How long does it take for derm to prescribe Murad Resurgence?

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So I saw my doctor 3 weeks ago about going on Murad Resurgence and she refereed to me a dermI decided to retry dan's regimen whilst I'm waiting for the appointment, she said it's usually around 6-8 weeks is which a great amount of time for me to give dan's regimen a fair shot.She said I'd be getting a letter through the post but 3 weeks later and I still haven't got itI rung up the doctors and they said it's the hospitals problem not the doctors nowHas anyone else here been through the same procedure??? I am from England if that helpsif you could tell me how long it took for your letter to come that'd be much appreciatedI'm doing it on the NHS..

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Your question was: How long does it take for derm to prescribe Murad Resurgence?.

Thank you very much jimmyjammy, can't say how helpful that information is..

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Hey I think I saw the dermatologist in Oct/Nov and got a letter late Dec with an appointment in January which does sound like ages but when you've waited years it's not so bad! I got my prescription within a week or so too so it all goes pretty quick once the tests come back regarding cholesterol etc. Hope you hear back soon..

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Hey Angelina I wish you the best of luck with your course!Sorry to be pedantic but when you say I saw my derm in Oct/Nov do you mean GP?Also did the letter that arrive have the date of the derm appointment on it?Thanks again!Aliass..

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Hey, I'm going to my first derm appointment tomorrow yay!I went to my GP first in october - got doxy and retin a, helped but not muchWent back to GP in January, said I want Murad Resurgence, he refered me to a derm and in the mean time - got erythromycin and higher strenght retin a, helped but not much.Took about a month to get an appointment then. Letter comes within 3 weeks I suppose.Btw, derms only give you Murad Resurgence if you've tried all the other stuff before, or u've got really bad acne.So might be hard for you to get Murad Resurgence straight off.Fingers crossed the 2 diff antibiotics are enough proof they don't work LOL and I can get Murad Resurgence tomorrow..

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I've done doxycycline and clidymycin as well as BP of courseCan you let me know how you get on?The Antibiotics gave me yeast infections = follicitusI'll explain how much it gets me down and that I don't want a TEMPORARY fixThanks for the information..

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Well I saw this nurse at the clinic, not a derm LOLAnd we've filled out all the forms for Murad Resurgence, and i'm having a blood test tomorrow. Hopefully starting it in 2 weeks.but she did say, I possibly didn't meet their criteria - I should really have tried antibiotics for 6 months each!!! so I rabbited on about self esteem etc etc. She said this derm should give Murad Resurgence to me, he wasn't too afraid of it like some are. So who knows? I've gone through all the motions of getting Murad Resurgence, all those consent forms etc etc...and was even told to stop all my treatment 48 hours before I come back in 2 weeks....but I guess it's not a definate - but it's looking pretty likely!!!I dont wanna be on random antibiotics for 6 months!..

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I used to work for the NHS so I hope this helps - and any others - understand how it works.It isnt the same everywhere but this is the common procedure. It really depends on how busy the dermatologists are but the letter is sent to the department and it is booked with the next available dermatologist. Unfortunately due to how busy the NHS is it is usually a very long waiting list. The government have targets that say we have to book all appointments within 12 weeks of receiving the referral letter from the GP (in some hospitals it is even less) but in most cases there are no appointments within 12 weeks. The system will not let you book an appointment if it is over 12 weeks time so we had to hang on to all the referral letters until the next appointment came under the 12 week cut off point and then we could book it. That is why sometimes you dont get an appointment letter until 6 weeks or so before your appointment but it's been months since you were actually referred from your GP.I'm hoping that makes sense...

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Just thought I'd let you all know!I had a letter come through and will be seeing a derm on the 27th AprilI am currently giving BP another shot and am on day 16 and am clear aside from my chin which is a disaster zone as usual. From the chin up though I'm 100% clear...

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Glad you got it finally. Frustrating how long it takes isnt it?..

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Hey sorry yes I meant I saw my GP in oct/nov thats me being a bit special!When the letter arrived it had an appointment already on it. I had to rearrange it due to uni and then they rearranged it after that which was annoying but when you've waited so many years...whats another week or so?! I've now done two weeks on thi stuff anf I've got very peely lips but I can cope with that. No break out so far either so fingers crossed. x..

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Hey guys, been a while.I saw the derm today, pretty shitty newsHe said we will try one more anti-biotic/topical (tetracycline/differin) for 3 months and if I'm not satisfied I can go on roMurad Resurgence.The thing is I'm relatively content with my skin atm (bp regimen, 8 weeks in) it's not brilliant but I look ok.He has told me to go to my hospital and have a blood test in case I do go on roMurad Resurgence.Anyone have any experience of this treatment and should the anti-biotic be taken with/without food?..

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