How long would it take to lose approx 70 pounds on Nutrisystem?

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First off, How long would it take to lose approx 70 pounds on Nutrisystem? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... Good snowy afternoon!.

How was weigh in?.

Still holding my 10# loss for January but up the .2# cushion. Took my measurements ~ only lost 2.5" for the month. 1/2" everywhere. Better than no loss..

What are goals and challenges for the month?.

This is where the fun starts ~ my goal for Feb is to lose 10# and break thru my previous Nutrisystem plateau and low weight of 144.2 to at least 143.4 (10#). Would love to be size 8 again by the end of Feb too, so making that a goal. And the usual eat on plan most days, drink at least 100 oz of water, exercise 5-6 days each week..

Anything else?.

The blizzard has arrived here, so watch out Allison ~ it's headed your way! We are supposed to have 50 mph wind gusts tonight. So far not that much snow, but it's still coming down. Traffic was bad at 2 p.m. when I went out for some supplies and the plows/salt trucks are missing in action. The roads are very slick and snowy. Be careful out there! Some school/workplace closings but not as much as you might think..

Have a great evening! Stay warm, dry and on plan!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Good morning-ignore my post on the January thread~~ I forgot it was Feb!!!!.

How was weigh in?.

I lost about 3#s in Jan-not good enough.....

What are goals and challenges for the month?.

My goal is to lose 10#s in Feb.-I will do it by exercise 6x per week, adding more aerobics on top of Pilates, 64 oz of water and limiting wine. And of course, eating mostly on plan..

Anything else?.

We have an ice storm today. Thanks Fran for sending it here.

Schools closed-Ice is so much worse than snow. Hoping it will melt by this afternoon..


-Congrats on the 10!!!!.


-The weight will come off-it has to be water....Mexican is dangerous, that is for sure!!! Stress and depression seem to mix together....hard to know what is what..

Can't wait for Spring!!!..

Comment #2

Good evening!.

It took 3 hrs 20 mins to dig out from all the snow. I got about half way done (about 2 hrs in) when my neighbor came by with his snow blower. Gotta get me one of them! I was really stiff when I first got done. Feeling better now. Will try to post pics on myNutrisystempage. Anyway, when I logged in my "exercise" tonight, it recorded 1500 calories burned.

Did not go crazy with food or eat any more than usual today..

This morning the scale was back down .2#. Kinda disappointed with that ~ though for sure there would be a bigger drop. Not sure what tomorrow will bring with sore muscles probably holding on to fluid to repair. Will try to get lots of sleep tonight..

Maria ~ my redecorating project is a pretty small one for me, the wallpaper came off easily, all I have left to do is trim and paint. I already have several tax returns in for prep. Now I'm glad, with the weather what it is. You didn't gain 4# just from one dinner out. It will flush out in a couple of days. Don't worry..

Allison ~ 3# is that much closer to your goal. Every ounce counts! I agree that ice is much worse than snow. There's a better chance that power lines will snap with ice..

Baked some tilapia tonight, sprinkled some fajita seasoning and parmesan cheese before baking at 425 degrees for 10 mins, drizzled with lemon juice. Yum!.

Have a great night!.


Comment #3

Good evening-.

Fran-Heard a woman was trapped in a car for 12 hrs in a suburb of Chicago!!!.

That is one tough way not to eat!!!! Sounds like a ton of exercise..glad the the snowblower neighbor showed up!! Here the rage is roof rakes-apparently there is a big shortage....Don't worry about daily fluctuations-the scale can be unpredictable!!!.

Yes, 3#s are better than nothing!!.

Tomorrow, we are going to Maryland for my niece's Bat Mitzvah...I am still deciding on clothes....Hopefully, I will be able to check in....

Did ok with food-did not have time for lunch -in a rush to get my nails done before a meeting, had a few snacks in the late afternoon-hopefully it evened out calorie wise but did not get all of the protein. Will try again tomorrow.....

