How does one transfer adomain to another provider? seems to be expensive?

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My first question is: How does one transfer adomain to another provider? seems to be expensive?.

My next question is: According to the Wikipedia definition of boycott, "a boycott is the act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with someone, or some other organization as an expression of protest".

Certain top domainers have shunned Namepros for a long time now.

What I want to know is there some kind of secret oath made when a domainer makes it in the top of his or her field?.

I know there are plenty of very good domainers here, but as far as I know those in the really big league of domaining dare to step foot around here.

I thought they were the voices for the industry?. Is every action done by them self serving?. Why is there no dialogue here between domainers like Frank, Rick, etc. Even Rick Lat. does not post anything here, yet his money has affected all here with the ad blitz recently.

I mean I can understand a person being busy, Frank, Rick, and other Ricks that live on the hill, but what is it?. They don't need our communtiy?. They never need to discuss issues or get advice? Or say way to go to someone!.

Or is it what I suspect?.

After you arrive as a "big player" you must never talk to members of Namepros in the forum or make statements in the forum that are not self serving. Its ok to hype up a pay to go event or talk about paying for membership to shows, etc. A secret society does not reveal itself.

Is there a better place to acheive to than Namepros, and these few are the only members that belong to that club?.

Seems to me if these folks, (I will talk like they do now) can kick back at big shows and beg in their pictures to come and join them and to fork over thousands to join their "friendly" group, that they would manifest that friendliness here. Something sure as hell is up with that.

Make a difference by belonging to the communtiy!.

Shh, huh.. what other community?.


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Your question was: How does one transfer adomain to another provider? seems to be expensive?.

Any real domainer is an idiot for not taking advantage of any community as large as Namepros that's available to them, time permitting.

There's an E word Exposure. I've sold $20,000+ worth of domains on my blog this year for god's sake and there are people thinking being a member on Namepros wouldn't benefit them? I've sold 50k+ worth of domains to NPers already this year, on top of making about 40k in purchases (have 12k in escrow for a NPer right now).

Not saying they're all bad people I know a few people from Rick's board who are really nice and all maybe they just don't have time for Namepros. But to shun Namepros for being Namepros?.

Namepros and other "sites for noobs" like DN Journal are the reason money keeps pouring into this industry.....

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Let's be honest Rod. What would they gain from being here? They are just doing what most of us are doing anyway, just on a much larger scale. You have seen this thread Rod, you've posted in it. -

They aren't doing anything revolutionary, just simply trying to monopolize the market. Why converse for free with the people you want to eventually buy out, when you can charge them for the privilege of giving them information that is not that much different to what you can glean here for yourself.

Besides, it's their problem if they want to miss out on potential sales from forums like this one.


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Not sure the point of this thread really - But I will say this : Most members on all other boards are here as well .... Just because they don't post here much doesn't mean they do post somewhere else. You're making a lot of assumptions IMO ~.

Some that have posted their opinions on certain extensions here - Were attacked for it. One that Sponsored the site for a short while , Well - You'd thought we were clubbing Baby Seals the way some people acted...

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I totally agree. And it's not just good for selling but also for buying, development, business news, knowledge, relations, and many other things...

Comment #4

I am part of ricks board, and they are not elitist at all. Fact of the matter is:.

1. Most of NPers do small business, opposite for Ricks members.

2. Most of NPers have little $..

3. Why waste your time on a busy forum if you are busy with your HostGator life?..

Comment #5

1. Many domainers on Namepros are far more creative than domainers on these "elite boards". Why think up crazy ideas like investing in 4 letter .coms (or .asia for that matter ) if you don't need to?.

2. 99% of "the big guys" have no more insight than you or me. If they actually did, why the heck wouldn't they have bought out LLLL.coms when there was 100,000+ of them left? That would have made an excellent return even by "big guy standards". Maybe a few of them ought to have read some of ItalianDragon a NPer's posts about LLLL.coms a couple years ago.

3. I don't think I need a third point. Point made...

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There might be big domainers like Shilling, Rick etc.... here in different names. Who knows? They may even have many user names as they might have got lots of IP address.

Which big players willing to use their real names????..

Comment #7

I sure as heck wouldn't use my name if I was them! Imagine all the pms... Imagine..

Comment #8

Yes, they will be replying messages 247 if they use their real names and being active here...

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I agree with Mark on some key points. Its true some do post on other sites, and we can't make any assumptions.

In regards, to feeling attacked for expressing your opinion on certain extensions and to everyone that has been on that side of the argument, I hope you have not felt attacked by my posts. While we may have differences of opinions when it comes to certain extensions and their futures; I sincerely would hope that it has not made anyone feel disparaged or left anyone feeling like they have been attacked. Not at all my intention. Now on the sponsorship of NamePros, I do get both side of the arguments, however I do think that the sponsorship of the page was not that bad. Maybe some tweaking of the idea may be needed, but not a bad idea at all. And it's great to know that the founders of NamePros are thinking out of the box to maintaining this community open and available to all.

However, I wholeheartedly believe that these big players have their attention centered elsewhere on bigger issues which threaten the very existence of domaining; like the Snowe Bill (S. 2661), and other bills with similar ends, now that should definitely be our main concern at this point.

Comment #10

Reece, do you have a link to that article? It'd be nice to read again..

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If not posting for you is boycott already, then you forgot to consider the possibilities that they have already joined before you but are lurkers and instead voicing out their opinion they are content in learning from the domainers of namepros.

Wow this topic is hot..

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Why should they ?

They really don't have the time to spend on forums like we do. And they hold the major portfolio of domains. If they were to do business here, who would buy their domains for e.g - 10 million No they don't need to be posting on forums. That's why they have their own blogs as means for communication.

Look at Frank's blog and the number of questions he answered prior to his blogging retirement...

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Why is it boycott? I no longer post on the Joomla forums, am still an active community member and contribute extensively otherwise.

Whats the big deal if a few people don't post here... do they post anywhere aside from their own sites while not at NP, this is a stupid supposition, below you rod, sry...

Comment #14

Great topic. Don't kid yourself they are watching this forum. OMG Man. You just don't get it do you? It's You're or "you are" not your!!! Please for the last time today, learn how to use "your" correctly or don't use it at all..

Here's an example: I hope this doesn't hurt your intelligence.

And why are the Moderators letting jd talk like this to fellow members only trying to create some level of communication? This is rude, specifically: If RJ heard this nonsense he'd be very disapointed in you .jd. He'd most probably slap that smirk off your face.

.jd. what you need to do is take a break from NamePros. It clearly shows you are very frustrated lately. Speak for yourself. There are many high profile individuals and big portfolio holders on this forum. Are you seriously saying that NamePros houses low level domainers? You can't be serious.

Yes it is. But Mr.jd. seems to think otherwise...

