GoDaddy testimonials : Advise I go GoDaddy?? How many domains do you hold?

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I currently own about 100 domains, I have had over 150 domains but have dropped them. About 10 of these are active, and 10 more are under development. I do have ideas for all my domains..

How many domains do you own?.


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I think about 50, but I might try to get rid of some of them...

Comment #1

About 12, but I only use 2. I prefer to let others buy the domains and pay me to build or optimize them...

Comment #2

About 10, and another 10 that are for clients....

Comment #3

I own 4 normal ones, 4 free .be ones and a few ones lol.

Only use 2 normal ones, and my friend uses another..

Comment #4

I guess I own about 50 now, but only about twenty of them have sites active and most of those don't generate much traffic. I made the mistake of spreading myself too thin early on. I tend to only concentrate on about 5 or 6 sites now...

Comment #5

Just shy of 50 atm, some are being held for hosting clients though..

Comment #6

14. Currently trying to dump around 10 of them at namecheap domain market place ( such a handy tool for namecheap user). Not sure whether I can ask an offtopic question here, but anybody knows any better place to sell domain names?..

Comment #7

I'm up to 26 or 27 now, think it's about half/half between .com and .ca's..

Comment #8

I have about 30 domains. Only about 10 of them in use..

Comment #9

I think I am up to 65 now. I am going to let some expire that I know I won't be using before they auto renew and waste more of my money...

Comment #10

I own way too many. I own over 500. Looking to sell the following if anyone is interested..

Comment #11

I've been on a domain buying binge lately. I bought around 30 (.coms) yesterday. I think my total is around 400...

Comment #12

I have about 115 in my namecheap account and about another 40 domains with Uniform..

Only about 30 of them are mine.. the rest are web design clients.

The domains contain all my WHOIS info tho..

Buying up tons of domains for resell or even future projects can byte you in the ass come renewal time...

Comment #13

At the moment 63..

Most of them are smiley, but also screensaver, ecard domains. All have a CPA purpose!..

Comment #14

At least he didn't spam the thread with his CL domains again. Christ...

Comment #15

I have about 20.. and it stresses me out that a handful of them are not in use. Back to work I go..

Comment #16

You blasphemer! I am asking you take this disrespectful remark out of your post...

Comment #17

I guess it's exactly 20. Oh yes 20 it is. Soon 1 more maybe if registerfly can manage to register it, I put the order many days ago, arrgh They said this tld takes a couple of days to register though..

Comment #18

I've got about 30 domains, only half developed..


Comment #19

I have 22. One in development currently and about 7 others that I'm going to try and get developed sometime. The rest I'll probabably let expire...

Comment #20

Do .info domains counts? If so, like 100 or 150 .info domains and about 40 .com/.net's..

Most aren't established alot of money wasted really :/..

Comment #21

Hehe, I own 25 domain names, and I promised myself not to register more until the websites were fully developed, unless a grade A domain name comes by me!..

Comment #22

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