Comment #4

Allison ~ will have to check out the roof rakes ~ luckily I have a one story house, but still don't want to climb up there! It scares me having all that snow on the roof ~ it's HEAVY!.

Mazel tov to your niece!.

Been eating a lot of fish. Today my calories were up over 1000 and fat was at 30g. That's pushing it for me. Weigh in tomorrow ~ wish I would have logged my food before I ate ~ I would have changed the menu to even things out. This morning I was down another .2#. Not sure what to expect tomorrow..

Good night!.


Comment #5


Allison, have fun at the Bat Mitzvah! It's just like a big party, right? I only have movies to go on....

Fran, you shovelled snow for 3+hours?? Wow, now that's gotta be a great workout! You're getting the snow my DH was wishing we'd get!.

Well, my scale is finally back to where it was Monday morning, with another .5 lb less..

I think my BL DVD's are working! I still haven't made it thru any of them completely, they really take it out of me! Last night I did the warmup and about 10 minutes on each of 3, the BL cardio max, Jillian's Shred it with weights, and the BL weight loss yoga. So, that was roughly 45 minutes! Most for me at once since backsliding in September! I feel it all over! Next thing, I need a kettleball....

Hope everyone has a good day! Maria..

Comment #6

Maria ~ sounds like you are back in the groove. Keep up the good work! Do what you can on those DVD's and before you know it you will be all the way thru them! Jillian kicks butt!!.

My shoulders and triceps are still a little sore from shoveling on Wednesday. That's okay. Yep ~ all that time I just kept plugging away. It was overwhelming but I took it one shovel at a time. By the time my neighbor came with the snowblower my arms felt like lead!.

Today the scale was down another .2#, for a loss of .8# this week. I think it's because I've been eating more fish, which has more fat and calories than my usual meal ~ chicken. Typo in yesterday's post ~ fat grams were 40, not 30. Will tweak the menu and hit those 140's during the coming week. I'm very excited that I have less than 9# to go before I'm back at myNutrisystemlow weight!! Definitely doable by the end of February!! Woo HOO!!!.

Allison ~ have a safe trip to MD..

Make it a great one!.


Comment #7

Down a whole pound since the 1st. Yay!!.

Dinner out for Mom's birthday tonight. Will make good choices. Still looking to break into the 140's by next Friday. A half pound per day will get me there..

Duty calls, better scoot!.

Make it a great one!..

Comment #8

Morning everyone!.

Just checking in, not much new here today...hope everyone had a good weekend! I slept too much and I probably ate too much. Not my fault though, I blame TOM! LOL! I was too afraid to weigh in this morning, yesterday was kinda shameful..but at least Green Bay won! Go Packers!!.

BBL, have a great day everybody! Maria..

Comment #9

Good morning-.

Sorry for the short post yesterday-my son was grabbing the ipad away from me! Ready to get down to business. This weekend between the Bat Mitzvah , etc was not great.....

Let's stay on plan...I am back to the Daily Plate -got my exercise in too.....

Comment #10

Made some chicken with Mrs Dash SW Chipotle seasoning yesterday. Now I know what to do when I get constipated! Yikes! It tastes soooo good though!! Scale was up this morning from all the bloat. Not too worried about it though..

Signed up at another dating site over the weekend. Having second thoughts. Where are all the decent guys??? Three emails and the guy hasn't told me his name but, in response to my comment about being ready to head south for the winter, he tells me to grab my bikini and let's go for a few days ~ he'll rub suntan oil on me. Am I too conservative? I realize he's flirting, but why does it feel so smarmy to me? I've gotten 3 "flirt" messages from another guy ~ apparently these are canned comments like "how are you?" and "I would like to talk to you." Well, if you want to talk to me, send me an email! I guess they want some kind of flirt back before they waste their energy on a full email. I don't get it. Not sure what I'm gonna do ~ I want to meet someone, just don't think the online thing is gonna work for me.

Thanks for letting me vent ... and ramble. Sorry..

