How long does it take to start losing weight with Nutrisystem?

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My question is How long does it take to start losing weight with Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any comment. Another question on my mind: Everyday you've got choices... in fact, there's a choice you make for everything you do. Go to work or call out sick. Where a skirt or pants (guys, I hope you pick the pants.


Which one will you be?.

Is your lunch going to be healthy.


Is today the day you are going to.

Or not?.


On your mind or.

You can help that stranger out by getting the door for them because their hands are full. You can buy a cup of coffee for someone less fortunate. You can donate to a charity..

It's your choice no matter what. What will you choose today?..

Comments (31)

I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

It's very nice outside this morning (temp-wise)... how's the weather where you are?..

Comment #2

Gonna be 85 and sunny sunny sunny in Floriday today... love it !!!!.


Is why I live here! Awesome baby!..

Comment #3

Good morning Zoners! It's a balmy 52 degrees here on the Jersey Shore, which is unheard of in February. Supposed to snow again next Tuesday, so I'll enjoy this heat wave while I can and hopefully enough snow will melt so I can get my xmas lights off the bushes out front of my house that have been buried since the big blizzard from Dec 26th. I can see more and more of my front lawn each day after work! Have a great weekend all!..

Comment #4

Lol well I am sure lexi will do awesome did she get her dance moves from her dad?.

I did my best ... today is day one in kiddy jail for ds2 we'll see how he does the older one hated it but least his other friend will be there with him which ds1 didnt have ... tha tmight make it a bit easier..

Well good for you.

Did you get your workout in?.

Ok Im all packed n waiting for you to pick me up.

Im ready! whhhhhhha? I just wanna be one of ya kids for the weekend? Im sure Kay wont notice lol she'll be involved in dance w/lexi ....

I choose to set the clock ahead and get the HELL outta here early today.

Oh wait :confused that wasnt one of the choices.

Figures ... lol.

Its beautiful here and should be a lovely weekend up in the 70s.

Morning linda ... our snow has FINALLY allllll melted but now we gotz mud and PLENTY of it..

Comment #5

Headed out my friends, leaving for O-town!.

Have a nice weekend!!!.

BTW... That burger up there at the top of the page looks deadly!..

Comment #6

"I'm so excitied".....Daytona 500 weekend is here! (and yes I have sunday off).

No exercise yet this weekend, was going to do some last night, but I did not get home tell 12:30 this morning after getting all of my crap completed last night..

I will get on that darn bike tonight and "ride like the wind".

I am begining to feel like a human again, and am ready to get going on my trail back to losing weight. I plan on buying my christmas present to me next week after my part time job paycheck comes in. I want to become a "Hunk of burning love" instead of a lump of lack luster love.

Okey and since I have put in a few song titles or lines from songs through out my post, I will end with my favorite friday song:.

"I don't wanna work, just want to bang the drum all day".


Comment #7

Lol I know rite? it's looks so yum .... have a great time this weekend! we'll miss you ... buy me something pretty.

LOL timmy you been stuck in a room w/a radio or what? *laffing*.

You get your butt back on that bike! makes us proud..

Comment #8

We watch Grey's and Pvt Practice every Thursday night..

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. and I hope everyone has Monday off...

Comment #9

Hey gang! I dont know what was up...but I couldnt get in here today until now. my computer was doing something crazy. Hope everyone is having a great day and has a wonderful weekend on tap!..

Comment #10

Monday is a holiday?.

We have Mardi Gras on March 8 then none again until July 4th.

Hey Miss T. How have you been?..

Comment #11

Heya rickydoodledo ... my weekend plan involves alcohol and sleep.

Maybe alil summin summin.

But thats it.

Whats monday?.

Awww my day has flew by.

Im bout ready to call it quits woo hoo ... maybe do a lil work from home on saturday I dunno......

Comment #12

March 8th...oh to be in NOLA when the MG is going on!..

Comment #13

Oh sure! Rub it in!.

