How does the Nutrisystem flex points work?

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Quick question: How does the Nutrisystem flex points work? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question of mine... When gals are overweight we sometimes have pendulous boobs! What happens when a significant amount of weight is lost? What happens to the bra size? Is there just hanging skin? Some of you may be lucky and everything just works out. But what about those who suffer from "stretch marks" and the skin isn't as pliable and resilient as that of the lucky ones? Let's hear about it gals!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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I call it more the half filled water balloon look..

I have gone from a 38DD to a 34B..

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LOL - that description works, too. I guess that describes me while standing, but if I lean forward and bend over some, I get the tennis ball in a sock.

I've gone from a 40DD to a 36C (barely C and actually 35)...

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Oh no! I am currently a 38C and very happy with my cup size. If you ladies lost that much size I have a bad feeling I'll end up in the A section.

I wonder if there's a way to not lose your boobs.. Workout your chest more? Less? Ugh...

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The only change for me has been the band size because of loss of fat around the side. I went from a 40DD to a 38DD. I was professionally measured for both sizes. I haven't lost any in the boobs...

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It made me laugh and know Im not the only one too! Thanks for the post.....

I'm really thinking about the surgery... I think it would be well worth the cost.. Anybody else thinking about surgery or already had the surgery? I'd love to hear what y'all think too.


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Because breast cancer left me with my left breast a barely there "B".

And my right one a solid "D".

I have been approved for reconstruction....

I am thinking of waiting until I hit goal. Right now, at close to 40 it doesn't bother me, I am happy I still have breasts at all...BUT...I am sure that down the road, I might want to be "EQUAL" and have a liftjob!!.

BUT...I remember wayback after having my second child...after I got done breastfeeding, I felt like the 1/2 filled waterballoon!!..

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Good Morning,.

The previous posts were deleted because some members may find the link offensive - What may be entertaining to some, may also not be to others. That type of content is inappropriate for this forum..

Thank you...

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That clip is hysterical!.

Like Midnight's Mom, I'm a DD and the cup size doesn't change, just the band...

Comment #9

Sorry Mods and anyone we offended, we have a warped sense of humor, didn't mean to offend...

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If I had any, it would be for a reduction and a lift; this DD stuff is really too much. Weight loss didn't help the cup size...

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For those of you who had no change in cup size, were you always that size? As a thinner teenager I was a 36C, now a 40/42DD and I'd really like to not be a DD when the weight comes off!.

As for Darlyn's question about surgery - you betcha I would! I will most likely also have quite a bit of tummy skin left behind that I would get rid of as well. I've had a hysterectomy so the thought of those surgeries and possible pain from them doesn't really bother me, it's only temporary...

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Bless your heart. I have sisters, neices, aunts, etc. that are all well endowed (most in the DD range, but some in E and F) and are constantly dealing with digging in straps, back pain, inability to find proper fitting clothes, etc. due to their blessing. None of them ever lose size when weight is lost, except maybe the band. I am truly the exception - that's the first place I gain and the first place I lose!!! It would be nice to be able to determine the location of the loss!..

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If you want to lose weight, do it while you are young and the skin still has much of it's elasticity. I'm 68 and I can tell you that the skin does not shrink. Where you can tell my weight loss the most is in my face, neck and arms..

I was a C at one time..and that was when I weighed about what I do now...

Comment #14

Sorry to have offended anyone. I was trying to lighten up the day in my own semi warped way..

Again I am sorry..

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I had a breast reduction back in 1997best thing I ever did for myself. I probably weighed in the 150's then and went from a 42DDD to a 38C. (They were actually larger than that but I refused to go to an E or F so I just stuffed them in a DDD!) As I gained weight I put some back on in my chest but I was always still not very droopy due to the surgery. I lost from 190 to my current 133 onNutrisystemand went from 42DD to a 38C which I love. I have a little droop from gravity but truly believe because I had the surgery I am not having the problems that others would have. I would not hesitate to have surgery or encourage anyone else to have itit is the BEST thing I ever did for myself and I am glad I am finally getting to enjoy it again since my weight loss. I am 56 and my boobs do not hang down to my waistyea!..