Tomorrow is a new day..


Comment #11

Good morning!.

Fran~It is hard to know much about a person from a few brief exchanges. Why not give it a chance-maybe a month?, if you have already decided it will not work, it probably will not. No apologies needed!.

Did ok yesterday except for 100 calorie popcorn at night and a few extras (Special k chips) I will try to do better. Would love to lose 10#s.....


Comment #12

Good evening!.

Allison ~ you could do a lot worse than the 100 pack popcorn. Way to go!!.

My client canceled this afternoon so I finally painted my dining room. I like it a lot better than the busy wallpaper I had in there. The color is "softer tan" and complements the textured paint in the rest of the living area into which it opens. I have burgandy curtains for a pop of color. I'm thinking of replacing the blinds with some of those bamboo type shades. It may make me actually want to eat in there.

My next project is to get rid of some furniture in my living room and move my flat screen tv in there. Fun!.

Today I am back down the pound I was up yesterday. Looking forward to seeing new numbers on the scale. Seems like I got stuck the first time I hit the low 150's and here I am again..

Have you seen/heard of/tried Susan Lucci's microdermabrasion kit? I ordered it the other night. Usually it's 119 and they had it on sale for 30. Just gotta remember to cancel the monthly shipment of creams, etc. ~ unless I LIKE it, of course. Figure that's a good reward for losing 55#..

Not sure what to do with the guy on the dating website. I think he's pushing to see what he can get away with because this is the second time he's come back with "did I say something wrong? I apologize if I did." Sounds phony to me. No photo, won't tell me his name ~ not even a fake one. I don't like it. I'll leave my profile up, but I also will attend some real life meet ups. There are several dances, parties coming up..

Have a great night!!..

Comment #13

Fran-Sounds like you had a productive afternoon! The dining room sounds nice. I have never heard of the Susan Lucci kit-let us know how it is..

So far so good today but plenty of time to screw up as the day is still young..

I went to Target to get a new camera-last one broke...Got into a fight with them over $2 on Tide which was marked on sale but they charged regular price. Finally got my $2...Tomorrow I have meetings in the city and we are going out to dinner and a show. So if I don't get here early-I may not be able to check in....


Comment #14

Hi girls...

Working late this week...once again, nothing new here. I'm still avoiding the scale, but have behaved myself since Sunday. I'm almost out of my beloved greek yogurt, they only had 7 when I went last Friday. Gonna have to go back soon. I have to make some sort of progress here before DH returns. It's usually easier, between last weeks Mexican and superbowl, I'm having a tough time.

Allison, good for you on the Tide exchange! I hate when stores advertise a good price and then stiff you at the register. They should give you double the savings if you have to point it out to them!!.

Fran, I agree with Allison, give the dating site some time. Glad you live where they have the dances and parties for singles. That would've been nice around here when I was single, maybe I wouldn't have packed on the pounds in the first place if I would've had something to do besides self medicate with cookies! The dining room sounds very pretty too..

Well, should go and clean up my office, hopefully see you tomorrow!.


Comment #15


Meri-good luck with the yoga. I am happy you have been on plan this week?.

I have had a busy day. I am still in the city. We are meeting my Sil and Bil for dinner and a new show. Had lunch with a friend and 2 meetings. See you in the Am!..

Comment #16

Good evening ~ my online class starts in a few mins so this will be brief....

151.4 this a.m. Woo HOO!! Only down 2# so far this month but I haven't seen these numbers since 2009 so I'M THRILLED!! Shooting for 150 something by Saturday, if not 149 ~ think I ate too much tonight in spite of walk/jogging 4 miles. We'll see. Baked both tilapia and chicken and had to sample them both! Duh..

Maria ~ I got more compliments on looking youthful when I was doing yoga than any other time. Hope it works out for you..

Allison ~ have a great time at dinner and the show. What are you seeing?.

My Susan Lucci kit arrived today. It's called youthful essence. Tried the microdermabrasion and it wasn't nearly as abrasive as Olay. Felt almost like a polish. We'll see how it works..

