How many calories has one Nutrisystem point?

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My question is How many calories has one Nutrisystem point? Hoping for any comment. Second question.. Hello everyone,.

As most know, I'm not new to Nutrisystem. I was waiting for my paycheck.

To come in to begin Nutrisystem again, after 2 years..

I just got off the phone and ordered the *Select, much to my surprise.

The Select was NOT 299.95... but 259.95 !.

I told the CS rep. that online it's 299.95 and he said that in a couple.

Days, online should reflect the new REDUCED *Select price: 259.95.

He told me that I am locked in at that new reduced price..

Maybe this isn't news to anyone, and I'm the last to know about.

It...but just in case... I'm passing this info along......

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

NY Mommy, I would definetly call. I mentioned to theNutrisystemRep that Online it says $ 299.95, he said I would be locked in to $ 259.95 until I canceled my orders, and I thought that was too good to be true - Rec'd my email confirmation and sure enough I got it for the lower price. Like I said in my post, he told me that in a few days the online price would be decreased. I sure hope that the Select plan isn't falling in sales, to where that is prompting the price decrease, I've been onNutrisystembefore and after awhile I could not stomach the shelf food - the plan worked - but I couldnt eat another bite for a long time ! The frozen foods is what I think will make the difference for me..

Have a good evening -..

Comment #2

I want the lower price. I just switched over and I am paying the higher price?..

Comment #3


CallNutrisystem! Like I said, I could not believe what theNutrisystemCS Rep told me..

It was a pleasant surprise, however I felt like it was not fair to those.

Paying 299.95 Online, and I mentioned that to him, that is when he said.

NS was going to be updating their online price in a few days. I've got.

The email receipt to prove they only charged me 259.95, in case something.

Comes back on me...

Comment #4

I just changed my plan TODAY and was told it was 299. Wtf. I'm definitely calling in tomorrow. Thanks for the alert!..

Comment #5

Whoa...I ordered on the phone last week and the rep told me that the lowest price for select was 299.95. Wonder if I can get those 50 bucks back...

Comment #6

I can not thank you enough for posting this information - I just got off the phone andNutrisystemis adjusting my price down to the $259.95. YEAH!!!!..

Comment #7

Yay! Thank you so much! I just called and got the pricing switched today too and I've been onNutrisystemfor 3 months and just switched to the select last week!..

Comment #8

I just called and they didn't know anything about the price and the service person told me it must be a glitch. I held my ground and they got their supervisor and it turns out my account automatically got the new price?.

Anyway, it's all taken care of!..

Comment #9

I called, was told I couldn't have the new price because I had changed to Select 3 days ago, asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to voice mail, called back and spoke to a supervisor and got it. I was told however that they are not sure whether going forward buddy bucks coupons and daily dose coupons will apply to the discounted price, but I would MUCH rather have the price locked in!..

Comment #10

Question- I have the costco basic 35 days plan that I'm locked into...I'd love to try the select, but if I don't like it I don't want to lose that great price on my 35 day plan...anyone know if you can have 2 accounts with separate orders?..

Comment #11

Anyone know if that of $259.95 is now the new locked in price for 12 months or will it jump back to $299.95?..

Comment #12

Hey guys! now it says it's further reduced to 170! anybody know what's going on?..

Comment #13

I called as well. I placed my first order two days ago, and was told only new customers beginning at noon today qualify. I spoke with a supervisor who is applying an adjustment to my next order...

Comment #14

That's the "you save" amount. It's listed at $259.99 on the web...

Comment #15

They told me it was good for 2 months and then will return to 299 the third. The CS person at first told me that the 259 wasn't right but she would put me on hold and check and when she came back she said I was right and applied the coupon to my order...

Comment #16

Is it free shipping with this price? I don't know what to do...

Comment #17

First 2 months or first 2 shipments? My first shipment isn't supposed to be processed until Valentine's Day...

Comment #18

Couldn't you get another card from Costco if you didn't like the select and just re-start the Costco plan? As long as you don't end up with a two month minimum or something of the sort...

Comment #19

Thanks for the info!! Two weeks ago I just re-joined after a two year break. Received my food + 1 week extra last week. Just called and they were very happy to switch me to the new program. It involved canceling the current 299.99 plan and re-ordering at the new 259.99 price point. So that will ship next week and I will have about 6 weeks food in advance. I can delay the next A/D.

