How long would it take to lose 20 lbs (approx 10 kg) on Nutrisystem?

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Got a question... How long would it take to lose 20 lbs (approx 10 kg) on Nutrisystem? Thanks for any response. Another question... I mean, there's gotta be hundreds - thousands of men currently on NS..

They can't all be without internet connections.....

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

You'll find that this is a slow time of year..

No "New Year's Resolutioners". Summer's coming to an end, so you won't hear anyone saying "Holy Crap, summer's just around the corner & I'm gonna have to take my shirt off!" like you do in April & May..

Plus, football's around the corner; who wants to watch what you eat during tailgating season?.

This is the time of year that separates the men from the boys when it comes to weight loss......

Comment #2

Right on ... Football. Tailgating. Labor Day Weekend. Halloween. Thanksgiving.

New Years. Not many people are willing to give it up right now. fact is: There's always something. Birthdays, holidays, freaking office donuts and 3-day BBQ and beer weekends. You just have to pull the trigger..

I was a New Years Resolution Guy, myself. This Forum was loaded back in January/February! By Jan '11 Rob, I'll probably be gone and you'll be an old pro at this - you'll be beating the hell outta newbies and scolding them for cheating like me and some of the other guys do...

Comment #3

I'm still around..


It's definitely interesting to see all the men coming and going and coming back and going. I plan on being here long after goal though, love how this posting keeps me accountable...

Comment #4

I always wondered the same thing Rob, there are like 10 people who post regulary (guesstemation), but there must be many more who just like to watch.......

Kinda creepy, LOL.

I'm a newb here but all of these posts give me something to look forward to when I log in to my computer every day..

Comment #5

That's a very good idea. Every time I stop posting here, I lose accountability, and end up needing to come back here again...

Comment #6

Frankly I don't "get" these boards much. You post something and sometimes it's hours or days to get a reply. I subscribe to the thread but then only get like one email notice. The blogs seem like you get a more instantaneous reply...

Comment #7

This particular forum was a lot more active when I first joined, with a lot of people willing to give out great advice, and other willing to hang around and be surly. People come and go, but as long as the ones who stay pass on the advice and continue to hold the newbies accountable, things still work...

Comment #8

Gordon, Poly, and Bob (napoleon) helped me out a ton when I started NS. They helped me find that "sweet spot" with Nutrisystem food, massive workouts and add-ins (extra protein) ... I've been trying to do the same with you new guys..

I don't have to be in here - but I'm going to stay a while and pass on some of the info that my old Nutrisystem friends gave to me..

Why? Because I'm a sweet mutherf*cker, that's why. HA!..

Comment #9

I know this sounds metrosexual, but....

Check out the rest of the site. There's a lot of good dope in Food Tips and Dieticians forum. Also Challenges. Would avoid the OT as it is a lot of people who have kinda gotten bored with diet talk. Some because they've just seen it all, others because they are really not trying to drop fat anymore but like to chitchat. Also, avoid the established chat threads.

But there's a lot good on the site. And then you get to come here to the men's room. I love the double standard...

Comment #10

I'm still here. Just nothing to say other than...


That has to be one of the most disturbing gif's I have ever seen...

Comment #11

Poly's right ... those chicks are like the McGuyver's of Nutrisystem food ... 1 Nutrisystem Apple Scone, some cinnamon and a Splenda packet ... a bobby-pin and a match-book ... some duct-tape and a little sugar free apple sauce and you've got yourself a bad-a$$ turnover without any of the guilt...

Comment #12

I just LOVE to watch, LOL..

Yeah I'm a lurker, but simply lurking has been enough to keep me honest for the 3 months I've been on the program, and all the questions I've had have been easily found on the boards thanks to you awesome ppl. I keep telling myself to post more, but then I just find I have nothing to say!..

Comment #13

Good lord. You have lost 60 FREAKING POUNDS. I think that is something to talk about...

Comment #14

/agree. Losing 60 is still a heck of a victory that will leave most people's jaw on the floor. You have to have learned a lot of good stuff along the way. And you'll probably be able to help out a bunch of newbies here, whether in this forum or in another..

But at the same time, when I see some of the amazing graphs on Bartle and Mesturge, I know the weight I've lost can feel like only 1/2 of a battle compared to what they came back from...

Comment #15


Sixty pounds of fat is nothing to sneeze at..

Unless of course, you're allergic to fat...