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How would you know them even if they use their real names ? There are 93,573 members on this forum...

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There are and might be some very success full domainers on NP.

The stuff you read in HostGator news and all. It is the difference in mentality of a person.

One wants publicity and some other would hate the publicity. Some like to make X amount in 1 deal while others make X amount in 10 deals. Some like to post and share and some don't like to post and share. Some like to take advices and some are big enough to do it their way and make others follow that path.


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I think Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are all boycotting my local supermarket. I never see them shopping there!.

Really... there's no boycott or organized effort to avoid NamePros. There are many brilliant and successful domainers and here at NamePros. I know because I've met and talked to many of them at the conferences and it's rare to find a seasoned domainer who doesn't at least have an account here. Not everyone is interested in having a spotlight on them.

We are like unto a big city at NamePros. We're not setup to cater to the industry elite, but welcome people from all experience levels.


Comment #18

Of course and that is why I don't get it. Come on, I don't think for a minute some of these guys would have a problem holding their own if they took an active roll here. Stating that they would get tons of pms may be true, but they can always block them.

I know of only a few who are recognized industry leaders who take part in posting on a regular basis here. One is Mr BerryHill and the other is Ron at Dnj. Even as busy as these two are they have some presence here.

I also agree Namepros is the leading industry forum and saying that I am still puzzled as to why these people cannot bring themselves to comment or bring any meat to the table here.

There are lots of forums, but ask around and I am sure this one stands above the others in most domainers eyes. That being said why then do the pioneers of the industry keep a low profile around here?.

So answer me this then, at what price point is it when a person arrives as a top domainer, having gained financial success, that they abandon Namepros with contributions of their time and insight? Most drop out when they make one million, two, more? Or is everyone saying it is just a coincidence that the Franks, and the Ricks of the HostGator world stop taking an active roll in threads around here.

Please do not think I am pointing a finger at Frank or Rick. I am just using their name as a symbol of the people who have acheived the kind of success they have. Because I know that elite group is large...

Comment #19

If you see no value in NP, I suggest you move on as there is nothing here for you.

If on the other hand you want to:.

* Learn the basics, tips and tricks from experienced / successful domainers.

* Analyze the marketplace via the wealth of data and knowledge available on NP.

* Develop long last partnerships with other like minded investors.

* Most importantly BUY and SELL DOMAINS!.

Then I suggest you stay awhile and get involved...

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Most of the top domainers are busy counting money and all domains they own, not posting here or contributing means they abandoned namepros.

You don't know when to quit if you tasted the millions in domaining who can stop you? the measure to success is infinite, there's no boundaries, we're earning unlimited incomes thru domaining, it's just that posting or no posting don't make it a activity measurement...

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A person achieves Top domainer status when he owns all domains that are registered or could be registered on the internet. Ask any top domainer which HostGator name he wants in his portfolio. He will surely have a long list of his wishes.

It still depends on what targets one sets for himself. Some are happy with 1 million and wanna spend them and enjoy the life. Who the hell would want to spend the rest of his life in front of the monitor when he has 1 million sitting in bank account. But on the other hand some are not interested in spending it and wants more. While some just do it for the fun and getting kicks out of it. It could be their hobby too.

Do you know who is the Top domainer of the next decade? It could be anyone. Some sales are just ridiculous ones. Yes there are chances that the generics and short ones and all goes most of the time. But sometimes the domains that were not even worth reg fee can go for a couple of millions.

The richer domainers don't want to type all this stuff on boards as they have loads of dollars and they can call their group of domainers and discuss the issues out. No waiting and expecting a reply from some members. But that doesn't says that Namepros is boycotted by them. They have their own ways of dealing with issues as some of us have our own...

Comment #22

Source, who are you talking too? If it is me, you have gained a strange grasp of what I said.

Your statement that if "I see no value in Namepros I suggest you move on" shows you may have some hesitation to engage in this dialogue.

What does my raising these questions have to do with my views of Namepros?. I am not saying I do not see value in Namepros, quite the contrary. I see the value, I wonder why certain successful rich domainers do not...

Comment #23

Yeah, I also find it a bit strange that these guys hardly ever post here although I'd bet my balls they lurk alot.

I'v never seen a post from Sahar, none from Vaxis, one or two from Rick to stop a rumour, none from FS and a few from Bonkers - Thats about it.

Even Ron Jackson does'nt participate much apart from his regular (and excellent) postings about DNJournal.

I wish they'd stop by more often.

I don't doubt that there are loads of very successful longtime domainers here but for the most part I have no idea who they are.


Comment #24

I have a great idea for all those interested.

Start you own new forum called "Top Domainers Forums - Only Top Domainers Allowed".

Then see how many of the top domainers post on it.

If they don't post then figure it out yourself why they don't post or why they have boycotted it.

Simple isn't it..

Comment #25

In some ways, I think it's best most of them stay away if they started showing up and answering people's questions, making future predictions, etc, I'm sure noobs everywhere would realize they're just domainers like everyone else here they're not gods, nor can they predict the future... They've just done one hell of a job predicting what happened in the past. What will any stock broker tell you about past performance?.

Top Domainers? Nah. Maybe Top Parking Earners though...

Comment #26

Top Domainers boycott ? hmm, i'm still here.


Comment #27

I have seen elequa on here a number of times and I know for sure he looked at the thread. Just because he did not post does not mean he is not interested in what we think or say. Imagine all the pm's etc he would have gotten over that one had he made a reply in the thread!..

Comment #28

Success is doing what you love and loving what you do...

And Enjoying your life... after all - it's not a dress rehearsal...

This week sure has gone by fast...


~DomainBELL (Patricia)..

Comment #29

No top domainers, eh?.

Maybe we need to look a little closer. To name a few people that I consider top domainers from our very own NamePros:.






...of the top of my head, and that's a very, very small list...

Comment #30

My personal view is that a top domainer is someone that literally turns nothing into something extraordinary.

I'm sorry but coming into domaining with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars and making a profit on that just isn't a "top domainer" in my books.

A successful person? Sure. It takes more than money to be a top domainer though imho. There are people on this very forum who've turned $100 into $10,000+ in a single year. I'd be a billionaire by now if I had that kind of year over year ROI! Those guys are the real top domainers imho. It takes very little skill to turn 5k into 10k, 10k into 20k, etc... It takes a whole lot of skill to turn $100 into 10k...

Comment #31

Hey! You forgot me!.

(LOL, I can dream, can't I?)..

Comment #32

Perhaps someday. I absolutely agree.

I've found that people that start off with low funding have become the best buyers because they know a good deal when they see one. People that start out with cash are more likely to take risks and be somewhat wasteful with their spending...

Comment #33

I see some premiums traffic names and's on Namepros from time to time..