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Thanks for the info.. I was afraid if I continue to lose weight after having it done it would cause problems... Some say losing weight after would not be good. would be great ful for any insight.


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I wore a C cup when I was a teen and I was extremely thin. In my early 20s is when I settled into a DD. So, to answer your questions, DD is my "normal" size and gaining or losing weight doesn't change that...

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I started as a 42 E and now I have the tennis ball in the sock deal with the poor things ending right around my WAIST! It's so sad. Bending over makes me shriek! LOL!.

I've gone down to a 34 band which is almost impossible to find around here! and I still get the DD because I need the room to scoop them up and stuff all that stretched skin back into the cup. I can wear the D but more falls out..

I would LOVE to have the surgery done...but I know the insurance won't cover it anymore....they aren't killing my back from weight anymore...and I could only afford one or maybe two surgeries and if I'm paying for ANYTHING....

It's getting the excess skin and flab off my shrinking tummy! TUMMY TUCK! I can mask the chest size with clothes...but having a flat tummy would be just so much more benficial!..

Comment #19

I think I'm just fortunateeven though they're DD they don't sag and I'm 52. I keep waiting for them to start moving down, but they're "hanging in there!" LOL..

If they.


Sagging to my waist, I would definitely consider surgery...

Comment #20

Lisa, one of my friends had this shirt: "Darn right they're fake. My real ones tried to kill me."..

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Darlyn, I never really heard that so I don't know. I just know that I did stretch mine out some by gaining weightI can tell from where the scars are now. However, nothing like what it would be if I had not had the surgeryI am so sold on this surgery I could sell itlol! It really changed my life and now that I am able to really enjoy it again, wow. For my size now, I still am a little top heavy but so much less than before that I don't worry about it. A great bra helps alsothe surgery did not remove as much from under my arms as I had wished (and if I had it to do over I would make sure the surgeon knew I wanted as much of that gone as possible). Sometimes that made my tops not look so good until I finally found a bra with just enough foam to hold that in without adding bulk.

I now wear shirts I never would have worn before. Hope this info helps...

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I started with 48GG...ended with 36GG...and facing arthritis of the spine. I had my breast reduction surgery in December, 2006, after I'd lost 60 pounds on NutriSystem. Went to a 36D. After I lost the remainder of my weight (another 45 pounds), I settled in at a 34D, and the girls stayed pert and little and cute....

Absolutely, next to losing weight on NutriSystem, the BEST thing I've ever done for myself in my 62 years on earth!.

No pain, no problems, minimal scars (that no one can see, since they are under the breast)...NO MORE RASHES, NO MORE CHAFFING, NO MORE HAVING MY BOOBS ENTER A ROOM BEFORE I DO!.

The surgeon said I had the largest breasts he had ever operated on...they removed close to 2000g of skin! Dolly Parton looks flat compared to my HUGE honkers!.

Anyway, if you haven't already deduced, I have only one question about my breast reduction: Why didn't I do it at 37 instead of waiting until I was 57??!!..

Comment #23

Cute joke:.

A week after surgery, as the nurse was removing my stitches, she told me her favorite boob joke..

Seems a woman had recently lost her husband and was extremely depressed. Had decided that she wanted to join departed hubby in the afterlife sooner rather than later. She determined that the quickest exit from this life was a bullet to the heart. Unfortunately, she missed that day in anatomy class and just wasn't sure where to find her heart. She called the doctor's office and asked where her heart was located, and they told her that it was under her left breast..

1/2 hour later, they wheeled the poor soul into the Emergency Room.....

With a gunshot wound in her left knee...

Comment #24

Debbie & Pam.

Thank you both so much for the info.. I'm going on the 7th of April Soooo... I'm set regardless, I need this now! lol.

Thanks' Darlyn..

Comment #25

My insurance covered mine (Blue Cross) less the deductible, co-pays, etc..

