had a good run outside. I snowshoed today and had a good workout too. Hope the head ache went away and doesn't develop into an icky, germy stuff...

Comment #15

Hi everyone,.

Yesterday was weigh-in day and I lost 4.2 lbs my first week! I am really feeling so much better eating healthy and getting some exercise. My body really can tell the difference from when I eat junk. We had a two-hour delay Friday which negated our 1:00 dismissal. I was bummed about that. We have professional development Monday and Tuesday this week so no kids! They are calling for a storm Tuesday and Wednesday, however, since the kids aren't in school Tuesday I am not sure what they will do. Football today.

Enjoy your Sunday..


Comment #16

Nice first week Laura! It is amazing how the body responds to good foods.

I know, more snow... CRAZY!..

Comment #17

Kris- just had to let you know that one of my cats LOVES your dancing horse...he was just almost nose to nose with it and then tried pawing the screen..

I'm having a few good days since being back from vacation (quick trip to Vegas) Wasn't too bad there, but not the best. Amazingly enough I got all my veggies in, it was no protein and too many carbs that got me. But with all the walking I did I'm thinking I evened out calorie wise...

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