How long would it take to loose 10lbs on Nutrisystem?

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Quick question... How long would it take to loose 10lbs on Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer. Another question... I opened it to get me some pork rinds and bean dip.

And thay was gawn!.




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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

What you doin' lookin' for pork rinds and bean dip..boy?.

Tell Marty to F off..

Comment #2

Great stuff. Anyone.


Anal is going to work this program like it's his B*TCH!!* You're doin' fine, Rob. Keep up the great work..

* and yes ... my pantry looked the same...

Comment #3

I'm not that anal..

You should see my sock drawer...

Comment #4

Kentucky is much too large for a sock drawer...

Comment #5

I leave my food in it's BBB and only extract a week at a time. Of course, I can't get INTO my pantry over the paper bags, vacuum cleaner and arts/crafts crud from the wife and kids...

Comment #6

You guys are really dedicated! I never even took my stuff out of the delivery box! (lmao).

I literally reached in (retch in) and grabbed whatever color I needed and as long as it wasn't a wrap, threw (throwed) it into the recycled plastic shopping bag I use as a lunch bag....grab 3 bottles of water and chuck those in the bags and off to work..

My life is far too complicated to spend 30 seconds organizing packaged foods. Impressive that so many are able to do that!.


Comment #7

I bought a 4 drawer plastic deal that sits on our counter perfect and has each color in it's own drawer. It is just big enough to hold an entire Nutrisystem box...

Comment #8

Kepp it in the box man. It is cheap and easy...

Comment #9

I did the same as dan. if I don't "hide it" in drawers, believe it or not, my kids eat my food.....

Comment #10

Like jlong and drive, mine just stays in the BBB. They (for the most part) already have it organized with those cardboard trays. Pretty easy, and I can shove the box under a table or in the corner of my wife's office. Key for me though is keeping the top lid closed. One of the dogs seems to like to go after a few of the items if the top is open (usually the BBQ Soy Chips or one of the deserts)...

Comment #11

I live by myself so I cleared out the cabinets and place my order in it..

Pretty easy to keep in line...

Comment #12

Same, I live alone, so had no problem finding space for it all. Plus, lets face it, I've used an old computer box as el cheapo furniture (nightstand) before. I'm doing better for myself now and I refuse to leave a big ol' cardboard box in my apartment any longer than I need to..

The hardest part was actually convincing myself to throw away the remaining weeks worth of CRAP I had left over in my cupboards when I first started. I mean, Hot Pockets, Cocoa Puffs, bake-to-rise pizzas, lunchmeat, white bread, sausages ... stuff I knew for sure I could not allow myself to touch for a LONG time to come, if ever. But it was real hard to throw it out without hearing that voice in the back of my head doing the classic "There are kids starving in India and you're gonna throw out food?"..

But I recognized that voice for what it was, the last ditch rationalization of a fatty who wanted his comfort foodz. So I mentally smacked myself around, tossed out the junk food, tossed wet coffee grinds on top of the junk food, and poured the beer down the sink. That hurt the most. But after that my apartment was a safe zone for me, has been ever since...

Comment #13

This first week has been kept in the box since it has trays and is pretty organized..

I don't remember it being that way when I was on Nutrisystem before...?.

Need to eventually make room in the pantry for it though, as I don't care for everyone and their brother who visits to know...

Comment #14

I keep the stuff that wont melt on a shelf in my garage in the trays. The stuff that will melt I keep in a plastic storage bin / drawer thing I got at an office supply store..

Side Note: Kudos to Nutrisystem, the new paper trays the cakes sit in (they used to be in plastic tubs) are fantastic. They flatten out nicely in the trash. They however do not float as well in my bathtub...

Comment #15

I currently keep mine in the cupboards, but seeing as I don't have a pantry or a very large kitchen, I may either get a storage drawer like Danintexas or just go back to the box...

Comment #16

Right On, Buzz!! When my wife and I started together back in Nov of 08, we cleaned out EVERYTHING from our pantry and fridge. We either chucked it or gave it to food pantries or relatives. Our pantry looks.


Like GoneMarty's here. Not quite as anal, but similar. LOL..

Having your home a "safe zone" is a big element to success IMO. It's tough on the guys who share their home with non-NS family. It's way too easy for contraband to call you in a moment of weakness. Trust me, I know..


Comment #17

Mike, after a while you won't care what people think. My first time around I was hiding my NS, then after the pounds started falling off, I didn't care anymore. I figures that it was my way of advertising that the program works. Had a lot of people ask me about it and a few join the crusade..

This time around the people here at work and the people at home know what I am doing. Don't hide the fact that you are going to do whatever is necessary to live a longer and better life...

Comment #18

The pantry, the charts, the frequent posting all shows a picture of someone dedicated to getting this thing done. Kudos, fun-Marty!..

Comment #19

Or it could be I'm mildly obsessive-compulsive..

But at least I'm into something healthy for once..

That rubber fetish was really chaffing me...

Comment #20


Dude, I'm really.



Marty got on the PC again while I was on the phone..

How embarrassing...

Comment #21

I'm pretty sure most people who suffer from OCD are bi-polar as well .... and are nerds...

Comment #22

Are you trying to say something?.

Some of them may have a gun permit...

Comment #23

How do you know if everything you ordered was shipped if you don't take it out of the box?.

I have three shelves in my pantry - the top is for breakfasts/snacks, the middle for lunch, and the bottom for dinners. I do inventory on the box when received and just pull the smaller/handled trays out and put them on the appropriate shelf..

That leaves the BBB for the three kitties to scratch on, play on, and hide in!!..

Comment #24

You mean, like ... a virtual gun right? Like a "laser"?..

Comment #25

Ohh that's funeeeeee..

You guys are a riot..

Yes Sean, I pack a laser...

Comment #26

Awww C'mon, Rob!.

I'm just jokin', man!!.

Hey if you're ever in Orlando we need to hang out, get drunk and make fun of fat people..

... oh no I di'in't!!..

Comment #27

I agree with you on the new paper trays and the trash. I don't know what I'll use to make sailboats now that the plastic is gone.

Water and paper don't mix very well..

Comment #28

Rubber duckies?! For the bathtub?!.

(now that the trays aren't plastic and don't float)...

Comment #29

Did Marty forget to take his prozac today?.

Getting back to the rubber fetish and this chick Juanita....

Is she your cleaning lady?..

Comment #30

Let me make this perfectly clear.....

I - did not - have sex - with that fat rubber party doll...

Comment #31

Newly married man: I would never look at another woman..

5 year man: You can look, just don't touch..

10 year man: If you wear a rubber, you're not really touching...

Comment #32

Rob, your posts and your sig are an absolute riot... I was reading this thread and an IM came in so I was looking at that when, I noticed a "flash" on the screen. I've been sitting here for a couple of minutes focused on your signature to finally catch the subliminal message.... LOL.

Keep it up man... (That's what she said... And I'm not talking about Juanita)...

Comment #33

Agreed! I have gotten several chuckles each day and it helps me stay on track...

Comment #34

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