Gotta scoot. It takes a while to get logged into class!.


Comment #17

No change on the scale today. That's okay..

Make it count!.


Comment #18

Good morning....

Fran-congrats on the 151.4..awesome progress. For me breaking thru 150 is a major accomplishment. Hope the online course went well. What is the course on?.

My dad is in the hospital after a fall. He broke his hip and needs hip replacement-however, because he is on Plavix and has a clot in his leg the surgery needs to wait a few days. So I am not sure of my schedule in the next few days...

Better get ready for my day...

Comment #19


Allison, sorry to hear about your dad having troubles...I hope it all goes well for him, and as stress free as possible for you..

Fran, I could sure use some "youth" right now...feeling older lately.

Did entire workout finally yesterday, hoping to repeat it today. Might switch and do cardio today though, muscles are a little sore..

It's going to be beautiful here today, supposedly around 55 degrees! Might try and wash my car too. It's sooooo dirty! Hope everyone else has a pretty day too!.


Comment #20

Happy Sunday!.

Allison ~ sorry to hear about your dad. Speedy recovery to him!.

Maria ~ listen to your body ~ they are wiser than we are some times. Glad you are enjoying some nice weather. It's comparatively nice here too..

Down to 150.4 this morning. Ready to break out of the 150's!! Getting so close to myNutrisystemlow weight. And more important ~ getting so close to breaking out of the overweight category! That's my goal for March. We'll see where I go from there. I'm only 5'2" so I don't want to carry too much extra. Some 8's are still snug.

Ugh. It's not pretty!.

Make it a great day!..

Comment #21

WOW no one here since before Valentines day! SCARY!.

I was relatively major food cheats, had about 3 mini reeses from my son's package...he didn't want much candy either so it worked out for the both of us!.

Today is a bad clothes day and bad hair day for me. I hate when that happens together! I don't know how people can stand the double shirt thing. I tried it today with a sweater that's a little low cut, didnt feel like pinning it, so I have a shirt underneath...driving me crazy!!! Also, I discovered that I cannot straighten my hair when it's damp, even though my straightener has a setting for wet or dry. Wet simply does NOT work for me..

I need a new makeup. I think I've finally outgrown my old standby, cover girl. It does nothing for me, I'm feeling a little "hag-ish" lately. This cannot happen. I want to be one of those "young looking" old people! Until recently, I felt pretty good about it, but now, not so much! If you know of any "miracle" makeup good for old skin, that's not like paint, please let me know, I really don't know where to start. My biggest problem is under my eyes, hallowing out...YUCK!.

Ok, enough complaining, hope everyone is having a GOOD day! Maria..

Comment #22

Maria ~ Girl, I can relate!! I quit wearing foundation because it just gets all cakey in my not so fine lines (aka wrinkles!) and that mineral makeup just seems to sit on top of my skin and does nothing for me. I want to be a young looking old person too! Today I was combing my hair and I thought, Is that grey hair coming out from my part at the back of my head?.

Crap! If I can't see it, it's not there, right? lol All the boo-hooing over Dave really aged me, I think. I never noticed so many lines and wrinkles under my eyes before. Oh well. I've tried spackle, but that gets caked in the lines too. If you find something that works, let me know. I want to try the Revlon Photo Ready (I think that's what it's called).

Had a client compliment me today for keeping off my weight. Little does she know what I've gone thru to get back here since last tax season! Still, it felt good and it makes me want Dave to see me so I can show off..

I'm so bad!.

I'm still flirting with 150 ~ it's only been 4 days, but I can't seem to break into the 140's. Gonna keep fighting the good fight and the scale will succumb sooner or later!.

Better get back to work! Make it a great one!..

Comment #23


Just wanted to report back that my father is doing better and made it thru the road to recovery..

Meri-Try L'oreal or better yet go to a Sephora if there is one near you and you can try different kinds of foundation, concealer, etc.

