How many calories is 1 Nutrisystem Point?

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First of all How many calories is 1 Nutrisystem Point? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Ok, now I've had 2 serving of the sweet potatoes and each time they came out REALLY watery!! I had to drink them!! I followed the directions to a tee!! Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks Kimm..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Normally I love these but lately I have had problems too. It's like the cups are only half full and not very much potato. Today I broke up the lumps, put only enough water to just cover the mixture. Gave it a quick stir and let it sit for 10 mins and they were much better...

Comment #2

I never had problems in the past but with my last shipment I have experienced the same problems. What's going on?.


Comment #3

Hmmm..I hope my next ones are okay b/c I really liked them..

Comment #4

I am having the same problems. My first few were some of my favorite lunches, so I ordered a bunch. Now they are runny. I let them set longer & they set up a little more, but still not as good as they used to be..

Comment #5

Has anyone added anything to these to doctor them up and make them better or made a recipe from them? I have 9 subs of them.....

Comment #6

Someone posted a recipie about using 3 eggs whites (protein serving) and baking it in the oven like a souffle...

Posted by BenTher:.

"Yay-hooray-another person with whom I can share my recipe that to my knowledge no one has ever tried but me and I share it with everyone who asks!.

Feel free to not try it - no one does - but it is the ONLY way I like the sweetpotatoes and I LOVE THEM THIS WAY!.

Use three egg whites as your protein. Beat them stiff. Fold the sweet potatoe powder into the egg whites, spray a small DEEP baking dish with Pam, bake at 350 for about 20 minutes or until golden brown on the top, you have a sweetpotatoe souffle that is really good - you can top with a slice of ff cheese and that makes it even better!"..

Comment #7

I had them today at lunch over some snow peas....I was so happy they were yummy and not runny !..

Comment #8

WOW - I tried this for lunch today and it is really GOOD!! I was very surprised by the consistency, almost like cheese bread. I am going to try adding some shredded ff cheese to the mix next time to see what happens!! Thanks for the great recipe!!..

Comment #9

Sunshine I have a question-When I fold the egg whites into the sweet potato powder, do I add water to the sweet potato mix first or just add powder to egg as is?.

I appreciate your response I have a shipment on the way I can't wait to try this?.


Comment #10

I originally saw this on Jazzman's website, so I can't take credit...but I've adapted the recipe I saw to make it a bit easier. I always make my potatoes like this and they are little tater tots. I usually add a boca burger or FF hot dog to make a very filling lunch..

Mix the potatoes with 1/4 cup of water. Spoon them out onto a baking sheet sprayed with Pam. Bake at 400 for about 10-12 minutes or until browned..

Thats it...super simple and delicious. You can make this the day before and take them to work also..

Comment #11

Wow, thanks! that looks yummy! now I know what I can do with all these subs!..

Comment #12

I guess I'm really in the minority here. I thought these were ICK! Tasted like baby food to me, so I'll definately try the "Tater Tots" recipe. Otherwise, I would toss these in the trash. Hopefully this recipe will make them taste good to me...

Comment #13

I think the egg whites replace the water, it's not my personal recipie, I just copies it from what "BenTher" posted..

I had a friend who is not on Nutrisystem taste them and she said "not bad but I don't like savory sweet potatoes, I like mine sweet"..

Maybe this weekend I will try the tater-tot version...

Comment #14

I am still floundering around with my meals and wish I had come across this earlier...the same thing happened to me so I tossed them and then cancelled them from my next order!..

Comment #15

I just made them today and they came out fine. It's very easy to over pour the water. If anything prestir the powder then add less water and stir really well. You can always add more water but you can't take it back out...

Comment #16

You are NOT in the minority- I used just a little water at first and stirred, then added more water and let them sit for more than the allotted time BUT they never thickened up at all- I then slapped them in the microwave to see if that would help, then let them sit again....they were awful- I also had to drink them...just terrible!!!!!!..

Comment #17

I like diced pineapple in my sweet potatoes with splenda (sounds weird but it's good). Does anyone know if brown sugar splenda exists? I heard there is vanilla. I would like to try a brown sugar plus ICBINB type recipe with Nutrisystem product...