The surgeon told me that it took 3 weeks or more (sometimes months of negotiations) for the insurance to approve the surgery, usually. As soon as the insurance company saw the pictures of my monstrosities, they approved the whole thing in 3 DAYS! LOL..

Comment #26

Rofl @ Pam.

Mine took 10 days! Sooo Guess I'm really big too....

But I'm short..

Comment #27

Well I know I'm young...but this is a question all my boys ask. well actually it's a threat from some of them. "if your boobs start shrinking I'm going to be very sad." at 190 I was 38 DD. now at 160 I'm 36 Dish. I would like to stay around there, but with thirty to go...who knows..

And ps, what do you do about stretch marks? I got wicked ones on my tummy and thighs...

Comment #28

I am gonna go out on a limb here and GUESS that asking the posters to post pics for us to judge their dilemma would also be inappropiate?.

See, I.



To bad though...I am sure I could give some really good advice in matters such as these! There is NO substitute for experience!.

Good morning MOD....did ya miss me the last coupla weeks?..

Comment #29

Thanks Linda!.

Work has had me busier than a mosquito at a nudist colony....or a one-armed paperhanger with the get the picture!.

They missed me too...they left several messages on my cell making sure I was coming back...apparently, a coupla of them were facing layoffs if I left!..

Comment #30

I went from a 44DD and semi-perky to a droopy windsock look. My back sure feels better, I feel better, look better (with clothes on that is.

) and my health is so much better, so I don't really stress about my breasticals looking perfect...

Comment #31

I have been earning my pay! We are looking at adding a couple of franchises and I am ensuring site preparation before the visits next week..

I love pressure packed deadlines...they give me a lil chub...

Comment #32

I have a couple....


"Don't let cancer steal 2nd Base".

"Cancer touched my boob so I kicked it's ass".


And I wear them proudly....

I also have a yellow "radio active" t' shirt that has a big black "explosion' stain on it....

It says "this is my radiation shirt"!!..

Comment #33

Gosh, I feel a little inadequate. At six feet tall and 265 I barely wore a 40DD. Now a little more than 15 lbs down I can wear my old 38DDs with a little room to spare in the cups. Last time I lost a significant amount of weight I lost most of it from the girls and coulda worn a 38C. Even in high school I barely wore a 36C because I couldn't find a 34 that fit right (straps were usually too short). I am destined to be small chested I guess.

Hey Mark... I missed you too. I like your very irreverent remarks!..

Comment #34

LMAO!! Glad to hear you are safe and sound..

Now, back to the regular b.

B program...

Comment #35

While we're on the subject, I had to share this with the women (cleavage bearing/breast owners) and the men (those who benefit from looking at the women).

Guess it's up to us ladies to help our men live longer - LOL.




Frankfurt, Germany, December 6.

A rather bizarre study carried out by German researchers suggests that staring at women's breasts is good for men's health and increases their life expectancy..

According to Dr. Karen Weatherby, a gerontologist and author of the study, gawking at womens breasts is a healthy practice, almost at par with an intense exercise regime, that prolongs the lifespan of a man by five years..

She added, "Just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well-endowed female, is roughly equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics work-out.".

A five-year research on 500 men.

Researchers at three hospitals in Frankfurt, Germany did an in-depth analysis of 200 healthy males over a period of five years. Half the volunteers were instructed to ogle at the breasts of women daily, while the rest were told to refrain from doing so..

At the close of the study, the researchers noted that the men who stared at the breasts of females on a regular basis exhibited lower blood pressure, slower resting pulse rates and lesser episodes of coronary artery disease..

Sexual desire linked to better blood circulation.

The researchers declared that sexual desire gives rise to better blood circulation that signifies an overall improved health..

Weatherby explained the concept stating, "Sexual excitement gets the heart pumping and improves blood circulation. There's no question: Gazing at breasts makes men healthy..

"Our study indicates that engaging in this activity a few minutes daily cuts the risk of stroke and heart attack in half. We believe that by doing so consistently, the average man can extend his life four to five years.".