Even "BIG" domainers would like to be in those auctions or negotiations.

+ you can also get a feel for the current "hot" HostGator genre..

The post a few years ago is proof of this...

Comment #34


I hope you don't interpret my question the wrong way but just out of curiosity, what kinds of discussion topics would you like to have "them" post here at np that are not already being discussed?.

How they drive Ferrari's and have multi-million dollar mansions? How they have and and they are making tens of thousands of dollars a day?.

I'm sure you know this but no single forum can cover all niches and have related experts as members. Information is out there, if you dig hard enough. Just because the "whales" don't post at NP doesn't really mean squat (at least to me).

Just my 2 pennies...

Comment #35

Honestly, I think the only difference between most of us at namepros and the "elite" is the income. I read most of the big blogs out there and to be frank I have not read something I didn't know already. Like I said most of us dont have enough money to go reg 100 names on a hunch and hope it pays off. If we all had money like that and knew how we would invest it then I'm pretty sure a lot of us would be "industry leaders".

I dont think they are boycotting the community, I just think that it would bring a lot of attention to them and honestly if I was as busy as most of them I wouldnt want the attention of 5,000 new domainers asking questions every day. Im sure most of them frequent the boards and might even send a couple pms to choiced people from time to time...

Comment #36

A perfect example is Lorenzo (ItalianDragon). Pretty much any person who occasionally visits the Short Domains forum knows how strongly he feels about LLLL.coms. He told me on many occasions (pre-buyout) that if he had the money he would have bought them all out and I believe him! Only reason he's not a millionaire from LLLL.coms is because he didn't have hundreds of thousands to buy them at regfee with...

Comment #37

I believe NP is a great resource for any type of domainer. Personally, I have found NP very useful...

Comment #38

Interesting topic guys. I learning a HostGator industry a lot from NP...

Comment #39

Hi Etab,.

The domainers you point too that are successful are doing good things for the industry and to tell you the truth I like all of them and their posts.

I am not talking about those who have made a difference here in Namepros by their many posts.

As far as I know NONE of people you say who make big contributions here are the "cream of the crop" in regards to their wealth.

They are not rich domainers sipp'in martinis on some island they own like the Franks of the HostGator world. This discussion is not really about who contributes the most in Namepros. It is about why those who have made it do not post here.

I still do not buy the argument that their inbox would be full of pms and that is why they do not post here. All they would have to do is DISABLE their pm function, hello!.

No, there is some other reason why the rich domainers are not visible here.

A side note, I am not sure if Donney from Parked is in these peoples league, yet he has no problem making his presence known arond here and (omg) he talks to us. I think he owns hundreds of thousands of domains, plus a well known parking company.

Maybe the high rollers are like Britney Spe-rs, they shun talking to the crowds of average people so as to keep and gain that paparazzi frenzy, lol.

Good points from all and I am getting a better picture now...

Comment #40

I agree that they're not necessarily the best of any domainers, but they're the best we've got, and I'd say they're pretty darn good. As you mentioned, each of those people make great contributions toward our community and help newer domainers get started.

I'd bet that anyone I listed is a happier person inside and has more respect from their peers actually giving advice and working with individuals at NamePros. Everybody might look up to the Franks and Ricks of the industry, but the people I mentioned are the ones actually producing something valuable...

Comment #41

Not everyone has the time or desire to be part of a larger community, much less multiple ones. I'm not as active elsewhere as I am here. This is the "home base" that I've chosen. I'm not boycotting DomainState because I don't post there regularly anymore.

Other examples,.

Frank Schilling isn't posting anywhere right now. Although he spent a good deal last year writing an excellent blog.

Rick Schwartz is not currently posting anywhere. He used to run a very active blog at as well as his own private forum that he's run long since before NamePros existed. How can you fault him for not participating here? Can't.

Kevin Ham is not active on any forums. No doubt he's busy working on numerous projects.

Ron Jackson is busy with his DNJournal and hasn't been a real active forum participant anywhere aside from the DNJ updates.

The question of "how much money do you have to make before you boycott NP" is kind of silly...

Comment #42

How would you know this? Im sure most of those domainers that like to enjoy life have put their fair share of work in to the proffesion. Building a portfolio of hundreds of thousands of domains does not happen over night. Let alone building amazing sites and platforms for us all to go to and enjoy. Turning that off will only make people start topics like, "Rick Swartz, how do you make money?". We all know we dont want that type of thing going on. Plus I think that these people realize what they are doing and if you really want to know whats going on with them check out their blogs and send them an email. Im sure they will respond most of the time...

Comment #43

Most members of namepros are ass-kissers anyway.

If any of 'em were to post - for instance when Rick S posted back then - the thread would degenerate into a circle jerk with comments such as "You're the man!" blabla..

No doubt they scan the various forums - as evidenced by certain threads being mentioned in their blogs..

GENERALLY, they only post or blog when it serves an ulterior objective.

I suggest people learn the psychology definition of "ego" in the context of people's actions.

GENERALLY, those who have 'made it' only post/blog when they have something to GAIN.

Not b/c - unlike many here - they are:.

1/ bored.

2/ still learning.

3/ want to sell/hype something.

4/ touting for business (parking progs).

Time is money and all that... Opportunity cost etc..

Also, they would not wish to "add value" to a HostGator forum that they do not own/control.

That said, which is more likely: does the mountain go to Mohammed or the reverse?.

=> Big/successful domainers are more likely to gravitate to boards where OTHER big successful domainers are..

It's common sense...

Comment #44

Actually, they are too busy in following this simple rule: And please don't disturb me in doing the same. IMO. Pointless thread. Plain and simple!..

Comment #45

For the record I do read alot of posts on this forum and DS and DNF I just dont reply simply because I travel alot and dont have the time to follow up etc..

However, I f any need me to comment pls pm me the thread and will try my best..

For the record I learn so much from you all more than you imagine and really enjoy your posts...

Comment #46

Well...That pretty much kills the theory behind this thread...

Comment #47

So you're one of those quiet Lurkers and not a poster - The silent but deadly type.

Best of luck with LH.

..oh no, I must be an ass kisser.


Comment #48

So you think that the people who are adding value to Namepros are making a mistake?.

If only those people used to post who own/control the forum. Then will it be a forum?.

Here is defination of forum : Kissers - Kickers - Kissers - Kickers..

Comment #49

They most likely do visit these boards daily on their laptops on their hammock in the Bahamas or Miami beach etc. Maybe while they are here they might buy one of my domains with their small change.....

Comment #50

Eveyone likes to know what is going on. No matter who you are we are all addicted to this and need our "Fix" whenever we can get it!..

Comment #51

At least I am getting some idea of why the very successful rich domainers are not posting or helping the communtiy at Namepros.

