How fast is your weight loss from Medifast?

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I is not all about speed.... but.... still am interested. I am starting out at 236 lb. and would like to know of those in that fast has your weight come off.... say an average weekly drop??? I know we all drop weight at different speeds....

But it is nice to kinda compare... I am I guess it will be slower....

Thank you.


Comments (49)

I have lost 31 lbs in 10 weeks, so about 3 lbs a week. I have had 2 weeks with very little loss but the next week makes up for it. I am 45 and have a couple of chronic illnesses so that slows me down, but I'm not complaining..

Best of luck to you!..

Comment #1

4 months in and only 4 pounds to go so my losses are slowing down to about 1 pound a week. I'm ok with that...Goal by Halloween WhoooHoooo..

Comment #2

Hi I am 50, and have been on the program 11 weeks, and have lost close to 43 pounds, average 3.9 a week, unbelievable success, realize that I must be carb sensitive, so going on this low carb diet has been a blessing for my bod! But remember it's the slow journey that makes you learn each step of the way, so you never go back...

Comment #3

We are the same age. I have lost 31 lbs in 64 days. I am amazed with my results on this program...

Comment #4

3 pounds a week for the first 12 weeks. Now if you take my average for the entire 5-month period it's down to 2.75/week. It's definitely slowing.....

Comment #5

55 lbs in 18 weeks (although this is technically an avg 3 lbs a week I almost never see more than a 1-2 lb loss per week anymore)...

Comment #6

4 months in and have lost 44lbs so an average of 2.75lbs per week. I am a slow loser but truth is as long as I am not gaining I know I will get there someday!..

Comment #7

Hello - I am 49, 5'7" and I have lost 35 pounds in 10 weeks. SO happy!..

Comment #8

Good results.... I guess my next question would be..... DOES EVERYONE FOLLOW THE REGULAR MEDIFAST PLAN? You know,.... the one regular meal and all else is medifast or do you make alterations?.

Thanks again.


Comment #9

5&1 all the way..........My losses were 2.4 pounds a week with an occassional 3 or 4 in there. One or two weeks of no loss. I pretty much lost 10 pounds per month. I also have exercised regularly since the beginning of my journey...

Comment #10

20 weeks tommorow, and I lost 27pounds, but I have not been 100 percent OP. I'm still going to make it to goal, though...

Comment #11

Hi Vicki,.

I'm 47 and I started at 276. I've been on Medifast for 6 weeks, and so far I've lost an average of 3 pounds per week. I know others who averaged 5, 6, even 8 pounds per week, and honestly, when I started the program I guess my expectations were a bit unrealistic.

As I've had the opportunity to read through some of the message boards, I see that 2-3 pounds per week is a more realistic expectation, and as you get closer to goal you can expect to lose less per week. And of course, the days after you consume meals higher in sodium, as well as during that time of the month, you can expect to see a smaller loss (and for some people even a gain) because of fluid retention..

As part of this whole process, I'm trying to take my eyes off of the scale a bit and concentrate more on how good I feel about myself when I make the right choices, when I don't give in to emotional eating and eating out of loneliness or boredom. But it's also nice to see that the scale is moving in the right direction, and that my clothes are getting looser! :-).

Like RebelMom, I also live with a chronic illness, so taking that into consideration I'm pleased with my average.

Good luck - I wish you much success!.


Comment #12

You should follow the plan, or you'll get results like mines. Everyone in my class has lost about 60 pounds, but my greedy butt only lost 27 pounds because of nibbling off plan.

Take a lesson from me, and don't cheat yourself...

Comment #13

Definetly followed the plan-kept it simple. Very little if any condiments. Tons of water and averaged 3.45lbs per week. I just turned 45 and am almost in maintenance. NO EXERCISE. But, am starting tomorrow!..

Comment #14

I am 55 and have lost 12.9 lbs in 3 weeks. I have been 100% OP. I have not let 1 thing pass these lips but what was planned. The hardest thing for me was to not pick when I was cooking. I am trying to retrain myself because I find myself wanting to taste as I go. Measuring my food is a must for me.

He has much less than me so it will be interesting when he loses all his, but I am determined to succeed. Good luck and be strong you can do this!..

Comment #15

I am completing week 4. My weight loss has been very slow. I am down 11 pounds today although the day before that Iwas down 13. I am 59 years old. I know everyone loses at different paces, but I feel that I am not losing enough. I weight and measure all my lean and greens. What is up with me? Anyone have any suggestions?..

Comment #16

I am the slow loser of all time I think! I've lost 34.2 pounds in 19 weeks. Yes 19! That is with no cheating and staying OP! So don't fret it darlin - you're doing great!..