In addition, she also recommended that men over 40 should gaze at larger breasts daily for 10 minutes..

The German research is believed to be published in the New England Journal of Medicine..


Also found at this link:.


Comment #36

I dunno...36 C now a 34 B, and pretty darn deflated looking at that. But, I have birthed and nursed four babies, I'm sure that didn't help!..

Comment #37

I can fold the girls in half and stuff them in a bra and they look good, unless I bend over and then gravity wants them to unroll..

If I go bra-less, I know not to kneel down, they hurt as knee pads..

Regardless, I would rather have the longish, deflated girls than have all the extra weight. I will take it!!..

Comment #38

I agree! As long as DH still wants to play with them and me, I'll keep 'em just the way they are...

Comment #39

I'm noticing a looser fit in the cups and band, more in the band. I can visually see more from my vantage than my husband does from his..

The research I've done on reduction surgery, I'm a 42H, believe me, I've researched reduction, scares me away from it. It's not as simple as pull up the excess and stitch. It's total reconstruction and there would likely be some or total loss of sensation in the more delicate areas. For me, it's just not worth it as a purely cosmetic procedure. With a good-fitting bra, Ill look fine in clothes!.

As Ive said before, if looks mattered to me, I never would have gotten overweight!..

Comment #40

Pam, I am so with you! Why didn't I do it at a younger age? I was 43 and had been contemplating it for 10 years or more. My insurance also paid with no problem..

My daughter was also very large and after seeing how happy I was, ended up having the surgery when she was 25not too many 25 year old women want to be smaller but for her, she had struggled with it all through school and collegewas a basketball player all the way through college and wore " cast iron" garments to keep her grounded. She has never regretted and I am so glad she didn't wait until she was in her 40's..

This was not a cosmetic procedure for meit was a health thingmy shoulders, neck and back were always hurting and I had grooves in my shoulders. Emotionally, I was very self conscious about it and hated that since my job meant I was always in front of people speaking, etc. If this was cosmetic for me, I would have gone back and had some reshaping donebut, I am fine they way I am and at least in my clothes, look fine. At age 56, not real concerned about the "naked" thinglol..

Darlyn, good luck with your surgery. You will be very happy you took this step. While it does take some recovery time and is not an easy procedure, the results will be very worth it. I hope you have a good support systemmy husband was extremely supportive of me and helped me every step of the way. I recovered pretty quickly and even though the actual weight loss was not much, when I was back at work everyone started commenting on how much weight I had lostI just smiled and said thanks since I didn't share with very many what I was doing...

Comment #41

Thanks Debbie,.

I'm really excited about getting this done! My husband is on board 100% he knows how uncomfy I've been for years (neck,shoulder pain) and really deep groves from the bra straps... I know I'll have some down time as far as getting my workouts in but, I'm doing well sticking with theNutrisystemplan so should at least mantain and not gain..I'll be doing alot of just walking for the first month I'm sure...But then look out! lol I'm gonna be hitting the WO's hard....

Thanks for all the info...


BYW, My daughter had this done two years ago, (she was 38 DD, 27 yrs old) BEST thing she ever did! She can run,jump and play with her kids with ease

Comment #42

Thanks for all the info, PamYou were actually the reason I started this post. When I saw your before and after photos, I couldn't imagine where all that "extra" went and how you looked so amazingly perky now! You've said in other posts that you didn't have a lot of extra skin after your profound weight loss, and I just thought you were one of the lucky ones that the Lord smiled on and made beautiful naturally after your loss. But the math of all those extra inches and what you look like now just didn't add up, so thanks so much for sharing! Many people would just say, "Yup, that's just how my body is, isn't YOURS??" making the rest of us feel miserable with our lots in life! That's what I like about this forumthings are REAL. Thanks so much everyone for sharing your experiences. It gives me energy to hear about all your successes : ).

Hugs from Banjoteacher..