Fran-so close!!!..

Comment #24


Allison, glad your dad did well, now he just has to keep that up! Unfortunately there is no Sephora close, I live in a little "hick" town LOL! I will try L'oreal today!!! I've never used concealer either, will have to read up on tricks and tips!.

Fran, I have less gray hair than anyone I know that is my age, but they are coming! I used to only have one I could locate after 40, but now there's dozens. Luckily my hair color camouflages them pretty well. Coloring my hair is something else I will have to learn, but will probably just go to salon. They should KNOW what they are doing. I will also keep doing the yoga, it seems to help the little aches and pains I get in my hips and knees. Gosh, I sound ancient! LOL!!.

My lunch today will be a repeat of yesterday, I made my own Turkey wrap, with swiss cheese, turkey, lettuce, tomato, whole wheat wrap and a squirt of "free" ranch dressing. Was even better than Bob Evans turkey wraps and had less stuff in it than a regular turkey sandwich...sooooo good! Now if I can just come up with some good variations, I think I might be on to something :P.

Hope everyone is having a good day...cloudy here but at least it's warmer! Maria..

Comment #25

Just a quick report ~ 149.2 this morning even though I totally blew plan yesterday. Maybe that's what it takes every now and then to get the scale going. I was still within "normal" diet ranges for calories, carbs and fat grams, just not low carb..

Maria ~ that wrap sounds really good! Will have to make it once I reach goal. What about adding something spicy ~ either jalapeno cheese or a dash of cayenne pepper?.

Allison ~ glad your dad made it thru surgery and is on the mend! Hope he minds his docs and nurses during his rehab!!.

Working late tonight so I'd better get back to it so I'm not here all night!..

Comment #26

Fran-Congrats on the sub 150!! Your plan is really working!.

Maria-I would definitely go to a salon for color. The wrap sounds good...

My dad is doing better. He is walking about 40 feet which is enough to get him into rehab in the hospital. This will be easier on my mom since they can also monitor his other medical issues. Busy here -getting ready to go to Florida for a few days. Sorry I have been MIA....

I feel like I have lost ground this week but hope to save Feb!..

Comment #27

Ugh! Back up this morning to 150.2. Not much left to this month ~ not going to make my goal at this point. Grrr!.

Allison ~ glad your dad is making progress! Have a great time in FL!!.

Maria ~ hope all is well your way!.

Make it count!.


Comment #28

Fran~ You had a great month..I hope you are proud....

Maria~Hope you are having a good weekend..

Getting ready to go...Feeling down about some complex issues. I think they are affecting my food in a bad, bad way. I need to deal with stuff without the food....I tried on some of the clothes for my trip and they just didn't look the way they used to...I really hope I can get it together soon.....

Comment #29

Hi everyone....

Sorry I was MIA of my best friends at work was fired on Friday for what I understand to be stupid reasons, but I don't feel like I fully will be tough (I was off work yesterday luckily for a random scheduled vacation day)..

This morning, I was feeding my outside cats to discover that one has an abcess on her paw. Another vet visit. Good thing DH is still away at work, considering another cat is now inside the house! He's due home Wed. or Thurs. so will have to break the bad news to him anyway. Poor cats brother is still recovering from his possum fight last month.

Will ask about that today, but I read that dogs can take human cough meds, 1/2 teaspoon syrup for every 20 lbs every 6 hours...I sure hope that's right..

Did OK with food over long weekend, but didnt exercise as much as I had hoped to, but hey, my house is clean!.

Hope you guys are doing OK, kinda scary I'm the only post in 3 days...Maria..

Comment #30

Maria ~ sorry to hear about your friend and the cat. I know I could give my dog Benedryl, but don't know about cough syrup ~ don't see why not. Come clean my house!.

I finally got a whoosh ~ down to 147.8 this morning. Hopefully it will hold for Friday's official weigh in! Or another pound or so down would be fine too! Still way behind for the month. We'll see how much more damage I can do..

