How long will you be on Medifast?

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I am curious... how much longer do you think you'll be on Medifast (before hitting goal and starting transition)?.

Me, I am hoping to reach my goal and be DONE with 5 & 1 by sometime in March!..

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A lot of mine depends on what my actual goal will be. On my ticker... 140.... but now that I've been on the program long enough to see that, yes, this does work and I can do it.... 125 or 130. (It was really hard to even imagine being under 200 when I started.) Then again... I'm sure as I get closer to goal, I'll probably re-re-evaluate.

That being said, assuming I lose 2 lbs a week (which I think is a pretty reliable average when you consider dud weeks and awesome weeks)... I should be at goal around April or May. Which means I'll have been MF-ing for an entire year. Wow...

Comment #1

I would like to be done by Valentine's Day. I think 140 is a good goal for me, apparently a healthy weight at my height is 152... so 12 pounds under the top of the category and right smack in the middle of the "healthy" range would be perfect..

I was SUPPOSED to be done a long time ago but we know how that works.....

Comment #2

I'm guessing about 10 more weeks. That puts me at about 2 lbs per week. I would love it if it were less but I'm not getting my hopes up. To be honest, I'm scared of T&M so I'm content right here on 5&1...

Comment #3

I'm looking at 22 weeks if I average 2 lbs a week. Just to give my body some "wiggle room" I am setting my goal as June 1st - which is 25 weeks. It seems people start loosing slower the closer they get to goal. Once I get to my goal - which is in the high range for my height - I'm sure I will re-evaluate and lower my goal...

Comment #4

If I do 2/week I've got 11 more weeks. I assume it will slow. So I'm hoping March, but no guarantees..

Whenever I get there it will be a happy day!..

Comment #5

I hope to be at goal by May. Then have a nice long transition (16 weeks since I'm losing over 100 pounds). I figure by next fall I'll be ready for maintenance...

Comment #6

I'm guessing another 11 months or until I can't afford it anymore, whatever comes first...

Comment #7

I am looking at probably another 14+ weeks unless my losses pick up speed. I like many others am very happy with the 5&1 and will miss the simplicity. T&M sounds like it requires more thought and care...

Comment #8

I'm guess around 8 - 10 weeks. Not too bad!..

Comment #9

I may have a double answer here...

I'm planning to go to England with my grandmother this summer right after the semester ends (her one item on her bucket list - DH and I are going with her for her safety at her request.. she'll also need quite a bit of help getting around since she uses a walker and may even need a wheelchair by then). I am planning to transition prior to the trip, probably starting in early February. By then I figure that I will have lost somewhere between 70 and 80 pounds in total. I have to admit that I am already dreading transition. I LOVE the simplicity and limited choices with 5&1 - it is really helping me not over think eating and is helping me break decades of bad habits..

My current weight goal is set to 170, but that is still an "overweight" BMI - middle of the range.

When I come back from England I"m going to assess how I look and feel, and decide if I am happy there or if I will set a new goal and restart 5&1 and go to the actual weight goal I set at that time...

Comment #10

I'm losing a bit more than 2 per week, so I'd guess about April/May...

Comment #11

I have no goal date because it doesn't matter. However, in my head, I think possibly by March? I started September 22. Maybe it will take me longer...

Comment #12

I think that is so awesome that you are doing that for your Grandmother. I lived in Yorkshire for a year right after High School. Your goals are so well thought out and doable...

Comment #13

If you asked me before Thanksgiving, I would have said January 2012. Now, after the past 2 weeks, my hopes have been revived for meeting goal by my 40th birthday next October. I'm finding that I'm not as...stressed about when anymore, since I know I can get there. I do keep my hopeful dates thought.


Comment #14

Well, in 5 weeks I've lost 32 lbs. I'm realistic enough to know that that rate will not continue, so assuming a 2-3 lb loss per week with an occasional spike up or down, I think I'm in this until early 2012, not counting 16 weeks of transition. Get used to seeing me, folks!!! I'm in this for the long haul!.


Comment #15

I was doing 2# per week loss, which would be about 9-10 weeks left. But I am slowing to maybe 1# per week, and that would put me at having at least 3 months left. Sigh...

Comment #16

The more I think about it it might take me exactly one year from when I started (March 2011) but I refuse to let it take longer than that. And I'm ok with a year. A year of Medifast out of a 100.....