Comment #43

You are welcome. I've never made any secret of my breast reduction...and, like I say, I would do it again in an instant! I do so wish that I'd done it earlier in life. When I lost weight on NutriSystem in my 30s, I honestly believe that I would have kept it off better if I'd had the breast reduction then. No matter how thin I got, I still looked fat with those huge breasts! I made the mistake at 37 of going to a doctor who I just didn't like. He was highly recommended, but his manner was just cold. I was scared enough already, but to feel like the doctor didn't care about anything but getting my money...well, I left his office and just didn't pursue the operation any further.

By this time, I already had the diagnosis of the possibility of arthritis of the spine from the shear weight of those pendulous GG's and knew I had to do something. But, to find the exact right person to do it...what a relief..

This is the e-mail I send to NutriSystem members who privately ask me about my surgery:.

Here is my ONLY regret about my breast reduction surgery: THAT I DIDN'T DO IT ABOUT 20 YEARS SOONER!!!.

Other than NutriSystem, it is the best thing I've ever done for myself in my whole life! I was DOUBLE G cup size...with a 36" band size (after I'd lost most of my weight, it was a 48" band size when I was at my heaviest). The neck pain, the back pain, we even thought the headaches were being caused by them (and, I did have more frequent headaches back then). I had been this huge breast-wise if I weighed 119 pounds (my smallest as an adult) or over 230 pounds. The cups/breasts stayed huge as the band size changed. I absolutely, positively, completely hated them and always felt that I looked like a freak of nature..

I first consulted with a surgeon when I was 37 (exactly 20 years before I finally took the plunge) and just wasn't ready emotionally. I didn't have a scar on my body and I was frankly terrified of the scars..

This time around, after I lost so much weight (12" off the band size: 48 to 36), not only were they still Double G's, but they literally hung to my navel (TMI, I know, but the truth). Rashes underneath them (even in the winter time), the aforementioned aches/pains, the stares (oh, yes, weighing so little, small waist, body, and THOSE things entering the room before I did, the stares were unbearable)..

I searched and searched for the best surgeon (the one I ended up using was actually suggested to me by my dermatologist), met with him, asked to see his book of befores and afters, met several nurses at the hospital who had used him for their surgery, checked him out with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the state medical board, the hospital and county medical complaint boards, consulted with him and others several times, and finally made the decision. He was incredible..

I went from a 36GG to a 36DD right after the surgery, and now they have settled in to a 34D (they still take their shape and size for about the first year). I have even been in 34Cs in some bras. The doctor removed over 900g of tissue from each breast (the minimum for insurance to cover it, I was told, was 300g to 400g per breast). Mostly consisting of skin, I only lost 3 pounds of weight throughout the whole thing. Insurance covered about 1/2 of it (my doctor and part of the hospital wasn't included in my self-employment Blue Cross...horrible plan, actually!), and I chose to stay overnight (low blood pressure and my age at the time, 57), so the total cost was $27,000 ($12,000 from me and $15,000 from the insurance). Funny aside: The doctor's office said that it usually takes Blue Cross three weeks or more and going back and forth to approve the surgery...after seeing my pictures, they approved it in three days with no negotiation or additional questions...LOL..

I literally didn't have any pain (mild discomfort, of course), took no pain medicine either in the hospital or at home, hubby waited on me hand and foot for about two weeks and I was back to work by week 3..

I saw one of my consulting clients right before the surgery (he had known me for many years) and then saw him again about a month after surgery. His first comments: "Pam, you look like a normal person now!" And, I laughed, because he was exactly right!.

Oh, and the scars? Hardly noticable! I was afraid for no reason..

Hope this helps. No horror story here...just complete and total satisfaction!..

Comment #44

This will help those who always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask. It was nice of you to share your experience...