I feelt he same Linda! Except I didn't put up decorations this holiday..

But I can see more of my driveway and little parts of the lawn now.

How did day1 go?.

Lol @ setting clocks early... not yet, we've got a few more weeks before that happens..

I was trying to find one that looked disgusting but they all looked sooooo good! *drools* That's part of the reason it took me so long this morning..

You're not a lump!.

Ooo! Whatcha getting??? Does it start with a t and end with a l?.

Last night was pretty funny in the elevator!.

No Monday off for me. But I do get to work in street clothes..

You have yourself an awesome weekend too!.

I think that's what mine is going to involve too.

Hi T! Hi Marie! Did I see Roddy too?! Hi Roddy!..

Comment #14

Nope. I am only a figment of your imagination..

Now if you would look right at this little red light.....

Comment #15

Felt bad and went to the store to get Chewie some more Heart..

Let's see how long they last once I give them to him. lol For now they are at the bottom of his toy chest...

Comment #16

Really?! I'm a big movie watcher. Although I can't always remember the lines..

That's one of my favorites...

Comment #17

Yes. My DD and I fell asleep to that movie many, many times..

Will Smith is a really good actor. Loved him in Ali.

How have you been?..

Comment #18

Hey girly how was work? you unwinding? need a drink?.

I got a few to spare! I had to get food in me cuz the alcohol was kicking in high gear lol waiting for the food to settle a bit b4 I get another ....

Laffing .....

Comment #19

DH and I use it for a quick fall asleep movie sometimes, although Independance Day and The Universe are our top choices to fall asleep instantly..

I loved him in 7 pounds, Hancock, The pursuit of Happiness, I robot, Enemy of The State.... you know... I just love all of his movies. Although I don't think I ever got to watch Ali or Bagger Vance. You know they are filming a MIB 3?.

I've been well. Just working 22/7. lol How bout you? How is life down there? You still super busy, traveling for work?..

Comment #20

Hey GF! I could use a drink but I think I'll settle for some more Robotussin..

Drinks tomorrow night after I finish another 10 hour day at the office printing..

I've got 4 open to closes scheduled next week but thankfully I can wear jeans..

How you feeling after a couple weeks of 3 days of Zumba? Your scale moving yet?..

Comment #21

Ali and Bagger are awesome..

I'm good. Still traveling alot of wallowing at a desk stacked with paperwork..

Well well well well well well well..

Comment #22

My head is still in a vice so I think I am going to head to bed..

I'll put the coffee on if no one is up when I get up..

Have a wonderful night!..

Comment #23

At least you're buying in bulk now. Smart thinking!.

They look so cute. A shame what's in store for these cute little toys...

Comment #24

Oh goodness 10 hours? s'ok I had nuff for the both of us tonite lol ... I should get on the scale I havent checked in awhile pants are baggy tho.


I'll have some when I get up LOL.

Lol I know rite ... lol..

Comment #25

I know! I so smart.

Lol Poor little toys..

Coffee's on... made it extra strong this morning..

I should check the scale too..

Morning Tim!..

Comment #26

Just finished filing my taxes.... that means I can get my treadmill soon!..

Comment #27

Waiting for my refund, half of it is for vacation!!!!!!!!!!!.

The other half will pay off a couple of my small bills..

Comment #28







No one home what an.






Comment #29

Just got back from the office. Thankfully (for time) it only took me a little over 3 hours..

So now I am working on BIL's taxes and then DH's..

My next order is scheduled for Friday so I'm going to review it with my mom and then maybe split it with her. Then I can switch over to maintanance..

Even though I still have half the weight left...

Comment #30

Good Morning gang!.

Trying to get my mom to get in here and meet you all.....

Comment #31

Hey gang hope you relaxed this weekend. I worked n cleaned and scrubbed carpets till I was pouring sweat. took doug to go see a house for sale in town and made dinner ... headed to bed ... after I get the thread going for tomorrow ....


Comment #32

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