How Exactly does Nutrisystem work? (from someone who has joined or maybe a coach)?

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First off, How Exactly does Nutrisystem work? (from someone who has joined or maybe a coach)? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... 9 days MIA and counting.....

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Rob was down 60 and I always like to see the name of the next bear he is kicking away. Come back Rob, we need some Christmas cheer!..

Comment #2

Kinda funny he's not responding. Maybe he's away for awhile...

Comment #3

Well, hoping he's just on a business trip or some sorts, sure didnt indicate any problems, as has always been an inspiration with his posts. If I was nosey and knew a way, I'd give him a ding-a-ling on the landline, but of course, that is pretty much top secret info for us folks.. get back here, Rob, kick Marty in the butt and keep them bears going.......

Comment #4

Personally, when I went MIA, I stopped checking the forums. Too ashamed of myself, and didn't really "need" anything here, since I wasn't following the plan..

Hopefully though, he's just really busy and been unable to check in. It doesn't mean he's off the plan!.

I'm sure he'll be back soon...

Comment #5

Hello and Howdy Y'all!.

Sorry I ain't checked in - I've been on vacation since December 7th..

I loves ewe too.....

Welp - the good and the bad news:.

Good news:.

I'm still losin - I've lost 66 pounds..

For the most part I'm still on track and drinking my water..

Bad news:.

I haven't been 100% and my weight loss has dropped to about a pound a week..

Lots of excuses - all of which smell like an armpit..

Mostly - being at home all day I tend to browse - a lot..

And my wife is off Nutrisystem and I've been sneakin her stuff..

Haven't been exercising either*.

*see armpit..

My original goal was 70 pounds by Christmas - don't look like I'll make it..

Nobody's fault but mine..

In other news - I've been car hunting for a couple weeks and got a shweeet '10 Camry.

At auction a couple days ago for about 5.5k under retail..

I'll be back to work in a week - after Christmas..

I'll behave..

Thanks for thinking bout me..


Comment #6

Yay, Rob is back. Keep slaying away at Marty...

Comment #7

Well, glad the MP's finally found the AWOL' least he wasnt passed out behind a pub or something.... glad to see your mug, Rob. Keep it up, and kick Marty's A$$.....

Comment #8

Thank goodness. I lurk rather than post 95% of the time here, but I've been checking in a few times a day just to see whether Rob was back. I was beginning to worry that something worse had happened than him not being on plan..

Glad I was wrong. I even ate a DriedBurger(TM) in Rob's honor the other day..

Actually, those things really aren't all that bad. Nutrisystem really has changed my tastes, and I sometimes wonder whether it's for the better......

Comment #9

Oh yes - that 70 lb bear will be mine...

Comment #10

If you go back to 100%, you might make it. Funny things can go on with water weight associated with glycogen when in deep deficit..

Glad to hear you are losing..

Although the not checking in is unsat...

Comment #11

I received my 20 lb bear on Friday, but the way things are going, I may have to return it........

Comment #12

Finally!...IT'S ABOUT FRIGGIN' TIME YOU CHECKED IN ROB! What do you have some other sort of life or somethin? LOL.

Glad to see your still in the game Bud..

As for me, I'm holding steady, but my healthy diet n' exercise plan are really takin a beatin'. Can't wait for the holidays to finally be over. Too many yum yums 'round here...

Comment #13

HEY! Look at Rick - you hit GOAL!!!.

That's truly superb..

I have no other life - just vacation and car shoppin..

Also - I had to reload windows on my pc after a viral malfunction and everything got formatted..

I gotta quit surfin the fat girl porn..

I guess this place will be hoppin come about Jan. 2nd.....

Comment #14

Oh, Rob.... I'm not exactly certain that's exactly the type of humor we have missed heheheee.

You are a gem around here..

Comment #15

Rob is back?.

I heard he went to take a sh!t and the hogs ate him..

Glad that wasn't true...

Comment #16


Get the dogs and the hogs, this is a big one...

Comment #17

Rob has it with his true meaning of:.



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