Comment #45

Glad I'm not the only one worried about this! I've worn a DD since I was 15, so even when I lost weight, that didn't change.which can make clothes shopping a challenge. Well, I guess once I wore a 38F and I've worn a 38 DD before, but not for long! Most of the time I wear a 36DD with only first vs second vs third hook on the strap changing. My 36s were getting a little tight when I startedNutrisystemand 1.5" down on the chest now, I wear them on the smallest hook - that's it so far! Much less loss than everywhere else, but then I carry most of my fat in the tummy, hips & butt.oh, and the thunder thighs! I've heard that pec exercises can add support to help keep the girls perky, so that's what I started doing. Hopefully it works!..

Comment #46

Thanks for sharing those details. Not TMI at all. When we're worried about this stuff, we don't exactly know where to turn, and it is nice to hear your story. I see there has been a lot of interest in this thread, so many of us are in this boat! Is there anyone out there who lost weight and their cup size DID go down proportionately?.

Hugs to All,.


Comment #47

There is a very smart and very tricky way to take care of the "extra" after losing a lot of weight. Provided you have good health coverage.... go to your doctor when you are about halfway through the program and start complaining about lower back pain. Get on a low dose pain killer (you don't have to take it). Go back a few months later and say it is getting worse but you don't like the idea of taking more meds than you already are. After a while throw in some shoulder and neck pain where your bra straps sit..

Pretty soon the Dr will suggest a breast reduction. Now go to the surgeon, get the "extra" removed along with the stretchmarks and a nice little lift while you are at it. If you have good health care coverage then it should all be paid for because it was an actually medical need!.

At least thats how it worked for my mom and thats what I am in the middle of doing!..

Comment #48

I think someone asked earlier about getting rid of stretch marks but I never saw a response. Other than surgery, has anyone found any way of reducing their appearance? I have them in several place and would like to get rid of them!..

Comment #49

I just thought I'd had my two cents in here. When I startedNutrisystemin July I was a 42I and afte losing about 50 pounds I was at 38J in December. I was really noticing the discomfort "the girls" were causing me, so after talking to someone who had had a reduction, I went to the doctor for a consultation. He was honest with me and said if I had gone in 6 month prior he would have told me to lose weight before considering a reduction, and he told me based on what I had NOT lost up top, it didn't matter when I had the surgery. So, last month I had the reduction surgery. I am so glad I did!! It was one of the best things I have done.

And, there were no exterior stitches. The scars even now are pretty faint, except for under my arms where he took excess tissue from there. I believe I am now about a 36D and it is amazing.....I can even go out without a bra without worrying about tripping on my boobs. LOL And today while walking the dogs, I jogged a little bit without getting a black eye..

And like someone else said, I'm getting a lot more comments on my weight loss since the surgery because the girls are not blocking the view anymore...

Comment #50

Hey Susan. Great before and after pics in the same top even.


Comment #51

Thanks Ekydrd. One thing about the reduction is that now I can actually see my gut. LOL so now I am more motivated to get rid of it..

Oh, and someone said they were worried about losing sensation - my dr warned me that can happen, but it didn't for me. I actually have more sensation than before...

Comment #52

Susan: Isn't it the MOST wonderful thing in the world? You look great!..

Comment #53

That's awesome Susan!!! I had something pretty cool happen to me today too. I looked down and could only see my boobs! My belly has gotten small enough it no longer sticks out past my itty bitty boobies...

Comment #54

Pam or Susan, I don't know that a 36 DD is big enough that they'd reduce at all, but given I have back problems already, if I get back down to basically a 6 and they stay the same size again, do you know if a reduction impacts the ability to breast feed at all?..

Comment #55

I understand that you should be past breast feeding before having the surgery. I'm pretty sure that you would not be able to, Brooke...

Comment #56

Pam, yes it is a wonderful thing!.

Brooke, like Pam said, I'm pretty sure you cannot breast feed after a reduction. When my dr was going over things with me, he commented on the fact that at my age I wouldn't need to worry about breast feeding, and then went on the to the other issues...

Comment #57

Thanks Pam and Susan! That's kind of what I figured...

Comment #58

Brooke, when my daughter had hers done at age 25, that was something the doctor made very sure she understoodthat she would probably not be able to breast feed. She chose to go ahead and has not been sorry. Of course, she is now 35 and has not yet had a baby so she hasn't faced that situation yet..

