How does the Nutrisystem core plan exactly work?

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Quick question: How does the Nutrisystem core plan exactly work? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... Schwan messed my fresh frozen delivery up and I am still waiting!!!! very frustrated and havent even gotten started yet! ive had ready to go foods for 2weeks and customer service is unwilling to offer me any compensation! I am really debating cancelling! I was so excited to finally be able to afford this program and lose the weight but it just disappointed me like everyother program, guess this one isnt different!!!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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Hi Stacy,.

Please don't be discouraged! Once your order arrives and you can get started, things will start looking up!! From what I understand, Schwann's has a certain delivery schedule set for certain areas - I don't exactly understand it, I am sure they could explain it to you much better than me..

Nutrisystem is a great program - please don't give up before you begin! Give it a chance - you can do it!.


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HANG IN THERE! Take your discouragement and turn it into excitement, it WILL arrive and soon you will be on your way. Believe me it will be worth the wait!..

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Stacey: Please hang in there! I think the frozen takes longer to get and then with the mix up... but it will come..

When I placed my 1st order (not frozen) it took like 10 days to get it and I was like you, really ready and rather frustrated. When you make that decision to "DO IT" you want to do it now, right? Anyway, I just started on my own (actually did Slim-Fast, which I hate) until the food came. It gave me a head start and got me started on the weight-loss road..

After my food came it was all history. I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off for over 2 years!.

I went from a size 16 slacks (actually had just purchsed a size 18) to comfy size 8s. It's a great and easy plan. The food is good and I get to eat a dessert each and every day..

Love it and you will too..

You can do this. Have patience. Look over the boards and learn the program. Then when your food comes you'll be that much ahead of the game...

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Stacy, in another thread you said you received your shelf stable foods on the 12th? You're ready to go you don't have to wait until the frozen stuff gets here to start. You can start with just the shelf-stable stuff. Probably MOST people onNutrisystemdon't even get the frozen stuff they ONLY use the shelf stable. You can totally start this program without the frozen foods...

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There are always gonna be hurdles in life. A friend of mine said something that struck me once...that your success is determined by how you overcome obstacles. The more I think about that, the more meaning it has..

I know it's disappointing when you're waiting for something, but you decided on the day that you ordered that you wanted to make a change in your life. Don't let this little problem derail you. You just happen to be the recipient of a "problem shipment" apparently, but you most likely won't have simlilar problems in the futureI've never had any problems...

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If you have your self-stable order already, don't wait anymore to start! You could have started 2 weeks ago when that arrived. Everything you need is in there. You can just start adding in the frozen meals when they arrive..

Good luck!..

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For my first order I got my shelf stuff at least a week, maybe more before my frozen. No worries ... I just ate the shelf stuff...

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As others have said, no reason not to get started!.

As you said, Schwann made the error, why be angry with NS, or expectNutrisystemto compensate you? Most importantly, why cancel NS?.

Do you want to be angry and continue to allow other people and things to control your life....or are you ready to take control and become a happier, healthier you?.

It's your choice. Only yours. Only you can screw it up. Only you can disappoint yourself..

I hope you stick around...and I hope you post often. As you can see, these boards are full of people who want to help and encourage...and will give you a kick if you need it...

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In the grand scheme of life, is this really a big deal? Your frozen foods have been delayed, but you still have the regularNutrisystemfoods to eat while you are losing weight and waiting for the frozen foods. Be thankful that you are not starving with no food in sight..

I, for one, never let life's minor inconveniences get in my way of achieving my goals. Excuses are not a part of my vocabulary!..

Comment #10

I started my weight loss journey on my own a week beforeNutrisystemcame at all, so it's just an excuse if you ask me. At least you have the shelf foods, I didn't so I improvised, ate Lean Cuisines instead. If you make excuses to fail then you will...just sayin'...

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I was originally told to wait for my frozens to start but I took the advice of you all and started today... I have a headache and am wondering if it isnt a caffeine withdrawl. I am EXCITED to see the results! thanks everyone I was having a vent moment but I AM DETERMINED!!!!..

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Stacy I had a headache and was amazingly tired for about three days after I started NS. Hang in there, it will go away. (it really will!)..

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Did you cut back significantly on caffeine? That will do it. A headache for a few days when you start any diet is pretty common as your body goes through some carb withdrawal (Atkins gave me wicked headaches every time I did it). Caffeine withdrawal will also contribute to it. Have a diet coke or cup of coffee/tea. Caffeine is permitted on the plan (doesn't count towards your water intake though). Cut back on the caffeine slowly...

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Whoohooo! I'm glad you started with what you had and didn't give up.

For me personally, I stick with my coffee. life is tough enough and I dont want coffee withdrawal yet. ive found that taking a flinstones vitamin or two will help keep me from getting tired..

I did wind up with a headache when I first started..but it wasnt from not drinking coffee, for me. for me it's just something about dieting. probably a shock to the system going from ooh so bad to ooh so good food..

I always go thru it, but after several years I finally realized this time around that grabbing a candy bar, maybe having a bowl of home-made potpie.. wouldn't help my headache at all. so this time around, I grinned I beared it and took a couple of advil and ive gotten through it.

Good luck to you!!..

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If you're also trying to get off caffeine, you might want to consider waiting to stop the caffeine until you've gotten used to the program. Both the withdrawal from simple carbs (from theNutrisystemplan) and the withdrawal from caffeine can make you feel headachey and weak, and you don't need to double up on those feelings!..

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And also you can start mixing decaf coffee into regular coffee and wean yourself from caffeine gradually. Really didn't plan it, I was running low on regular coffee so I started mixing in some decaf I had. Then when I ran out of regular I just switched to decaf. And never had the caffeine withdrawal headaches. Figured if I enjoyed my morning cuppa (or two!) just as much if it was caffeine free there was no reason to go back..

Now I still have my morning ritual of making and drinking coffee. But it is caffeine free!..

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