Lots of good reasons pointed out. Some members here have said they want to charge for their insights as some mention they know more than we do here. Some say they are too busy. I have heard comments too that they will get too many pms. Some say they belong to forums where everyone is rich and successful, so why post around here.

So is my hunch they have a separate club so far off?.

Hmm.. do I really want to be a rich domainer and then "lurk in the shadows" at Namepros?..

Comment #52

It's not much of a secret that there are two private forums that someone would consider noteworthy; Rick's Targeted Traffic Forum and Donna Mahoney's DomainBoardroom. The atmosphere is quite different between a public forum and a private forum...

Comment #53

I've been around the block a few times, since 1998/1999 ... and have let domains lapse for losses, and made $X,xxx's in relatively quick amounts of time, and many times over to End users, and countless Reg. fee+/+ - $Xx/$xxx+ sales here at the reseller level, IMHO.

There is no better open discussion - and diverse, knowledgeable, helpful Community - than our #1 Namepros, IMHO. If anyone is "boycotting" (which is a wildly dramatic overstatement, in my judgement) it, for whatever reason or reasons, than I've never cared, or even missed it! By the way, what's the exact definition of a "top" domainer ... and how much does experience - and thus helping others that are new and newer to domains - weigh in that definition?.

Just my two sense..


Comment #54

Aren't you glad that it's not like that on namepros?.

You get to read from Rj, and the staff even not belonging to the club, and btw there's no club here..

Np levels the playing field in a way that resources available to the top guys are also available to us, look around and you'll see...

Comment #55

There are some very judgemental people here......

Hey, I am a top domainer in Canal Fulton, Ohio......there are only 5000 residents and only 3000 have a coumputer, 1000 can type in a website other than google, 50 know that HostGator names can be purchased, 10 know where to buy them and only 5 care to own them.

I am great...and number 1.

-Thank you for your time..


Comment #56

It's too risky to do that on the real world as same on the communities..

You never know who's the biggest and small, until you saw someone bigger than you and you thought that's the biggest wait till you see another one's tail bigger than that...

Comment #57

I often see Michael Jordan in the playground near my house playing hoops with the high school kids. Why just the other day I went to the batting cage & lo and behold it was A-Rod getting in a few swings. While I was driving past the Putt-Putt course on the way home I saw Tiger on that really tricky hole where you have to hit it in the clown's mouth.

It's all relative, are there big dog domainers here? Yes. Do they all wear neon signs around their neck? No.

Bottom line if you are here you can learn something new everyday. It might be from a billionaire or it might be from some 14 year old with a paypal account full of nickels. It's all relative...

Comment #58

I almost forgot if op wants to join such a club we have here and it's called a group.

Join these:

Comment #59

The truth will set you free, ya know that full well...

Comment #60

I think this thread should be merged with this:

But again I'm just a member..

Comment #61

I think some are taking what I am trying to say all wrong.

I think this is the brightest and most rounded out HostGator community there is, that I belong to anyway.

Rj, I did not know about those clubs, so thats another reason why we are not getting much input from many rich domainers. They do have another club, (forum).

I define top domainers many ways. We have some here that blow me away with what they do and how they do it. These people do contribute here. I am not talking about those members no matter if they have thousands of names or one.

You do not have to be rich to be a top domainer, you can be a top domainer and manage hundreds or thousands of names. But at the end of the day are you making so much money that you are worth millions and you have millions of dollars at your disposal as profits?.

So lets not point out that many here are successful.

If you know of very successful people, for instance the types that Ron at Dnj profiles that are on this forum regulary, then that is news to me. I don't want to know their names, that is not what is important. What I am mainly wondering is since it seems most of those people do not take a very active roll around here, what is the reason for that?.

My concern is how come those who make millions a year in profits are not around here like all of who us that do post here?. You know what? I have had correspondence with many very rich people in my business dealings (in another line of business). Most of them are extremely nice and easy to carry a conversation with. What is up with the top successful and rich domainers in this business that they can't mingle and impart their knowledge with us lowly HostGator mortals at Namepros?.

Maybe they are around and use a different name?. If so, thats pretty cool. On the other hand it would be a real asset to Namepros if they used their own name...

Comment #62

Why would they let people leech off their knowledge? Its very simple fundamentally, it's a give and take society. I like "chilling" at namepros to talk about domains, but really, I don't do a whole lot of business anymore. NP is where all the "small deals" go down, which is good sometimes, but most of my biggies occur elsewhere.

If I'm making lots of money, why should I waste time at NP? These people are extremely nice, especially the ones on ricks board. I've met GreGr at Traffic last summer, although I am relatively small domainer compared to the big shots, I was treated with RESPECT and KINDNESS by everyone. Here I am, walking with Greg around the conference, and all these companies approaching me, and Greg is introducing me to all of them.

Of course, most of the people think hes some arrogant asshole. Oh how the online world is so twisted...

Comment #63

I view Namepros members as the blue collar domainers of the industry. I think the amount of members on this site that make a complete living off domains is probably very small (I am one). I know that DNF basically just has a higher quality membership at least in terms of portolio power. This place is way more active and fun too. Places like DomainState just suck imho. It's terrible looking and I get a weird vibe there.

Places like DP are geared more toward webmasters and seo freaks. It's active but not really a domainer hangout.

Namepros hands down is the top domainer forum if simply for the atmosphere here...

Comment #64

Couple of you mention how ron is not that active here. Disagree. I have seen ron post, explanations to things, he has answered couple of my PM messages, a thread gets closed because a namepros member tells ron he isn't a good reporter.

Well folks he I have him on here a lot and commenting.

Last year was fun reading and hearing franks insights everyday. Then he said how he wants to ease up on his Blog and spend time with his family and his portfolio and other things going on.

By the way Franks Blog has a link to namepros and he reads things I am sure.

I have learned a lot at namepros.

Even though there not here everyday they catch up on there readings. Of course most domainers in there league would not want to use there real names. Imagine there PM box everyday. Then threads would be formed and attacks. Oh the big domainers don't respond to my PM messages. There just rude. Comments like this would occure and etc...

Comment #65

Every company I look to that is seen as one of the top successes in the HostGator business , such as Godadd-, the Mon-kers, the Matts of S-do, the reps from Fab-lous, the hard working folks at Traff-cz, the new owners of Afte-nic, including Plams-n, the owners of Parkd, Bdis.. all these owners, (most who are very wealthy) do not make posts here about anything other than their promotions. I just don't see them involved in any of the day to day posts or comments. Thats my take.

Lets not sweep the dirt under the rug ok? Thats the way it is, the bigger the success the less they share in general discussions in day to day topics around Namepros, the top forum for the HostGator industry.

Agree, disagree it is my observation. Seeing this I can only imagine what gems of knowledge are hidden from us who have not acheived that level of success.

