How does the Nutrisystem program work? thanks?

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First off, How does the Nutrisystem program work? thanks? Many thanks for any comment. My other question... So, yesterday was total cheat day! *I was at a mock trial competition with my students and I did not eat my Nutrisystem meals. *I was thoughtful enough not to over carb at breakfast, but at lunch, I ate cookies. *I was extremely busy and probably walked a brisk mile back and forth. *In theory, I walked my cookies off but...later we went to celebrate with ice cream.

*I did not exceed my calories, but I did not help the glycemic factor.

*Low and behold, the guilt and disappointment I have with myself is pretty intense. *The sad part is that now I want to eat to satisfy the disappointment I am feeling. *Will this cycle if self destruction ever end? *I am destined to be some miserable fat chick? Why do I use food like this? I know it is an addiction, but how do I get over it? I need food rehab!!!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

For me it was alot of things..

I was tired of clothes not fitting.

I was tired of the feeling after over eating.

I was tired of me feeling uncomfortable.

I was tired of me telling myself everything fine.

I was tired of me negotiating with myself over food.

I was tired of the same ol me.

I can go on and on, but I just had it with myself, It sounds crazy but it's like 2 different personalities around food, In my life I am discipline with goals etc except for food. I mean goals & issues are different for every person for the reason for weight loss. But Ive come to the end for myself and my weight...

Comment #2

Also read Pams story. It is also very motivating. She occasionally posts an article about being obese on 700 calories..

Many of us suffer from emotional eating. You can conquer it!..

Comment #3

Are you thinking ofNutrisystemas a diet to get the weight off then once you're thin you can go back to eating whatever you want, or are you thinking of it as a lifestyle change? It sounds to me like you're in the 'poor me' mindset and that inner 3 year old is rebelling. Until you embrace this as a new way of eating for the rest of your life, it's going to be a huge struggle. We can.


Go back to our way of eating pre-NS or we'll wind up right back where we started - over and over. I'm not saying that you'll never be able to eat cookies or ice cream again, but you'll do so in moderation (one serving occasionally) instead of in place of nutritious meals. You need to tell yourself that this is something you need to do and then do it. As Pam said, it's not easy but it will be worth it! Good luck...

Comment #4

Kristi is right. If this is truly a lifestyle change for you, you are going to face many situations where you will have to make choices of cookies/no cookies, ice cream/no ice cream. This will not end with successful weight loss so you need to own it and get on with it! If the time ever comes when one bite will satisfy your cookie or ice cream craving, that is greatbut if not, you have to step away from those things and divorce yourself from them. I spent my whole life in education and sponsored many trips to take students to competitions, etc. Look at it this way-what a wonderful opportunity to be a great example to your studentsshow them you are concerned about your health and truly serious about losing weight. They will remember and be impressed if you turn down ice cream or don't eat cookies.

If you have worked with them like I think you have to get ready for mock trial competition there is a bond there that will last beyond the classroom. So, set your goals and let them see you working toward themdon't disappoint them or yourself!!!!..

Comment #5

Cisjohns.....thank you for posting this plea because I woke this morning feeling nothing but self loathing and disgust at myself for giving in to things like you, mine wasn't cookies & ice cream but what it was doesn't matter, it's the fact that I'm doing it to myself again. Thank you for having the courage to come here and post for help. Tears streamed down my face as I read the wonderful responses you've gotten and I'm gonna claim them for myself too..

This is a disease.....I have to regain that mindset. Regain is what I must do since I lost 113# onNutrisystemthen 3/1/10 I had knee replacement surgery which I did great but I let it throw me for a loop, then after returning to work, after 3 months I was traumatically downsized and denied unemployment and was out of work for 5 months. Back to work now and loving it but the old job really did a number on my self esteem and my worthiness. My emotional eating and all my bad habits came flooding in and I let them. I thought I was back in control earlier this week and was doing great until Friday which crept into Saturday and the scale hit me in the face today..

We can do this.....we are in the right place with wonderful support and examples of how it can be done. I'm gonna get my Mindset Makeover out and study it and I have the Beck book and need to stick my head in there too. The main thing I'm gonna keep my head out of is the foods I'm not supposed to eat. Thank you all for your responses. I needed that..



Comment #6

Elaine, I'm glad you posted this because there is a lot of support out here that can help you. Get beyond the "self loathing" and know you are human but also know you can do thisyou have already proven that. You had a double whammy with the knee surgery and the job situation-jobs can really make or break our lives since they are such a big part of what we are. You are right, this is a disease and one that only you can control. It sounds like you have the right mindset and you are on your way. Good luck and keep coming back for more!..

Comment #7

Thank you Debbie....I'm here to stay...just been having a really rough time and now spring is here, my skinny clothes no longer fit because I've regained 64 pounds since this time last year and feel disgust at myself and that is where the self loathing is coming from plus the lack of control. I need to focus on the fact that this time I have NOT regained ALL of the weight I lost and I have one heck of a support system here on the boards. I'm with a wonderful group, that I've been with for over a year and a half but sometimes I feel so bad whining to them.