Comment #17

For me Im averaging about 3-5 lbs a week loss and so far I have lost 78lbs in roughly four months...but I have a lot to lose so thats why and it will slow down eventually but any loss at this point is a good loss to me....I have 120 pounds more to lose to reach my goal of 160!..

Comment #18

I'm 51 and have lost 33.4 pounds in 12 weeks!..

Comment #19

I lost about 2.5 pounds per week. I stayed 100% OP in terms of food/lean/green but I must admit I could be generous with the condiments - not the calorific condiments but stuff like Tabasco, garlic, or red pepper flakes. I like spices, but most do contain some carbs.

It's unpossible to tell if I would have lost faster without the spices - I wanted to use my clone as a control group but she went and joined the French Foreign Legion*.

*actual existence of clone is not warrantied..

Comment #20

I am at 116.2 down in 29 weeks. That averages 4lb/week. But I had A LOT to lose. It's starting to come down to about 2.5-3 average over the last 6 weeks or so.

Just follow the plan, and you will be skinny in no time..

Comment #21

Mantabolism has enabled me to average 4.1875 pound per week loss..

Another advantage to being a guy... (he says as he runs and

Comment #22

I m just startin gmy 4 th week and Ive lost 9 lbs. Not as much as I expected. I started out the first 2 weeks doing 4 and 2 because I have diabetes and I wanted to see how I would react. By week 3 I changed over to 5 & 1 and didnt loose anything which is weird. I am sticking to it and am gong to start walking now to give it a little push. Congrats to all of you who havr done so well. You keep me motiated..

Comment #23

LOL, love your sense of humor......even if you do have mantabolism! Keep up the great work!..

Comment #24

5'3", 46 years, 7 weeks on plan, 49 days on plan, lost 23.6 lbs, stay strictly to Medifast and 1 lean and green with 12 glass' of water most days. That's a loss of 106.4 sticks of butter off of the body! lol That sounds like so much more of a loss. giggle..

Comment #25

55 years young, started at 270, been OP for 6-1/2 months, no exercise. I've lost 85 lbs so far and average weekly loss over that time equals 3 lbs a week. It is slowing as I'm getting closer to goal...

Comment #26

I'm 39 and lost 34.8 pounds in 9 weeks (ticker showed 36 - but I changed scales and the real number is 1.2 pounds under what it shows). The weekly numbers are shown on my signature and you can see that I had big losses early, and they are quite variable now. I expect to slow down to closer to 2 pounds a week as I get closer to goal but hope it won't be for a while yet. I am staying 100% on plan (haven't found anything worth cheating for, compared to my progress!) DH is 36 and he has lost about the same amount in the same time. He has done several slight cheats and twice has paid with awful headaches as he worked to get back into ketosis. He only has about another 13 pounds to lose before he is at his goal..


Comment #27

I just started this past Monday. I have lost 5 pounds, and am amazed! I slipped last night and had an orange-cream slush with my family...

Comment #28

TRobb... next time, have an orange cream shake. Mix the orange cream Medifast shake mix in a blender with ice and a little water. SOOOO GOOOD! You'll feel like you're being bad, but you will be staying OP. All the shakes are delicious that way. If you like Starbucks Fraps, do the same thing with a Chocolate or Swiss Mocha shake and add a little instant coffee.


Comment #29

I'm 5'3", 41 and been OP for 6 weeks. I'm down 14lbs. I can live with that. More importantly to me though is the inches I've lost. 2 in bust, 2.5 in the waist and 1.5 in the hips.

As you can see in those numbers - I'm an inverted pear!!!..

Comment #30

41 pounds in 13 weeks... 3.2 pounds per week and a whole bunch of inches..

Yes I follow the 5&1 and have not done been on any off-roading adventures...

Comment #31

You're right, lbdann - you fellas do tend to lose a bit more quickly. But it's not any easier for you to stay OP than for any of us ladies ... so kudos to you for doing so well!!.

Vickie, my 2.5 - 3 lbs. per week average is completely OP. A couple of times I've eaten 1/2 cup of extra lettuce or spinach, but that's the farthest I've wandered from the program. I've heard that eating extra carbs will throw me out of ketosis, and it could take days to get back to that fat-burning state. This program is a stretch for me financially, and I'm not about to waste all of those Medifast meals. Lol - whatever it takes to motivate, huh?.


Comment #32

I haven't figured out the weekly averages for a long time, but I am down 60 lbs in just under 8 months. started at 230. I am not a perfect mf'er you might be faster if you stick to 100% op!!! I decided several months ago I didn't care how long it took me..i was getting to goal. luckily the cost isn't a factor for me...