Talk about weird, That is weird...

Comment #66

I think the problems is that over 90% of active domainers are clueless, time wasting losers? Why would you seek the exposure if you feel you don't need it? If they cannot see a way of substantially increasing their bottom line, and lets face it these guys don't worry about cashflow, without courting a lot hassle, they are not going to bother. Clearly, they can't so therefore they don't. Having said that Rick Latona did, so perhaps there is a perception that there is some value there somewhere...

Comment #67

As a member of other non-domain forums ... I can tell you as fact that those that are making the most money have the least time to post comments ... the money makers boycott time wasting...

Comment #68

"We have survived by hiding from running from them. But they are the gatekeepers. They are guarding all the doors, they are holding all the keys, and that means that sooner or later, someone is going to have to fight them.".


Comment #69

Absolutely correct. They have the English speaking world pretty much carteled, and they have attempted to shut other cultures and languages out of the frame. That has been their big mistake. It will be soon shown that these smart arses missed out one of the biggest opportunities going. Who says that Chinese character domains are worthless? Of course they do. But does it matter? Did we expect them to type-in or develop such names? Of course we didn't.

Does it matter? Not one jot. These guys spend much of their time blogging or posting. Why? Because they have sod all else to do. They park the names, rarely develop much so it ain't really a time thing, but they are choosy who they network with. This isn't an open and transparent market place we are talking about here...

Comment #70

Duck, Mobi, cosmic,.

Very interesting take. Although I don't agree that for those who are extremely successful that posting in the top forum for HostGator professionals is a waste of their time. Their not doing so says something else about their leadership.

Many say why waste their time around here as so many are clueless. On the other hand this place is full of very, very bright people. Is it really to their benefit to not have the "beat on the street" in their hearts? Maybe thru isolation after some time they will only have their old and tired ideas and those ideas may not work anymore.

Some will say " all they have to do is lurk in the shadows" and they can know all that is going on. Oh really.?..

Comment #71

I'm sorry Rubber Ducky but I think this comment is an utter load of shite IMO !.


Comment #72

Well, I can assure you the telegraph wires are constantly buzzing. They just tend to keep it to what they regard as an elite circle. The problem is that circle has become so introspective, they don't really have a grasp of the bigger picture. So they are not quite as elite as they would have us believe...

Comment #73

Please exclude me am not part of any elite forum nor am part of any circle..

Comment #74

I dont think top domainers have anything to gain by boycotting namepros. Its a fact that this site is an amazing resource no matter how big time you get. However it should be obvious that the more successful people get, the less they interact with those that arent. This isnt only true of domaining. Thinking that pros are willing to share all their secrets seems kinda naive really...

Comment #75

Nobody is boycotting anybody. Pick a HostGator community, any HostGator community and I can give you a long list of so-called "top" domainers who do not particpate in that particular community. NP is no different, no better or worse.

Speaking of true top domainers that NP does have as members, it's nice to see Elequa just posted in this thread. Now there is somebody that is a great domainer, AND a developer. Good stuff...

Comment #76

Just like celebrity, they hide but monitoring, I guess......

Comment #77

Ricks Board is not the place for independent thinkers. During the short time I was there it was clear that most were afraid to say what they really thought out front on the forum. You haven't missed out on much...

Comment #78

You were banned for making comments ? Why ?

Comment #79

Is it a equal level of importance?. Or does one or two persons in particular have the final say on matters?..

Comment #80

There is one thing saying your opinion. Theres another spewing out IDN greatness and annoying the hell out of the members.

Don't try and put down the members for what a few rogue IDNers started at Ricks Board.

I didn't participate in any of the threads, but certainly you cannot proclaim yourself as "innocent".

To say I am not "independent" is insulting. One look at my portfolio can definately show I don't follow the .com crowd. They can have 0% innovation and sit on their asses and park all their names and still live comfortably. What do you expect the top to do? Freeload their experience to the swarm? That defies logic. Do you see Bill Gates telling all his secrets to everyone?..

Comment #81

Lets see Sam how well that isolation factor is working for them.

Rick has a pretty big pr problem right now imagine.

Ron has profiled the developement plans and domainers have had a certain image of what this top domainer has done with his "properties".

About Bill Gates, he does not isolate himself...

Comment #82

Regardless, I don't care if hes portrayed as the worst domainer of them all, the matter of the fact is he will STILL make 6-7 figures this year.

Like him or hate him, he still will succeed. These guys aren't going to "flounder" anytime soon by being "isolated"...

Comment #83

I agree, he is going to continue placing the chips on winning numbers. I too think he has helped the industry and many, many individuals. I am not a Rick hater. I am more interested in getting a dialog with all HostGator pro's. Even those who have alot on their plates can be enriched here...

Comment #84

We weren't so much banned as ethnically cleansed.

Still, I think being there was an utter waste of time beyond making me realise that these guys had little to offer me. Rick basically kicked me out for discussing Asia rather than IDN after he lost with another member. OK, feel justified about my banning. It bothers me not. I wouldn't go back there if you paid me.

However, there were a very large number of other people kicked out who had said and done absolutely nothing. Guilty by association is the most generous description you could attribute...

Comment #85


Duck that is amazing. How in the hell can a person learn anything under those restrictive guidelines?. It sounds like they have no idea what a think tank is. We may draw a conclusion that this small minded vision of domaining has worked it's way into the HostGator business.

Makes me think the big players who are facing corporate America knocing on their doors may have themselves to blame for keeping the circle small. A small circle is tight, yet cannot withstand a volley of arrows, only when group is large and found in many places, high and low can attacks be held off.

Spoon feeding Dnj what is their agenda is a big part of the marketing for their plans. We buy it all, hook line and sinker. Trouble is alot of what is sold is hype...

Comment #86

Still arguing about this? It's not rocket science, some "big time" domainers come here, some don't. Just like some "small time" domainers come here, and some don't. I guess until the entire population of earth comes to NP daily someone will be "boycotting" it...

Comment #87

Targetted Traffic is not a think tank, it is a grooming centre.

It is about selling tickets for Traffics more than anything. If you feel you are part of a select group and a bit naive, it is highly likely that you will cough up the the $2K to attend Traffics to maintain your "status" within the group.

I think a few people also get conned into overpaying for pretty mediocre domains, but frankly I wasn't there long enough to build a full picture...

Comment #88

If they post a high end HostGator for sale here, but has no response, it does not look good to the next buyer...

Comment #89

The reason being you wanted to promote/propogate about IDN's...

Comment #90

No the reason being that they had little interesting to say and as ever spent a lot of time hyping a lot of dead beat domains. Other than that Rick advised me to invest in Florida Real Estate, that would have been roughly at the top of the market. Choose you Gurus wisely!..