Comment #16

Heheh, yeah, you guys are right. And I appreciate the support! I was gonna post Monday (when I hit the halfway point) but just never got around to it. I guess I'm just modest.

I tend to spend most of my time looking at the recipes section to get ideas on how to make the food taste a bit better. And I still feel like a big newbie there (certainly no McGuyver with the Nutrisystem food quite yet)...

Comment #17

I don't really find I need the "support" of the message boards. I have a feeling most men dont like the idea of needing support... which is sad since what we really do here is rant and flip off baked goods until the work day is through...

Comment #18

I need support..

Please send money..

Sante baby - get yourself in here!..

Comment #19

That 2nd line is true for all of us I think! And hey look, my post count has almost doubled today!..

Comment #20

You're right about this being the time of year that seperates the men from the boys. The haves and the havenots....the winners and the losers. I wasn't around this time last year, but I was deep in the thinking process and hating every extra pound I had and hating myself for not having the intestinal fortitude to do anything about it. I thought there was nothing I could do that would help. I was truly suffering. I had really forgotten about NS, which I had done about 20 years ago with great success.

So here it is about 7 months later and I'm down 48lbs as of today with only 10 more to go. The time has flown by, but as easy as it was to lose the weight, it'll be much harder to keep it most if not all of us already know. So you can count on me sticking around for some time. I need the help I get on the boards and the chat thing too. Plus I really like helping out new people...

Comment #21

I dunno about the.


Looks like a metrosexual signature with Hof in the speedos though...not that there is anything wrong with that...just saying.

Yeah, I big salad..

Comment #22

Yeah, but at least the pics are funny, in a supportive sort of way...

Comment #23

I am still here, but I have had little time over the last couple of months. So I only chime in when I feel I can help!..

Comment #24

Hey it could be marty's new sig file.

Yeah, I know the colors are wrong, but it was a supportive sort of way..

Comment #25

Now that's funny, I don't care who you are!..

Comment #26

I'm still about. I took off on an impromptu 2 week vacation. the day b4 my Nutrisystem i'm starting up. I did well on vaca tho. no gain, no loss..

I'll start posting more now that i'm full tilt. my 1 year Nutrisystem anniversarry is Sept 11. I hope to get my goal before New years. I lost 50 and gained back about 10-15 in that year when I stopped Nutrisystem and tried on my own. these forums are definitely a help for me - the challenges really help as well...

Comment #27

Yeah, Man!! I'm still hangin both for that reason and if I can be of help to any newbies. I spend most of my time now over in the Maintenance section as it's a very different world on that side of the goal line. Mostly gals over there, but, hey, I like wimin too!.

The truth of the matter is that Forum participants are a very small minority of Nutrisystem customers. For me, it's critical, but as found at the photoshoots, there are many, many, many success stories from folks who never got involved here..


Comment #28

U too Gib, glad to see you are maintaining well..

I'm back on the horse again....hopefully for good this time..

Comment #29

Okay fine! I've been lurking since January...not really a 'new year's resolution' guy, more of a 'tired of being fat' guy. This forum has been great and I check in on it daily, just never felt like I had anything important to say. So here I am, my first post...with nothing important to say...

Comment #30

Woot! Yay for unimportant posts, lol..

Damn fine work to lose 108 lbs in 8 months. You're rocking this thing. Post more, you have to have learned some stuff in there that can help the new guys out...

Comment #31

Hey, I been doin this a while now and haven't said anything important YET..

Come on in - the water's fine!.


Comment #32

Good job forty, you have got to be proud. As Bartle would say "an weigh to go"..

Comment #33

Good god looking at your ticker thats some incredible progress!..

Comment #34

I think you're letting your weight loss speak for you. Holy cow, nice work! Glad you checked in...

Comment #35

Welcome around and congrats on your successes so far..

I can't wait to be on that side myself later this year. It'll be interesting to meet so many varied people at the shoots as well...

Comment #36

Fantastic job "forty31" and amazing graph. Definetly check in and post in here even if you don't feel it's important. Just looking at your graph is inspirational and will motivate many people. As mentioned, share some of the things you've found that have helped you and kept you going...

Comment #37

Thanks guys...seeing all of you guys succeed at this has been very motivating for me, hopefully I can help do that for someone else...

Comment #38

It sure is quiet in here..

Am I the only fat man left???.

Wow. Nutrisystem really works!..

Comment #39

Who's fat? I'm pleasantly Plump!.

Ok, I'm fat. But I'm here!..

Comment #40

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