Susan, congrats on getting that done and your pictures looks great! As I said earlier, it was the best thing I ever did for myself, followed by NS. I laughed when you said that about being able to jog without getting a black eyeso, so true!! The funniest thing that happened to me was a few days after going back to work I had to attend a meeting. We were seated at tables and when I pulled up to the table I got almost hysterical with laughter because for the first time, my boobs were not resting on the table! InNutrisystemterms, that would be a NSV!!!! I guess mine was a NBV (no boob victory!) Glad you shared you experience and glad it has been successful for you!..

Comment #59

Thats another good reason to wait, right? If you have it done now, then get pregnant the boobie fairy will still come during pregnancy and bring the growth and subsequent shrinkage which could result in stretch marks all over again...or am I wrong on this and if it's done now there will be no boobie fairy during pregnancy?..

Comment #60

Oh, I know what you mean. LOL And now my tops don't get stained if food falls off my fork, it lands on the napkin in my lap instead of my boods...

Comment #61

Oh, my gosh, so true! My husband used to always roll his eyes every time I ate because it seemed I was always dropping something on meI told him it was because I had "shelf" to catch the food. Now it goes to my lap and hopefully I will have a napkin in place to catch it!!!!!..

Comment #62

Mark, you got me on that oneI don't know! I never experienced this first time around since both of my girls are adopted so I can't speak to this! Maybe some experts can weigh in on the situation and give you some peace and understandinglol!..

Comment #63

Sagging boobs is the only thing I hate about losing weight my girls have gone from round melons to flat pancakes, course doesn't help that I am turning 50!.

Not all of us can afford surgery or else I would do it...

Comment #64

Mine are still a shelf and if I drop food, yep that's where it lands. I was shopping for sports bras the other day and I'm having the worst luck finding any - the biggest size I've come across was a 38 C, which I'm pretty sure won't cut it..

Any ladies on here in the D, DD, or higher range know where good sports bras can be found for us?.

Gregg, you're hilarious.

You guys get your own little man locker room. The ladies don't have a place designated just for us and our conversations..

I don't know anything about what happens with the boobie fairy Mark since I don't have kids yet, but rapid growth can cause stretch marks there as I got them as a teenager..

For the person who asked about getting rid of stretch marks, I don't know if this works after the fact or if it has to be used as the stretch marks are developing, but I used plenty of lotion with Vitamin E and they went from dark ugly purple at 12-13 to completely gone by 15. I also had a facial injury a couple years ago (if you put the tip of your forefinger and thumb together, that was the size of the injury right under my eye across my cheekbone) that I was told would scar and have no scar due to a combo of the Vitamin E lotion and one laser light treatment done by my chiro (included in the cost of the visit - $20 copay under my old insurance). When I get tan, there is still a slight pink spot on my cheek, but it has gotten lighter in the two years since it happened - it isn't visible at all when I'm not tan, it just doesn't tan the same as the rest of my skin...

Comment #65

I hear ya! But I did lose the 'muffin top,' and gladly! A good bra can help the girls out quite a bit, but the muffin top just has to go!..

Comment #66

This is a little strange to me, I have lost over 4 inches from my chest, but only went from a 36DD to a 36D. I use the middle clasp now instead of the last clasp to fasten. I do have the half filled water balloon thing going on. Was really hoping for a C cup. But like the other ladies have said. I will take the flat water balloons over those overstuffed DD anyday. I hated those things...

Comment #67



Both have sports bras in larger sizez...

Comment #68

Thanks ladies! I looked at the store the other day and did a quick browse of the stores online (thinking they'd have more selection there). This will officially be the first sports bras that I'll being buying at the proper size!..

Comment #69

To tell you the truth, I've never been in the Dan Marino locker room or whatever it is.... Nothing to do with Marino, just never been part of that whole Boys' club team thing. Plus, I'm sure it.


In there...

Comment #70

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