Thanks again folks for alerting us!!!..

Comment #20

First 2 shipments. I also just added my 50 clicks coupon to it just fine so now it is $249.99!..

Comment #21

Nooney-Last I looked, Costco didn't have those anymore so that's why I'm hesitant- guess I could call (when all else the directions Marie)..

Comment #22

Thank you!.

I have a Buddy Bucks coupon and one Fifty Click coupon already on mine and another Fifty Click soon. My grand total will be $209.99. Not bad at all for Select!..

Comment #23

That's actually really good when you consider it's a months worth of food versus what you would spend at the grocery store for 28 days of food!..

Comment #24

Even if they don't have it in the store, they do have it on the website. Check under Health & Nutrition. I keep looking in hopes of a sale...

Comment #25

I called ... I couldn't get a refund of the $40, but my next order and going forward is $259...

Comment #26

I just got off the phone with them, they ended up cancelling my first order, and reordering everything. The price is for a limited time so I wouldn't wait, make the call. Its a savings of $40 a month..

Comment #27

Oy vey! Okay, so I just called my rep and she told me that the new price is 259.95 because they don't include a week of free food..

So the only reason my select package was 299.95 (which I bought last week) was because of a free week of food? ...$40 more for a week of free food. Then isn't it not free?.

Anybody successfully get a rebate? What did you do?..

Comment #28

No it includes the free week of food, free shipping. Just tell them to cancel your order and place a new one. They told me the price was only going to be good for a day or to. I also bought mine last week. They kept the same ship date for the next order, everything. I didn't get a rebate on my previous order, but the price is good for all further orders...

Comment #29


Their pricing confuses me. I've been a member since Oct. I've been on the basic plan and was paying $329 a month. Then a few days ago I noticed that the select plan had been reduced to $329.... so I switched. Then I read this thread and called a rep.

While waiting to connect I check my account page and it reflected the new $289 price..

I'm happy to get the reduced price....apparently automatically. My only remaining question is why is the women's plan less than the men's?.

- jon..

Comment #30

Jon: When my hubby was on the plan, his was higher than mine due to the fact that he received two (2) Dessert/Snack entrees a day and I only got one (1)...

Comment #31

Thanks Pam. That makes sense, I get 2 a day. Must be much harder to go from lunch to dinner with no snack.....

- jon..

Comment #32

Can someone please tell me the phone number that I may call to talk with someone about the new pricing? I'm at work, and my system does not display much of the informaiton that is supposed to be on here... GRRRR..

Comment #33

I got a coupon not a rebate. I hadn't had my latest order shipped yet which is why they could lower it. I don't have a free week of food anymore because this is my 4th month so I don't get that promotion anymore but I was supposed to pay $299 for the basic plan. Then it became the same price for the select so I switched. Then they lowered it to $259 so I called and got it reduced for 2 months to that price...

Comment #34

Already_Been_Chosen go to your home screen (the little house button) and call the number on the top left hand side. Select option 3 for billing and it will take you to someone that can help...

Comment #35

They can be reached at the toll FREE number 1-877-971-6482...

Comment #36

Thank you! I had literally signed up 2 hours before I read this. Thanks for the info. Sounds like a lot of us were not aware of the price change..


Comment #37

Yippi!!! they changed my price too!! thanks for the heads up...

Comment #38

I just got my shipment this past Monday. After reading the thread, I called in and the rep said he could change me to the new price plan. Additionally, he said that there is some glitch in their system and it's making everyone's next order be $190 instead of $260 and since they don't know how to fix it, they're honoring it. (Feb shipment will be 190 and then March will go to 260).

It seems like customers are hearing a few different things when they call in so I'm not sure if everyone will get the super cheap shipment next month but I wanted to update y'all with what they told me...

Comment #39

Willbslim, glad to hear that !! Everyone else, Please Call, let them know that YOU know that they've lowered their price..

We're all in this together, and I wanted to do whatever I could to.

Help everyone know that *Select is being reduced in price..

Have a great weekend everyone !..

Comment #40

We're all in this together in everyway, and I wanted to let Y'all know.