Got a FB email from Dave's best friend Scott last night ~ just wanted to say hi. I haven't responded. Don't think I will. Feel like he cares more about me than Dave..

Anyway, hope Allison is having a great time in Florida! Hang in there Maria! I'll try to post more often too..

Make it a great day!..

Comment #31


Fran, congrats on the WOOSH!! You made it! WOOHOO! Unfortunately I think your woosh made it's way to me :P I don't even wanna talk about it! I'll get it back together sometime soon...hopefully real soon....

I think you are doing the right thing about Dave's best friend. I don't know about you but I'd be overanalyzing the whole thing, what if's and so forth, and I think it's probably best for you not to go thru all that. Just keep doing what you are doing, it's working!!!.

HEY to Allison too!! Hope it's fun!.

Back to work.


Comment #32

Fran-your determination and progress is incredible! Are you still doing low carb or NS?.

Maria-you and me both need to get back..

The kids are having fun. The food choices are far from great but I intend to do better! Have a good rest of the week...

Comment #33

Weighing everyday can be so FRUSTRATING!!! But I need to do it to keep on track. The scale gets out of hand otherwise. Think I might try not weighing all week next week. Not sure I can do it ~ will have to put the scale out in the garage or somewhere else not easily accessed. Oh wait ~ next week is a new month! It's always something! Geez!.

Allison ~ do the best you can. That's all you can do. You're on vacation so enjoy your life, rest and recharge and don't worry about the scale for a few days. I'm still doing low carb for the time being..

Maria ~ I tend to overanalyze everything too. Don't want to open the door for conversation with Scott (D's best friend). My initial reaction to his message was "why?". But I don't really want to know..

Make it count!.


Comment #34

Good morning,.

Thanks Fran for the advice. I tend to overanalyze things too. My fixation is what happened at my last job. I know it is better to move on and not focus on what people are saying. It is better not knowing. But it is hard so I totally empathize with you the kids had a blast at Disney and now we are at my ILs in Sarasota until Monday AM.

Have a great weekend!..

Comment #35

Good morning!.

I'm down 2# for the week and 5.2# for the month so far. Gonna be extra good this weekend and make a big push for the end of the month. Not sure why I hit such a snag in the 140's/150 ~ I'm still about 25-30# from goal..

Can't wait to measure on Tuesday ~ my clothes don't fit me so there are gonna be big changes from 2/1..

Allison ~ the great thing about menopause for me is that I don't care what other people think anymore. If I do my best, too bad if it's not good enough for them! I can hold my head high, don't need to be embarrassed or feel bad. If I screw up because I don't know something, I admit it and learn from the experience. I usually feel worse when I knew better and screwed up anyway. In that case I admit it and apologize. There are lessons in every situation and I look for them..

Have a great weekend!.


Comment #36

Fran-I am still working on moving forward and not getting caught in "would've,could've should've"There are many things I would have done differently. I have an order coming this week-looking forward to the PBJ bar and new popcorn..

Ready to get back and restart my program! Have a great Sunday!..

Comment #37

Allison ~ there are things I would do differently too, and will do differently in the future. I have a new shipment coming at the end of the month ~ may need to postpone as I have been eating grocery foods more thanNutrisystemfoods. Looking forward to getting back onNutrisystemat some point soon though. Let me know how you like the new foods!.

Maria ~ how are you doing?.

Well, for Feb's final weigh in I am down 6# for the month, which puts my total weight loss at -99#. Missed my Feb goal by 4#. Gonna tweak my menu for March ~ give up my Atkins shakes for a while because they each have 10g of fat and puts my total fat intake higher than the range that works best for me. There are better choices for 160 calories..

My goal for March is to blast past my formerNutrisystemlow weight and get out of the overweight category for good!! That equates to -10#. March is not without it's challenges ~ Paczkis for Fat Tuesday, Corned beef and Cabbage for St. Patrick's day. Bring it on!!!..

Comment #38

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