How expensive is Nutrisystem to do per month?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How expensive is Nutrisystem to do per month? Looking forward for any comment. Another quick question... Quit Nutrisystem last year because a once in a lifetime opportunity came up and needed to spend the money elsewhere..

A year later I'm still a fat blob and in need of weight loss..

I was browsing over the menu and it looks like things have changed a lot. I didn't see scrambled eggs at all on the breakfast menu. That was one of my favorites...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Yeah, scrambled eggs are gone and the egg fritata is kind of least in my opinion..

Good luck to you both...

Comment #2

I havent had it yet I wouldnt know.. nothing has been that bad yet though, except for the after lunch snacks except the bbq soy chips werent bad but the pretzles were weird.. the closest thing that reminds me of the taste are dog treats but not quite just very similar.. and the snacks are salty too.. makes me drink extra water....

Comment #3

Never seen the scrambled eggs, but I think a lot of people prefer to make their own with Egg Beaters anyway, as a protien serving..

There is lots good on the menus. Don't let the lack of that one meal deter you, this thing completely works. Dive in start losing...

Comment #4

Yep, with the protein serving we get for breakfast, you can have 1/2 cup of egg beaters every morning if you want. Thats become almost a staple for me (1/4 cup egg beaters and 1/2 serving of Morningstar sausage with some veggies thrown in to make an omlette, served on a Thin Bun for my carb... Love IT (and I don't order the egg fritata (or whatever it's called anymore)...

Comment #5

Someone in my town recently gave me a ton of Nutrisystem food she had left over. There was a good bit of those scrambled eggs in there. They were in Nutrisystem Nourish. Pretty tasty - way better than the fritata..

I agree with coffeebuzz, don't let the lack of eggs deter you. I eat a real egg (none of that beaters stuff) every morning and it hasn't slowed me down a bit...

Comment #6

I remember you. You know it's not the food it's the mind set. The food is only the tools that help you get the job done. Nutrisystem is a great set of tools. You know it and I know it. Now get to work...

Comment #7

Hex is right. Just eat it. (Healthy foods I mean)..

Comment #8

I just tried the BBQ Pork Wrap tonight. *Herk*.

Not recommending it...

Comment #9

I've tried the BBQ Pork Wrap and I squealed with delight. Everyone has different tastes, I liked it..

Just sayin'..

Comment #10

Squealed with delight? rofl. Nice..

Yeah, everyone has different tastes, I am just so/so on pulled pork as it is, so that probably didn't help..

I'm also nervous about the buffalo chicken wrap...

Comment #11

I stole this idea from someone in one of the women's room - yeah, I lurk.

- Saute some cabbage and carrots with a little garlic and couple of dashes of red wine vinegar until it gets soft and then mix the pork in. Gives it a more authentic taste and gets your veggie servings in too...

Comment #12

First you don't have the money (yet you could have used this community and Food Tips for free to design your own program). Now, you're kvetching about the menu. Well, beggars can't be choosers! Man up and drop your fat!..

Comment #13

Oh...and I eat eggwhites 1.75-2 cups per day, mixed with veggies Bellavita style. Once, you get used to it (same with skim milk), eggwhites taste fine. And mix some spices and veggies in there and it is ter yum!..

Comment #14

I have "MrMcFrazz" everymorning. Quick and simple and delicious..

It is definitely one of my favorite things to have NS..

Usually a Nutrisystem muffin or bar of somekind with that...

Comment #15

I think I remember you too. Didn't you have a video on YouTube declaring yourself to be a fat ass? Looks like you're not a fat ass anymore..

I'm waiting for just a bit for my finances to even out, then I'm starting again..

Hopefully I don't have to wait too long. I want to take advantage of the current offer where I save money for 3 months...

Comment #16

As far as the food goes, there are still enough of my favorites on the menu for me to start again..

I remember last year when I did this, the first order was the worst. Ended up trying too many things and didn't get enough food that I liked..

But several of my favorites are still there, so I can make my first order of this year a good one...

Comment #17

Did anyone else notice that their first order seemed stale and tasteless but the subsequent orders tasted much much better? I was wondering it that was just my experience or what?..

Comment #18

Some foods yes, some foods no..

The pastas in particular tasted very different from the normal grocery store boxes of Prince or Ronzoni. They weren't tasteless at all, but I could definately taste more wheat than I was used to for pasta..

For cereals, the NutriFrosted Crunch has always been tasty But the Whole Wheat O's were quite bland at first. Now I order 4 a month, and really do like them...

Comment #19

Yes, that was me that had those videos. Unfortunately I lost those videos when my laptop crashed. I sure was a big'un. I've been maintaining now for almost 11 months. It does work..

Good luck, and welcome back...

Comment #20

It would be great to have those videos now and then put a plug in the end for NS...

Comment #21

I signed back up. Ordered my first month..

I'm out of town next week for work, so I won't be able to officially start until next Saturday when I get back in to town. Guess I'll have to try to not eat so much until then...

Comment #22

Should have been mentioned up front but did you check out the Costco deal for NS? Its cheaper than online and you get 35 days of feed with every order (not just the first few orders). Great deal and a number in here switched over to it (I switched over with no issues)...

Comment #23

I read a little bit about it..

Do you have to go to a Costco store to buy it? I don't think we have any around here. I live in Wichita, KS..

Comment #24

No. You can go to and order the card (if you order online it's the true Men's plan also). If you are not a Costco member, you have to pay a little extra on that initial order, but it's still cheaper than the Nutrisystem website, and you get to choose all 35 days of food (NS doesn't let you choose what you get for those free weeks)...

Comment #25

I just ordered on the rollback plan and I got to choose my foods. They said the rollback offer had expired, but they would give it to me anyway..

When the rollback savings expire in three months, I should be getting a 15% discount, which makes the price just about the same..

I looked at the Costco website and it would be cheaper by about 1.50 per day if I bought their card. 299 is the correct price?..

Comment #26

Its $299 for the card. But then if you do autoship, the price goes down to $284 per month..

Costco periodically runs a $25 off on the card, so watch the Costco thread here in this forum and if you see that, then you get the card for $274 and then it's the $284 for 35 days from that point forward. (remember with Costco, it's 35 days as long as you stay on autoship. And the Costco "fee" is only when you buy the card the first time. No other fees as the payments are to Nutrisystem and not Costco after that)..

Anyway, not meaning this to become another Costco thread, just wanted to point it out. Look for the Costco thread as there is tons of info on this in there.....

Comment #27

So if you buy the Costco card, you can lock it in at 284 on autoship?.

Does that autoship every 35 or every 28 days?..

Comment #28

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