Comment #17

As long as it takes. Hopefully I'll reach goal by my 36th birthday in June. I'm pretty positive I'll reach goal before that but since I hate making date/weight goals I'm just shooting for June...

Comment #18

I'm hoping to start T&M by May...and spend all summer on T&M. It seems like a long time away. I've learned that it's SO important on just focusing on one day at a time. Time goes by much faster in the rear view mirror than through the windshieldif that makes sense.


Comment #19

I did the math last night ... On average I've lost 2.17 pounds per week (not including the first week, which as we all know throws off our real average). I have 36.8 pounds to go, therefore roughly 17 weeks. We'll just say four months, that last week won't hold much bearing. December, January, February, March. So sometime March/April-ish. I just want to be at goal before I shop for a bathing suit for next summer, which I probably won't do until May - so March/April is perfect!..

Comment #20, may favorite hobby! Can't wait to burn some plastic!..

Comment #21

I believe I will be hitting my goal weight in April or May...I'm fine doing 5 & 1 right now, but am looking forward to learning how to maintain my weight loss for life!..

Comment #22

If all goes well I "should" hit my ticker goal weight by February 21st. But wait......there might be more to come. I'll still be officially overweight if I stop there soooo........ cruiser-weight maybe? Hmmm, onedercruiser anyone?..

Comment #23

I have so far to go, I can't dwell on it too much or makes my mind go kerflooey. I reckon it is at least a year. Hopefully I will hit goal by January 2012. <sigh>.

The one thing that might change is that I work out pretty hard with a place called CrossFit and you build serious muscle there. My instructors is a lean thing, yet weighs 150 because she is all muscle. My goal weight is middlish-low for my height and I may bump it up to somewhere in the 120s. We'll see how I look as I get there...

Comment #24

I'm glad others had this same experience. When I started at 180 losing 30 lbs and getting down to 150 was my goal. I wasn't sure I could even lose that much. When I got close to 150 and experienced how good it felt to be that thin, I decided on a new goal of 140. Now that I'm 144 I decided I can do 135 at the very least. I'm only 5' 3" but am big boned and do have lots of upper body muscle mass still, so definitely going to stop at 135 and try and maintain that.

As for how long it will take to get there (your original question), I'm starting to SLOWLY wean myself into maintenance phase already so only plan on losing 1-2 lbs a week now, so I figure Mid January maybe...

Comment #25

I think I will hit my 160 somewhere around Sept. 2011. But I have thought about staying on until the end of 12/11 and see where I get. Either way, I am done at the end of next year whether it is 180, 140 or anywhere in between, lol!!..

Comment #26

I have no clue how long this journey will take me. My wish is that I will be at goal in August 2011, 11 months after my start date. In reality, probably more like November 2011, 13 months after my start date. I have given myself 18 months to make it to goal...

Comment #27

Short answer, as long as it takes....

Long answer, I hope I am done by my birthday at the end of the summer, I think I will be done in a year (end of Oct 2011), and will lose my **** if I am not done by the end of the year in 2011...

Comment #28

I'd like to be at my stated goal by February 10. That would be 127 pounds in 8 months. However, I can guarantee you that going to 162 so that I've lost an even 130 will eventually become the goal; I love round numbers.

Really doesn't matter, though, since I'm finishing it one way or the other...

Comment #29

I'm a little afraid of getting to goal.......This is easy and takes little to no thought...

Comment #30

I'm shooting for August least almost there by then!..

Comment #31

My plan is January I need to have lost those extra pounds or get started on transition which is scary but necessary. I reached my initial goal a few months ago. I'd like to take it down a few notches...

Comment #32

I would love to be at goal weight by late June, but realistically, it will probably be the end of Summer 2011 before I start Transition. I plan on plugging away, however long it takes. I won't give up. Violet..

Comment #33

My (skinny!) sister moved to Germany in October and I started Medifast 2 weeks later. My dream is to be at goal when I go to visit her at the beginning of March. I don't know if that is realistic, but I am very hopeful that I will make it at least to 163 by then,which is the top of my no longer overweight range. The best part about it is that I haven't told her about being on Medifast so I am going to show up to Germany skinny and totally surprise her!..

Comment #34

Oh that is so cool! And I think you could definitely be at goal by then!..

Comment #35

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