Comment #91

Don't worry RD, we all choose you as our guru...

Comment #92

Nice to see someone edited the thread title and added a "do" on the front and a "?" on the end.


Comment #93

JP is right on, as usual.

I'd rather deal with the middle class of any strata, specially the small - midsize domainers and companies.

The numbers totally make sense and the disposable cash doing the rounds at these boards is considerable - at the right time, right place and for the right names, of course. Anything less would be blasphemous...

Comment #94

Goodkarmaco - rep for starting this and for sticking it out in the face of a lot of mis-understanding.

There is a problem here, for domaining, not for NP.

Along with the lightweight threads there is substance here, issues that need attention, ideas that need development. Those with the most valuable portfolios need to be involved in the conversations...

Comment #95

How can they really find time to do it & what would be the topics for discussion ?

Comment #96

Time to do it? Simply a matter of priorities.


Snowe Bill..

PPC transparency.

Moniker auction terms..

Developing domainer friendly sales venue(s)..

Public image of domaining (as opposed to cybersquating)..

Ethics and trademark traffic..

UDRP and reverse hi-jackings..

Verisign price increases..

ICANN's plans to flood the market with new extensions.

That is a quick list off the top of my head, issues that effect all of us. Certainly there are more. And comments from Rick and others have been heard. But the most successful people are among the smartest we have and the more they are involved the better responses can be made to these challenges...

Comment #97


You see the big picture.

I want to find the reasons why we do not have their opinion. I also cannot understand why not a peep comes from those elite. I do not buy the flimsy excuse offered not from those elite, but from other members in this forum, that they would not get any benefits from having a dialogue here.

This abstinance does not end with just the very wealthy domainers. It seems all the owners of the HostGator media companies and the auction houses, including the parking companies owners are known to us only thru pictures at the Traffic conventions. When they do post here it is only in regards their own personal agenda.

I say because of that LACK of community from these members of the HostGator community we are much weaker than we could be.

I think we should all be wondering why the few who are standing on a pile of money cannot give the community their views on the evolution of domaining thru this forum. Sure not every single rich highly successful domainer will choose this forum. But it does make a person wonder does it not why none of them are here?.

I am trying to say what is needed by them. I don't have to now as you have given all the reasons why they should be here.


Very good point. They have the time, as many have pointed out they are already here, but they do what the angry domainer does, they lurk from behind the shadows and do not make themselves known.

They want to know what the word on the street is, but they justify their lack of help by thinking they are big shots and must get paid for every utterance they make. So they send snippets out to places like media journals for maximum exposure for their advancement. That is not a bad thing either.


Is it wrong to add the "do" and put an "a" on the end of the tilte at 3:00 in the morn only two hours after the thread was made?. Is the thought behind the tilte any different either way?. Your point being what?.

Sure would be nice to get some more domainers posting who can contribute meaningful content when they post...

Comment #98

Wow just spotted this thread... pretty sure there is some big shots hanging around grabbing bargains from the marketplace... they would be silly not to!..

Comment #99

Only works if interests are aligned.

I can tell you now that mine and theirs are largely not.

Are yours?..

Comment #100

Putting it in it's simplest form, anyone who is at the very 'top' of their industry knows things that the rest of us don't know. Those are the very things that are missing from discussions in open-community forums. But the fact that 'they' are not discussing it publicly has nothing to do with boycott...

Comment #101

Linking back from Blogs to NamePros to strenghten the LongTail.

Hello jeffoverman,.

I appreciate your suggested idea, linking back to here from our blogs.

It would be nice (and an incentive), if NamePros could give specific referral points to outside contributions, which link to specific forum postings here.

After all, business grows increasingly in the, for which there is ample evidence.

That's one of the reasons, why I inititiated a DiigoGroup: SocialDomaining, for which I invite all interested people here.

To amplify this idea, I blog this posting to my blog,.

Permanent Link:

Both backlinking to here.

All the best to all of us.



Click on the Blog Title to go directly to the NamePros forum posting and.

Answer there..

PPS.: I would love, if people link to the blog article, to amplify the SocialDomaining community NamePros even more. Tags: ForumPostings, NamePros, SocialDomaining..

Comment #102

Hmmm, Maybe in one way it is wrong to edit the title, thats another topic ....but I think to ask it as a question instead of presenting it as a fact is more accurate and beneficial to the community...the title was missleading IMO.

There are a few people here that have been domainers long before FS, Sahar, Kevin Ham and even Rick and there's probably loads more that don't visit any forums and have not stepped out of the shadows yet, not everyone seeks fame or wants people to know what they're worth.

Most of these guys (apart from Rick) did'nt even start till around 2000 as far as I have read.....many of the best names were loooong gone by then. Do you actually have any proof that their choice not to post much is an expression of protest ? Interesting thread and I apolgize if my posts are not meaningful enough for you.

Very True !.


Comment #103

According to the Wikipedia definition of boycott, "a boycott is the act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with someone, or some other organization as an expression of protest".

Who knows, but I do think lke you say Gene, their not posting is a loss to the community.

Gilsan, I am sure they don't get together and say, do not say anything in Namepros unless your comments lead to a profit for your online ventures. Don't take part in any general discussions, as we the very wealthy domainers are not to throw our pearls to the swine. Or do they?..

Comment #104

Secret plans to resolve afore-mentioned issues?.

Secret issues unknown to the masses (that can bite us)?.

There may, on rare occasions, be plans and un-developed ideas that too-early publicity could harm.

In general, though, I do not buy it. If there is such secret knowledge then domaining as a whole is damaged by lack of openness. The more minds and hands on an issue, the better it can be resolved.

But I expect most such secret knowledge would fall under the "Hot Air" category. Sounds more like arrogance than boycott:.

The "little people" can't handle the truth.

The "rabble" have no insight or knowledge worth listening to.

We reserve those decisions for ourselves.

I don't buy it.

I do not think there is major important information being held back...

Comment #105

The main reason these guys do not post in open forums is that their so called insights often do not hold up to scrutiny and they cannot handle the ensuing debate. It is much better for them to work out of a blog where they control the content...

Comment #106

Where did it become that we are all on the same team ? I did not know there was a rule if you make money in domains you must participate at Namepros. I know plenty of people that run investing forums, is Warren Buffet boycotting by not joining the forum ? There are plenty of smart people there, interesting threads where is Jamie Dimon from JP Morgan Chase ? He must be boycotting too.

I think maybe the answer is they are living their lives, if someone honestly believes Frank Schilling or Kevin Ham need namepros I am sorry but I could not disagree more. If I was making $20 Million a year in a mansion in the Cayman Islands as much as I love RJ and DB no offense I don't need Namepros. I need health and the world to keep spinning nothing else would be a need.