! Thanks again! {{{hugs}}}..

Comment #8

Elaine, whine all you want! That is what we are here for. And, yes, you do need to celebrate that you have not gained it all back and way to go for getting yourself going again before you did gain it all back! Losing is the easy part, maintenance the hard part. Hopefully, once you get this back off you will be better prepared to maintain second time aroundI know I am!..

Comment #9

RV DEB- look at your graph!!!.

Wow how cool! You have done awesome!!.

(has it at April 2011 instead of March tho-)..

Comment #10

You have received expert advice, be sure to read over it carefully and consult the references they have given you!.

I would only add that I was a TERRIBLE emo-eater. ANY emotion, didn't matter. Happy/sad, mad/cheerful, excited/bored, anxious, tired, busy...seriously, I ate..

I am LIVING PROOF you can break this habit, because that is all it is. A BAD habit. Now the thought of over eating for any reason is totally unappealing to me, almost nauseating. Especially when I am feeling emotional, I know that eating will only make it worse and it doesn't even tempt me..

You can do it! It just takes time and commitment...

Comment #11

Telling yourself no and telling yourself to stop, doesn't work for everyone. For some of us the root of this is much deeper, and if we were able to reason with ourselves that well, we would have never gained the weight. I hope saying no and listening, like some have suggested, works. For me and a lot if people it's a much deeper emotional issue that will take a Lon time to get to the root of, come to terms with, and conquer this. Best of luck to you. I understand completely...

Comment #12

Thank you so much for all of your comments. I restarted after three years off, on February 23, 2011. So a little over three weeks. I am a fat girl with issues! I was really feeling aweful and it was extremely humbeling to post my short comings on this forum. I was really looking for some words of wisdom about how to deal with issues like this. I know that many of have or have had these demons emerge during your lifestyle changes and thoutght you could lend me some insight instead of insults.

Basically, get over it, you either are committed or not!.

Pam, you sent me deeper into depression about what I had done. I immediatly started crying and wanted so badly to run to the pantry for some solice or snacks = same thing. My taste"buds" have never made feel like this, they have always been my friends. I need some new friends, instead of the taste"buds". I sure wasn't feeling the friendship here. I was reading these posts and there was a heading that said something like quit lurking and post I did and then I felt worse after doing so.

I know I was not looking to get told to "just say no." If I could just say no, I would not be here!.

I digress, I am not here to be negative. I know Pam has my best interests at heart, becasue today, she posted information about the gylcemic diet. I can ne narcisistic and assume she was writing that to me. It was informative and logical. I can tell you that this information was extremely helpful and made a giant difference to me. I can use logic as opposed to ridicule.

God grant me the serenity! Trust is not easy. Trust in my self, my will power, my friends, my family. The list goes on. Trust is the toughest part. I have to trust Nutrisystem. Again, not easy.

But the learning curve right now is difficult. I can truely appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to change your life...I am trying. I have seen some changes in my body and my mind over these past weeks. I know this is achievable, but sometimes, when you fall, it is nice to get a hand up instead of being told how clumsey I am..

I do teach high school and I model good behavior for my students. I am a constant source of "en"couragement and not "dis"couragement to all of them. I model a great work ethic and am honest and forthright in everything that I do. To wit, this good behavior is modeled back to me by my incredible students. They are also supporting me now, as I am workng towards changing my weight. They only see the happy and confident me.

That is why I had turned to you. I need help. I am addicted to food! I have been for a long time and this is not a problem that can simply be wished away. Everday, I grow a little stronger and a little heathier, so I know I will be the victor in this fight. But everyone needs a person in their corner...I hope I can be yours and I hope that some of you can be mine..

I know that I am worth fighting for!..

Comment #13


Although you may have been disappointed by posts from some of the members, your post today sounds a little more hopeful than it did yesterday..

Yes, you ARE worth fighting for! Absolutely - because if we don't fight for ourselves, then who else will? You obviously give a lot to your students and they.



I don't have any wise words of wisdom for you. I think, though, what I would take from this is ... maybe next time be better prepared. I don't know if you knew you weren't going to be having access to lunch or not. In the future, however, maybe you could bring along someNutrisystemlunch bars, some fruit (apple, banana), some string cheese. Anything healthy to get you through the moment.

What I'm finding is that the longer I stick withNutrisystemthe easier it is to resist those fattening foods. I still stumble (boy, you should have seen my last Friday!) but when I do it doesn't last forever. I get right back on theNutrisystembandwagon and keep going..

I know this doesn't answer your question about needing help with food addiction. It's just an observation I'm making. But if you ever find help with food addiction, please let us know. I know I could sure use the help..

Good luck with yourNutrisystemjourney - you are worth it!..