That they have reduced their price !!!..

Comment #41

Lisa ... I checked my account and they changed it to $259 ... I guess I didn't get in on that mistake of $190 ... darnit!..

Comment #42

OK, I just called and got the $190 for March and $260 after that. Thank you so much for this information. It really helps the bottom line (in more ways than one). Better food, cheaper price. So what about the free week...

Comment #43

Ok .. now I think I should call tomorrow and get the $190...

Comment #44


Mine was changed to $259 also. I was happy with that but..some people are getting it for $190? If you call, please let me know how it turns out..


Comment #45

Why is the Select Plan more expensive than the Basic Plan?..

Comment #46

Because the Select plan includes 10 days of frozen food and 18 days of shelf stable food. The frozen food is more expensive and gets delivered separately. Right now there is a promotion making the Select plan less expensive than the Basic plan...

Comment #47

I am paying 310.51 for the basic plan and they refused to give me the discounted plan because I had coupons on it. I may just stop my auto delivery and just do it with regular food!.


Comment #48

I decided to make the commitment and I called and ordered. This is a really good price and CS told me that I would be locked in at that price. I am thankful for that...

Comment #49

So let me get this right.....The select plan is half frozen foods and half foods from the basic plan?.

I just restartedNutrisystemafter being away for over a year and having my second child. The select plan had just been introduced and was way expensive..

With the select plan do you get 5 weeks like the basic? I am current signed up with the Costco plan locked in at $259, but if it is a better deal to do the other plan at the same price then I may try to switch...

Comment #50

Also has anyone ever tried the Select plan and found they preferred the basic?..

Comment #51

Ok so I called and got the Select Plan for $259.99 starting next month. I am hoping that I am as happy with the Select plan as I have been with the basic. Does anyone know if the rate of weight loss is about the same with the two plans?..

Comment #52

Actually, I bought a week of Select in the past when they were offering a deal on a sample week and liked it, but I like the two plans about equally so didn't see a good reason to spend the extra money. Now that the price is comparable I am changing to increase my variety. A lot of people find the Select much tastier though...

Comment #53

So I called this morning and got the reduced rate of $259.99 minus my $30 and $10 coupon, the total was 219.99. Now when I went to change some items the price went up to 299.99. Did this happen to anyone else?..

Comment #54

No, but I will certainly avoid making any changes until I hear more about your problem!..

Comment #55

I was wondering if this reduction is for the Basic plan as well- I just contacted them online (live chat) because the customer service is closed at this hour , and I was told that Select is 259 and Basic 239, for a limited period of time...

Comment #56

Yes, this morning mine went by $85 so I called and talked to someone using the option of "billing questions,". The very nice guy I talked to talked to his sup and by the time he came back I could already see it had gone back down. He said it was a " glitch in the system that became a domino effect.". I would call back and see if you can't get it corrected. After this call I actually printed my page out that shows the cost, discount and total in the case it 'disappears' again - it did 2 more times later today so called back 2 more times. I am going to keep a daily eye on it until shipment day...

Comment #57

I will call tomorrow to correct... thanks. I also printed out the price because in the past I've had problems with them taking away my free week and the person on the phone claimed I was incorrect. I'm glad they haven't given you a problem correcting but how annoying to have to stay on top of it. My order goes out at the end of the week, so I'll have to keep checking as well. Thanks for the info.....

Comment #58

Select plan is 18 days shelf, 10 days frozen..

The select foods are great, but I prefer the basic because you can NOT customize the frozen foods. You get what you get - no choices, no changes, no exchanges..

Of course it is! Average weight loss is 1 -2 pounds per week...

Comment #59

I will have my coupon from daily dose clicks by the time my next order goes out and now wonder if I dare to use it or will THAT make my price go up again.

I of course realize it should not be after calling in for corrections 3 times today and your statement amount making food changes and it caused the mistake, makes me nervous now..

Comment #60

One thing I'm pretty sure of is that this site can be glitchy. If anything looks weird, I would just call customer service, and just keep checking back here on the site...

Comment #61

And if you don't like the first answer ... call again. Many different answers are given to the same question...

Comment #62

The change in price was there before I changed my food order. I would definitely use the coupon, every penny counts!..

Comment #63

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