Comment #33

After 20 weeks, 2.7 pounds per week (hypothyroid, RA). Good enough for me!..

Comment #34

31 pounds and into my 8th week. Averaging around 4lbs(due to initial 10lb loss), but really 2.5 to 3.5 per week. I've already lost 3.6 this week since Monday, so I'm hoping to see my first 5lb loss for a week!..

Comment #35

I'm curious also if everyone who lost an average of 2-3 lbs. a week followed the 5-1 plan without straying on a regular basis?.

I've been following the plan to a T. and I feel so much better. My 3 a day headaches are gone, and I have so much energy. I never imagined I'd feel so good eating around 1000 calories a day...

Comment #36

Gr8laff, I lose slowly myself. I'm only into my second week and I'm down 5 lbs. BUT...I put on a pair of capris today that I haven't worn in two years. I lose inches very fast and the scale moves slower. As long as the numbers are moving in the right direction and I'm able to wear clothes that have been tossed in the back of the closet...I'M DOING GREAT...

Comment #37

Not counting the big loss in the first week, I'm averaging 3.5lbs per week as of today. I was on the 5&1 plan from November to mid-July and have been on the 4&2 since then...

Comment #38

This is my first week back after a 1.5 year hiatus. I was here for 12 weeks and averaged about 2 lbs a week. Slower than most, mostly I think because when I started with Medifast, I had already lost about 80 lbs on my own and had reached a plateau. I've tried to be mostly careful with my diet but I must admit that in between holidays and a really bad breakup, I regained about 20 lbs, although I'm not quite sure since I only go by how my clothes fit (or don't fit =/ ). I'm glad I'm back on track and ready to reach my goal this time!..

Comment #39

How fast? Not fast enough. It never goes off like it comes on...

Comment #40

I'm 32 and I've been on 17 weeks and lost 52 lbs. I average 3/week. I've had some really awesome weeks and a few where I've only lost 1 but if the numbers are going down, that makes me happy! I am not always 100% though so maybe I could be pulling higher numbers if I were. I'm not regimented enough to weigh lean and green and measure salad dressing though...

Comment #41

I am 5'7, and I'm half way through my 3rd week. I just weighed myself and I am down 23 lbs. Ive had one slip up, but besides that on plan 100 %. I think it's probably because I weighed 185 lbs when I started. Who knows how much of that was water retention. I have to say though, I can notice a difference already! This plan kicks butt! I love it so much, I pay more for the food ( I live in canada ) because I have to buy it off ebay. Do I care? Heck no! I feel like the witch in the wizard of oz......" I'm mellllting.....mellllllting!"..

Comment #42

Wow... now that is impressive...... starting out at 185 and being able to drop that much in 3 weeks is amazing. I am sure you feel so much better. Knowing you are my age is inspiring also..


Comment #43

Well ladies (and gents ;-) All seem to be doing really great. I was also wondering how many of you incorporate exercise to drop this type of weight.......or to keep toned..


Comment #44

I've lost 122 since mid-March. That's 28 weeks, so about 4 lbs a week. When I started, I was doing like 6-7 a week...

Comment #45

58 pounds in 16 weeks brings me to an average of 3.6 per week. I'm 35 years old. You can see from my signature that my weight loss "wooshes" happen in weeks not days. Best of luck!.


Comment #46

...I was actually going to ask this same thing Does anyone excercise with the plan and if so does this slow you down or speed you up? Ive heard others mention exercise actually slowing them down so just wanted some input.

Also, what do people out there do to keep your metabolism up? I know there are some supplements you can purchase, not sure If I want to go that route, so much of that stuff seems like a hoax to me....but was just wondering if people do anything in addition to the 5&1 to keep your numbers up? (numbers as in how much you lose I should clarify...not keeping your weight up, haha) Is there a way to do this?..

Comment #47

I've lost 103 pounds in 9 months. 43 years old. 5' 11 1/2" Now it is slowing way down.......feeling lucky with my 1 pound weight loss this week. 5&1, not perfect.

Hey, HotCocoa, where are you taking a Medifast class? I'm also in Fairfield...

Comment #48

My first week drop was pretty high, so it skews my average loss to 4.2 lbs per week. Removing that first week I've been averaging ~3.8/week. I pretty steadily lose in the 2-3 range per week with some odd weeks of -6 here and there. I've only had one week of a gain, and it was the week I started exercising+TOM.

Obviously the more I lose the more it's going to slow down. But I'm so very pleased with the progress and the speed at which it has come so far. I just keep telling myself not to get disheartened if the scale doesn't show me what I want, cause in a few more weeks here, the slowing and plateaus are bound to happen...

Comment #49

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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