Comment #14

If we could say no, none of us would need to be here, but the reality is at some point, you have to say no. You have to decide you want it more than anything else and make it happen. While you think Pam's post might be harsh or some of the others, we've been there done that. We know it's not easy, but we're not going to pat you on the back and say go ahead either..

For me, I just have to say no. Every day. Start each day like it's day 1. Honestly, I like being a size 4 better than I did a 20, so that is what keeps me going. Find your motivation no matter how big or little it is..


Comment #15

Cisjohns: It absolutely breaks my heart that my words caused you to cry or feel bad. That was never my intent in any way, and I apologize profusely!.

The quote about the inner 3 year old was posted to me when I first started by a woman who became my closest mentor on NutriSystem. She actually called it my inner brat. She had already lost over 150 pounds on NutriSystem before I ever got here and she was here everyday helping newbies through it all. I'll never forget her saying that to me, and I feel that that was the most important thing anyone ever said to me about my weight issues. I took it to heart, and that phrase alone helped me lose 105 pounds, I truly believe. Every time temptation called and to this very day, over 5 years later, I repeat that DAILY as my mantra.

She gave me another piece of advice: I could eat anything I wanted to IF I stood stark-naked in front of a full-length mirror and watched myself eat it., that was too much to even consider! The horror!!!!.

Again, I sincerely apologize. I want nothing but good health and happiness for everyone here. You WILL do this, I BELIEVE in YOU!..

Comment #16

Cisjohns, I am so sorry that you were offended by my post. That was certainly not my purpose and I sincerely apologize. I was in no way insinuating that you were not a good role model to your studentsI know you must be as anyone who goes above and beyond the classroom and sponsors something as complicated and time consuming as mock trial has to love what she does and her students. I was just saying that if they see you pass up food they would be even more impressed with you than they already are. By your own admission, you have some serious issues to deal with concerning food in your life. I know very little about this organization but it was mentioned in a post not too long agohave you ever considered Overeaters Annonymous? I just went to their website and it looks like something from which you might really benefit as it addresses a lot of your concerns.

You are definitely worth fighting for and you need to be your very best cheerleader! We are here to support and help you in any way we can. Please come back often and let us help you. There are wonderful people here at every stage of the program from beginning to maintenance and want to help...

Comment #17

Pam, if it helps, the quote about the inner 3 year old helped me last week on my first week, when I was still being horribly tempted every time I saw something tasty. I can't remember where I read it, but I did, and it made me laugh and realize how true it is..

When my son was 3, I didn't give into temper tantrums from him... I knew that if I did so he would be spoiled and a giant pain when he got old enough to be a REAL problem..

So I realized that I've let my own inner 3 year old turn into a spoiled bratty mess that's difficult to control. And if I don't give into others tantrums, I'm not allowed to give into my own internal ones either..

Now, I've never heard the "stand naked in front of the mirror" one before, but I love that too. Maybe if I find myself TRULY tempted (my friend brought over Girl Scout cookies! Curse her!) I may do that to keep myself on track. SURE I can open the cookie package. Naked in front of a full length mirror. I doubt I'll eat any!.

You are an inspiration Pam, and the words of wisdom you pass on have helped me at least. I know I'm just starting, but glad to have had your (unknowing!) assistance thus far. /cheer..

Comment #18

Pam. what is the quote about the inner 3 yr old? I am new here, waiting for my first delivery. I found a great quote and I will share it..

Don't give up what you really want, for what you want at the moment"!..

Comment #19

Great quote, book!.

The quote my mentor gave me was: "Just say NO to your inner 3 year old brat who wants it and wants it now. Be the adult and put your foot down!".

P.S. Mine thought she needed french fries!..

Comment #20

I know this is true, to a degree, and it can be a very deeply rooted habit that feels impossible to stop. Several years ago, though, I heard an inspirational speaker address this very issue..

He started by asking "if I offered you a million dollars to hold your breath for 20 minutes, could you do it?" Obviously no, not if you wanted to be around to enjoy your million dollars! Then he asked "what if I offered you a million dollars to stop over eating? Could you?" Well, YES! I could! And I WOULD!.

So his point was that some things we think we CAN'T do, we really can but for some reason we don't. This little insight changed my attitude toward food completely, and helped me realize there really are things in my life that I feel powerless over, that I really CAN control, what a freeing concept that was for me! Hope it helps someone else, too.


Comment #21

My favorite is from my minister about thinking we can't stop:.

Two teenagers are in her living room, getting hot and heavy. Just as they are starting to "do it" the girl says "Stop!" and the boy says "I can't stop!" and just at that moment they see the lights of her father's car on the wall as he pulls into the driveway. Wanna bet the boy can't stop now?.

Yes, we can always stop...we just have to find the right motivation to do so...

Comment #22

Mine doesn't throw a fit over food so much now, but she can really start whining during a 10 mile run! Turns out she is lazy!!..

Comment #23

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