Duck made a good point everyone's interests are not aligned to think otherwise IMO is naive.

Now if someone wants to say the forum would benefit then I agree with that it's more of a take then a give and take situation. IMO.

If you are competing for names on the drop, or competing for VC money or competing to be bought out why would you publicly share that information with your competition ?

Comment #107


Duckie That is the feeling I am getting, with the add-on that both they and we are poorer for it. One of the healthiest aspects of the internet is to put forward your ideas and gain responses - particularly those that are less than favorable. And to discuss back and forth, gaining a deeper insight that you cannot get any other way.

A host on a Seattle radio show just 4 hours ago was talking about how celebrities lose touch. He said it was like a bat's sonar. A bat will ping and receive echoes from it's surroundings, giving him a clear picture of where he is. A celebrity is surrounded by those who are currying favor and who will not respond to him in an honest manner, thus his "pings" do not give a true echo.

Perhaps being involved in the forums is something those guys need even more than we need their input...

Comment #108

Trying to stab someone in the face by attempting to pass off a $1,000 HostGator as a $10,000 HostGator usually yields poor results. Most of the big domainers are sharks anymore. I hold NamePros completely responsible for my first $10k+ sale..

Comment #109


Now we are seeing the reason.

Namepros has some very smart domainers, Jp and Rubberduck your candor is welcome around here.

Seems some people are more interested in stroking egos than calling them on this. That is the only reason I can think of that some are saying the super successful don't shun speaking in this forum.

Now what about all the Matts at Sed- the Plams-ons, the owners of the parking companies like Traff, Fab, the list goes on. Why is it they only respond in their own threads?.

Would it give these HostGator leaders a hernia to post in the general discussion area of Namepros?. Could they ever forgive themselve's if they said hello to a newbie or gave some advice without a godda-n link to their homepage?.

What about those who are elected to watch over legislation and are paid to fight for domainer rights. What do all these people do with themselves while they lurk around here in the shadows? Why in the world are we asked to support those paid positions if those elected sit in the shadows and are deaf and dumb?.

Frankly all these professional people have a couple pegs to come up too.

Its called community. I say they need to expand their communtiy from inside their offices and get in touch with the real HostGator community.

Do these people have a face or a handshake?.

Oh yeah, thats right you have to go to Traffic to meet them or ask them a question or get any real opinion from them, unless it is planned they are mum.

Hell they don't have to do it at all. They can continue to hide in the shadow if they choose to. I just think it is lame they don't.

Active members who make posts and contribute their time to help someone in this forum are the real HostGator leaders and they get a gold star.

Voyerism HostGator leaders who post only for their self advancement or for profit as the motive are missing the boat here. Coming into the forum to throw up a ad and thats the extent of their energy here or making threads to get HostGator traffic to their site is fine and everything, but if that is pretty much the only thing brought to this potluck "the royal you are a dissapointment" award seems appropiate.

Its ok to come empty handed once and while to a potluck. If everytime a person attends and stuff's their face without bringing anything to the table than others may see the persons real character.

I know I am a jerk for saying all this but what the hell...

Comment #110

This thread itself is a great example. Through the noise there has been a clarification of information a refining of ideas - and, I would say, progress.

Yes, it gets messy sometimes, but it works...

Comment #111

Right, you've given sleepless nights to all the top domainers.

They're going to take your advice and start answering noobs in the relevant forum here on NP.

I know quite a few domainers here do sales of around $100K+ per year... do they qualify as top domainers? If not, what are your parameters and how many people fit those worldwide?..

Comment #112

I think domainers who make more than 1 million in a year can be classified in that category...

Comment #113

Big leaguers have generally managed to develop their own markets and techniques. I don't think anyone is intentionally shunning or boycotting NP.. they just don't need to be here :IMHO: I would imagine the really smart ones started out like many of us have and have since been able to move on to other things. If I were dealing in millions of dollars, I doubt I'd be spending my time here.. I'd be stalking Angelina Jolie...

Comment #114


Yes, like Charlie said, at least one million a year in profits. Those are the very well off domainers, the top earning domainers.

I also include those who do not particapte here that own big parking companies, auction houses, etc. Not domainers who do a measly $100,000 a year. Those fine people are already here and do particpate.

Gardeners know after seed is sown the outcome is not guaranteed. Moles can come along and eat the seed or roots of the plants. The seed can rot. Worst of all is the gardener can forget to weed and take care of the garden and a low harvest can be the end result.

So I don't know what result this discussion will bring about. Rich domainers or those who are very successful in this business can do what ever they want. Those types are not here and they have no face except the one we know them by which is their marketing image.

You say, "They're going to take your advice and start answering noobs in the relevant forum here on NP".

Why not?..

Comment #115

Bull !!!!.

Speaking as one of the oldest members of Rick's Board you're full of it.

Every so often there comes along a new member that doesn't fit in. Doesn't realize it. And doesn't "GET IT".

And the communication lines behind the scenes are usually the ones responsible for their "axing". Rick just pulls the plug.

You're dealing with the top tier of the industry in that room and you need to act in an appropriate manner.

You failed! Get over it..

Comment #116

Drop Wizard, there are plenty of people who feel the same way as Rubber Duck.

And plenty of people who refuse to kiss somebody's @ss just to be accepted into their group.

But thanks for making your first post here in 3 months to tell us how great Rick's board is. EDIT: Drop Wizard, your personal attack post against me has been deleted. You are very-very wrong, but you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I'm not going to give you warning points this time. Instead, I will just ask that you behave yourself. Thanks...

Comment #117

Ohhhhh look who runs whining for cover when someone takes a shot at him.

What's the matter can't you take your own medicine.

You're pathetic!.

And stop trying to email me. You got something to say be a man and say it out here where everybody can see it. Or maybe you just work best hiding in the dark...

Comment #118

DropWizard, you were warned. I even sent you a private message, but you insist on trying to start trouble with personal attacks. At this time you are receiving warning points. Any further attacks may result in the suspension of your account...

Comment #119

Cry me a river!!!!.

Will you do it in the dark with your nipples showing......

Comment #120

If you promise to build yourself a boat, and sail away on it...

Comment #121

Why don't you leave the edit button out of this.

Every post made is emailed out to the various subscribers. You're not hiding a thing. Everybody knows just exactly what I've said to you...

Comment #122

Drop Wizard I'm not going to play games. OK?.

You are not arguing opinions, you are just attacking with hate. The next post you make in this community will be productive, and not a personal attack on me or anybody else. Or you are gone. It's very simple.

Go ahead buddy. Post away...

Comment #123

There's nothing wrong with disagreeing, or even standing up for a friend. But getting personal on such a level is not acceptable.

Enjoy your vacation. Send me a postcard...

Comment #124

Ok I have seen this thread pop up to much just to see this argument...i keep getting excited about something new.......