Comment #18

There is brown sugar splenda, but it has calories, so use it sparingly...

Comment #19

My last shipment had 2 that were watery, too, and 1 that was perfect. Call customer service...they'll replace them for you. I threw out both that were watery..

Thanks for the recipe ideas...

Comment #20

Brown sugar Splenda is half Splenda, half brown sugar. You use half as much as a recipe calls for and 1/2 tsp (equals 1 tsp) is 15 calories...

Comment #21

I let all of my Nutrisystem stuff that you add water in sit for over double the time and then it comes out good...

Comment #22

I just made Lauren's whipped sweet potato baked "cakes." Very delish. I liked them prepared this way enough to order again during the winter months. I received 5 of them as a substitution. Thanks Lauren!..

Comment #23

I have to fill them way below the fill line on the cup or it is soup. this has only been lately and my last order had more flakes in it I am sure. =(..

Comment #24

When I make these do I just add the powder to the egg whites or do I mix the potatoes with water first?..

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Comment #26

I just tried the whipped sweet potato souffle. Well it didn't turn out BUT it was great anyways. Maybe I needed more egg whites or to make them stiffer, I don't know but I did end up with a tasty way of fixing these. Solved the watery problem I had..

Next time I will try the potato cakes..

Thanks for solving a problem for one of my favourite meals...

Comment #27

Is this the sweet potatoes with the cheese? Ugh...... I tried them but this is the only thing that I really just didn't like. Maybe something added to it would have helped!! HOpe I don't get these next time, but something else that is scruptious!!..

Comment #28

One of my fave dishes of all time is a sweet potato casserole that uses blue cheese crumbles, kinda like a sweet potato au gratin..

Maybe that's why I like them so much lol...or I'm just a strange bird hahaha..

Comment #29

That sounds good! I'll make them tonight for dinner! Thank you!..

Comment #30

I made those yesterday and they weren't exactly tator tots but they were LOTS better than the regular way. Thanks for a great idea. At least now I can eat them!..

Comment #31

Yeah these came out watery for me too... but fortunately I really liked the flavor... I just added about a tablespoon of potato flakes to it...

Comment #32

I just change my thought process from, ohh whipped potaoes for lunch to, ohh soup for lunch today..Actually, they are a very tasty *soup*.....

Comment #33

So this isn't sweet potato & cheese soup??? I fixed mine according to the directions & it was the consistency of baby food. I tried but just couldn't eat it. I have one more as a lunch item. I think I'll try the the recipe where they are spooned out & baked the next time & see what happens..


Comment #34

Sharon ,I am new today & I agree Sweet potatos like baby food....I poured mine over steamed vegis in the frozen department from Trader joes & it was GOOD that way!!! Try something like that...

Comment #35

I just made these tonight & YUM!!!! They never got quite as browned as the ones in the pic, but they were still good. I added a few things to mine & it was sooooo good..

I mixed the water into the potatoes & let sit while I sauteed up some onions with Pam. I mixed the onions, 1/4 cup low-fat shredded mozzarella cheese & about 2 Tbsp of canned pumpkin into the potato mixture & then spooned onto baking sheet and baked as above. Mine took closer to 15 minutes. They would be great with some sour cream as well, but I didn't want to add more dairy since I already added the cheese..

I usually make mine into potato pancakes, similar to what you do above, but make in a frying pan w/Pam & make larger pancake sized pieces. I liked that I could eat these like finger food!.

Can't wait to try the souffle recipe next!!!!.

Thanks so much to everyone for sharing their recipes! I love these potatoes & love finding new ways to make them so you don't get bored with the usual!!..

Comment #36

Yeh, that's what it said but I don't know if that's right. I ordered 5 regular potatoes & 4 sweet potatoes & they sent me 9 sweet potatoes!!!! So I would think it's the other way around? Unless they're getting more & then discontinuing them?? They better find some similar alternatives!! Sweet potatoes & regular potatoes don't taste the same!! One is sweet & the other is savory!! Ugh... Well, I have lots to hold onto now for a bit...

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