Not to be rude to either.....but annoying......oh maybe I check threads to much..

Comment #125

As I said he's not hiding anything. He thinks he can ban me but I can have 50 guys at Ricks take out ID's and use them to post.

So once again if you don't like personal attacks why do you make them in the dark and post them on videos.

A little perverted isn't it?????..

Comment #126

Camille, you may not have to wait much longer. Episode III may be coming soon.

Oh look, has created duplicate accounts!..

Comment #127

Ohh and my mother said I'd never do anything creative in life.

I can do this all day and night if I have to...

Comment #128

This thread comes down to class segregation, the rich and successful "elite" like to hang with their own kind and the working class like to get all worked up over it.

Sure, it's snobby and it's elitist, but it's certainly not specific to the domaining industry, and whining about it reeks of jealousy. From what I can tell from this board a lot of the top domainers are sleazy pricks anyway, so why does it matter if they don't hang here with you?..

Comment #129

I prefer to hang with my own kind as well...

That would be CHOCOLATE eaters....

Who like a little PIZZA on the side...

For variety...

~DomainBELL (Patricia)..

Comment #130

Like I said before this thread is very judgemental......


That is really discriminatory....some people do not like CHOCOLATE..

Comment #131

Well, I'd agree with this part .. some people just choose to forget where they come has a way of doing that to they tell me If that's a picture of you on your website I LOVE CHOCOLATE and would'nt mind a PIZZA you ! disclaimer - no offense intended....just kidding blue eyes call me.


Comment #132

This better be a stock photo or i'll be in serious trouble!.


Comment #133

The ones that don't like to EAT Chocolate... can wear it...

I'm accommodating like that....

~DomainBELL (Patricia)..

Comment #134


I am wondering why you think it is o.K. to attack Rick and do so by hiding and then for no reason do the same to drop wizard. He is making good points, lets hear him out..

Maybe since you are too close to the issue here a different mod can watch over this thread.

Maybe now I know why the very successful are not openly engaging with us here.

Drop, if you get the boot please do get some dialogue here about this somehow. If I was in Ricks spot reading all this slander I would seriously consider lawsuits...

Comment #135

Get it? I don't want to get it.

Most of those that listen to Rick end up getting screwed...

Comment #136



Ok, let's get a few things straight.

- Your statements and opinions on this issue have flipped flopped more than any politician I've seen. At this point, I have no respect for what you say. Honestly, I think you are a fruit-cake. You make ME look normal, and I'm an admitted "weird" person.

- Nobody has ever hidden from anybody. You were simply not paying attention. In fact, you admitted that to me via PM. Hello?.

- In case you didn't notice, my videos didn't say Rick was "playing with his tiny weiner in the dark". Your pal DropWizard took things to THAT level, and that's why he got in trouble.

- Please show me the "slander". I'm very serious now, you've made an accusation against me and unless you got something to back it up, that means you are intentionally trying to damage me, and THAT sir is slander. So please step up now, and show me the slander. SHOW ME THE SLANDER.

It better be FACTUAL evidence that something in the videos was "slander". Or else run away with your tail between your legs...

Comment #137

Another thing you should try to get straight are definitions. Publishing on here would constitute Libel not Slander...

Comment #138


He apparently doesn't know what he's talking about, on ANY level.

But I am challenging him to prove slander. I take that accusation very seriously...

Comment #139

Boycott means protest, refusal to deal and social non cooperation.

Take a look at the ads, top domainers does not boycott namepros but in fact are supporting it.

We don't know if they do deals most probably they does here but only by selection after all we are all privileged who to do business here with and if we want to announce it or not.

As I've read on this same thread, they participate in their own threads, they reply in their own threads, and most of them are respected admin, management and staff.

So where's the boycott in that?..

Comment #140

I think many "Top Domainers" would likely fall into one of the following categories... The "Workaholic" Domainer:.

Many of these folks have worked ridiculous hours every day for years to get where they're at and are still plugging away at it to add to their successes. They have massive dreams and the incredible drive it takes to see them to fruition. Do you really expect them to be reading and responding to non-business related posts at NP's during their few hours of off-time? C'mon now. The "Retired" Domainer:.

These guys were smart enough to acquire/build what they did when they did and now enjoy the luxury of being able to live their dream life (whatever that may be). I can't say I blame 'em for not hanging around a forum. The "Voluntarily Active" Domainer:.

These are the folks that probably don't need to work another day in their life but choose to remain active for the love of the industry. I think you'll find most of your forum posting "top domainers" in this lot. Whether they choose to post here at NP's, a blog or their own private forum - they're out there contributing in some way, shape or form. A great deal of gratitude is owed to these folks imo... Thank You!.


There will always be people that love to trail blaze and others that would rather find a beaten path to meander down whilst discussing the color of their poop (or what have you) with friends. Some of us might try to find a happy medium, but we can't expect everyone to...

Comment #141


Slander, guilty conscience? Why do you make the assumption I was talking about you?.

Just because after viewing the video I said it rocks, does not mean I think anything is wrong with Rick having only parking pages. It rocks for it's enertaining value.

It does not matter if Rick has all his pages parked.

He owns the brand, "the HostGator king" He does not own it legally, he owns it for being first domainer to brand himself as the HostGator king. He has done that thru his accomplishments and bringing news to the HostGator communtiy thru Rons Dnj.

This whole thread is full of rants about Rick. You must have illusions of greatness to think of yourself as the only person talking against Rick S. here. In my opinion it is not wrong to point out some facts such as Ricks pages are parked when he states they are developed and he states his has the largest developed properties. But,.

Heres where your motives shine thru for all to see Db, earlier when I said why jump all over Rick, he is not the only one who has parking pages. Plus I said nobody seems to care that Ron from Djn has been reporting about Rick having developed pages, even doing stories for the journal about his big developed properties. My point, your reason for your poodle barking is obvious. Where do we learn about Ricks news, the.

Dnj right?. Why not do a angry domainer about Ron? No you do not want to do that, you just want to bark about Rick S. Yip yip, yip yip.


Agreed many are super busy. I have comments that some of them do come here to link to their web page. It seems though they do not want to engage with dialogue..

Comment #142

Yeah, Yeah, whatever... In all honesty goodkarmaco, I think you are a fruitcake.

But that's not important now.

What's important is that things have gone too far, and there's people on both sides throwing back and forth claims and insults that don't even make sense, or apply to the original issue. In an effort to make peace, I will attempt to end this now.

I am also sending a formal apology to Rick.

This thread is over, and so is the other related thread.

I'm taking down the videos, and retiring the Angry Domainer. Things started out ok, but have since gone in a very negative direction, and too many people are getting too upset, and too personal. And I myself am guilty of that too.


Comment #143

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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